Windows 10: Microsoft’s Spartan browser tried

Windows 10: Microsoft's Spartan browser tried

The new build of Windows 10 for the first time includes the new Spartan browser, which replaces the aged Internet Explorer. We have "Project Spartan" watched.

For the first time the prerelease version of Windows 10 includes the new browser "Project Spartan", He will replace Internet Explorer and runs exclusively with the new rendering engine "Edge", The unfinished browser is in build 10049 now ready to try out.

"Project Spartan" was built for the modern web, Joe Belfiore writes in a blog post. The browser is fast and optimized for sharing and discovery. The developers have high expectations, they want a "amazing browser" create and try out with it new. This is necessary bitterly long been Google's Chrome browser has quickly pushed Internet Explorer from the throne and suspended.

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Windows 10: "Project Spartan" (8 pictures)

The user interface of the Edge Browser (formerly "Project Spartan") Is very tidy. So websites have more space.
Spartan surface

To a modern browser includes a reduced user interface: In Spartan is the site in focus and not the browser, says Belfiore. As with Chrome Web content have more space available. At the top of the window to be directly the individual tabs with the websites, including a large address bar with forward and reverse buttons and the reload button that can be hit well with your finger.

On the right is the new memo "Web Note", With her can see web pages as labeling a piece of paper and mark yellow with a marker - it works on touch screen with stylus and fingers. The commented and painted result can be stored in OneNote. Later, should you send via e-mail and share on social network too.

Reading without distraction

Web pages can be collected in a reading list for later reading. In addition, Spartan has a reading mode that hides distracting elements of a web page and designed reading enjoyable. The "Distraction-free reading" but does not (yet) with all sides about not running Wikipedia in read mode. Course and the list of downloads also not work but are submitted later.

Although built into the browser's assistant Cortana, the additional information "in the right moment" should provide. But they can try German users not: Cortana is currently active only in the US version of the build. Support for other languages ​​will follow soon.

Who wants to try the Spartan browser can log in to Windows Insider program to install the Windows 10 Technical preview. The developers want to provide frequent updates to Spartan browser. The users can send in their feedback on a smiley face button in the Spartan browser in return.(DBE)

Radeon R7 265: Renamed and pimped

AMD introduced the Radeon R7 265th However, the supposedly new players graphics card corresponds to a two year old Radeon HD 7850 with higher clock frequencies.

Enough games performance for full HD, but not a new technology: the Radeon R7 265 corresponds to a higher-clocked Radeon HD 7850th

AMD presents the Radeon R7 265 as a new graphics card for gaming fans. She has 1024 shader cores running up to 925 MHz quickly. The 2 GByte GDDR5 memory connected via 256 lines. According to AMD, it takes up to 150 watts and is therefore dependent on an additional six pin power connector. You should obviously serve as a counterparty for the expected for the in February GeForce GTX 750 Ti with Maxwell architecture.

But a closer look at the specs shows that it is merely in the supposedly new card to a slightly higher clocked Radeon HD 7850, AMD had already presented two years ago. Your memory runs at 2800 instead of 2400 MHz read-write clock, the GPU expects 65 MHz faster. The Radeon R7 265 supports, in contrast to the actual current models Radeon R7 260X, 290X and R9 290 neither the DirectX feature level 11_2 nor does it provide a programmable True audio sound processor. According to AMD, it should reach 4717 points (about 25 percent more than a R7 260X) to be and from 130 euros available in 3DMark Fire Strike.

Just a few days ago, AMD, the Radeon R7 250X which corresponds to a Radeon HD 7770 and therefore also represents only a renamed variant.(Mfi)

White MacBook now obsolete for Apple

Apple has discontinued support for the last generation of plastic MacBooks with 13-inch display: Repair the manufacturer is therefore no longer possible, also not with original spare parts are available.

Apple introduced the 13"-MacBook Year in mid-2010 now in the long list of "obsolete and vintage products" with added: total were offered in Black, now obsolete - This is considered the model of the popular plastic MacBooks, originally in white and - at an additional cost. This means that Apple and authorized dealers repair the white MacBooks with 13-inch display no longer - and more no original spare parts offer for it.

Plastic housing of the MacBooks with multiple problems

The 2006 introduced MacBook with polycarbonate housing is one of the first Intel Macs and is expected to include Apple's most popular product lines - even if many users encountered over the years in a variety of problems with the plastic housing: These ranged to up of unsightly brownish discoloration thin cracks. The group responded with several exchange programs, which covered, among other things hard drive failures and overheating, early models off not hesitate to hand off.

The white MacBook was introduced in 2006 - one of the first Intel-MACS

The white MacBook, which succeeded the iBooks and the compact 12 "inch PowerBook, was replaced by MacBooks in aluminum unibody enclosures: MacBook Air and the later of MacBook MacBook Pro 13-inch model renamed took over the succession. The product name "MacBook" Apple introduced in 2015 but again: For the new 12-inch model with single USB-C port.

The manufacturer completed the hardware support for products always five years after cessation of production, for a few countries but access exemptions.(LBE)

Apple ID suddenly locked: Apple admits of problems

The iPhone maker has apparently dispelled several errors around the two-factor protection system were locked out by some users suddenly from her account.

The account problems associated with Apple's two-factor authentication as well as the two-step confirmation are fixed, as readers report. Several users suddenly found themselves in the past week from their Apple ID locked out: the access was "closed for security reasons," said a warning message.

Account suspended in error

Apple usually provides such a deactivation of the account by if unauthorized third unsuccessful attempt to gain access - as too often the wrong password is entered. But in this case there was a problem apparently only to users on using app-specific passwords as part of Apple's protection system and log on as in e-mail client and calendar apps on your iCloud account, without having the correct password having to give out. Why the error occurred only for some users of App-specific passwords, remains unclear.

While the access to the locked Apple ID with iOS 9 was relatively easy to restore about Apple's iForgot page ran Users of the beta of iOS 10 in a second major problem: Trying to unlock the account through, failed each time with a server error - according to access to one's own account was denied.

IOS 10 users locked longer

This bug Apple seems now to have also dispelled with iOS 10 to a locked Apple ID can again unlock the server error displayed no longer appears. Users of Apple's older two-step confirmation report that they also automatically get access again - apparently Apple has removed the incorrectly set account lock the server side.

A practice report on migration and use of Apple's iOS 9 and Mac OS X 11.10 newly launched two-factor authentication check out Mac & i Heft 3/2016.(LBE)

still few and get MacBook Pro-top models

MacBook Pro with 13- and 15-inch screen and touch bar.

(Image: Apple)

Anyone interested in the respective peak Features of Apple's professional notebooks must still expect several weeks lead time. Smaller outfits are to have faster.

Professionals who want to define the current MacBook Pro with touch bar the respective top version, still need to deal with long lead times, such as samples of Mac & i show over the last few weeks. Apple seems to continue to have problems to match supply and demand in congruence - a spontaneous purchase is not possible.

The most expensive model, long wait

At most expensive 13-inch model with 3.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM and 1TB of large SSD, which costs 3,279 euros at Apple, up to two weeks you have to in the online store of the manufacturer currently wait it is delivered. It does not matter whether the color version silver one or "Spacegrau" acquires. In the German stores of the group is called as the earliest collection time of 15 or 16 February.

When 15-inch MacBook Pro, which a mere 4,999 euros is expensive in the top version with 2.9 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 2 TB SSD and Radeon Pro 460 with 4 GB of memory, availability is even worse. So you wait the Apple Online Store at most until 20 February to extradition (Space Gray), in the color version silver even in the worst case until February 23. Apple's retail stores are currently 17 communicates depending on location and color choice until February 23 as the earliest collection date. For large Apple resellers like Gravis or Cyberport availability is not better - here must also be pre-ordered.

Cheaper devices faster

Entry-level models of the new MacBook Pro are now to have something better. So Apple sent these variants, if you ordered today, this coming Monday.

Apple had recently with some top products even more trouble with the availability. For example, the all-wireless headphones AirPods were hard to come by for months. Currently they are to be available in some Apple stores immediately. However, resellers as Media Saturn can not continue to provide.

A detailed review of the new MacBook Pro models check out Mac & i Heft 6/2016.

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The new MacBook Pro with touch bar and touch ID (32 photos)

Phil Schiller presented the new MacBook Pro 13" and 15",

Apple Music chief: Free music streaming must be restricted

(Picture: AP, Sebastian Kahnert)

Free music offers inhibit the growth of paid streaming services, criticizes Apple Music CEO Jimmy Iovine. The free access must be severe and limited - and the subscription services better.

In order to make streaming music subscriptions more attractive labels must complicate the use of free offers and more restrict calls Apple Music boss Jimmy Iovine in an interview with Music Business Worldwide. The free selection of music is. "Technically so good and ubiquitous that it inhibits the growth of paid streaming services" users who pay for a music subscription, should be favors, Iovine said - "the labels owe this to their customers."

Iovine: Free Apple music would "400 million users"

His job would be "very easy" when Apple music like Spotify would like also provide a free quote - "we would have 400 million users for this," says Iovine. Apple Music has now "well over" 20 million paying customers to Apple's specifications - as of February. Konkurent Spotify has announced in March to lead more than 50 million paying subscribers - together with the free offer, the number of active users is probably well over 100 million.

Apple wants to focus on exclusive video content

Iovine, Cook, Dre, Cue
From left to right: Jimmy Iovine, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Dr. Dre and content boss Eddy Cue.Enlarge

At the same time would have the subscription services but also better to entice new customers, says Iovine - that's why Apple climb in with video content into the business. The iPhone-Group has so far produced, among others, the casting show "Planet of the Apps" and new episodes of the popular music show "Carpool Karaoke", and will soon be broadcast on Apple Music, other projects are in progress. Exclusive music offers touting Apple wants to go back in the future: "The labels seem not to like it," said Iovine, Apple will now concentrate on their video offerings.

Apple is looking now apparently also a program director, who leads the growing video ambitions. Apple Music is part of the pre-installed in iOS music app, the service is also advertised there noticeable and occupies important parts of the user interface. iOS 11 videos becomes more prominent place in the pre-installed music app according to one report. (LBE)

Safari browser on iPhone and iPad: Police warns of scam

The Safari browser - here in the private mode.

(Image: Apple)

Currently circulating on websites that pretend they would lock iOS devices. This can be circumvented but easy.

The Lower Saxony police warned of a currently more frequent scam that targets users of iPhones and iPads. The victims of the Safari browser displays a fake "lock screen" at. The user is alleged to have committed criminal offenses and is asked about the screen to pay a fine. However, the lock screens are not from the police. you should not respond to the demands.

History is lost when unlocking

Who will get those impressions, it can be removed with a simple trick - which, however, is associated with the loss of browsing history. These Safari is closed by pressing the Home button. Now it goes to the "settings" and there to "safari", In the browser settings are removed with a tap on "Clear History and Website Data" all stored data browser. Subsequently, the lock is removed and the browser can be used again.

Rogue sites spread lock

According to police, Lower Saxony this blackmail dive frequently when visiting pornographic sites or illegal streaming services. But dubious or malicious advertisements can be a cause. The side on which the display showed up, so you should not call again.

Safari stores the sites currently called and loads it again whenever the browser (again) is started - even if you shoot him. This make the block pages that are based on malicious JavaScript code that advantage.

[Update 01/20/17 23:15:] Alternatively, the deletion of the course and web page data can first just try to disable Javascript. This is among "settings". "safari" and "extended" possible.

(With material from AP) /(BSC)

WPAD: 20 years old protocol brings millions of users at risk

(Image: Microsoft TechNet)

The WPAD protocol is used to automatically configure proxies and represents a long-known vulnerability. At the Black Hat security conference, a research now presents more vulnerabilities.

The Web Proxy Auto Discovery Protocol (WPAD) is anchored in almost any operating system since Netscape 2.0 in 1996th It is used for automatic configuration of proxy to the terminal and is already very long familiar as a weak point. The problem is that routers forward the requests from clients for the file to the Internet. Answers there a server, it can distribute any proxy settings. This applies, for example, all behind a Fritz box powered devices. And Microsoft fixed with BadTunnel recently returned a WPAD problem in Windows.

evil proxies

Who until recently employed by Trend Micro security expert Maxim Goncharov has discovered a serious problem around WPAD: During his presentation at the conference Black Hat, he explained how quasi any device can be powered via WPAD with a malicious proxy configuration - without the user and regardless of operating system intervention. The WPAD standard allows in principle also setting a SOCKS proxy so that all traffic of the terminal affected by the flows ultimately controlled by the attacker proxy. But even if only a web proxy is set up, this more data go into the clutches of a pure browser traffic.

The problem is based on how search terminals after the URL from which you would like to download wpad.dat the file used for configuration: The client takes the specified by the DHCP server search domain (for example, and inserts wpad. before ( he finds the local network no matching URL, he takes a subdomain after another (, from the request until it eventually encounters a valid server. Routers forward these requests and outside the Internet. So an attacker controls the Top Level Domain .bar he can, in principle, do all clients belonging to the respective search domain with any wpad.dat files.

Eavesdropper on board

Goncharov tested this example at airports, a conference and also on board a Lufthansa flight to San Francisco, where he simply changed the name of his computer on wpad. Alone during the flight his notebook reached as more than 1,200 such requests, of course, only a few different devices were responsible for this. He also registered for test purposes, the top level domain (TLD) .tokyo, in anticipation of plenty of requests because of the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan. Result: In just over six months around 2000 apparently belonging to the city government of Tokyo clients asked at just over 60 million copies in its operating in the AWS cloud honeypot to wpad.dat.

In Germany, this applies in particular to users who access the Internet using a Fritz box. The devices enter the search domain before When the TLD is .box active, is not yet clear. AVM is, according to information of the speaker Urban Bastert any case on the plan and wants to register the TLD as soon as that is possible. It is hoped that this succeeds. For the top level domain or domain .box was going to a third person, this could automatically configure all operated behind a Fritz box terminals with a proxy setting.

Remedy? By hand

At the edge of Goncharovs presentation conference participants showed how he could intercept, any HTTPS connections via man-in-the-middle using the method. Although with a certificate error message in the browser. In addition, the researchers pointed out that one has registered the domain in Berlin resident for years. After notice to the police of the matter took part and was to hand the log files of the Web server - which showed no malicious activity. While is unclear whether the logs were modified. Moreover, Goncharov met with the manufacturer of an internet filter for iOS, the 24 domains like, or has registered. What is currently unclear.

Protection against the problem get home users if they disable the automatic proxy configuration. Alternatively, you can at the router or the firewall a wildcard filter for wpad. * Set so as not to pass the requests on the Internet. Companies can register the domain or disable the automatic proxy settings and specify a proxy. More tips can be found in a white paper that Trend Micro has released.

Correction: corrected response from AVM.(FAB)

Gap in ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick allows new attacks

Manipulated filename malicious code on the popen () - Move function of the operating system for execution. Patches are available.

The image processing libraries ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick contain a function that will be passed in the parts of file name to the shell and executed. This can be exploited to inject malicious code. The Graphics Magic developers have the appropriate function so summarily removed with the now released version 1.3.24 of their tool. Also in ImageMagick 7.0.1-7 the issue is resolved.

ImageMagick had come only a month ago just one in the headlines than another vulnerability (CVE-2016-3714) was known about which one could run malicious code on the affected servers. was abused that this gap promptly to attack shows how important it is to update the corresponding libraries quickly. This mainly affects Linux servers on which to run Web apps. Especially if they allow visitors to upload their own images - such as Board avatars. But many desktop programs on Linux and Unix use these libraries in the background.

Admins should ensure that they have offered their Linux distribution packages for ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick installed the latest. but the new versions can also be manually relative to the sides of the projects: ImageMagick, GraphicsMagick.(FAB)

Rights vulnerability in Android smartphones with Mediatek chipset

(Picture: Mediatek)

Several Android smartphone with Mediatek chipset allow any app to secure root privileges. Especially cheap gadgets from Chinese manufacturers seem affected.

A security researcher has discovered a vulnerability in Android smartphones with chipsets from the manufacturer Mediatek, through which an attacker can gain root privileges. This is probably a debugging feature that was not disabled by the manufacturers of the devices. Library confirmed the vulnerability to multiple sources, did not say which devices are exactly hit upon request by heise Security, however.

Several indications suggest that this is all about smartphones in the low price segment derived from Chinese manufacturers. In addition, mainly Android 4.4 seems (KitKat) affected newer versions of Android, version 5.0 of the gap was not shown. The gap is a test function underlie that comes only in the Chinese market for use. unprivileged Apps via system features about this from gaining root privileges that should be read-only.

Above all, users are likely to be at risk, download the apps from alternative app stores. These have become very popular in the Chinese market. However, it is difficult to accurately limit which users are exposed to just one risk, as there is currently no list of devices with the gap.(FAB)

Web Summit 2017: BMW networked with Google’s Assistant

Web Summit 2017: BMW networked with Google's Assistant

The new BMW i3 on the Web Summit.

(Picture: heise online)

The automaker is expanding its digital ecosystem: According to Alexa, BMW Connect will now link up with Google Assistant - from December first for US customers, and later in other countries.

BMW is expanding its Connected system to the Google Assistant. BMW customers can address their vehicle or get information about the car with Google Home or smartphone via the Google Assistant. The integration of Google Assistant comes from December first to the United States, the manufacturer announced on Tuesday at the Web Summit in Lisbon on more countries to follow. a start date for the German market is not called BMW.

Previously, BMW had already brought Alexa into the car - and has worked with Amazon's language assistant even more before. BMW ConnectedDrive combines with various other platforms, so that the car owner has access to various services. Among the partners of the manufacturers include Microsoft, Amazon and now Google. The vehicle is networked via the Open Mobility Cloud with the customer selected digital terminals.

With the integration of Google Assistant BMW owners can for example check at home with Google Home whether doors and windows of the vehicle are closed or as the charge status of an electric BMW i3. Connected to the activation of the set is sufficient BMW "Ok Google, ask BMW ..."Followed by several possible commands.(Vbr)

Twitter surpasses growth expectations – Equity makes leap upward

Twitter surpasses growth expectations


During the quarter, Twitter has more sales and profit made than analysts expected. Does the value of Twitter shares good.

Twitter gives investors hope that the chronically loss-making short message service gets its business gradually under control. In the last quarter exceeded the Twitter sales and analysts' earnings expectations and increased the number of active users per month to four million. The shares rose in a first reaction before the start of regular trading on Thursday by more than eight percent.

However, Twitter had to concede in a statement that since 2014, the number of users were shown somewhat exaggerated due to an error in the selection of data sources. Therefore, it was in the second quarter, for example, 326 million active users, instead of the previously announced 328 million. By the end of September the number increased after correctly calculating 330 million.

Quarterly sales fell year on year by more than four percent to 589.6 million US dollars. Analysts had anticipated with even slightly lower revenues. The bottom line was a loss of over 21 million US dollars revealed following a loss of 103 million a year earlier. Adjusted Operating Earnings per share but significantly exceeded the expectations of market players Twitter.

[Update 10/26/2017 - 18:45] As expected, the exchange traders reacted very positively to the surprisingly positive outlook. In the first hours after the start of trading the Twitter share increased by more than 17 percent.(AP) /(ANW)

Hamburg writes order for electric buses – test phase is over

Hamburg writes order for electric buses - test phase is over

The innovation line 109

(Picture: elevated railway)

Previously missing production-ready vehicles, but now it gets serious: Hamburg provides its services around on electric buses. Other cities are highly interested and dragging. A new promising market for manufacturers is becoming apparent.

After a test phase Hamburg begins with the conversion of public transport from diesel to electric buses. For several days running an official invitation for an initial 30 Battery buses that will probably integrated into the Hamburg fleet from 2019, as the Hamburger Hochbahn (HHA) announced in Hamburg on Monday. By November, manufacturers have time to make an offer, with an option for 30 more buses 2020th "The time of testing is over"Said Hochbahn CEO Henrik Falk. He expected that the industry could offer 2,019 production-ready vehicles from the beginning.

Soon, emission-free

Hamburg had announced a year ago, from 2020 to purchase only buses without emissions. Until the early 30s the entire public bus to (TBR) to be converted to electric mobility with a total of 1,500 buses of HHA and the transport company Hamburg-Holstein. long of ten kilometers "Innovation line 109" HHA has since December 2014 several innovative drive technology tested on prototypes under real conditions and thus gained experience. "Until the mid-20s we will know which technology will prevail", Falk said. Probably it will be the battery-powered electric bus.

In the procurement of e-buses, several major vendors have joined together by local transport services in Germany to jointly formulate their demands on the industry and develop standards. For example: The buses in the first round will have 150 km range, including heating or air conditioning. For the next 30 buses the bar is set quite a bit higher, they have to create 200 kilometers and can therefore be used to more line routes.

Orders worth billions

Participants include the local transport companies in Berlin, where ride most buses in addition to Hamburg, but also cities like Munich, Stuttgart, Cologne and Bremen are or have signaled interest. "It's about the future of the entire market, not only in Hamburg, but in Europe and around the world", Falk said. "There waving orders worth billions." Correspondingly high was the interest of the manufacturer. Large bus manufacturers are as Mercedes, Volvo, MAN, Neoplan, Scania and Iveco. However, manufacturers from Turkey and China mix with.

How expensive is the conversion, can not say reliably because the prices for production cars are not yet known. The prototypes tested so far cost up to 800,000 euros, compared with 250,000 to 300,000 euros for a diesel bus. Falk expects the cost to converge at a competitive level. However, the rebuilding of infrastructure and depots of the elevated train that need to be converted to the loading of e-buses will be expensive. Here, the elevated railway expects investments of 400 million euros - and is hoping for federal grants to local governments.

Expansion of the electricity network

The Hamburg-based power grid would have to be upgraded a bit for the expansion of bus mobility. The largest planned depot in the City North to up to 240 e-buses can load at the same time in the final stage and requires as much energy as a small town with 40,000 inhabitants. The network of eight depots far the elevated train and its subsidiaries will be converted according to the growing e-bus fleet and possibly supplemented.(Eckart Gienke, dpa) /(Mho)

Valokuvan allekirjoitus viikko (3/6): Oikea Tarinankerronta

Valokuvan allekirjoitus viikko (2/6): Oikea Tarinankerronta

Varoa sosiaalista vuorovaikutusta. Tämä tekee valokuvien elossa.

(Kuva: Lars Poeck)

Meidän sarjassa kirjailija Lars Poeck'll löytää joka viikko perustiedot valokuvauksen ja antaa asianmukaisen luova valokuvan tehtävä. Tällä kertaa se on noin tarinoita kuvineen.

On hienoa, kun valokuva kertoo tarinan tai sisältää hyvän kuvan käsite. Pätee, että saat enemmän tunnetta oman kuvan taitavasti tiettyjä "ulkoisille vaikutuksille" kaikille esimerkkejä. Vaikka et aina vaikuta.

Creative Photo tehtävät

Tämä teksti on ote Lars Poecks kirjasta "Creative Photo tehtävät",

  • Käy verkkosivuilla kirjailija
  • Kirja Humboldt-Verlag
  • Saatavilla Amazon

Mitä tarkoitan tällä? Sadesäällä sinun ei pitäisi jäädä kotiin, mennä ruuhkia vaan ja katsella, miten ihmiset ympäri kiire pois ja paeta säältä. Kovatehoisten auringonpaiste huomaat voimakkaita varjoja kaupungin keskustassa, joka voi kohde näyttää enemmän visuaalisesti upea. Sumussa aamulla löydät mystinen ja kauniit puitteet jossa sinun täytyy vain etsiä pääosassa.

Muuttujat lisää jännittäviä kuvia

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Valokuva allekirjoitus viikko (3/6) (10 kuvaa)

Kehitä silmää ulkoisille vaikutteille ja rakentaa niitä lähetetään kuvia yhdellä.

ISO 50 | 44 mm | f / 2,4 | 1/140 sek
(Kuva: Lars Poeck)

Projektin Viikon

Ajatella sopiva motiivit parin kuvia ja kuvan sekvenssin. Mitä idea voi kertoa parina kuvien syntyy uteliaisuus ja suhtautuvat toisiinsa valokuvassa? Mikä tilanne on sopiva kuvasarja? Laitat sen kohtauksen?

Lars Poeck Kuvapari: Uimari paralympialaisiin koulutuksen aikana. Se löytyy elementtejä, kutenraitamerkki, vesi ja lopulta uimurin suhdettavalmistaa.ISO 100 | 250 mm | f / 4 | 1/1000 s (float)ISO 100 | 180 mm | f / 4 | 1/2500 s (kouluttaja / sekuntikello)(Kuva: Lars Poeck)Lars Poeck Advance: Helppo, mutta paljon liikettä ja hyvä idea kuvasarjan.Hitaampi sulkimen nopeutta 1/30 sek myös ovat dynaamisia.ISO 1600 | 57 mm | f / 9 | 1/30 s (kukin)(Kuva: Lars Poeck)

Kuva pari koostuu kahdesta toisiinsa liittyviä valokuvia. Tämä voi olla samanlainen perspektiivikuva eri vuodenaikoina. Tai kaksi valokuvaa, jotka kertovat tarinan tai on erilainen suhde. On tärkeää olla disclosive yhteydessä. Kuvasarjoja näyttävät usein samoja osia eri aikoina. Esimerkiksi, kuuluvat vesi lasi varattu aseman ja ihmisiä paikasta A paikkaan B tai scurrying.

On ilmestynyt:

  • 1/6 osa: löytäminen lankana
  • käyttö värit erikseen: Osa 2/6
  • Osa 3/6: Oikeanpuoleinen Tarinankerronta

(Lars Poeck) /(MSI)

Uusi firmware Sigman telakkasovitin MC-11

Uusi firmware Sigman telakkasovitin MC-11

(Kuva: Sigma)

Virallisesti Sigma sovitin MC-11 tukee vain yhteys-talon EF ja SA linssit kameroissa Sonyn E-mount. Via laiteohjelmiston automaattitarkennus pitäisi nyt on parannettu kanssa ei virallisesti tue malleja.

Sigma on julkistanut firmware päivitys sen objektiivisovittimen MC-11 Käytettävissä oleva versiossa Canon EF ja Sigma SA porttisovitin tehdä kulloisenkin linssit Sonyn kameroissa käytetään E-mount.

on virallisesti tuettu vain yksi rivi Sigma-talo linssit, käytännössä toiminnan kannalta, mukaan perustoiminnot toimivat hyvin joissakin malleissa muilta valmistajilta. Se on tämä yhteensopivuus Sigma nyt on kasvanut firmware versio 1.06 variantin SA pistin ja version 1.08 sovittimen EF-liitäntä: n mukaan Changelog on toimintahäiriö Autofokuksen "Joitakin ei-yhteensopiva linssit" korjattu. Missä malleissa tämä on konkreettinen, Sigma ei petä.

Yhteensopivuuden - ilman suoritustakuun

Samaan aikaan, valmistaja tajusi, että häiriötön toiminta ilman julkisesti tuettuihin linssejä ei voida taata vaikka firmware-päivityksen. Tästä huolimatta olisi edelleen tehdä niin monta linssit kuten niin monta toimintoja sovitin E-mount saatavilla.

Asentaa päivitys, muuntimen USB-kaapelilla Macin tai PC: on kytkettävä. Päivitys sopii itse Sigma optimoinnin Pro -ohjelmisto. (MSI)