Top Ten: The best games of the year

Top Ten: The best games of the year

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VR games had 2016 her braced coming out, indie developers many a major project and creep games were quite large at the established publishers in fashion. We present the ten most important games of the year.

2016 was the game industry in transition. After a long beta phase, the first commercial VR goggles for PCs and consoles finally came on the market. While the hardware of the three vendors HTC, Sony and Oculus differs only slightly from one another, giving the games decisive. Here Sony could - although started as the last - boast by far the largest portfolio elaborate productions, one of which even made it into our top ten.

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Games Top Ten in 2016 (10 images)

Place 10: Shadow Warrior 2

The Polish developer Flying Wild Hog serve with Shadow Warrior 2 (Devolver Digital, Windows) a black humorous wacky plate sliced ​​who should miss no fan of the good old first-person shooter. (Picture: Devolver Digital)

Ever Sony can look back on a great year: Not only their PSVR and PS4 Pro were well received, and the games replenishment could be seen. While rival Microsoft with its exclusive titles like "Recore" and "Quantum Break" for the Xbox One, unfortunately, proved not so lucky hand, Sony landed several direct hits, including the cinematic "Uncharted 4" and last "The Last Guardian", That worldwide sales of the PS4 have now broken through the 50 million mark no wonder. It runs for the Japanese.

Schleich games and retro shooter

In Fashion 2016 also came more and more Schleich games. Apparently the secret blend of tactics and action among players is becoming increasingly popular. Many of the big publishers took a corresponding title in the program: whether Ubisoft Hacker game "Watch Dogs 2" or Bethesda's steampunk sequel "Dishonored 2", However, Primus surreptitious games is Square Enix, whose dystopian "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" in our list even the old "Hitman" ausstach.

For those who prefer running toward directly at the enemy, rather than hide, which floated in 2016 with the first-person shooters on a retro wave were. Both the funny-trashy "Shadow Warrior 2" and in the new edition of "Doom" highest speed and non-stop action were announced, and so these two titles were a place in our - grab top ten - chosen purely subjective preferences.

Well-focused Indies

Finally, we saw this year, as once small indie developers now can lift even large projects that must not hide behind top productions. More than that, the game design apparently benefited from the shortage of available resources because they forced the makers to focus. Well, the ambitious "No Man's Sky" scraped just wide on a placement. But the highly regarded Jonathan Blow (Braid) demonstrated in "The Witness" how dishes up complex puzzles players that can be understood without a word of explanation and resolved. After a similar principle PlayDead had the deadly traps in "Inside" designed. Campo Santo showed "Firewatch"How important it is to hire good writers and speakers, as they contribute significantly to the charm of the game.

It was a difficult choice. A more comprehensive, divided by genre overview with the 20 games of the year we give in just published c't 1/17, which is available from today at newsagents.


MDR presenter Uta Georgi changes to Komsa

Uta Georgi, the new corporate spokeswoman Komsa group.(Picture: Komsa)

Uta Georgi's 2013 New company spokeswoman in Komsa Group since 7 October. In her new role, the previous MDR-presenter and reporter is also responsible for the Group's external communications in the future. "We are pleased to have with Uta Georgi an experienced media woman on board who understands both the language of journalists and the business"Says CEO Dr. Gunnar Grosse.

The graduate journalist will in future act as a contact for all media as well as Komsas-"Face outwards" also the company represent. In addition to the press work includes the websites of Komsa group and all external activities that can be grouped under the umbrella of PR. Georgi reports directly to the Komsa Board. In her new role, she follows Katja Förster. When asked by heise resale, the company announced that Katja Förster will take over after a short training period on new responsibilities in the office of Komsa Group management and in the field of corporate communications.

Uta Georgi worked since 2007 for the MDR television. Previously she worked as a presenter and editor at the news channel n-tv in Berlin and Cologne worked and collected by the ITC magazine "Tiscali NetNews"To moderated, first experience in the industry. "Through my work as a television journalist I know the Komsa Group for many years. Therefore, I am very excited about this new challenge in a dynamic company which operated with success and feeling a growing market and in which the employee is at the center", The 43-year-old.(raw)

Plans for Mars colony: Study predicts failure of “Mars One”

Plans for Mars colony: Study predicts failure of

really wants "Mars One" send astronauts already in the next decade that will colonize Mars. Now researchers have calculated that the fail either tragic or will be significantly more expensive than planned.

The private initiative "Mars One" wants 2,024 people to fly without a return ticket to Mars and leave it there for colony founded. But now researchers have recalculated and forecast the plans to a tragic end. As The Atlantic reports, doctoral students come at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in a study found that the first mission member would die after about 68 days. Reason is the insufficient partial pressure of oxygen, whose share would grow too strong by growing plants on board. With currently available technology, the problem could not be solved.

Already in 2026 Mars One plans to increase the colony. Already in 2026 Mars One plans to increase the colony.(Picture:

Because the initiators of the project, which is already courting astronauts will ensure food security by growing food would arise very special difficulties, the researchers write. The renewable plant on board would thus allow the oxygen content in the atmosphere onboard so strong rise, that among other things the fire hazard would be too great. Therefore, nitrogen would be added manually, but this was not long enough possible because the supplies would soon run out. That's why the astronauts would eventually suffocate.

As an alternative to this scenario, therefore, would only offer that either all food would bring from the earth or grown in an external Habitat. The researchers have calculated that it would be much cheaper to simply bring the food. For this, but 15 start of a planned rocket type Falcon Heavy (SpaceX) would be necessary, which alone would cost a total of around 4.5 billion US dollars. With the envisaged further colonists that price would then increase even further, instead of falling. In addition, the researchers write that a very large amount of spare parts would have to be carried. A total of 62 percent of the originally transported mass would thus consist of replacement parts if the colony is to consist ten years.

In a statement, the researchers, meanwhile, pointed out that they have worked with the publicly available information provided by the initiative or on the basis of the possibilities of modern technology. The head of Mars One, Bas Lansdorp, has already rejected their calculations told The Atlantic wrong. Due to lack of support from his team (lack of time), and lack of experience on their side, they came to wrong results. but he had not mentioned details. His company is currently collecting the applications of potential colonists and wants early as 2015 to select the candidates to begin full-time training.(Mho)

LibreOffice 5.2 brings minor improvements

LibreOffice 5.2

Optimizations on the surface to facilitate in particular the working of text documents and spreadsheets. Revised import / export filters are designed to improve the exchange of documents in the current Microsoft Office formats.

The Document Foundation LibreOffice has 5.2 released for Windows, Linux and OS X. The new version of the open source office suite has received some minor improvements. In Writer, Calc and Impress drawing functions are now available that have so far been reserved for the drawing Draw.

In Writer dialogue to insert cross-references now has a filter that reduces the display of the existing entries on the typed into the search field concept. Revised import / export filters are designed to improve the exchange of DOCX and RTF text documents. In Calc, especially the use of table contents was made easier, so that, for example, leave the first column or row freeze on the screen faster than before. A single-mode Toolbar is designed to help the user in Writer and Calc, to better focus on the content of documents and spreadsheets.

In addition, the developers have eliminated numerous errors. Details of all the new features in LibreOffice 5.2 describes the development team on its website. On this LibreOffice 5.2 is available for download now. For corporate use, the project recommends version 5.1.5.

however, OpenOffice, from which has split the LibreOffice project in 2010, can wait for updates for almost a year - the current version of OpenOffice 4.1.2 comes in October 2015. Since then, neither error corrected nor potential security vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is advisable to Open Office users, better switch to LibreOffice.(Db)

Backpack PCs for VR without long cable

VR from the backpack

Because the VR backpack includes the technique is dragged no data cable behind it.

HP, MSI and Zotac want to VR players off the leash: Rather than using the data cable of the VR goggles to a stationary computer to chains, they put the powerful hardware in backpacks. manufacturers want to reveal few details.

While you want to indulge in the VR game of illusion, free to walk in another world, the data cable of the spectacle but often limits the range: Virtual Reality requires the processing power of stationary computer. By packaging (desktop) PC hardware in backpacks, HP, MSI and Zotac VR gamers want to detach from the cable line.

In HP's slim VR Backpack, which is part of the gaming product family "omen" will be stuck either a Core i5 or Core i7 processor and up to 32 GB of RAM to GPU still missing meanwhile information. Two fans will transport the waste heat. The batteries, which supply separately according to The Verge CPU and GPU with energy stuck in the waistband. The targeted maturity coincides with about an hour of running out. More battery capacity would have meant an even heavier weight - for so the gaming backpack weighs about five kilos. A third battery ensures that the system during battery replacement does not have to be turned off. Images next to the power button, two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI output and a headphone jack.

MSI MSI's Backpack PC would include a Core i7 processor and a GeForce GTX 980th(Image:MSI )

About the innards of MSI's Backpack PC is also little known, except that it combines a Core i7 processor with Nvidia's GeForce GTX 980th stands to reason that it is desktop hardware as with HP. The mobile versions would probably not powerful enough.

Also Zotac puts the computer in the backpack, one ZBOX, so a computer from your own Mini PC portfolio. To which model it is and how it is equipped, the company does not reveal, however. In addition to a meager press release, the company only provided a video showing the system in action. When and at what price the mentioned models come on the market, is not yet clear.

New the idea is not backpacking PC. The resident of the US state of Utah company The Void pointed his Rapture system installed last year exactly. The Void is planning to open VR centers soon worldwide. Half an hour VR experience - as long holds the Rapture battery - is expected to cost 29 to 39 dollars.


Windows 10 Mobile: Microsoft begins with the upgrade of older Windows Phones


Windows Mobile 10 plays closely with the desktop system.

(Picture: AP, Peter Steffen)

For a range of Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft in the coming days and weeks to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile. An app helps upgrade process.

With some delay Microsoft begins with the upgrade of older Windows phones to the new operating system Windows 10 Mobile. The upgrade is initially available for some Lumia models and selected other manufacturers, according to Microsoft. The availability depends not only on the model also on factors such as manufacturer, country or service provider, so it can also be delayed.

For a German Lumia 830, the upgrade is already in place. For a German Lumia 830, the upgrade is already in place.(Image: Screenshot)

Upgrade with App Help

Over the next few weeks following models with Windows Phone should 8.1 will be upgraded: The Lumias 1520, 930, 830, 735, 730, 640, 640XL, 638 (1GB), 636 (1 Gbyte), 635 (1 Gbyte) 540, 535, 532, 435 and 430. These two BLU-win models HD w510u and HD LTE x150q and the MCJ Madosma come Q501 to benefit from Windows 10 Mobile. If and when older Windows Phones like the Lumias 720, 820, 920 or 925 can use the new software is not yet clear, according to dpa.

[Update 3/19/2015: As for the upgrades for older Windows Phones like the Lumias 720, 820, 920, 925 and 1020, it looks meanwhile not look good: A "second shaft" with upgrades there would not be, Microsoft confirmed via the Twitter account of the Windows Insider program.

@manish_dd No current plans to add more devices to the list. Install / check the Upgrade Advisor app on your device for details. ^ JH

- Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) March 18, 2016

There are currently no plans to the current list of upgradeable smart phones add more devices. Microsoft executives Gabriel Aul added that possibly the product sold in the US at Verizon Lumia Icon will receive an upgrade.]

For the upgrade, Microsoft offers an app called "Upgrade Advisor" on. With the app, users can check whether the upgrade is ready for their device and initiate the process. The upgrade requires 1.4 GB of free space should be downloaded over a Wi-Fi connection.

New Lumias with Windows Mobile 10

  • The free upgrade to Windows 10

Windows Mobile is 10 since late last year with the new Lumia models 950, 950 and 550 XL and the middle of February presented Lumia 650 available. But participants in the Windows Insider program could install the new system on older models has been relatively easy. With the official upgrade for older Lumias Microsoft initially wanted in autumn 2015, then later begin early this year. (Vbr)

Aldi Notebook Medion P7644 Erazer in the test: high priced, amenities were fine

Medion P7644 Erazer

Medion P7644 Erazer

(Picture: Medion)

Aldi offers from 21.12. with the Medion P7644 Erazer a 17-incher on who judges with his middle-class GPU to players. c't could already undergo beforehand a brief test the Erazer P7644.

Anyone who thinks in notebooks from grocery stores only the best available equipment that needs to relearn: From 21:12. there is at Aldi Süd 17-inch Medion Erazer P7644 (MD99650) for 900 euros.

The higher price is for the offered equipment but fine: the dual-core processor Core i7-6500U from the current Skylake generation is the gaming suitable mid-range graphics chip GeForce GTX 950M aside. In addition to the 256-GB SSD, there is a 1-TB-plate, the matte IPS screen displays full HD resolution - and a Type-C connector speaks USB 3.1 (Super Speed ​​+, 10 Gbit / s).

Medion presented c't before going on sale a copy of the P7644 available. The short test delivers all the important test results, including run-time and noise measurement:


Pioneer 10 is lost

Figure 1 [250 x 198 pixels @ 9.9 KB]

The space probe Pioneer 10 was finally abandoned by NASA. The last radio signal from the first ride vehicle, which overcame the asteroid belt between the planets Mars and Jupiter, was collected on 22 January. On February 7, the last attempt to contact failed.

Pioneer 10 was launched into space on March 2, 1972, an Atlas-Centaur rocket. On December 3, 1973, she was the first space probe that sparked images of the planet Jupiter to Earth. But that mission was not completed, the space vehicle was henceforth engaged in exploration of the heliosphere. Where the boundary between our solar system and extrasolar space runs and how far the influence of the sun reaches into space, Pioneer 10 could not explain even to 31 March 1997th On this day, the entire mission was officially ended.

30 years after the launch, NASA took using the NASA Deep Space Network in spring 2002 re-contact with Pioneer 10, which also replied to the delight of the researchers. Now she is left to itself. On board it has as its sister ship Pioneer 11 is a plaque with a message that was designed by the SETI pioneers Frank Drake and Carl Sagan. In the picture a human couple in front of the spacecraft Pioneer 10 is engraved, and other symbols to unravel aliens.

Earthly researchers at the flight of the Space veterans also made headache. It is still not clear what force has slowed him on leaving the solar system. A phenomenon which was also observed in Pioneer 11 and Voyager 1 and 2, which have left the solar system in different directions.(ANW)

Android support for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino

IBM has released an update completed Lotus Traveler, with the next iPhone, Symbian and Windows Mobile and mobile devices running Android for connecting to Lotus Notes / Domino now be supported. Traveler installed on the Android device's own installer and the actual client software. It includes components for mail, calendar and contacts. With own apps IBM wants to ensure that Notes customers can use on all different Android distributions the same functions.

Traveler sets a Domino Server 8.5.2 advance and can be installed on Windows and Linux. Mobile phones and tablets need Android 2.x. Traveler is a free supplement that IBM provides its customers through Passport Advantage. The client installer stops the applications on the terminals to date. Those who had installed a beta, must be removed before installing this first.(Vowe)

Elementary OS 0.4 “Loki”: Linux Desktop with fine

Elementary OS 0.4 Loki

The latest version of the Linux distribution Elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" is based on the current version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. The special features of the Linux system of specially developed desktop Pantheon including custom applications counts.

As "fast and open alternative for Windows and Mac OS" praise their Linux distribution developers of Elementary OS. That Elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" wants to convince not only with a solid Linux system, but also with loving designter graphical interface, you can see immediately.

The specially developed for the distribution Pantheon desktop environment reminiscent with its dock at the bottom and the top bar significantly to Apple operating systems. The developers have shown here a lot of attention to detail and developed an extension for Gtk +, for example with the Granite framework that provides unified widgets and classes for all Elementary apps.

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Elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" (7 pictures)

Elementary OS 0.4 "Loki"

After one and a half years there is a new stable version of Elementary OS: "Loki",

update base

The last Elementary OS Edition 0.3 "Freya" is already one and a half years old. The release of the new long-term assisted Ubuntu 4.16 LTS has taken the Elementary project as an opportunity to issue a new version of the Linux distribution with an updated package basis. The Ubuntu repositories added back again its own package source supplying the Pantheon desktop, the libmutter based window manager Gala, the Elementary programs and the distribution own artwork.

Under the hood Elementary OS is similar in principle Ubuntu, visually but the difference could not be greater. The in-house development Pantheon is simple and easy to use, but does it very well. The range of functions is manageable, Elementary apps without in the eyes of developers unnecessary functions. The pre-installed software selection is significantly different from Ubuntu; she draws a uniform look & Feel out. but programs from the Ubuntu repositories can re-install at will.


Under the hood of the Linux kernel 4.4, support for Skylake processors of the sixth generation plugged brings. The new AppCenter, which also updates can import, is a graphical software installation. However, advanced functions such as managing the repositories missing here. As the default browser of pathways consisting of Webkit2 Epiphany is provided to manage the electronic mail is handled by the simple mail baptized followers of Geary.

Other standard applications follow the same name pattern: "files". "calculator". "calendar". "music". "photos", Who wants to know more precisely which application puts behind it, has been looking into the package management where the programs as "pantheon-files". "pantheon-calculator". "maya-calendar". "noise" and "pantheon-photos" firmieren.


Loki brings improved system indicators for the bar: For example, the indicators for audio, network and Bluetooth have been revised and redesigned. the network settings and the settings for sharing files via Bluetooth and DLNA have been renewed.

A new Notification Center collects the messages of different applications, so you can react to it later. Here they can be disabled for individual programs. A system-wide "Do not bother"Mode facilitates necessary when working concentration. Notes to notifications can be found now on the icons of some Apps from the application menu.


The system settings bring now with a keyword search. Multiple monitors can be now choose on which the dock is visible. Verhunzte desktop settings sets a new button to the default values. Users with administrator privileges can restrict in various ways the accounts normal user - for example, to ensure that children use the computer only at certain times. In addition, Web addresses and programs can be blocked. The new features in detail can be found in the release announcement.

Elementary OS 0.4 "Loki" is available as an ISO image for 64-bit x86 systems at the project site to download. The developers are hoping for a sum of money to finance the development and website, but the distribution can be downloaded for free also.(Lmd)

Garmin introduces the sport watches Fenix ​​5

Garmin introduces the sport watches Fenix ​​5

(Picture: Garmin)

The Fenix ​​5 series of sports watches consists of three models. You are tracking activities, show alerts and the large model is good also for navigation.

Garmin has unveiled at CES its latest sports watches. The Fenix-5 series consists of three watches, which look ranges from subtle to strong. The Fenix ​​5s with a diameter of 42 mm the smallest model. It has a display with 218 x 218 pixels and is to run on a single charge about 40 hours. The Fenix ​​5 47 mm in diameter has a resolution of 240 × 240 pixels and creates 50 hours. The outdoor model Fenix ​​5X (51 mm) has the same display and comes in a period of 75 hours. Smart watch mode without GPS clocks between one and a half to two weeks stopped by without power cable.

The appearance of the three clocks can be varied with metal, silicone or leather straps. The appearance of the three clocks can be varied with metal, silicone or leather straps.

The two smaller models have Sport profiles for running, cycling, mountain climbing, skiing. The large Fenix ​​5X can also be used to navigate the terrain. Topographic maps should be pre-installed. The display of all models is protected by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal and the bracelets can be replaced without tools.

Besides the obligatory acceleration sensors, the watches have receivers for GPS and Glonass and have an integrated optical pulse sensors. With the smartphone they are coupled via the low-power Bluetooth LE and rich notifications on your display through. All three watches will be available from April. The two small models will cost 600 euros, great outdoor model depending on the bracelet from 750 euros. (Spo)

Space Simulation Star Citizen: About 100 million US dollars and collected a lot of criticism

Star Citizen: More than 100 million dollars and a lot of criticism

For the development of Star Citizen over 100 million US dollars have already been collected. Critics doubt meanwhile, the feasibility of the project.

(Picture: Roberts Space Industries)

Star Citizen will be the ultimate space simulation. For the project, the developers have already collected more than 100 million US dollars. But critical voices are multiplying.

The gigantic space game project Star Citizen is this "Wing Commander" the modern era are - so this is successful, the producer Chris Roberts accumulated for years about crowdfunding money one. Now, the mark of 100 million dollars was skipped. No other crowdfunding project has been able to collect a similar sum to date. When the final version of Star Citizen will be released is unclear so far.

Star Citizen: More than 100 million dollars and a lot of criticism The Alpha 2.0 brings among other first person shooter combat.(Picture: CIG)

At the weekend the responsible development studio released Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) the alpha version 2.0, the supporters of the game have access. For example, the alpha version adds multiplayer combat added in the first-person shooter mode; also three larger, operational spacecraft on which players can meet. The possibilities of playing together CIG intends to significantly expand until the final version.

Also there are new flight modes with which land can about precise (precision mode) or accessible by the high speeds (cruise mode). Using the afterburner you leave dangerous situations or pursuing his enemies.

Star Citizen looks chic thanks CryEngine; but graphics are not everything. Critics have doubts about whether the ambitious project is even feasible. Star Citizen looks chic thanks CryEngine; but graphics are not everything. Critics have doubts about whether the ambitious project is even feasible.(Image: Cloud Imperium Games)

There is also the planet "Crusader"On which three space stations are (Port Olisar, Security Post Kareah and Covelex Shipping Hub). Three moons orbit the planet: Yela, together with its own asteroid belt and Cellin and Daymar each with its own station. A complete list of new features of Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 can be found in a separate blog post.

A lot of criticism for mega project

While Star Citizen fans of the publication of the space simulation can hardly wait, there's also plenty of criticism of Chris Roberts' ambitious project. The Wing Commander father stirs up very high expectations on the one hand, since he wants to deliver with Star Citizen nothing less than a egg-laying wool milk simulation including the exploration of planets and sophisticated business cycles. On the other hand, the question remains whether such an ambitious project is even feasible. Therefore, many players complained that CIG sold over three hundred dollar boats for a still unfinished game.

Moreover, the charges of misappropriation of crowdfunding money was for private purposes in space, which are based, among other allegations of the controversial game developer Derek Smart. The latter throw Star Citizen-trailer again before a public smear campaign against the project. Chris Roberts himself incited from the accusations in an extensive opinion and stated as: "no crowd funding monies are used for any private purposes",

Since the end of 2012 Cloud Imperium Games and numerous subsidiaries is developed Star Citizen by Chris Roberts' company. Chris Roberts produced the early 90s, the game series "Wing Commander"Finally, the game industry turned his back and produced since 2004 several films.

1 out of 8

Ships, hangars, space battles: Chris Roberts "Star Citizen" (8 pictures)

Even pirates sometimes need to quickly get from A to B - and a bit of luxury you have certainly earned: now playable with the ship Origins M50. (Image: Cloud Imperium Games)


0700 numbers reprimanded in Imprint

0700 numbers are since 1998 "personal phone number for life" offered with only eight digits. You can choose yourself it among the remaining free combinations. The numbers can also be expressed in letters ("Vanity"). They are accessible at the rate of a normal telephone call over the Telekom and can be transferred by its owner to any landline or mobile phone number or to a mailbox - the former no additional cost. For this, the owner of the number pays one-time 62.50 EUR for the number registration to the regulatory authority RegTP and monthly 7 to 10 euros to a provider who asked forwarding, and voice mail.

have the law "personal numbers" not yet. Only operators of small, personal Web pages they have, and are due in the prescribed imprint, and some uses them to forward calls to mobile phones or office. The Central Agency is now arguing that the obscurity of the 0700 numbers and their similarity to the 0800-free numbers would mislead callers and therefore the owners would with any notice for 0700 numbers on Web pages now also specify the fees to do so.

this demand is underpinned with a spoken in December 2003 and now contested judgment of the District Court Saarbrücken. In already some 0700 owners have reported that should pay the Wettbewerbszentrale 205 euros, because they are no charges specified in their Web imprint. The problem is that these numbers have no uniform fee, but this will change as with normal calls by time of day.

has clarified the legal situation, you should specify a precaution, the maximum fee of 0700 prefix of 12.4 cents per minute for calls during the day from the Telekom fixed network. That discussions then be cheaper in the evening, can not be reprimanded. As an alternative, 0180 or 0190 numbers offer if you need the routing capabilities of the 0700 number. Although these are sometimes more expensive for the caller, but the fees are time of the day, making it easier accordance with regulations specify.

See in Telepolis:

  • The Postal Minister warns: Telephone harm your wallet!

(Wolf-Dieter Roth) /(Wolf-Dieter Roth) /(Lifted)

DVB-T2 HD: First experiences with the new terrestrial television


Shortly after the start of the pilot phase of the DVB-T successor in 18 metropolitan areas, the number of available receivers is still manageable, but existing antenna gazers are at least impressed by the image quality of DVB-T2 HD.

Even if the resolution for DVB-T2 HD is still projected in many cases 1080p50, it looks like here at the news quite already opposed to 720p. Even if the resolution for DVB-T2 HD is still projected in many cases 1080p50, it looks like here at the news quite already differences to 720p.

Judging by the number of colleagues who wanted to borrow for the European Football Championship DVB-T2 HD receiver, see the chances of success for the recently launched the pilot phase high definition terrestrial television good. At least those who have been watching over DVB-T, show interest in the non-backward compatible successor.

Still, the number of recipients actually available is manageable despite the announcements of various manufacturers, such as listing the specialist service Dehnmedia shows. Some of the devices featured there were no longer available a few days after the launch of the pilot phase, for example, introduced in c't 13/16 Xoro HRT 8720 (now is to get back). The manufacturers expect the big rush until the year 2016/2017. Because the spring of 2017 it will be with the old DVB-T receivers can receive no signal in many places.

What are the advantages DVB-T2 HD and what to look for when buying the necessary receiver, explains Volker Zota:

More interviews - for example to online rates, Raspberry Pi, mail encryption, 3D printers or solid-state disks - can be found on the associated video topics page "Just Checking" and on our YouTube channel.


Embedded Journalism – new form of war reporting

For years, require journalists by the US military direct access to theaters of war. They are now filled with all the hardships and dangers to belong. In a reversal of its information policy, the Pentagon has in the Iraq war, more than 600 journalists, most from the United States, invited by US and British troops "embed" to let - on aircraft carriers, air bases and in the desert. Via satellite, they now deliver images and reports, some of the front line.

"We want to talk about the war at close"Says Martin Savidge of the Cable News Network (CNN) before it rose last week with other journalists into a bus and drove into the nordkuwaitische desert. On Saturday morning, millions of viewers were world follow it live as it clashed with a unit of US Marines in a village near the southern Iraqi city of Basra under attack from rocket launchers, while a concerned colleague from CNN headquarters in Atlanta gave him the advice, quickly put on his helmet.

That "embedding" (Embed) is tricky not only, but also far from comfortable, the reporters, photographers and cameramen reporting from the desert already longer on their satellite phones. At least a week lived most, just like the soldiers, they report, in isolated military camps in northern Kuwait. That meant the heat and dust, sleeping on the floor, eating field rations and make do with limited water rations. Showers were allowed only once a week.

"The stench is bad", Reported a photographer from a 70-man tent at Camp Coyote. "The stench is almost like a bio-weapon"He added with gallows humor. Actually, however, was neither the soldiers nor the journalists feel like joking, as they prepared for the worst. Again and again they had in commonpractice over contract quickly gas masks and NBC protective suits, in the event that Iraqi troops in combat should actually use weapons of mass destruction.

Because the military and the media in "embedding" practically in the same boat, critics fear that the objective reporting will suffer. The military jargon would have some reporters appropriated quickly noticed Craig Copetas, a correspondent of theBloomberg news agency. However, most participants emphasized that they felt quite obligated to preserve a critical distance.

Censorship should there not be, promises the US military, at least not to talk nicely to the war. However, all had "embeds" undertake to keep certain information for the time being for themselves, for example, force levels and positions. Even images with which dead American soldiers and prisoners of war to be identified, are taboo. Of particular importance, the military,is that journalists divulge any tactical details. Because that could be dangerous both for the soldiers and the journalists. (Frank Zeller, dpa)

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