The photo signature of the week (3/6): The right Storytelling

The photo signature of the week (2/6): The right Storytelling

Look out for social interaction. This makes your photos alive.

(Photo: Lars Poeck)

In our series author Lars Poeck'll find every week basic knowledge of photography and provides a proper creative photo task. This time it's about telling stories with pictures.

It's great when your photo tells a story or includes a good picture concept. Applies that you get more feeling in your picture with skillful use of certain "external influences" for all examples. Although you do not always influence.

Creative Photo duties

This text is an excerpt from Lars Poecks book "Creative Photo duties",

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What I mean by that? In rainy weather you should not stay at home, go to crowded places but and watch how people around rush out and escape from the weather. During intense sunshine you will discover harsh shadows in the city center, which can your subject appear more visually stunning. In fog in the morning you will find a mystical and beautiful setting for which you just have to look for lead actor.

Variables for more exciting photos

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Photo signature of the week (3/6) (10 pictures)

Develop an eye for the external influences and build them sent to your photos with one.

ISO 50 | 44 mm | f / 2.4 | 1/140 sec
(Photo: Lars Poeck)

The Project of the Week

Think about appropriate motifs for a pair of images and an image sequence. What idea can tell as a pair of images generated curiosity and relate to each other's photo? Which situation is suitable for the image sequence? As you put it in scene?

Lars Poeck Image pair: A swimmer in the Paralympics during training. It can be found elements likethe track mark, the water and ultimately the float which the relationshipmanufactures.ISO 100 | 250 mm | f / 4 | 1/1000 s (float)ISO 100 | 180 mm | f / 4 | 1/2500 s (trainer / stopwatch)(Photo: Lars Poeck)Lars Poeck Advance: Easy, but a lot of movement and a good idea for the image sequence.The slower shutter speed of 1/30 sec also are dynamic.ISO 1600 | 57 mm | f / 9 | 1/30 s (each)(Photo: Lars Poeck)

The image pair consists of two related to each other photos. This can be a similar perspective in different seasons. Or two photos that tell a story or have a different relationship. It is important to be disclosive context. Image sequences often show the same sections at different times. For example, the falling water glass the busy station and people from A to B or scurrying.

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  • use colors specifically: Part 2/6
  • Part 3/6: The right Storytelling

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New firmware for Sigma’s Dock adapter MC-11

New firmware for Sigma's Dock adapter MC-11

(Image: Sigma)

Officially Sigma Adapter MC-11 only supports the connection-house EF and SA lenses on cameras with Sony's E-mount. Via firmware auto focus should now have been improved with not officially supported models.

Sigma has announced a firmware update for its lens adapter MC-11th The available in a version for Canon EF and Sigma SA port adapter to make the respective lenses on Sony cameras used with E-mount.

is officially supported only one row Sigma-house lenses, in practice the operation, including basic functions work well with some models from other manufacturers. It is this compatibility Sigma will now have increased with firmware version 1.06 for the variant with SA bayonet and the version 1.08 for the adapter EF-Connection: According Changelog is a malfunction of autofocus "Some non-compatible lenses" undergone repair. To what models there this is concrete, Sigma does not betray.

More compatibility - without performance guarantee

At the same time, the manufacturer realized that a smooth operation with no officially supported lenses is not guaranteed even after the firmware update. Nevertheless, it would continue to make as many lenses including as many functions with the adapter to the E-mount available.

To install the update, the converter via USB cable to a Mac or PC must be connected. The update process itself takes Sigma Optimization Pro software. (Msi)

Fanless Mini-PCs with quad-core CPU and Linux

Mini-PC specialist CompuLab introduces new, fanless PCs with quad-core processor from AMD and up to four Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. In addition a new MintBox Mini with Linux pre-installed.

A new series of fanless mini PC introduced, which specializes in small-sized computer manufacturer CompuLab. The fitlet called series replaces the previous fit-PC2 and will be available in three versions: fitlet-B is the entry model with the tablet dual core AMD E1 Micro-6200T (Mullins) 1 GHz and Radeon-R2 GPU. The models fitlet-i and fitlet-X equipped Compulab with the quad-core A4 Micro-6400T - also at 1 GHz, but slightly stronger Radeon-R3-GPU.

Fanless mini PC fitlet is optionally available with Linux Mint, called MintBox Mini.
fitlet fanless mini PC it will soon be also available with Linux Mint, called MintBox Mini.Enlarge
Image: CompuLab
The manufacturer believes in openness: All technical details, including block diagrams can be read in a wiki, as well as in the specifications. In addition to the three fitlet barebones without operating system provides CompuLab a new version of the mini-PC with pre-installed Linux Mint, called MintBox Mini. It was erworfen in cooperation with the developers of Linux Mint and should come in the second quarter, 2015.

All fitlet models can be equipped with up to 8 GB of DDR3-1066 memory. Mass storage, a mSATA SSD is provided in each case. Each fitlet has two HDMI ports, analog and digital (S / PDIF) audio inputs and outputs, two USB 3.0 and a minimum of three USB 2.0 ports.

Block diagram of the mean model fitlet-i and two Gigabit Ethernet ports.Enlarge
Image: CompuLab
Gigabit Ethernet are also available on all models: fitlet-B has, fitlet-i and two fitlet-X four ports. An RS-232 interface is designed as mini-connector joins a micro SD card slot. In fitlet-i and X can be installed PCIe Mini Cards, they also have a micro SIM slots. When fitlet-i-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 are integrated and two antennas at the factory, the other probably is a USB adapter with.

The aluminum case measures 2.4 cm in all models 10.8 cm × 8.3 cm ×. CompuLab granted five-year warranty. Prices start at $ 129 for the smallest model fitlet-B without RAM and mSATA SSD.(Tiw)

The most important questions and answers about the PaaS implementation

Table of Contents
  1. The most important questions and answers about the PaaS implementation
  2. Vendor lock-in, security and justice
  3. read on one side
The most important questions and answers about the PaaS implementation

The use of the cloud is, of course, for many businesses, they restrict the use but mostly at SaaS and IaaS. The use of PaaS is only slowly gaining momentum. But what must consider companies before they decide? This article provides answers to five key questions before the PaaS implementation.

Where PaaS brings any advantages?

As Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a largely new approach, many companies it is often unclear how the concept works and what the advantages are. Often PaaS is seen as a development environment, or only the elimination of administrative tasks performed. It can also be used as the backbone for the management of the software life cycle, however - from development to operation.

The development may also much "agile"nerfolgen because PaaS supports a variety tools and techniques and deployment scenarios allows the Sun to "classical" Server architectures are not feasible. Any developer can, for example, try out new ideas directly in a deployed within a short time test environment that closely matches the later production environment. With tools for load simulation as and application analysis software such as New Relic developers can pre-analyze the behavior of applications under almost real conditions and adjust. Manufacturers such as Cloud9 even offer a complete browser-IDE, with which you can develop software directly in the cloud. In short: This could be all the reasons that significantly increase with PaaS efficiency and quality of an IT department.

In conjunction with Continuous Deployment the work results of the developers will be provided to the user faster. Even small changes can be rolled out by a PaaS several times a day, with developers typically deliver new code via Git or similar Versionskontrollsyteme in PaaS. The software users can continue working without interruption with the applications during deployment of new versions. Continuous integration software like Travis-CI also offers the possibility to integrate the delivery of software to various cloud platforms in the CI process.

When software roll-out is ensured that each server node provides the same runtime environment, both in development and in the production systems. This avoids missing components and version conflicts. Updates of components or the use of new programming languages ​​can be reliably insulated staging systems before delivery into live operation test.

PaaS applications can be scaled on the fly in a short time. Application operators guarantee as to the end user consistent high performance. SaaS providers to scale, for example, during normal business hours up and back down again later, when most users are in the workday. In online games and social applications, it turns out the other way around: there is the maximum value in the evenings.

For large companies that maintain their own data centers, a private PaaS could be interesting. It ensures that proprietary computing resources and existing assets more efficiently. Thanks to self-service provisioning resources according to a button can be made available. This allows more efficient and more agile development processes, shortening innovation cycles.

Through the use of PaaS, IT can adapt quickly to changing requirements -
to be braked without resource bottlenecks. Especially in highly dynamic markets, such as the consumer or telecommunications market, the expense and time savings associated constitutes a weighty competitive advantage for companies.

However, PaaS is no advantage when applications of very static in nature or when adaptation to PaaS means disproportionate effort. Examples are smaller CMS applications, existing standard software or old legacy software without Abstraction Layer.

What applications work in the cloud, which are not?

Most applications can be run in PaaS environments. For Java, Ruby, Python, PHP, and .NET, there are many PaaS providers - some specialize in a language that others offer support for multiple languages.

Many of the frameworks are adjusted so that they work optimally with PaaS. These include frameworks that feature an auto configuration or offer a support block storages. Easily deployable on PaaS frameworks, for example, Rails, Symfony and Spring.

In modern applications cloud APIs can be configured for centralized data storage - thus they are compatible PaaS in most cases. let legacy applications
these functions normally retrofitted. The adjustments to PaaS mean primarily optimizations that are beneficial to the performance, reliability and horizontal scaling, as PaaS providers their platforms with the orientation on "Best practices" have designed.

Implementing auto-configuration routines is not mandatory but is strongly recommended. Usually set the PaaS provider any application configuration parameters via a file or environment variables that an application can use for configuration. Thus, human errors can be. At the same time, it prevents, for example, an application in the test environment accidentally with a production database "speaks",

To facilitate the relocation of applications that provide PaaS providers the information they need to apply adjustments in the form of documentation or training materials. Alternatively, can be drawn on the know-how of cloud consultants to adequately represent complex IT systems on a PaaS.

However, not all techniques are imaged on PaaS. A mail server can not be operated, for example, in working with dynamically assigned IPs PaaS systems. The mail delivery is therefore handled by third parties. Streaming applications that work away from the HTTP standards, have made it difficult also to transmit their data through web-optimized routing animal and any web caches.

Red Hat released OpenJDK 8 for (among developers) Windows

OpenJDK 8 available for Windows

The open-source companies, has announced the availability of the official free Java SE implementation for Windows. The target groups are developers who create studio for RHEL Windows middleware applications with JBoss Developer.

OpenJDK is a free implementation of Java SE, which originated as a splinter group of the JDK. 6 Red Hat took the time to lead the project. Oracle is a Java governor sponsor and head of OpenJDK. 8

On the download page of the OpenJDK project builds for different Linux systems, but not for Windows exist. Red Hat has released a build of OpenJDK 8 for Windows. However, it should not generally replace the normal JDK, but is intended for developers, middleware applications with Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio under Windows for RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) build. The Windows build of OpenJDK 8 is fully compatible with the corresponding RHEL releases, so that Java software behaves on both systems alike.

Further details on the OpenJDK for Windows are available on the project page, where a link is found to an msi installer. Information on the conditions are missing: The name of downloads indicates a 64-bit build. Even if the site only lists Windows operating system 8, it can be assumed that is also compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 10 only because of the corresponding spread of OpenJDK build. (RME)

Programming ranking: JavaScript and Java on to the top

The RedMonk Programming Language rankings: January 2016

With JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, C #, C ++, Ruby, CSS, C and Objective-C, the exact same programming, see the biannual RedMonk ranking - and that too in the same order.

There are the monthly Tiobe Programming index to determine the most popular programming language of its results on request " programming" obtained in 25 search engines. But there are also the biannual RedMonk Programming Language rankings, where the analysts correlations between the discussion of a language on StackOverflow produced with their use in GitHub projects in order to assess how much a programming language is used in the future.

A little late RedMonk has now given the January results known to the current popularity of the most important programming languages.

RedMonk On the top right are for the most popular programming languages. Changes there have been few compared with July, 2015.(Image:RedMonk )

stable situation

Among the first 10 seats has done nothing since the previous study in, so JavaScript before Java continues to lead with a narrow margin the list, followed by PHP (3), Python (4), C # (5), C ++ ( 5.) Ruby (5), CSS (8), C (9) and Objective-C (10). That Java and JavaScript are ongoing to find at the top, will probably also supported that the two languages ​​were often used in companies in the same application, may be sufficient, especially since JavaScript increasingly more professional claims.

That it had not come will also be changes in the top 10, the RedMonk analyst explained by the fact that the decisions of a language in business is usually designed in the long term. Therefore could not be expected in the near future with more fragmentation, it will even decline because the set languages ​​have a high level of maturity.

Talked to potential beyond the top 10 or even still outside the top 20 are loud RedMonk Elixir (54th), Julia (51), Rust (46), Swift (17) and Type Script (31) consisting of different reasons to be estimated. So Elixir, Julia and Rust were able to pull through their well-considered language design attention. The Objectice C successor Swift also in that he has recently become open source, and Typescript received much lift in the JavaScript community, but also at Microsoft lately scores certainly now.(Ane)

Windows 10 tablet with LTE, eSIM, Atom or ARM are “Always Connected PCs”

Windows 10 Always Connected PC with Qualcomm Snapdragon

Windows 10 Always Connected PC with Qualcomm Snapdragon

(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft presented at Computex, the partner companies for the expected fall in tablets and 2-in-1 notebooks with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Intel Atom and cellular modems.

The notebook manufacturer Asus, HP, Huawei, Lenovo, and Xiaomi Vaio want to build Microsoft's Always Connected PCs: Light, persistent tablets, laptops and hybrids with Windows 10 and integrated LTE modem. Integral part of this in December 2016 Microsoft as "Cellular PCs" announced mobile computer is a eSIM; Microsoft is negotiating about currently with mobile phone companies.

As the chip partner Microsoft calls (Atom, Core m / i) at Computex Intel and Qualcomm (Snapdragon 835). but the ARM SoC want to use only Asus, HP and Lenovo apparently. Whether Microsoft also brings out its own Always Connected PC, such as under the Surface brand remains unclear.

The ARM64- (ARMv8-A) compatibility and x86 / Win32 emulator probably come to the announced Windows 10 case Creators update.

Cannon Lake or Atom

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 has eight powerful cryogenic cores and an integrated LTE modem. With such a combination, Intel can not come still: Aggressive LTE chips there at Intel individually.

Intel will also support the eSIM. Which Intel CPU family is in the Always Connected PCs with x86 SoCs, but is open. The first 10-nm-chip series Core i-8000 also known as Lake Cannon / Cannon Lake Intel has already been demonstrated in the 2-in-1 devices. Let them come yet 2017th but they are likely to be much more expensive than a Snapdragon 835th

For cheaper tablets are Intel yet, the 2015 featured "Cherry Trail"-atom as Atom x5-Z8500 or Z8700 x7-date. The current Apollo Lake there are only embedded types such as the atomic x7-E3950.

For low-cost tablets, Intel has also manufactured by TSMC 28nm SoCs such as the Atom x3-C3265RK with integrated UMTS modem in the program (Sofia-3G). Supposedly this year also "Gemini Lake"-atom come, probably with slightly improved CPU cores type "Gold Mont Plus",(Ciw)

Pay please! 2623 emoji for worldwide imagery

Pay please! 2623 ....

35 years ago, Scott E. Fahlman invented emoticons 🙂 and 🙁 to indicate online funny and serious content. What began with three ASCII characters, developed into a global communications phenomenon with currently 2,623 emoji.

Early 1980s networked in the North American universities, the first mailboxes (bulletin boards), where people discussed diligently. In the course of this development, the problems in the immediate written communication showed because this other than in person does not transmit any interpretation aids such as facial expressions or emphasis. Therefore, a funny-intentioned remark could trigger a dispute if the receiver did not understand the real intention.

Emotional ASCII art 🙂
Please pay

Pay please!

In this section we present every week Tuesday amazing, impressive, informative and funny figures from the fields of IT, science, economics and mathematics even before.

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Scott Elliott Fahlman, at the time, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, wanted to solve this problem by labeling the remarks as grade of scientific humor at that time (and now 😉 not opened up to every reader. On September 19, 1982, he suggested in a discussion board before:

19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman 🙂
From: Scott E Fahlman
I propose did the Following character sequence for joke markers:
Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things did are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use

The first two "Emoticons" - a portmanteau word from "Emotion "and "Icon "- were born. The idea to designate a text reasonable accordingly, was well received at the American universities and developed there over time and soon more in the later global networks "Smileys "of various kinds, with a completely different structure for. As the Japanese Kaomojis as 9 (◕‿◕.) 6 or (❤ω❤) that spread since the early 2000s through the manga boom partly in the western region. By the way, also includes the looking at first glance like ASCII art "Shruggie" ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ a Japanese Schritzeichen.

A typical smiley collection of phpBB Forum The typical Smiley Collection of phpBB Forum( )

At the same time developed the ability to display emotions not only as a combination of characters, but also as small graphics with the quickening Internet Aschlüssen and dissemination of web forums and instant messengers. The result was, was that especially often found in web forums a large number of various smileys (partly as a memory-guzzling GIF animation) by attempting to load the smiley-selection alone could take with contemporary standard bandwidth miserably long and ,

Emoticons to emoji

1999 Shigetaka Kurita drafted in the service of the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo 176 simple and traffic-saving pictograms for the mobile data service i-mode, which in this case were limited not only to emotions, but also incorporated everyday objects, animals and other symbols. The then just plain and only 12 × 12 pixels wide Emoji - Japanese for "Image character "- were not due to their small size and simplicity under copyright, so that other providers were able to take this system for their mobile phones, which the proliferation benefited.

Mid-2000s, the emoji were colorful and detailed. The decisive step towards standardization succeeded in 2010, was recorded as over 1000 emoji characters in the Unicode Standard 6.0. Thus, the emoji could reasonably compatible with each other on different operating systems that represent email client and messenger types.

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Evolution of emoticons (19 photos)

The development of emoticons
Socio-cultural phenomenon

Above all, the smartphone boom caused a rapid development, especially through instant messengers like WhatsApp and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. From an idea to visualize the meaning of texts, has long been a socio-cultural phenomenon. Emojis have become an indispensable part of modern network communication.

To meet this development, which Emojis were varied and diverse: Meanwhile, women have equal rights as emoji, you can adjust the skin color of his emoji, and even the family pictures are now diverse and not limited to the hetereosexuelle way of life. The extensive diversity thus provides a mass of emoji Unicode currently contains 2,623 emoji - one of them sick. Trend: Rapidly rising.

Due to the massive use of the tears laughing Emoji in 2015 was voted word of the year of the Oxford Dictionary. It is also currently on Facebook, the most popular Emoji. According to Facebook, send the user in-house messenger per day more than five billion Emojis; on Facebook itself, there are 60 million.

silver Emojis

Of course such a global phenomenon called the marketers on the plan: Thus, besides Emoji bags, Emoji biscuits course Emoji games and recently even "Emoji - The Movie" the synapses of a colleague tormented. Apple has announced that its flagship smartphone iPhone X as state of the art now "Animojis" can put over his face and animate in real time in three dimensions, which they very vividly represented in their presentation with the popular Kackhaufen smiley face.

This 176 emoji have even made it to the Museum of Modern Art. This 176 emoji have even made it to the Museum of Modern Art.

Scott E. Fahlman and Shigetaka Kurita did not become rich through their developments. But they are happy that they were fathers of global development, which is so significant that the first 176 emoji have even made it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. And development will continue.

(Markus Will) /(Vza)

#TGIQF – the quiz: Company Logo Alphabet

#TGIQF - the quiz: Company Logo Alphabet

Major brands can often be recognized immediately on the logo or font, without having read the name itself. In our logo alphabet you can test how much individual firms have burned into memory. Have fun!

#TGIQF: The heise online quiz

#TGIQF: The Quiz

"Thank God It's Friday Quiz!" Every Friday there is a new quiz from the fields of IT, engineering, entertainment or Nerd knowledge:

  • Company Logo Alphabet
  • Linux History (s)
  • From Windows 1.0 to 10

Virtually everyone recognizes the Coca-Cola script, the jagged Metallica-M or the Star Wars scrolling text, even if they are used in a completely different context. Even IT brands burn themselves into the memory permanently. But still works even if individual letters are taken out of context or appear logos alone? Our company logo alphabet you can test it from A to Z. This time, while there are more questions, but do not worry, the answers are in two minutes. I wish you success!

This time the quiz runs on time: there faster you answer the questions correctly, the more points. Please do not cheat or recite in the comments so as not to spoil the fun the others.

P.S. .: ideas for new quiz topics are always welcome, just anmailen ➡️(Vza)

HDMI 2.1: The technical innovations and what the abbreviations mean

Buzzword Bingo: The technical innovations of HDMI 2.1

10K Dynamic HDR, variable refresh rate, EARC, high frame rate, 48G cable - no new HDMI specification without further ominous abbreviations. We explain what is behind it.

In the second quarter of 2017, the new specification of the high-definition multimedia interface HDMI to be published. HDMI 2.1 will support not only ultra high resolutions of up to 10K, but still brings various other technical innovations with. but these are hidden behind as so often cryptic abbreviations:

UHD resolutions beyond 4K

With HDMI 2.1 (4320 pixels 7680 x) is even at a resolution of 8K not the end: The substance may even 10K (10,328 × 7760 pixels) - the video data but then compressed (by the method Display Stream Compression 1.2) are transferred.

dynamic HDR

After the supported HDMI 2.0b format HDR-10 is not of wisdom is the last deadline for contrast images because you can set contrast, brightness and gamma for full video, dynamic HDR plays a major role in HDMI 2.1. Here, the key data can be determined scene by scene or even individual images. In addition, it will support 12-bit rather than 10-bit color depth for example, HDR formats. According to Forum HDMI 2.1 supports all currently specified HDR formats (including Dolby Vision and Samsung Tone Mastering System) and possibly also coming - as long as the bandwidth is sufficient.

High frame rates (HFR)

With HDMI 2.1, 10K video at up to 120 frames per second can be transported to the TV from the player device. As fields of application in addition to high-frame-rate movies and also -Actionvideos games and virtual reality applications were called.

Variable refresh rate (VRR)

Of the "Game mode" VRR is to ensure that games are smoothly and razor sharp display, much like it's been in gaming monitors with G-Sync and freesync the case with variable frame rates.

48G cable

After the problems with the data rate of 18 Gbit / s at 4K60 announcement of a cable for 48 Gbit / s astonished. To questions about the maximum cable length, the HDMI Forum evaded so far: This would have to answer industry and cable manufacturers.

Enhanced Audio Return Channel (EARC)

The revised version of the Audio Return Channel that is known of the connection between TV and AV receiver or soundbar allows future also send 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos from TV to 3D sound-enabled audio device to the TV.

Further details on HDMI 2.1 with dynamic HDR read at c't.(Vza)

Dating Service: Lovoo CEO retires from operations

Benjamin Bak

Benjamin Bak

(Picture: Lovoo)

After the raid at Lovoo and investigations against the bosses now one of the directors withdraws. The background is the c't revelations about fake profiles that allow users should be tempted to cash payments.

Almost three weeks after the raid at the dating portal Lovoo for suspected fraud is one of three managing withdraws from operations. Company co-founder Benjamin Bak have the staff informed on Monday of its decision, the Dresden-based company said. "With my withdrawal from operational management I want to make it Lovoo, to focus on the future"Bak is quoted. will talk about the reorganization of the Board "in the near future" informed.

Raid and arrests at Lovoo

Bak was arrested on June 8 in the course of search operations in Dresden, Berlin and Nuremberg, together with another managing director, but a few days later freed on bail. The prosecution alleges that the two and ten other Lovoo employees to have created nearly 500 fake profiles of alleged partner-seeking women with whom contact willing men were induced to use paid services. While allegedly caused a loss of 1.2 million euros according to dpa information.

The company secured the authorities "ENTIRE transparency and cooperation" to order "investigate the allegations of the anonymous source", Lovoo employs 200 people by its own account. the Flirt app the company of 50 million people was being used around the world, they say.

Months of investigation

The investigation of Lovoo have their foundation well in a report by c't: Last fall, the magazine had been contacted by a whistleblower to draw attention to potentially fraudulent activities at Lovoo. He claimed among other things that Lovoo systematically created fake profiles and uses to animate male users to fee-based activities. The LKA Sachsen had initiated investigations, it has been found within the framework that the activities listed in Article assumptions are plausible.

You should also read at heise online:

  • Causa Lovoo: The story so far - and what the leaders threatened
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Internal mails reaffirm rip-off suspicions dating site Lovoo (8 pictures)

(AP) /(Mho)

Seagate makes hard disk drive business of Samsung

Yesterday there were only rumors. Today it's official now: Seagate bought for 1.375 billion US dollars, the hard disk drive business of Samsung. The purchase price pays Seagate in cash and in shares. Samsung receives 9.6 percent of the shares in the hard disk manufacturer and sends a representative to the board of Seagate.

At the same time, the extensive agreement provides that Samsung supplies the traditional hard drive manufacturers with flash memory chips for solid-state drives and hybrid hard drives. Conversely, Samsung becomes the largest customers of Seagate hard drives required by the manufacturer for the manufacture of notebooks and devices of entertainment electronics. In addition, both parties decided it had launched in August last year cooperation in the development of server SSDs as part of a cross-licensing agreement to further intensify. The billion deal should be made subject to regulatory approval by the end of the year in the bag.

The number of hard drive manufacturers would redzuieren to now three future. Seagate had to recent market figures from iSuppli accounted for 40 percent and remain scarce number two behind the company Western Digital, which would push through the proposed acquisition of the hard disk drive business Hitachi, Hitachi GST, with 50 percent to square one. As a third man, only Toshiba would be left.

Samsung had recently achieved with the hard disk drive business losses. Also Seagate makes the weakened demand for hard drives and the intense price competition to create. According to the also quarterly report published today, the US hard drive manufacturer has sold 49 million hard drives during the quarter and converted 2.7 billion US dollars. This is considerably less than in the same quarter last year. The profit was 21 cents per share below what analysts had forecast. Nevertheless, Seagate has thus reached the top of its issued in January results framework. Analysts expect that by the consolidation in the hard drive market uses a sustained price stabilization.(BOI)

Nvidia Quadro 600 and 2000 for the professional market

The Quadro 600 fits into very small body and binds via DisplayPort and DVI maximum of two screens at the same time.

Two professional graphics cards with Fermi graphics chips brings Nvidia for CAD and DCC market in the trade: the entry-level Quadro 600 and Quadro 2000 for the middle class.

The Quadro 2000 continues to a GF106GL graphics chip 192 shader cores, which communicates via data lines 128 with the 1 GB comprehensive GDDR5 memory (1300 MHz, 41.6 Gbytes / s). Nvidia shows the maximum power consumption of less than 75 watts, so the graphics card is made in a space-saving cooling system which does not occupy any further slot.

The Quadro 600 still sets and a GF108GL GPU 96 nuclei on slow, 1 GByte of DDR3 memory (25.6 Gbytes / s). But they burned less than 45 watts and fits into very small housing (low-profile).

The GF106GL- and GF108GL graphics chips are compatible with OpenGL 4.0, DirectX 11, OpenCL and CUDA. Among the clock frequencies of the GPU Nvidia declined to comment partout. Speaking to PNY came out that the GF106GL chip Quadro will run in 2000 with 625 MHz, the GF108GL a Quadro 600 with 640 MHz. but unlike their big brothers they do not support double-precision floating-point calculations still ECC memory protection.

The GF106GL graphics chip of the Quadro 2000 has 192 cores.

Both cards should according to Nvidia mid-October for around 200 and 600 US dollars (Quadro 2000) be available. According PNY is not expected, at least with the Quadro 600 before November. The end of July and announced 5,000 US dollar Quadro 6000, which has 6 GB of memory, will be available in mid-October.(Mfi)

Wearables: After Fitbit also Jawbone weaker rated

Jawbone UP4

Fitness bracelet Jawbone UP4

(Picture: Jawbone)

Investors appreciate the market potential of the fitness bracelet pioneer Jawbone a mere half as high as two years ago.

Jawbone, manufacturer of fitness bands called UP, the next start-up that in a new financing round will receive a much weaker reviews. Jawbone procured to 165 million US dollars of fresh money. The company was doing now but according to media reports, only some 1.5 billion dollars evaluated instead of over three billion dollars in the previous financial injections. So Jawbone procured instance, in early 2014 about 250 million US dollars.

The evaluation will decide which get interest in a start-up investors for their money. Decreases the appriciated market potential, the company must therefore separate for the same amount of a higher proportion. A few days ago was the start-up Foursquare, in which at various places such as restaurants "check in" fresh money can also get only a halved evaluation. And the Jawbone rival Fitbit's share price fell sharply after the launch of its own smart watch Blaze.

A Jawbone spokeswoman said the New York Times at the weekend, the 165 million US dollars should be used for the current business and developing new products. Jawbone founder and chief Hosain Rahman said in the Financial Times for printing on ratings throughout the industry there would be a significant reorganization. (With material of the AP) / (Ciw)

Nortel bankruptcy: Finally agreement on mass distribution

Wooden bench with print Nortel

The case was put on the back burner. Now comes things moving.

(Picture: jean francoeur CC-BY 2.0)

More than 7 years after the collapse of the Canadian network equipment, there is the first time an almost complete agreement on the distribution of mass. Next year could flow of money, therefore, still all of the conditions are not met.

In 2009, the Canadian telecoms equipment supplier Nortel has applied for bankruptcy protection, even though he had 2.4 billion dollars in cash. The sale of assets has brought a further 7.3 billion dollars. However, to date the creditors wait their share. For years has been processed, negotiated and managed, which cost billions. On Thursday a preliminary agreement has finally been achieved. Next year could flow money.

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But the 145-page agreement does not say from which creditors get how much money. It distributes only the 7.3 billion from the mass recovery and some relatively small amounts on the consolidated countries, particularly Canada, the US, UK and France.

Of particular importance is the comprehensive settlement of intercompany receivables and liabilities. These international entanglements have made the bankruptcy process so complex that it would be the most expensive bankruptcy case in history. The settlement costs are expected at the end of which have exceeded 2.2 billion US dollars the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

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Courts in the four mentioned countries have yet to give their approval before the plan can take effect. The bankruptcy courts in Canada and the US will meet simultaneously on December 1, 2016 and again on 24 January 2017th Before that, two groups of bondholders in the US must give at least 67% of their claims their seal of approval.

Two main outsiders might try to stop the deal in court. A known as Trade Claims Consortium group of US creditors calls for more than 125 million dollars and has not joined the comparison. To even 708 million US dollars, it is the state pension insurer failure of the US, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), which is also not on board.

but if all goes well, the agreement will enter into force on 15 February 2017th As Latest Date August 31 next year has been set. In the agreement, the parties promise each other too, set all running against each other judicial proceedings and shall, upon request information and documents.

scheduleThe planned timetable(Picture: Nortel Settlement)


In the comparison that will carry over 160 signatures, the Nortel companies whose bankruptcy administrator, and representatives of the main groups of creditors have agreed on the following distribution key: Around 57.1 percent go to Canada, 24.4 percent in the United States, 14 percent to the UK and 4.5 percent to the other Nortel companies in Europe. The individual Nortel companies then have to distribute among their respective debtors the money.

These amounts are to demands of proportion. To Canada while the highest total flows, but are at the former Group headquarters and the highest debt to book. So the Canadian creditors, including tens of thousands of former employees and retirees 40 percent of their claims have estimated with the lowest rate of content.

European creditors can hope for 65 percent, while US creditors can expect 80 to 90 percent. All these rates are extremely high for a bankruptcy, which is why it is doubtful whether Nortel 2009 really was broke.


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Within the European group travels a fixed amount of 220 million euros to France to Nortel Networks SA. The rest is distributed by percentage.

For the former Nortel Networks Germany 0.2985% of the total mass are set, which should bring about 21.7 million US dollars. Nortel Networks Austria waving 0.0117% of the mass, or $ 850,000, according to some treaty text. The exact amounts of money are far from fixed. The exact mass capability will slightly change, also various fees are deducted.(Ds)