Wikileaks: CIA disguises spy software with fake Kaspersky certificates

Wikileaks: new messages from the hive


News from the figures published by Wikileaks CIA"beehive": The US foreign secret CIA message traffic to his Command&-control servers covered with fake certificates of the Russian Kaspersky Lab.

With the latest release of Vault 8 Wikileaks has published files can further explain the known internal function of the earlier than Hive (Beehive) project. Accordingly, the US foreign intelligence service CIA used decoy certificates for communication with the Command&-control servers. show now released by Wikileaks files that flared in at least three cases, from the Symantec subsidiary Thawte certificates for the Russian company Kaspersky Lab were used. While Wikileaks speaks of a scandal, the incident of Kaspersky is investigated.

Technically, what Wikileaks has now published from the existing CIA material, easy to explain: If an attacker via a Command&-control server will communicate with the infected systems by him, he must choose an unsuspecting possible channel. In case of "Vault 8", The CIA project "Hive" said system fake certificates were used, the message traffic between the malware and the C&C servers authenticated and therefore should it appear innocuous. The CIA used for certificates that were issued by Thawte to the Russian firm Kaspersky Labs.

The timing of the Vault 8 publications coincides with various speculations as "Russian hackers" have influenced from the so-called fancy-bear-scene, the elections in the United States.(Detlef Borchers) /(ANW)

Former Facebook president warns of Facebook & Co.

Former Facebook president warns of Facebook & Co.

Sean Parker


No man knows what makes Facebook the brains of our children, warns Sean Parker. Social media is designed to exploit weaknesses of the human psyche, the former Facebook president who had become rich with the company says.

The inventor of the music-sharing platform Napster and former president of Facebook, Sean Parker, warns of the consequences of the use of social media. "literally it will change your approach to the company and to each other" Parker said on Wednesday at a meeting of US news site Axios in Philadelphia. "It bothers probably comically your productivity. God knows what it does to the brains of our children." On top of all social networks, the question had been how they could claim the maximum time the user while getting their highest possible attention.

To achieve this goal, facebook miss now and then a dopamine kick its members, namely when another user responds to the posts. This in turn motivates the users, in turn, produce more content and reactions. This mechanism is a loop, a loop of social confirmation. This is exactly the kind of thing that a hacker as he would think of himself, "because it exploits a weakness in the human psyche",

The founder of the social media - Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom of Instagram, but he himself - had at its been aware. "And we have done it anyway", Earlier, he told friends, social media were skeptical about, "at the end we get you too", Meanwhile, he refused himself the networks Parker, who was his Facebook shares at the billionaire said.(AP) /(ANW)

Yahoo Hack record: Ex-company boss Mayer accused Russian agents

Yahoo Hack record: Ex-company boss Mayer accused Russian agents

Marissa Mayer

(Picture: AP, archive)

The Russians should have done it, said the former Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer in the US Senate to mass attack of 2014. The background of an even larger data leakage in 2013 had not yet been clarified.

The former Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer took advantage of a hearing in the Trade Committee of the US Senate on Wednesday to sign up "at each of our users" for the massive data thefts at the Internet company in recent years "sincerely" to excuse. She explained that Russia was behind the first uncovered last year Hack of around 500 million user accounts: "We now know that Russian intelligence agents and government-backed hackers were responsible for highly complex and sophisticated attacks on Yahoo systems."

The company have worked on learning of the cyber attack closely with law enforcement agencies including the FBI, told Mayer. This it was finally able to identify the responsible intruders and locate. The US Justice Department and the FBI have raised in this regard in March indictment against four people. The documentation issued by the investigators user data made it plausible that they had been stolen in August 2013 from the servers of the company. There had been about names, email addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, password hashes, but they were using MD5 poorly secured, as well as some non-encrypted security questions with answers.

Tests with the best hackers in the world

Mayer pointed out in her presentation that Yahoo have worked very hard to ensure the security and privacy of users. So the company has set about on end-to-end encryption with SSL and HTTPS as well as multi-factor authentication, penetration testing with the "best hackers in the world" be carried out and awarded premiums for uncovered vulnerabilities. About 2 million US dollars alone on this program in 2500 security researchers have been distributed worldwide.

The measures ranged according to Mayer though, a "bombardment" of attacks by private and state-funded hackers successfully defend. Unfortunately, it was the Russian agent but still managed "penetrate our systems and steal user privacy", The danger posed by state-sponsored attacks have changed the playing field so dramatically that even companies with the best defense could be victims of such crimes. Cyber ​​security is a "global challenge", The economy and the state would have to put together.

Unexplained greater Hack

Who is behind the even bigger theft of data from three billion user accounts in 2013, Mayer could not say on questions of senators back. For this there is no its findings. The former Hack confessed Yahoo until months after the confession of the incident in 2014. According to Mayer of the now belonging to Verizon Group was unable to reconstruct how the attackers had entered into the corporate network as well as before. Verizon's Data Protection Officer Karen Zacharia stressed that the company constantly bring its security measures up to date and be open to more stringent IT security laws.

Russian officials emphasize again and again to have nothing to do with sensational hacks in the US. Of large companies in Moscow can be heard that the skills of national hackers would often overestimated. Parallel but apply also as a kind of modern Robin Hoods who were on a force balance out.(Stefan Krempl) /(ANW)

Layoffs and Shop relaunch: Conversion at Redcoon

Layoffs and website relaunch: Conversion at Redcoon

The online shop of Media-Saturn Redcoon daughter is currently parked, officially a remodeling of the shop system. but behind the scenes it should already be layoffs.

The online store of Media-Saturn subsidiary Redcoon is currently offline. On the website, a conversion is announced, it would be "soon" available again online. How Media Saturn stated on request, is behind the move of Redcoon to the online shop of Media Markt and Saturn, the beginning of May to be completed. but are to be delivered before the normal shutdown orders placed, assured a spokesman for the company, customer service is also still accessible.

but reportedly it is not just around the back end, the conversion it is accompanied by layoffs at Redcoon. According to the Main-Echo are to be cut from 70 to 100 points at the headquarters Aschaffenburg, so far 150 people are still there working for Redcoon. The number of employees there is likely to fall further, the newspaper quoted insiders. Redcoons logistics center in Erfurt but reportedly not affected and will continue to work for Media Markt and Saturn. Media Saturn did not specify the scope of the layoffs.

From hope to loss-making

Media Saturn had the then successful online retailer Redcoon acquired 90 percent of the 2011th At the time had not yet MediaMarkt Saturn's online shops at the start. 2013 was followed by the complete takeover and now the balance of power are already different: the strategy of the "Multi Channels ", ie the integration of branches and online shop is for the two large main brands, according to Media-Saturn always profitable.

For pure Online Shop Redcoon it looks less rosy: While Media Saturn gives out no separate figures for the daughter, through annual reports in the Federal Gazette, the decline can understand but good. While in the 2013/14 financial year still 403 million euros in sales, which fell for 2014/15 to 338 million euros - at the same time, the loss of 49 million rose to 55 million euros. In the same year the entire Media Saturn Group posted a group-wide online sales of 1.8 billion - an increase of 23 percent.

Charts Ceconomy, the forthcoming holding company for all Media-Saturn electronics retailer, said, late last year of high pressure on margins and continuing losses in Redcoon. They also announce the closure of the Redcoon online shops in Austria, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux countries. In Germany and Italy wanted to weigh strategic options. (Axk)

Fake warnings charging for use of

Fake warnings charging for use of

Currently circulating an e-mail in which a law firm money demands for having visited the site This is a fake.

"You have the online offer availed"It said in an e-mail that haunts currently by the mailboxes. It allegedly calls for the firm "Auer Witte Thiel" of the addressees, 270 euros for the use - to pay - of actually gratuitous offer. In addition, even small fine and bank charges were due. As a bank account at Commerzbank noted. This email is a fake, the Consumer Rheinland-Pfalz has determined, after consultation of the firm.

The warning is said to come from the Wondo GmbH & Co KG. "Sufferers should be intimidated by the admonition not and will not pay the amount demanded"Recommends Barbara Steinhöfel, Secretary for Telecommunications and Digital Media Consumer. Instead, should report it to the police concerned.

"Ignore or destroy"

On the website of the law firm states: "Under numbers 10316002088 and 131213371312 incorrect e-mails are being sent on our behalf. These messages do not come from our company. We ask you to ignore this email or destroy and apologize to you for this, not initiated by us inconvenience."

part of the portfolio of the Munich law firm "receivables management", She writes about himself, "to the recovery of large amounts of debt, even at the lowest ticket sizes"To be specialized. Other lawyers point out that Auer Thiele Witt makes membership fees claimed for dating and flirt portals, where it could be either subscription traps.(ANW)

IPO Hello Fresh: Slight gains on the first day

Hello Fresh missed at IPO maximum revenue

(Picture: Hello Fresh)

Up to 318 million euros takes the Rocket Internet participation Hello Fresh one in their stock market debut. The money will flow into the expansion.

The shares of the cooking pit consignor Hello Fresh started with wins in their first day of trading. her first course was on Xetra on Thursday at 10.60 euros, 3.41 percent higher than its issue price of 10.25 euros. Finally, the papers still cost 10.47 euros.

On the stock market, it brings the participation of the start-up specialists Rocket Internet in order to a value of around 1.7 billion Euro.Anfangs Hello Fresh had offered the shares in a range from 9.00 to 11.50 euros, but this then the reportedly concentrated to 10.25 to 11.50 euros. With the fixed issue price price the company occupies up to 318 million euros. With the proceeds that flow to fully Hello Fresh, further expansion is to be financed.

Yet losses are written

Hello Fresh belonged to the IPO majority for Rocket Internet; Now the share of start-up specialists fell by a good 53 percent to 47.6 percent. Rocket Internet can be separated after 90 days of further papers along with the other investors. The management of Hello Fresh have to wait with the sale of shares nine months longer.

The company had ever tried the end of 2015 to go public, but then backed off. Hello Fresh was founded in 2011 and provided with over 2000 employees in the second quarter a total of 33.7 million meals to the approximately 1.3 million active customers. Sales amounted to 230 million euros. The company still overwriting losses - but wants to achieve within the next 15 months, the break-even point for adjusted operating earnings (EBITDA) and Adjusted EBITDA in the medium term, a margin of 12 to 15 percent.(With material of the AP) /(Axk)

Shopping clubs: Amazon makes BuyVIP close

Shopping clubs: Amazon makes BuyVIP close

Here comes purely who is a member.

(Image: Screenshot)

End of May, the online retailer closes its shopping club BuyVIP and withdraws from the small market segment. There are still other e-commerce giants like eBay or Otto romp.

Amazon closes its European shopping club BuyVIP. End of May makes the shop in Germany, Italy and Spain batten down the hatches. BuyVIP remained unprofitable despite growing selection, a spokesman told heise online, confirming Spanish media reports last week. The employees affected by the closure will be offered other positions in the Amazon Group. A year ago, Amazon had prepared closed its US shopping club MYHABIT.

E-commerce niche

Shopping clubs are a niche in e-commerce: The members of the more or less exclusive club can buy too often heavily discounted prices at regular promotions goods from closeouts, returns, overstocks or past seasons. One of the first was founded in 2001, French company Vente Privée. The concept found numerous imitators. 2006 BuyVIP was founded in Spain and little later came to Germany.

After the meantime also Gruner & Years had involved BuyVIP, took over in 2010 the Amazon shopping club for around 70 million euros. Amazon had recently linked the shopping club with Amazon Prime. Prime customers could see sales campaigns ahead of the other club members. Nevertheless, sales and synergies remained well below expectations. Pay the company does not name. but the German shopping clubs have a rather small share of the e-commerce pie.

French giant

Sales of all German clubs in 2015 estimates the consulting firm Ernest and Young on together 780 million euros. Sales figures for 2015, there are, for example, eBay subsidiary Brands4Friends (116 million euros), Otto subsidiary Limango (129 million) and the Zalando Lounge (166m). The faces, according to trade association a total volume in German e-commerce of 39.8 billion euros. 2015 has helped with 10.6 billion alone Amazon's core business.

The market is consolidating. The French industry giant Vente Privee has taken a number of European clubs, and increased its sales in order to EUR 2.5 billion (2015) increase. The French number two, showroom Privée, buys sales and reach it. Amazon goes the other way and focuses on the core business. Rumor also eBay should consider how to proceed with Brands4Friends. The company declined to comment on the on request.(Vbr)

Dispute between Vergleichsportal Check24 and insurance brokers intensifies

Vergleichsportal Check24

(Picture: check 24)

Since April 2017 a final judgment requires the broker portal Check24 to more transparency to customers. The Federal Association of Insurance (BVK) heralds a new round in a legal dispute and Check24 resisting.

The dispute between the comparison portal Check24 and insurance agents threatens to escalate: The Federation of Insurance (BVK) has called the Munich Regional Court this week. Association President Michael Heinz and his colleagues complain that the Internet companies not to have sufficiently implemented the judgment delivered in April ruling of the Higher Regional Court of Munich. Check24 now wants to turn the tables and in turn resort to legal means if BVK members violate legal regulations.

The judges had sentenced Check24 in April to inform its customers better before online purchasing insurance. Since then check24 must the customer before the contract expressly announce that the company acts as a broker. BVK President Heinz raises Check24 before but to inform the clientele is still too late. The district court will now check whether Check24 has failed to fulfill the judgment. If the judges affirm that threatens the Internet company a penalty.

BVK insists on consumer protection

"We are concerned with consumer protection and equal treatment," Heinz said. "It must apply the same rules for all. We see in Check24 companies truth and corporate clarity is still injured. "The Court of Appeal had clearly arranged Check24 must remind the visitors of the site proactively to the brokerage. "This requirement has not been met Check24 our opinion."

Every broker rich first business card and as the customer on his mediation towards. "These rules must also apply to online sales." The BVK has about 12,500 independent insurance agents are organized, is a competitor for the Check24.

The lawyers appointed by the BVK throw the portal before, deliberately to sail under false colors, "We believe that it is part of the business model of Check24, just not from the beginning sufficient to refer clearly to the brokerage, but act as a supposedly neutral comparison portal," said Bremer lawyer Axel Nordemann.

Check24 defended the business model comparison portal

The sound is rougher. Because Check24 rejects the charges not only back, but now raises his hand allegations against insurance agent. "The BVK acting hypocritical and insincere," says the Check24 opinion. "He's obviously not about consumer protection, but polemical criticism of the business model comparison portal."

Check24 it wants to get back to the broker association in the same coin in his turn: Not all members adhered to the mandatory disclosure. "Some BVK brokers refrain despite clear legal obligations fully in providing these so-called first information." Some BVK members had been warned of the Internet portal - including the Association President Heinz. "Counter violations Check24 will continue to act in the sense of equal treatment."

Note of our own: The Heisenberg group is mainly involved in the price comparison portal miser. Whose results are included in the H price comparison.(AP) /(Map)

Linux proponents: Munich return to Microsoft the administration will paralyze years

Linux operating system

"Limux", The fabric mascot of the Linux operating system vendor before the town hall of the Bavarian capital Munich

(Picture: AP, Peter Kneffel)

The opposition in the Munich City Council warns in view of the planned roll back to Windows and presumably Microsoft Office before a costly Schildbürger prank. The administration oversleep so in the future.

CSU and SPD have made on Wednesday at the Munich City Council set the course for this is that in the administration of the Bavarian capital by the end of 2020, a city-wide unified client architecture for around 29,000 computers based on Windows is to be established at the latest. In the office are the future "commercially available standard products" use. The opposition criticized the looming for some time resolution of the Lead Management Committee sharp as expensive Schildbürger string with which the signs of the times were misunderstood.

Florian Roth, leader of the Greens in Munich's Representative Assembly, described it as "absurd"To want to turn the clock back from open source client LiMux and LibreOffice toward Microsoft. The decision was unacceptable because the initiative was considered contrary to the express wishes of the elected representatives not by external experts on economic viability. The final decision on the purchase of Microsoft Office have indeed moved the grand coalition in 2018, but already endorsed the expensive purchase of 6,000 licenses for it. so it is clear for the opposition politician: "Schilda says hello."

Wrong priorities set?

Roth threw black and red also to neglect safety issues and to set the wrong priorities outlined in the reorientation of urban management. It is undisputed among experts, he said, "that a monoculture only with Microsoft products for operating system and Office applications have a higher risk of cyber attacks as a diverse landscape, which also and especially open source products include", The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) have therefore decided on a "heterogeneous environment" to migrate Windows and Linux systems. Exactly such a mixture would alleging Green for Munich "both cost-effective, less expensive and just much safer",

this country during Schleswig-Holstein have taken the opposite approach towards more free software and about and Britain put on LibreOffice, the coalition on the Isar would now forced bless all departments and departments with products from Redmond despite warnings against the trend with's failed secrecy pursuit, complained Roth. This would funding "thrown out the window, exposed to skills in the open source area, the administration engaged in an elaborate Total migration for years and kept away from more important tasks", Instead of relying perspective on platform-independent solutions, Munich oversleep like this "rediscovered love" to the last few years resident giant Microsoft in the future.

Tallinn explanation for open standards

In a few years operating systems technically no longer mattered, the FDP Councilor Thomas Ranft points out. Since one must not issue a mid double-digit million amount for a migration to Windows. Similarly, spokesman of the Left expressed. Total costs threaten hundreds of millions, if even Microsoft Office to be introduced and in turn macros, forms and templates need to be modified.

"Europe seen politicians the importance of free software for the modernization of the state", Stated Matthias Kirschner President of the Free Software Foundation Europe (FSFE). So did 32 responsible for e-Government EU ministers declared in October in Tallinn declaration of its intention Linux & Co. and promote open standards. The European Commission will be encouraged to take account of this requirement in developing their IT infrastructures.

Munich drifting contrast "in a non-transparent process in the opposite direction"Complained Kirschner. Instead of focusing on the organizational IT problems of the city, Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD) and his deputy Josef Schmid (CSU) started a "translucent project" and put the next new IT lecturers with a fait accompli. "WiMue" (Windows in Munich) will "paralyze the administration for years", Suffering would include both administrative employees and citizens. The fact that the grand coalition in the upcoming plenary session of the city council in two weeks, where the views of the Committee will be called again, still umentscheidet, but is to be expected any more.(Stefan Krempl) /(Axk)

Cartel takes comparison portals targeted

Vergleichsportal Check24

(Picture: AP, Christoph Schmidt)

The competition authorities want to uncover an investigation into the comparison portals problems and ensure greater transparency. Consumers must be able to rely on the offers, the Cartel boss says.

The Federal Cartel Office investigated the comparison portals on the Internet on "possible violations of consumer rights regulations". The so-called sector inquiry would focus on comparing offers from the areas of travel, insurance, financial services, telecommunications and energy, the antitrust authority announced in Bonn on Tuesday. With this study, the Bundeskartellamt put his new investigation skills in the field of consumer protection for the first time in a particular dispute a.

"Objectivity and transparency"

"Millions of consumers inform themselves daily with the help of comparison portals on the Internet," the president of the Bundeskartellamt, Andreas Mundt said. "Bookings have high amounts and far-reaching contracts are influenced by the information provided by the portals. We need to ensure that consumers can rely on the reliability, objectivity and transparency of the portals. "

Comparison portals like Idealo, Verivox or Check24 enjoy the German internet popularity. Also Heise Media operates a price comparison with the daughter miser. Consumers can compare costs and conditions of various goods and services, including electricity tariffs and insurance companies in the major databases of providers. The providers make money among other commissions and advertising.

unique judgments

Consumer advocates complain that the comparison portals provide no neutral product comparison, but occur, for example in insurance as a broker. Therefore, they demand more transparency from the industry: "Operator of comparison portals should provide comprehensive and easy to understand about ranking methods and financing in a prominent position of the portal," says Jutta Gurkmann the Consumer Federation.

In proceedings against Check24 the Federal Association of German insurance brokers could (BVK) assert that the comparison portal must prove its brokerage significantly. In April this year also the Federal Court of pioneering found that comparison portals are obliged to point out gaps in the offer - for example if only providers are listed that meet certain conditions.

"Everything else is advertising"

"Rankings in comparison portals should have to be independent of commission payments or business. Everything else is advertising and should not have been issued as an independent comparison "says Verbraucherschützerin Gurkmann. The issue has long since reached the policy. Already in 2016, the European Commission has taken the initiative for more transparency in comparison portals.

"Until now, problems with comparison portals are pursued mainly through individual private law litigation," said Cartel boss Mundt. His authority would now fundamentally deal with the issue. So any deficiencies in the civil and public enforcement of consumer protection law could be identified.

New consumer rights

It is the first time that the Cartel uses his summer extended by an amendment competencies. They give the Authority the possibility to perform in case of reasonable suspicion of serious violations of consumer rights regulations sector inquiries. They are not directed against specific companies, but are examining the practices in an entire industry.(Vbr)

Court: 1 & 1-advertising “The best network” is misleading

Court: 1 & 1 Advertising

(Image 1&1)

As has 1&1 well their mouth off about something: The Higher Regional Court of Cologne classified with the "best network" advertiser campaign of the provider to be misleading.

The telecommunications company 1&One must not with the statement "The best network's at 1&1" advertise. The advertising campaign was misleading, the Higher Regional Court (OLG) Cologne decided, according to Wednesday. With the injunction, the court a request of Deutsche Telekom place was. (Reference 6 W 97/17)

The advertising at issue can be understood that one&1 own independent network from other providers possess, the court found. In fact, the company grab much on the networks of other providers - including the Telekom - back and use them. In addition, the 6th Civil Chamber prohibited the companies from Montabaur to use the registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom, in advertising.

1&1 had in August and September in print media, on billboards, on the Internet and television with the "best network" advertised. The advertisement follows a 1 abseil&One representative of a starting Hochhausfassade to cover a telecom poster with their own advertising. The Court of Appeal decision of 19 September is not yet final.(AP) /(Axk)

eBay is a little insight

eBay is a little insight

The online marketplace eBay has released some current statistics, what users are looking for and when and what goods are in demand.

The online marketplace eBay can look a little behind the scenes of the public and has published statistical data on the use of the platform in the past year for the first time. Although the detailed visual recycled Report gives many details, but gives no real overview of the trading on the online portal. After all, some hard numbers can be taken: According to eBay there are currently 1.1 billion items set, 17 million buyers from Germany are active on eBay. 81 percent of goods sold are new, 69 percent are shipped free shipping.

An exciting hard number that called eBay, the proportion of mobile users. Lying on purchases at 40 percent - almost two-thirds of users buy on eBay thus continues the classic desktop. The online holiday shopping season last year reached its climax on the third Sunday of Advent, so about two weeks before Christmas.

eBay published with the report many details about the number of searches for game consoles: 14,300 searches were on the release date for the SNES mini, squares followed the Nintendo Switch with 14,100 and the XBox with 11,400. At the height of the Fidget Spinner hype in May searched eBay customers on average every 3 seconds after the small gyroscopes.

External influences and changing seasons have significant effects on search queries: A winter in the second week of January, let the number of searches for carriage, snow shovel and salt climb a multiple upwards. In early May, then suddenly asked sunglasses, fans and parasols. And when the marriage for all was decided in the Bundestag, the demand shot at rainbow flags up.(Uma)

arrested in Kosovo alleged operators of

Streamingprotal is a successor to the 2011 Portal disconnected side

(Picture: AP, Matthias Hiekel / archive)

One of the two men who are behind the illegal streaming portal, has asked the authorities in Pristina. After his older brother will gefahndet.

Three years after his flight from Germany, police have arrested one of the two alleged backers of illegal streaming platform in Kosovo. The 24-year-old had already been arrested in early June in the capital Pristina, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor General's Office Dresden on Tuesday. How Handelsblatt reported, the younger of the two brothers suspected of having voluntarily to the authorities. The second suspect is still submerged.

Extradition arrangements with the Kosovo authorities ran Attorney Oliver Möller told the dpa. "If it is then transferred to Germany, the investigations will be continued here." The 24 and 27 year old males family is from the former Yugoslavia. The older brother was born in the region of present-day Kosovo, the younger in Sweden. Both have German citizenship.

Copyright infringement and racketeering

The brothers are accused of having promoted, inter alia, the portal and Filehoster Freakshare and Bitshare. was considered the unofficial sequel to the 2011 closed portal In this context, the prosecution alleges that the two armed robbery, assault, arson, copyright and tax evasion.

The two accused are after a raid in October 2014, on the flight. Investigators had searched six apartments and business premises, including the residence of the parents in Lübeck, the brothers there but not found. They were advertised an international arrest warrant for investigation. As part of the police operation another suspect was arrested, who has since been sentenced to a prison term of three years and four months. (Vbr)

PayPal provides digital group Checkout “Money Pool” before

PayPal provides digital group Checkout

(Picture: PayPal)

With the new offer, the financial institution will start a service for bundles of cash collections for common gifts, parties or group trips with friends. And of course, all participants need for a PayPal account.

The online financial service PayPal has launched a service called Money Pool. This is a kind of digital group fund for common gifts or travel. The initiator has a quick overview of his PayPal account about who has done what contribution. PayPal would thus for group gifts save the laying of the full amount and the usual walk-behind and remembering missing contributions or at least facilitate it.

To create the Money pools, the customer logs via web browser or PayPal app into his PayPal account and establishes a pool Money website. The name of the page ideally describes the purpose of the pool (birthday present for Elke, City Break Prague), the target amount and the date on which the money is to be merged. A descriptive text and an image can be added. In addition, you can set whether the names and amounts of the participants should be visible to all or just for the pool manager ..

Target tracking

And how could it be otherwise - to participate in a money pool, all Registered charging ends must have a PayPal account. The amounts transferred shall be collected on a sub-account of the initiator. All participants can follow on the website of the pool the level. If the target is reached, the amount to the normal PayPal account is transmitted and can be used.

The Money Pool Service is now accepting customers in Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and the USA.(Rop)

Telekom customers get excessive credit card bills reimbursed

Telekom customers get excessive credit card bills reimbursed

(Picture: KittyKaht, CC BY-SA 2.0)

A fixed-line phone for about 30 euros per minute? Such calculations could get in public devices until recently some telecom customers - the credit card rates were partly not clear.

Telekom customers have now get their money back, partly drastically inflated bills for the use of credit card phones. This gave the Federal Network Agency announced in Bonn. She had examined cases in which at telephone pillars of Deutsche Telekom a multiple of the fees was incurred in mediating talks on the Swiss company BBG, which usually occur otherwise if paying by credit card.

BBG to comment

"The customers who were tariffed wrong in the period of the malfunctions have to get paid the full load according to the company"Said a spokesman for the agency network in view of the German Telekom. BBG regulators had requested an opinion - for evidence of irregularities in public credit card telephones at train stations or airports.

Cause of excessive settlements - some were the trendy rates at up to 33 euros per minute - to have been on an exchange platform update. BBG had described its pricing to be sufficiently transparent. Even with conscious choice of Telekom rather than the Swiss but was sometimes billed via BBG - to significantly higher costs for customers.

Contract ended

According to the Network Agency the contract ended with the Telekom on October 1. The German Telekom confirmed the end of their business relationship with BBG. About 50 customers had been previously compensated by the Swiss, a spokesman said. Previously, the Bonn-based company had announced up to clarify the external part not clearly identifiable BBG service "to help protect customers" to lock provisional.

Consumer advocates warned of unexpectedly high costs by not clearly marked provider for users who have to rely on hard power supplies despite the high penetration of mobile phones even once. In the US, there have been class actions against BBG, but the last process in 2012 has been set.(AP) /(ANW)