AVM Fritz OS 6.90 now available for Fritz box 7490 and 7590!

FritzOS 6.90 for other models

The new operating system version upgrades the mesh function after the current top model and the widespread Fritzbox 7490th

The router manufacturer AVM Fritz OS released 6.90 for Fritz boxes 7590 and 7490: An update file can be found at AVM FTP server for download since this Friday. AVM had the version in early September, first published for the models 7560 and 7580th

With Fritz! OS 6.90 AVM equips the mesh ability after for its routers. Anyone who has a supported model can also update certain Powerline adapters and repeaters directly on the Fritz box surface without having to open the configuration page of these devices individually. Also new is the centralized management of all wireless settings and a graphical network map.

heise online has Fritz! OS 6.90 is already installed on a 7590 that could not register after updating their VOIP phone numbers. After a reboot via power off / on the telephone working again. (Amo)

Adobe invents Lightroom

Adobe invents Lightroom

The new desktop program Lighroom CC looks like Lightroom Mobile.

Adobe Lightroom CC completely redeveloped as a cloud-based desktop version of Lightroom Mobile. Photshop CC, mobile and desktop access Lightroom future to the same data. But Lightroom "Classic" CC gets an update.

Adobe calls its offer around Lightroom at the Open House Max this year a "Cloud-based photography service", From now on a completely new program named Lightroom CC - at the Adobe Max 2016, this was already a sneak preview codenamed "Project Nimbus" to see. The well-known previously under the name of the program is now called Lightroom Classic CC.

Photos in the Cloud

Lightroom CC stands as an application for Windows and macOS available. It acts like a desktop version of Lightroom Mobile. The latter Adobe has renamed Lightroom CC for iOS or Lightroom CC for Android. The new Lightroom CC will use the same engine as Lightroom Classic and Photoshop Import Plug-in Camera Raw.

is the largest structural innovation is that with the new Lightroom CC the entire Lightroom Library is in the cloud. In this library, the new Lightroom CC for Window and macOS, the web app and Lightroom CC for Android and iOS to access equally.

The AI ​​framework Adobe Sensei takes over the automatic indexing. You already used in other Adobe products such as Photoshop Elements and Experience Cloud used.

Image 1 of 6

Lightroom CC (6 pictures)

Lightroom CC sort photos in hierarchical albums.

Updates to the mobile Lighroom CC

Also Lightroom CC for Android and iOS to support the automatic indexing. There are also hierarchical albums, file support for iOS 11 and an improved iPad layout. The Android version will now receive the masking brush for selective processing, which was previously reserved for iOS users.

The web app is to facilitate the management of publicly accessible online galleries. They also released at the request photos on Adobe's portfolio websites, a relatively young service can present their work in a network with the creative.

Lightroom Classic CC

Light Room Classic CC processed color areas after selection with a pipette selectively. Light Room Classic CC processed color areas after selection with a pipette selectively.

The ordinary users of Lightroom can expect significant performance gains. This applies to the program start, generating thumbnails, the change from the library to the Develop module, the transition from one photo to the next, and the Brush tool.

A new tool for color selection facilitates selective editing. With masking brush and radial or linear course it makes a preselection and this can refine then. The color range is marked with a pipette, and then sets using a slider to set the scope of the masked tonal range.

Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC now directly accesses the Lightroom library. Photoshop CC now directly accesses the Lightroom library.

The color range selector holds 10 way into Photoshop Camera Raw. In addition, the start screen of Photoshop directly accesses the cloud Lightroom catalog CC and displays thumbnails of the photos stored there.

Brush tips can now be drag & organize drop into folders. Anyone who has an uncertain hand can smooth brush strokes. The operation of the tool path Adobe has significantly simplified. Until now you had to cumbersome change tools or to remember keyboard shortcuts. In future, meet a few mouse clicks to create a path.

Adobe has integrated web fonts from Typekit and the Agency Bilderdienst Adobe Stock deeper into the program. In addition, Photoshop supports variable fonts, the line width can be adjusted more evident than with the system of standard, low-fat and fat. Artificial intelligence will in image scaling produce sharper edges and more detail than before. Also supports Photoshop 360-degree panoramic photos that heif format and using the Microsoft Dial.

The new pricing structure

Users of Photography subscriptions get 20 GB of online storage since its introduction almost 12 euros per month in addition to Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop. Now they can also use the new Lightroom CC in all its variants.

A new "Creative Cloud photograph plan" increased its online storage to 1TB. It costs $ 19.99 per month; in the first year Adobe sweetened started with 14.99 US dollars per month. Included are Photoshop CC, Lighroom Classic CC, CC Lightroom, Adobe Spark Premium and Adobe portfolio. Without Photoshop CC the whole cost as "Lightroom CC plan" $ 9.99. In addition, Adobe offers the Lightroom apps for Android and iOS to include 100 GB of cloud storage for $ 9.99 per month.(AKR)

Attention: rip-off version of Windows Movie Maker is number one on Google

Attention: rip-off version of Windows Movie Maker is number one on Google

Available on the website of scammers

(Picture: Eset)

A fake version of Windows no longer offered by Microsoft Movie Maker seduced victims to download and then asks them to pay. The fraudsters website has even made it up front in the results of many search engines.

Cheaters that offer on their websites fake or pirated software and deceive their victims with it, are a well-known phenomenon. Now, however, have done with such a stitch at the top of Google search results crooks. And in other search engines the scammers page is listed windows-movie-maker.org way ahead. Whoever ends up on the page and download the software, though given a working version of the former video editor from Microsoft, but will be asked to fund.

The fake movie maker variant has made it to number one on the Google search results.The fake movie maker variant has made it to number one on the Google search results.(Picture: ESET)

Windows Movie Maker, formerly a free offering from Microsoft, there are no more since the beginning of the year. The software should be in Windows 10 replaced by Microsoft's new Story Remix functions, but this is slow in coming so far. No wonder that there are still users who want to download the old version. And currently in heaps seem fraudsters to go into the trap, as their website is obviously very good search engine optimized. The security company ESET reports that currently installed primarily victims in the Philippines, Israel, as well as in Finland and Denmark the software.

The victims are tricked, it was stated that the downloaded version of the video editing program by only a trial version. You will be asked just under 30 US dollars to pay. For obvious reasons, you should not get involved to such fraud. Software should always be downloaded only from trusted sources - in the case of Microsoft software that is, from the manufacturer's website or from the Windows Store.(FAB)

Mini-PCs with powerful Intel-AMD chip combination come in a few months

Mini-PCs with powerful Intel-AMD combo chip coming in 2018

Mainboard with Intel AMD combo chip

(Picture: Chiphell)

In the first half of 2018, Intel plans to use the first core processor with AMD GPU and small form factor PCs for PC gamers.

Shortly after Intel announced a combi processor with AMD graphics unit in early 2018, images of a motherboard with that very semi-custom chip are now surfaced. The motherboard is designed for future Intel NUC systems, ie particularly compact complete systems. Such mini-PCs are to appear in the first half of 2018 and be game fit thanks to the 3D performance of the AMD GPU.

Under the code name "Hades Canyon-VR" and "Hades Canyon" diving such Gamer Minis on an unofficial roadmap graphics, which became known in September 2017th At that time it was not clear, however, that Intel intends to place the AMD GPU on the same chip package as the CPU.

Intel Intel CPU, AMD GPU and HBM2 memory on a package(Picture: Intel)

The jointly developed well under the code name Kaby Lake-G from AMD and Intel processor combination with Core i CPU and Radeon GPU will also drive flat gaming notebooks in addition to mini-PCs. The 3D performance of the graphics unit is expected to exceed the current Intel processor graphics clear and sufficient for the requirements of design and rendering programs, according to AMD's vice president Scott Herkelmann.

connected to the carrier board by EMIB

Intel processor and AMD graphics unit sitting on a carrier board (package) and are embedded multi-die interconnect Bridge (EMIB) connected. In contrast to the known about by Vega or Fiji GPUs interposers sit between the Dice only small connector - a total of Intel technology is less expensive than full surface into the substrate incorporated interposer.

In addition to the CPU and GPU, there are still stacked memory chips of the type high bandwidth memory 2 on the package. About a particular framework that was developed by Intel, processor, graphics processor and memory HBM2 information coordinate with each other. So energy saving mechanisms will be implemented around, changed performance states and read temperatures. Such as to meet the different load scenarios playing, calculating or render optimally - according to Intel utilization states between CPU and GPU also should be possible to move automatically.


Nvidia TitanXp: 1200-US-dollar collector graphics cards for Star Wars fans

High-end graphics card Nvidia TitanXp: Collector's Edition of Star Wars fans:

Titan XP variants: Galactic Empire or Jedi Order

(Picture: Nvidia)

They are expensive and glow either green or red: Two collector's editions of the high-end graphics cards Nvidia TitanXp can pre-order now.

Nvidia is launching two collectors variants with slightly modified, shaped like a lightsaber handle cooler design for Star Wars fans of its high-end graphics card Titan XP. the variant "Jedi Order" shines neon green during operation, the variant "Galactic Empire" red. Technically corresponding to a conventional card Nvidia Titan XP and can be pre-order for $ 1,200, exact prices in euros has Nvidia yet to be announced. The cards are to be delivered in mid-November.

Pascal graphics chip with 12 billion transistors

The titanium Xp includes a Pascal graphics chip of the GP102 series with 3840 shader cores. They run at 1404 MHz base clock and allowed to overclock under load at 1582 MHz and more, if pre-defined limits are not exceeded in the GPU temperature and power consumption. The theoretical computing power of the Titan Xp is 12.1 trillion floating point operations per second (TFLOPS / teraflops) at single precision (single precision / FP32). At half-precision (FP16) the map of Nvidia to 1/64-th of the FP32 computing power is throttled in double precision (FP64) reaches a 1/32-stel the FP32 performance.

1 out of 17

Nvidia Titan XP: Star Wars collector's editions (17 pictures)

(Picture: Nvidia)

Half a terabyte per second

In addition, Nvidia sets a 12 GByte GDDR5X memory which is connected to 384 data lines with the GPU and achieves a transfer rate of nearly 548 GB / s. That's enough for even the most demanding applications, such as for real-time ray tracing over iray and Co or jumpy displaying games in the 4K resolution with high detail.

The maximum power consumption is 250 watts, which also achieved the graphics card under continuous full load. Therefore, the user must connect the titanium Xp each having an eight and a six-pole plug PCIe power directly with the power supply for operation. Nvidia recommends doing a power supply with at least 600 watts.

Up to four displays the TitanXp drives the same time - she has three DisplayPort 1.4 connectors and one HDMI 2.0b port. 5K also displays via a cable to 60 Hz can be controlled via DisplayPort, HDMI can 2.0b on one example, operate UHD TV with 60 Hz.(Mfi)

iOS 11.1.1 fixes bugs

The AutoCorrect changed "I" possibly in "A" plus a symbol - depending on the app and receiver, other characters are represented.

(Image: Apple)

After just nine days Apple has nachgeschoben a bugfix update for iOS 1.11. It promises bug fixes in the AutoCorrect and "Hey Siri",

iOS 11.1.1 is available for iPhone and iPad for download. The released on Thursday evening to update - nine days after the release of iOS 1.11 - eliminate two errors: This also is a problem with the "automatic correction for keyboard input" as Apple performs.

What is meant is a bug where the iOS keyboard is tipptes "i" unasked changed, such as apps like iMessage or Twitter. While the channel thereof is usually not noticed, the receiver saw an "A" with an attached icon - or other characters in combination with a question mark in a square.

AutoCorrect bug sparked strange text messages and tweets from

AutoCorrect Fail
News of iPhone users contained may suddenly inappropriate letters - and a question mark in a square.Enlarge

Apparently, the iOS autocorrect hung in these cases an invisible Unicode control character to actually ensure that the preceding character is represented as Emoji. Since it to the "i" but is no Emoji match, it probably came to the incorrect display with the question mark icon. The error apparently spread from device to device. Details about the cause and spread has not been called Apple.

iOS 11.1.1 should "Hey Siri" make reliable again

iOS 11.1.1 shall also ensure that the activation of the voice assistant Siri on call ( "Hey Siri") again reliably funkioniert. Previously, the voice command was suddenly no longer perceived in circumstances from the device.

The update is available via the integrated touch Software Update or iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Depending on the model varies the download size on an iPhone X it is, for example, 54 Mbytes. there are currently no details of Apple prior to possibly also fixed security vulnerabilities.

It is so far the fifth update for iOS 11. Meanwhile, already running the beta phase for IOS 11.2, the missing features like AirPlay two likely replacement delivery.

So far, iOS 11 is installed rather hesitant in contrast to the two previous versions. According to Apple, half of the active devices has so far been well upgraded to the new version of the operating system.(LBE)

iOS devices are detailed app and iTunes Purchase History

So many apps I bought ?! One can now see on the iPhone.

(Image: Apple)

Apple has released a new server feature that it is possible to access its historic shopping list directly from your iPhone or iPad. This went so far only on Mac or PC.

Who makes many purchases on the iOS App Store and the iTunes store, easy to lose track. Insight into historical acquisitions could take but so far only (after many clicks) in the iTunes app on Mac or PC. Apple does this have changed as an updated on Wednesday support document shows. The list of purchases is now also mobile touch accessible on iPhone, iPad and iPod, as long as the device has the latest version of iOS has 11.

accessible via the account display

To find the data in the settings by clicking on your own name (top) and "iTunes & App Store" clicks. Then the Apple ID is selected, you have to confirm with a password if necessary. Then you can see its previous purchases. These are divided into individual accounts that can be also normals send on click via email - but only if actually money went. Conveniently, you can also settle at this point a problem report - for example, if you have purchased an app twice or accidentally, and to reclaim his money.

Putting Apple's family released a, however, you can only see what was purchased with the current Apple ID. If you want to check what the other family members so you have everything in their library, you have to to log in with their account.

iOS device can do more, iTunes soon (still) less?

With the new Apple seems a further step away from the central feature of iTunes in the cloud universe of the group to leave. Since iTunes 12.7 can not buy iOS apps more on Mac or PC and no longer manage them. The view the purchases from the iTunes Store (movies, series and music plus e-books) and the App Store, however, is still possible.

Maybe Apple sweeps the function but in the foreseeable future in its efforts to further purify iTunes. The elimination of the app download feature, however, had taken care of extensive criticism. Meanwhile, there is even own third-party tools that bring function back to the desktop.(BSC)

Celebgate: Third man prosecuted for illegal access to celebrity iCloud accounts

A 32-year-old American wants to plead guilty to my Phishing gains access to over 550 iCloud and Gmail accounts to have. The distribution of nude photos could not be proven.

The investigation "Celebgate" case have led to a further charge: A 32-year-old US citizen from Chicago wants to take an admission of guilt for having surreptitiously illegal access to over 550 iCloud and Gmail accounts through phishing - including several accounts of celebrities. This was announced by the prosecutor of Los Angeles. It is now the third person being prosecuted in the matter.

As with the two previous defendants no connection with the publication of the photos could be detected, however the man. The investigators could not prove that the accused who gained by accessing information "shared or uploaded"So the prosecution.

Up to five years in prison possible

The man threaten theoretically up to five years in prison, but in view of a "plea deals" the sentence is likely to be significantly lower. The two previously identified perpetrators who confessed also of unauthorized access to the Apple and Google Accounts guilty, were sentenced to nine and 18 months in prison.

Dunst iCloud
The actress Kirsten Dunst "thanked" after the attack on Apple's iCloud.Enlarge

Unknown had numerous nude pictures of celebrities three years ago - including the actresses Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Lawrence and the model Kate Upton - published.

Due to the many well-known victim of the "Celebgate" and "The Fappening" baptized action received substantial attention and threw first the question of whether a security breach at the base iCloud enabled the illegal access to iPhone backups. Apple rejected this vehemently.

Apple: No iCloud vulnerability

Only after the iPhone maker extended the protection of two-factor authentication, which has since also covers iCloud Backups: Before they can be downloaded to a new device, only a security code must be entered in addition to user name and password. The two-factor authentication is still an optional Schutzvorkehrung. Many of the nude pictures published were then apparently stolen from the executed automatic iCloud backups, but probably common forensic software was used.

Also read:


iPhone X: Vietnamese security researchers deal Face ID with mask

it is not nice, the Face ID Hack mask.

(Picture: Bkav / Screenshot YouTube)

With a frame of the 3D printer, a silicone nose and 2D images and some make-up the security company will have outwitted Bkav Apple's face detection system.

A report published on YouTube, according to video it is IT security researchers from Vietnam managed to crack Apple's first built-in iPhone X face recognition technology Face ID with a mask. The company Bkav insights exploited by their own account, such as Apple's AI system makes facial recognition.

3D printer, silicone and photos

The mask consists of four parts: an originating from the 3D printer, white frame, which is clamped in a metal frame and corresponds to the dimensions of the original face, a - albeit handmade - nose of silicone which has been provided with make-up, as well as apparent glued 2D images of eyes and mouth. Overall, the mask acts like a mummy with open eyes, nose and mouth areas. In the video Bkav shows how the iPhone X is unlocked with the mask and the real face of the researcher, which seems easy to fold.

Cost of 150 US dollars

The cost of the mask to have located at 150 US dollars. With the work the company had started on 5 November. Bkav had already undermined facial recognition systems for laptops. The security researchers believe that regular users are at risk with the method because the method is too complex. However, were about "Billionaires, heads of large companies, national leaders or agents as the FBI" a potential audience. This must realize what problems have Face ID. Industrial spies and competing security departments could also benefit from the approach, says Bkav. Attacker must also have accurate measurements of the face.

Masks were so far failed

Remained unclear at first whether the Vietnamese security researchers have circumvented Apple's attention detection in X iPhone. This is supposed to ensure that recognize is whether a person really looks at the device and prevent the use of counterfeits. Users must leave this explicitly, but what Apple recommends for people who suffer as a disability and therefore can not look directly at the iPhone X. not provided information to Bkav first. Previously, other attempts to crack Face ID with masks, failed. However, twins and similar looking siblings remain problematic.(BSC)

Apple buys image sensor start-up

Quantum film recordings are to act cinema-like.

(Picture: InVisage)

InVisage Technologies has developed a system based on quantum dots smartphone camera module that promises a much better light output.

Apple has bought another young company. Like the iPhone producer has confirmed to US media, is now the California-based start-up Newark InVisage Technologies part of the Group's portfolio. What is the purchase price was far transpired not - but the company is said to have previously collected nearly 100 million US dollars of investment capital from venture capitalists.

Better image sensors from our own foundry

Main product of InVisage Technologies is a novel image sensor which exchanges the silicon traditionally used therein against a so-called Quantum film. This is based on the quantum dots technology. According to Quantum of InVisage film can absorb the same amount of light as silicon, but the layer is ten times thinner and can absorb the full light spectrum, which promises better shots with better luminous efficiency. In practice filming interact with the art (see video below) better illuminated and have a cinema-like look.

InVisage btreibt according to the IT blog TechCrunch also has its own foundry in Taiwan, including the production platform where the film Quantum solution is produced - including wafers. Complete sensor chips to the start-up there can produce.

Quantum film sometime in the iPhone?

Apple has long dealt with photo and video sensors, collaborating with, among others Sony. Always, however, the Group requires this customized technology and is in image sensors very "hands-on", Apple has several patents here. Quantum that movie one day is used in the iPhone would be conceivable. In addition, the technology can also be used for applications in the field of augmented reality and identification, since the better picture promises a more accurate detection of the environment.

The acquisition of InVisage was commented unspecified Apple. The company will buy smaller technology companies from time to time for the purpose of buying up one expressed itself as little as about future plans. Apple's acquisitions included the Israeli company PrimeSense, known for its 3D sensors, which have included part of Microsoft's Kinect. Today technology from PrimeSense for the new facial recognition FaceID in iPhone to find X use.


available user data for sale: porn site xHamster chopped

(Picture: AP, Oliver Berg / Illustration)

Hackers are currently offering the log-in data of 380,000 xHamster members for sale. Including protected passwords that could be but be cracked relatively quickly.

In the porn site xHamster it should have come to an information leak. Here, unknown hackers have apparently user data from 380,000 of loud xHamster twelve million registered members copied and offer them for sale.

The reported motherboard and relies on information from the Leaking portal LeakBase.pw. Their databases can be searched only against payment. Motherboard classifies the leaked material one as genuine. Is currently unclear when and how the hack took place and since when the data are available.

Passwords do not really protected

The records should contain not only e-mail addresses and user names and encrypted passwords. According motherboard passwords however, have been treated with the already longer than cracked applicable hashing MD5. Whether Salt is used, is currently unknown.

Anyone who has an account with xHamster should change on websites, in which the identical password is used this preventive.(of)

Porn Filter: Share abolishes itself

Tumblr is for Porn!

On Tumblr protects a new "safe mode" sensitive eyes from bare facts.

Ironically, Tumblr has now incorporated a sex filter. The blog platform is notorious for its explicit NSFW material. Is Tumblr then soon empty and the Internet finally a clean cookies?

Porn Filter: Share abolishes itself

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between are also repeatedly beads which are too good for / dev / null.

  • More WTF messages

Everyone knows: The Internet is for porn. A central point is Share, at least for form-fitting imagery. That's okay so that cool operators say - only should users their sex tapes please upload elsewhere. The video hosting is namely "fucking expensive", Explain the Community Guidelines. As Yahoo a few years ago bought the wild-wicked-blogging service for the purpose of image enhancement that Tumblr residents had immediately great fear: what would happen with all of pornography? But Yahoo was allowed to Sex and allowed to stay. "You can post whatever you want on your Tumblr", One should be sex blog but please as "Explicit" to mark. Thank you.

Now just Tumblr has installed a new filter "sensitive content" fades. This filtering can also make an artistic representation of naked bodies, writes Tumblr. Just everything that could bring sensitive souls in turmoil. Is Tumblr then soon empty (and boring)?

On Tumblr, there are also beautiful landscape photos, for example. On Tumblr, there are also beautiful landscape photos, for example.

Fantasy instead Porn

After all, the filter function for adults is completely voluntary and opt-in: "Maybe you're happy to see sensitive content When You're scrolling through Tumblr, maybe you're not." Is the "safe mode" focus, disappear marked as explicitly blogs and no longer appear in search results. (Earlier ignored Tumblr specific search terms, claiming to be able to find anything.) A fairly bad news, however, there for under 18-year-old user: You can "safe mode" Do not switch off. "You have to use your imagination", Tumblr writes as little encouragement.

Times can think of the Traffic someone?

Regardless of the new Sex filter logged out visitors can not see the NSFW content too. But that also means that Google not index the sexy Tumblr blogs. The network is therefore a bit cleaner - this is (perhaps) also for the image of Tumblr, which is how it closely related to pornography. This connection like the new Tumblr owners Verizon might just as mediocre. Or advertisers.

However, the filter could have a side effect, namely an ordinary traffic slump on Tumblr. This is perhaps less like Verizon. The truth is stop: The Internet is For Porn, no matter how Verizon that finds.(DBE)

Faroe Islands: Sheep View instead of Google Street View

Faroe Islands: Sheep View instead of Google Street View

(Image: Faroe Islands tourism board)

The attractive landscaped Faroe Islands were long at the places where no Street View cars were on the road. The tourist board set for the recordings is an abundant resource in the islands one: free-range sheep.

In the North Atlantic between Iceland and Norway, the Faroe Islands are sparsely populated. They visited last year on Google Maps, they found no Street View 360-degree views. Here, take a look at the idyllic and spectacular fjord landscape in every case.

The Tourist Board of the Faroe Islands was looking for a solution to be able to offer the impressive and promising advertising Street View and found 2016 animal solution: on the islands due to lack of non-human predators freewheeling sheep. Of them, there are over 80,000 copies (the human population is only around 50,000).

They paid some of the wool and meat suppliers with saddle-like devices made on which solar cells and a 360-degree camera were mounted: Sheep View was born. The camera sheep wandered and took on Street View uploaded automatically to the Google service.

In such an unusual action Google had to react - especially left to wish the camera work of the four-legged wool suppliers left. They sent a camera car and additional equipment for locals and tourists interested in traveling with facilities on the islands, so there are now admire numerous views of the Faroe Islands with Street View; some have taken from sheep (recognizable by the non-masked solar cells in the foreground).

The Sheep View publicity seems to be bearing fruit: The Washington Post, the hotel bookings have increased this year by about ten percent. (Rop)

Weekly Review Replay: AMD-Intel, fiberglass mischief, XBox one

Weekly Review Replay: AMD-Intel, fiberglass mischief, XBox one

What motivates Intel to cooperate with rival AMD? What is the best technology for the development of broadband? What is good for the iPhone X? The questions of the week and many answers.

Intel has announced its eighth generation a core processor for early 2018th The integrated graphics unit comes from competitor AMD. Martin Fischers classification of the message was almost as often read as the associated message. His résumé: Intel could not help but open for the former Erzkonkurrenten AMD, it's about survival.

the issue of deployment of broadband networks has been a highly controversial issue this week. We kicked off holding for a wrong choice c't editor Ernst Ahlers, the optical fiber as a technique for expanding in many cases. It still was followed by other contributions from the perspectives of Nico Lange of the country power e.V., Heise Online Author Torsten Kleinz, Dr. Stephan Albers by the industry association BREKO and finally from c't editor Urs Mansmann.

Also in the Heise Forum the topic was discussed. Forist Hans4dampf has approximately equal to a number of objections to the arguments of the contribution of Ernst Ahlers. brunoenalsace recommends policy-makers to look to the French neighbors.

The question "What is good for the iPhone X?" has the Mac&i-editorial at length answered: "The iPhone X is clearly the most attractive Apple smartphone that ever. It brings again some advantages over the previous flagship iPhone with 8 plus, but is significantly smaller and lighter."

Powerful graphics, but which nevertheless does not lead to nervigem noise of the fan: The Xbox One X Hartmut Gieselmann impressed. But he predicts a bottleneck.

1 out of 8

First games for the Xbox One X (8 photos)

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza 7: On the Xbox One X, the game is being issued in 4K with HDR, the horizon and route fences but are 4K TVs aliasing effects seen to suggest that the game is not rendered in 4K. Compared to competitors "Gran Turismo 5" on the PS4 Pro see the pictures therefore not quite as perfectionist. But one must also at Shit-weather driving in GT5, however, only when the sun shines. The installation of Forza 7 fogs up around 95 GB on the Xbox One X.
(Image: Microsoft)

What else was important

Final end for LiMux: The Administrative and Personnel Committee of the Munich Representative Assembly has decided to create a unified Windows infrastructure by 2020 and to give the existing open-source alternative to run through.

How is it possible that the algorithms for autonomous cars can drive at least as accidents like human drivers? Which examines a research project of the Federal Ministry of Economics and the auto industry.

Picture 1 of 4

Joint Project Pegasus for autonomous driving (4 photos)

With vehicle decoys a few scenarios can be checked. To test the automated vehicles other automated test vehicles are used.
(Picture: The H / Torsten Kleinz)

More than 200,000 Cisco switches are accessible via the Internet and can be reconfigured or completely take over. The first systems have already been the target of attacks, but the manufacturer does not provide vulnerability.(Jo)

Millennium Falcon Star Wars spacecraft to Google Maps surfaced

Millennium Falcon Star Wars spacecraft to Google Maps surfaced

Disney had hidden the famous prop on the grounds of a film studio in England insufficiently from prying eyes.

Refined PR coup or indeed a clumsy attempt? On a satellite image of Google Maps is the built-size model of the after "Enterprise" most famous spaceship in film history, the "Millennium Falcon"To see. It was the time of shooting on the estate of Longcross Studios, about 40 kilometers southwest of London.

is from the road or was the ship that became known as a vehicle of Han Solo in the first three parts of the saga (Harrison Ford) and Chewbacca not to see: It was all around surrounded with large shipping containers. In the aerial photographs but it can clearly make out.

William Warby Flickr (Image:William Warby Flickr )

When the photo was taken and whether the "Falcon" still stands on the Longcross grounds, remains unclear. The studio is according to Wikipedia, among other things, the (partial) production of the science fiction strip "Star Wars: The last Jedi" commissioned (Episode VIII), which next month will hit theaters.