Disconnected Harmony Link Logitech exchanges universal remote control free

Abeschalteter Harmony Link Logitech exchanges universal remote control free

In March 2018 Logitech makes the universal remote control Harmony Link unusable. Owner of the device running the forum storm - now Logitech will replace all affected units free of charge.

Logitech wants to loud criticism from users all Harmony links that are to be shut down next March, to exchange free of charge on a Harmony Hub. The electronics company writes in a blog entry. The Harmony Hub is a more recent version of the universal remote control Harmony link that will control not only home theater equipment and other objects in the smart home.

Logitech on in March 2018 the cloud service to which the Harmony Link, depends. Thus the universal remote control is useless. This step due Logitech with a decaying security license, the renewal of economic Himself would not make sense. According to Logitech, the user base of the Harmony Link is very small.

Response to allegations

In the official forums partly strongly criticized the proposed course of Logitech was loud, also calls for legal action were expressed. Logitech wanted to initially offer only customers whose one-year warranty was still active, free replacements. All other customers should have to settle for a 35-percent discount on the Harmony Hub. Now all owners of Harmony Link can switch at no additional cost to the Harmony Hub. Logitech will contact all buyers by email.

US media, including Bleeping Computer had also reported sales in which the Harmony Link had been sold at a reduced warranty period of three months a few months ago. These accusations denies Logitech. The Logitech link has therefore recently offered in the fall of 2015 for purchase. In Germany, the Harmony Link was not even on the market. (Dahe)

OnePlus 5T: First look at the camera

OnePlus 5T: First look at the camera

The technical details of the top smartphones of 5T OnePlus have become made public before the official release date. c't published a preliminary test of the camera.

The new top model of OnePlus, the 5T is, with a 6.01-inch AMOLED display in 18: 9 format to be equipped with a resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels. The processor is a Snapdragon 835 with 2.45 GHz clock is used, an Adreno 540 GPU handles the graphics. The memory will be equipped with 64 or 128 GB, the memory 6 or 8 GB.

Many features are similar to those of its predecessor: dual SIM, headphone jack, the metal case, the practical mute / do not disturb button. The device offers NFC, a USB Type-C connector (2.0) and dual SIM support. The battery will regain 3300 mAh and can be loaded with fast charging technology Dash batch.

The main camera again consists of two sensors, a 16 and a 20 Mpixels. The second is now but no zoom, but has the same focal length and aperture as the first. The c't has taken a first small preliminary test the cameras under the microscope.

Actually too early

Many manufacturers will ship before the official launch of a new product test copies to editors of relevant publications so that they can publish in time for publication a test. So it has held with its flagship 5T and the manufacturer OnePlus. The c't editorial received in addition to various other media in the last week a test copy.

Typically an editorial receives such a device only if they agree to a so-called NDA, a Non Disclosure Agreement, which specifies must be from when reports about the product. This enables the manufacturer to control the release of information about its new device. And it turns the fairness safe under all media: Everyone comes at the same time with the message out.

c't and heise online adhere to NDAs, but with the important caveat that we feel no longer bound us from when another reporter breaking the NDA. OnePlus has sent his 5T test equipment without calling first, a date for the NDA, the OnePlus has named later. Then only reported on the 5T a website, others followed suit. c't was initially held at the NDA, but considering the leaks we publish the specifications and the camera test as a foretaste of a detailed test in the coming week:


Vodafone builds Gigabit mobile networks without 5G


(Picture: AP, Caroline Seidel)

After the telecom Vodafone is now launching its first mobile networks that promise gigabit speed. In contrast to the Telekom is to work even without 5G technology and portable phones.

Vodafone offers its customers first in two cities wireless speeds up to one gigabit per second. The kick-off fall in Berlin and Dusseldorf, then to the fast network follow in Hamburg and Hanover, the network operator announced on Sunday. "So we are taking another step towards gigabit society - and show how quickly Germany can surf in the future"Said Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO of Vodafone Germany. In brief, the market launch of the first smart phones is expected that supports these speeds.

The top speed should be both new and existing Vodafone customers in all LTE rates available. In 20 cities in Germany Vodafone already offers up to 500 megabits per second. The speed is made possible with the help of bundled frequency bands on the current LTE standard. then available per radio cell, the top speed is available, however, the actual depends in each case on the number of active users and the optimal distance from the cradle.

Telekom is testing 2 Gbit / s

A few days ago, the German Telekom had sent the first radio cells for the next generation of mobile communications 5G under real conditions in Berlin in the test run. About four radio cells are doing speeds of up to two gigabits per second can be achieved.

The standard 5G, using all available networks are virtually interconnected via software should be available from 2020 successively available. He should (especially the future needs for digitization of production"industry 4.0"cover). The corresponding specification for the mobile radio standard 5G to be finalized, however, only in December. By the will of the European Parliament of the development of 5G is to move forward in the years ahead much faster than 4G.

Update, Monday 11:40: Vodafone has made clear that it is not in his new mobile technology to 5G. In contrast to Telekom, the first 5G plants with "Refrigerator-large" most devices, are soon to be released smartphones from Vodafone s reach with the latest transmission technology, without having had to wait for the completion of the 5G standards transfer rates of 1 Gbit /.(AP) /(Hag)

Pokémon Go: the spirits are going to Halloween

Pokémon Go: the spirits are going to Halloween

The next update for the smartphone game Pokemon Go indicates that the end of October pending an event with monsters of the third generation. There are also new anti-cheat measures.

The AR smartphone game Pokemon Go get in the next few days an update to version 0.79.3 (Android) or 1.49.3 (iOS). Although the official change log lists only bug fixes and performance improvements, the fan page TheSilphRoad has identified a number of innovations.

The long again exchanged new loading screen - the last change took place with the introduction of the revised Arena system - has it all: He shows other than those already introduced monsters Gengar and Murkrow also Duskull, Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette and Zobiris. The latter five monsters are part of the previously unpublished third generation.

Gen 3 is

Since all five newcomers are Type mind, it seems likely that they can begin soon: the end of October is finally Halloween. Currently do not support this assumption visible changes: Under the hood sound effects for all Gen-3 monsters have been added as well as a medal for Gen-3 monsters to catch and thus enters into the Pokédex. In addition, the code emerge evidence of a Halloween event on - and appropriate background music.

Niantic that at first only released a part of a new generation Monster, nothing would be new. Even by the second generation, there was initially only a fraction: You could hatch all baby Pokémon from the end of 2016 before then two months later, the majority followed. Incidentally missing from the first generation until today Mew and Mewtwo. The latter will be the first opponent when there are EX-raids - the EX-Raid-test operation is running, meanwhile, continues. From the second generation have not been published to date Botogel, Color Eagle, Ho-Oh and Celebi.

New anti-cheat measures

Android users who have installed the new version of the app on the Play Store now, also report on new anti-cheat measures. Users who use additional IV apps to evaluate the characteristics of captured monsters, more could not buy balls, incubator and the like, because the in-game shop empty RECOURSE. After disabling or uninstalling the additional apps in the store was, however, normal distance.(Mue)

Dispute over the broadcasting Post: Different claims to the media days Munich


As part of the debate on the radio post there is always controversy about the public deals on the net. In particular, the broadcasting law which shall be the public media libraries so far temporal limits.

(Picture: AP, Kay Nietfeld / archive)

What message can you still trust and why? the Munich Media Days are seeking an answer to this question. First, however, the media makers are debating a typical German issue: monthly broadcasting fee of currently 17.50 euros.

The CEO of RTL Germany, Anke Schäferkordt has accused the prime minister to let the private media in competition with public and Internet giants down. At the opening of the Munich Media Days she said Tuesday: "The distortion of the market by more than eight billion euros broadcast contribution at ARD and ZDF must be curbed at last. As the results of the Prime Ministers' Conference last week show the intertwining of politics, bodies and institutions remains tight. No one dares approach the much-needed, real changes."

The Prime Minister had agreed last week in Saarbrücken that will get more freedom in their editorial content on the Internet ARD, ZDF and Germany radio. Schäferkordt criticized: The public broadcasting so get the job, "contribution funds to strengthen the American platforms through free provision of original productions, while the private media (...) negotiate with these platforms on viable business models. Hats off to the top of the distortion of competition!"

Money and Politics

The future ARD chairman Ulrich Wilhelm rejected the media days from the proposal to leave a portion of the broadcast Contributions private providers: "The private have very high profits, have earned well over the years. In this respect the call for public money seems strange." Despite full cash the proportion of political deals has dropped at major private channels. "Before one gets here by public funds that own budget situation here could certainly allow more"Said BR-director Wilhelm, who takes over in early January the ARD chairman.

The host of the Media Days, Siegfried Schneider, had proposed a reform of the broadcast contribution in favor of private providers on Monday: "Part of the annual revenue could be advertised so, for example for the production of a political magazine. This is then private as well as public service media could apply"Schneider said the German Press Agency. He is president of the Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting and currently Chairman of the Directors Conference of the State Media Authorities in Germany.

Free rooms

Google Germany boss Philipp Justus called in Munich more space for digital media: "I see in Germany is still far too common intention to restrict every new medium immediately alter the reflex regulation." In this way, Germany could not be internationally competitive. "We need more opportunities for digital innovation and not the outbraking because we feel that we need to protect old models"Justus said.

A big trend are convinced of the Google manager digital voice assistant: "The interaction between users and devices will take place more and more about spoken language in the coming years." On mobile devices, one in five Google search will already spoken instead of written.

Also, the self-propelled car of the future is a great opportunity for media providers According to experts: "If the travel time for leisure time, the driver's seat is on the TV couch", The Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter said. The driver will in future have then a lot of time on the use of media. In particular, the use of video will continue to increase. "The mobile phone network is a very unique video network. We expect that 80 percent of the use of a mobile phone network in the near future will be video."


Ametsreiter called for a rapid expansion of infrastructure and next generation mobile 5G: "A Gigabit offensive for the country is very necessary. Germany is lagging behind here." In all regions of Germany there must be fiber connections: "Fiberglass creates a transport speed of light. This is the transport capacity and the connection for the next 50 to 100 years."

Among the 31 media days Munich more than 400 speakers and up to 6,000 visitors are expected. The motto of the three-day congress is: "Media, Trust, Machines - confidence in the new media company",(Bernward Loheide, dpa) /(Jk)

Teufel speakers: Höllisch loud audio boxes get Bluetooth

Hellishly loud: speaker makers devil integrated space field in new audio boxes

Devil's top-sellers: The small Bluetooth Töner Boomster in new edition. Now with display, DAB + and telescopic antenna.

(Image: Devil)

Devil has renamed Raumfeld products in hell and equipped their new devices with Bluetooth. At IFA Berlin were the audio engineers to provide visitors and exhibitors with neat sound.

Hellishly loud: speaker makers devil integrated space field technology into new audio boxes The Rockster offers Bluetooth, guitar and microphone inputs and a built-in mixer. For 20 hours, he will push bass-heavy sound up to 120 db at the audience.

Raumfeld now called devil - the brand of the 2010 acquired streaming specialists has been completely swallowed by the collector and speaker makers. Here are a few vicious devices were next to small technological innovations donated a Bluetooth upgrade.

At IFA, the company devil had nearly their entire range of sound reinforcement equipment here: from headphones and headsets through sound bars and networked audio systems of various sizes to portable Bluetooth speakers. We have been showing some highlights.

noise boxes

The top dog was the Rockster called, portable Bluetooth speaker - in newly launched version. Devil promises that the device can provide sound up to 122 decibels, where the precursor only 115 managed db. In addition, the built-in battery will last up to 20 hours now - but the speakers can also be externally supply power.

In addition, the Rockster offers two immiscible Bluetooth inputs (4.0 with aptX) and connections for music peripherals. A small mixer with crossfader is also integrated. Portable rubble is technically already - at least when you want to drag 30 kg. When transporting the wood and plastic box built-in handles and wheels help.

The Rockster Air costs and weighs just over half of its big brother. As the large, can also couple the air box via XLR cable with another rock star and assemble thanks to 35mm flange on tripods. The Rockster Air costs and weighs just over half of its big brother. As the large, can also couple the air box via XLR cable with another rock star and mounted with 35mm flange on tripods.

For the small noise in between there are alternatively the new Rockster Air. He should weigh only 15 kilos cozy, but still force-scratch noise up to 110 decibels of an extra-wide frequency horn to the people. Again, a small desk is integrated with which up to four different sources - two of which Bluetooth - should be mixed with each other.

Both Rockster come the end of the year on the market - the big one for almost 1,000 euros, the little brother for about 600 euros. Like the rest of the new hardware, the two Bluetooth-boxes are already pre-ordered.

Streaming speaker in a new guise

Devil has taken over the products of the bought subsidiary space field into its own product range. So the speaker of stereo M now runs under the name of the devil. The set costs around 1,000 euros and is available from the end of the 2017th

Hellishly loud: speaker makers devil integrated space field technology into new audio boxes The stereo M still bore the first name space field until recently. Now is the speaker pair devil, but brings the Raumfeld streaming and multiroom technology.

The 300-watt Töner have recently also control by Bleutooth next-Fi. With matching apps to offer a wide variety of streaming options - including some music from local or network sources, TIDAL, TuneIn and SoundCloud and Spotify Connect.

Has got some other Teufel speakers on hand - about the smaller and larger counterparts One S, One M and stereo L - should they connect with the stereo M and can expand to multi-room system. Alternatively, USB and stereo RCA connectors are housed.

Of physical controls programmable buttons for direct selection of channels and playlists as well as buttons for track skipping are back and available. The Play / Pause button is now stuck in the volume wheel.

Room-filling sound TV

With the Cinebar One devil had at IFA, a new sound bar in the luggage - and an extremely compact. The box measures just 40 centimeters, but should ensure full, virtual surround sound, thanks to the side oriented speakers and Dolby Digital.

Hellishly loud: speaker makers devil integrated space field technology into new audio boxes The Cinebar One is quite small for her job. Nevertheless, they should fill thanks side speaker an entire room with sound. When Cinebar One + is also a separate subwoofer it.

Help four Töner each with its own amplifier, the sound echoing from various sources in the room. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0's are listening to music wirelessly, via HDMI, the Cinebar One TV set to music with the built-in USB sound card, the audio box to be connected also to PCs. By CEC and ARC support, the device should be also control of TV remote controls use.

Q4 this year, the Cinebar One should come to around 270 euros on the market. Who sets another 100 euros more it gets from hell a compact 6.5 '' - Subwoofer to want to connect wirelessly to the sound bar.(Jube)

Yahoo mail service revised and starts Yahoo Mail Pro

Yahoo mail service revised and starts Yahoo Mail Pro

Beautiful, fast and flexible: Yahoo Mail gets a new look and new features. With "Yahoo Mail Pro" also launched a paid and ad free offer.

After the takeover by Verizon Yahoo missed its mail service is now a new look. A tidy look is intended to provide a better overview of your Inbox and simplify operation. The individual elements are airy arranged so as mail subject falls more into the eye.

Thanks slimmer CSS and JavaScript code, the new user interface to load faster than the old - especially on slower connections. Exactly how the developers have improved the performance with React, Redux and Node.js, describes lead developer Suhas Sadanandan in a blog entry.

Yahoo All photos at a glance: A recent survey gathered all the images that would be forgotten as e-mail attachments.(Photo: Yahoo)

New photo index

Practical is a new photo library ("Views"): It shows at a central location to all the images that would be forgotten as received and sent mail attachments. A second view also lists all the documents. When searching for specific content, the improved search function helps. Now also accepts names, keywords, dates, and any combination thereof.

For a bit more individuality various care "Themes"Which color the user interface different. For users with low vision, there are special layouts with large font. Overall, Yahoo Mail has become accessible and supported as the VoiceOver screen reader from Apple. A control completely via the keyboard is possible.

The new Yahoo Mail are currently only available in the English version. Users can always go back to the old look, if they do not like the new tidiness. Other languages ​​are to follow, writes Yahoo.

Yahoo Mail Pro without advertising

Yahoo Mail customers who want to see more advertisements can freely buy immediately from her: "Yahoo Mail Pro" costs 35 US dollars per year or 3.49 UDollar per month. Whoever retrieves his mail only online, saving: Mobile Pro version costs $ 10 a year, or a dollar a month. Paying customers see advertising and enjoy a very special customer ("Priorty Customer Support").

Whether, however, these changes be enough to win the favor of users return remains uncertain. After a serious data theft Yahoo's image had suffered greatly. Verizon introduced after the late announcement of the hacks even the price of Yahoo in question. Four years ago, Yahoo tried to catch up with a redesign to competitors such as Gmail - with limited success. The users had not at all like redesigned user interface: You complained of serious technical problems and the lack of important functions.


Gamescom Summary: The Tops and Flops of the editorial

Gamescom Summary: The Tops and Flops of the editorial

(Picture: Hartmut Gieselmann / H)

Games there was at Gamescom course, abound, and although new blockbuster announcements were scarce, we found numerous tips and some unexpected non-starter. Despite a full house the fair this year was amazing round.

As large as this year's Gamescom has never been. Here we draw a resume and put it in the pictures haul, our personal highlights and disappointments before. We at Heise editors were together with our authors for the first time with a nine-member team. Not only that exhibition and conferences have been brought forward by one week, and the Begleitprogrmm has grown.

An overview of all Heise messages to Gamescom with over 70 Firsts, hands-on impressions and background information are our Gamescom topic page.

1 out of 23

Gamescom: Tops and Flops of the editorial (23 photos)

Peter Kusenberg, Top 1:

Super Mario Odyssey Nintendo, released in late October 2017 for Nintendo switch.

The cap is the key to success in the first Mario 3D Adventure on the switch. The plumber solves with wit and with his head covering some of the problems and provides with this hat-trick of fresh air to the series, in addition to the first appearance of the Nintendo mascot in the human world. So much fun has made rare as with this Multiple Gamescom Award winners a Mario tour.
(Photo: Nintendo)

The fair is read

Great on trumped this year, the Polish developers. In the shadow of the CD Project Red a thriving development community has been created with our neighbors, which now is a world leader. Even if CD Project Red this year "just" the Witcher offshoot "Gwent" showed, we were amazed at the VR demo on Chernobyl by The Farm 51 or the sophisticated turn-based tactics game "The Phantom Doctrine" Creative Forge Games.

Of these, one can learn a lot in the country of former poets and thinkers. After all, the Chancellor promised in their meticulously choreographed campaign appearance to try to assist game developers in Germany in future stronger. It will be interesting whether to follow the concrete actions. It would make sense all in broadening its base, because if a Industriezugpferd stumbles times - if only because of a few "sillier" Milligrams of nitrogen oxide - it's good if other industries can step in. But for especially the indie coming more should be maintained in this country, otherwise the creative minds wander further.

Eleven-hour day

After all, one has around it a little emancipated the conference program of the Americans and made the Devcom instead of the GDC his own conference on the legs. Certainly one can argue about whether it makes sense to launch such a conference on a Sunday, and also the equipment with high-caliber speakers is certainly expandable. A first step is done but still.

Overall, the Terminvorverlegung has (the press day was the first time on Tuesday for visitors was opened on Wednesday) led to a significant relaxation - this was not least the extension of the opening times of the business halls 9-20 pm. Although the visitors halls were once again sold out every day, the crowd stopped - at least for our tour on Friday - within limits. The folders initiated the currents sent through the halls and outdoor areas between the halls you could quickly into the open and make a little break. Hats off to such a greased current organization.

In the halls especially the eSports game dominated. Under huge outcry the moderators fired the fans of "League of Legends" & Co. and threw digital caramels to the people - Kölle Alaaf.

E3 rearguard

Since it will also not noticed so that the amount of premieres and Firsts at the fair this year turned out very poor. Microsoft announced "Age of Empires 4" , without, however, show scenes, and Ubisoft made with "Anno 1800" great on - after a home game for Blue Byte. Otherwise there was nothing that has not already been shown at E3 among the blockbusters.

The temporal proximity of the Gamescom E3 has long been a problem for publishers. Industry leader Sony also moved because his consistency and presented in Cologne only a minimum program. In Europe, the Group focuses meanwhile the Games Week in Paris. There will again follow new announcements in early November. Take 2 responded more radical and not only traveled to Cologne. Your driving force Rockstar Games may be fair appearances probably save because "Red Dead Redemption 2" will then sell tens of millions of times in the coming year even if the publisher announced it only in a classified ad.

Indies organize

But the Gamescom does not play the first violin in the major publishers, the fair can also use to advantage. So the indie Booth was in Hall 10.1 with 60 developers on 1,000 square meters larger than ever before. Here, players were able to meet the developers of small studios directly and talk shop with them. Comparing the quality of games with those of last year, then you realize the professionalization. Meanwhile, small teams can wuppen large projects that are able to produce relatively cheap thanks to the popular engines like Unreal and Unity, while still looking great. (Hag)

And another trick, continues to come free and Windows 10

And another trick, continues to come free and Windows 10

Although the offer actually ended July 29, Microsoft will own the tool for download, which you need to convert a Windows 7 / 8.1 installation to Windows 10th

Shortly after the official end of the offer to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, it was clear that this was not meant entirely seriously with the end: As reported can be from a Microsoft Web site a small program called "Windows10upgrade24074.exe" download, which converts an existing Windows-7 / 8.1 installation in Windows 10th However, the site is aimed only at users of functions to facilitate the operation of Windows, such as a magnifying glass or the read-aloud function. But there is no check whether one really uses such functions. And to a clear conscience the formulation "Yes, I use assistive technology" To confirm you have not actually rely on assistive technology. There is already enough if, for example, illustrated on a training computer occasionally even with a magnifying glass, what it is now.

Windows 10

Windows 10

Windows 10 is intended to be the last Windows is from the classic operating system "Windows as a Service", But although Microsoft has presented it in the first year, there is much criticism about at the data collecting mania and the scramble to upgrade.

  • The free upgrade to Windows 10
  • This is new, that's better, that's worse
  • nachgehakt: Answers to Windows 10
  • Feature upgrades: for home immediately for Pro after four months
  • master data collecting mania
  • Tips for Cortana
  • Anniversary Update for Windows 10
  • More relating to Windows 10

Windows10upgrade24074.exe for all

And another trick, continues to come free and Windows 10 Three identical programs, but behave differently depending on their file names.

When tested by heise online now turned out that Microsoft otherwise identical somewhere else offering the same program under a different name, but for download: On the website "Windows 10 Update History"Which can also be invoked on Windows 7 and 8.1. Microsoft makes no restrictions on the page To download and also does not mention any conditions. Instead, there is only: "You want the update? Click on the button below to download it."

What ends up on the plate after the download is different as described only by the name, this is the program "Windows10upgrade28084.exe" - but the name controls after calling the behavior of the program: If you just start it on Windows 7 / 8.1, it requires some time a license key for Windows 10. However, when the widely used hacking tool "explorer.exe" uses to the downloaded program in "Windows10upgrade24074.exe" rename, demand is omitted for the key. Instead, it converts easily an existing Windows 7 / 8.1 installation problems in an activated Windows 10 microns.

Another source

There is yet another download source by Microsoft itself for this program: the website "Windows 10 Download", There is however only available if you call the screen on Windows 10th It then named "Windows10upgrade9252.exe", Again renaming enough in "Windows10upgrade24074.exe",

1 out of 10

Windows 10: First steps after the upgrade (10 pictures)

In the first step, you log in with the account that you used in the previous operating system. (Legend: Green - click here; Red - here adjust)


Ultrasound scanner in your pocket will set new standards in price and practical benefits

Ultrasound scanner in your pocket will set new standards in price and practical benefits

Large appliances deliver the best images, but a new type of ultrasound scanners to take away could create a whole new market segment. Physicians look forward to more flexibility.

The start-up Butterfly Network from the US state of Connecticut wants to bring before the end of this year, a new ultrasound scanner on the market, which is much easier to handle and less expensive than any previously available models. The device sends its images to a smartphone and will be priced at 1,199 US dollars. As previously first it uses for generating ultrasonic waves instead of vibrating crystals tiny drums that are etched on a semiconductor chip. The reported Technology Review online in "Ultrasound to go".

Butterfly was established in 2011 by Jonathan Rothberg, an entrepreneur who preferred deals in biology with the use of semiconductor technology. It took eight years to turn his concept for the ultrasonic device is a product. Instead of vibrating crystals it uses "capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducer" short CMUTs - tiny ultrasonic transmitter on a semiconductor chip about the size of a postage stamp. The company is funded with $ 100 million.

One of his advisors, John Kendall, ultrasonic conductor in the emergency department of the Denver Health Medical Center. To the material from Butterfly scanner images, he says they are not as detailed as that of the great devices that have to be moved on rollers. but is crucial if one could get easier diagnoses. And here is the butterfly device so much cheaper and so easy to carry that comparison almost was not fair, "It is infinitely mobile. This is no longer the same device category. "Because of the low price Butterfly, however forced to sell many of its scanner to get to profitability.

More at Technology Review online:


Nationwide disruption of internet and telephone cables in Germany

Nationwide disruption of internet and telephone cables in Germany

Many users complain about the total failure of the internet. Vodafone confirms a failure in many parts of the country. The cause is not yet known.

Vodafone / cable Germany Internet access and telephone are currently in "large parts of Germany" disturbed. The company confirmed in their support forum. It affects only Internet connections via the cable TV network of the former cable Germany. Many users complain on Twitter about total failures, even to the failure of platforms go accumulating evidence one. First indications were received in the evening as against 17:30.

Technician is informed

Update 19:30: Meanwhile, Vodafone does not speak in customer communications by "limitations"But a "failure", The field staff had been informed, says the support forum: "Our engineers are working hard to resolve this failure." Affected are only Internet and telephone. Interference while watching television, which had complained individual users, it is not known, a spokeswoman said.

Update 21:30: Meanwhile, there is feedback from users that the Internet connection is restored, and it still sounds are skipped. Meanwhile, Vodafone has stated: "Since 17:30 there are nationwide restrictions in parts of our cable network: Up to 1.8 million customers can not make calls and surf the Internet or use the Internet-based video-on-demand. Television is not affected. Cause is an error in our computer network in Frankfurt and Berlin. Our engineers are working hard on eliminating the malfunction."

Interference with Vodafone / Cable Germany take continue to:


Microsoft renewed webmail service: From Hotmail Outlook

Microsoft says Outlook.com for a Microsoft says Outlook.com for a "simple, clear interface", But e.g. also chat and social networks integrated(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has unveiled its new webmail service Outlook.com. He will replace the long run Hotmail - one of the first webmail services that there ever was, and Microsoft had bought in the year 1998th "We think it is time to reinvent the personal email", The competent Microsoft manager Chris Jones said the company blog. Microsoft attaches particular importance to the fact that Outlook.com is good to use with smartphones and tablets.

Outlook.com break with the past and had been designed from the ground up: from a "clearer appearance" up to "new connections to Socia media sites like Facebook and Twitter", Users of Hotmail are but can change with a few mouse clicks along with their e-mail, contacts and settings.

Outlook.com can display, among other photo attachments as a slideshow Outlook.com can display, among other photo attachments as a slideshow(Image: Microsoft)

The surface of Outlook.com is kept deliberately simple, Microsoft emphasized in the presentation of the service. Email sent sent documents can be directly view and edit - Microsoft Outlook.com donated online versions of its Office programs Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For attached pictures Outlook.com offers its own Slideshow feature. Data can be stored directly in Microsoft's Skydrive online storage.

"We have realized that we need to make a bold move"Jones wrote. Even though all functions are not available. Thus acquired by Microsoft VoIP service Skype will be integrated later. Outlook.com promises, Microsoft, is free, dispose over virtually unlimited memory, a spam protection and remain free of advertising in many parts.

"We do not scan your email content or attachments and not sell it to advertisers or other companies"Promised Jones. That was a dig at Google, whose systems automatically scour the GMail mailbox to display the appropriate text advertising. "We'll let you decide if you want to link their e-mail account with social networks and want which you then use"Jones quipped on. GMail is geared to the social network Google+.

Outlook.com, Microsoft is currently activated as a preview - but it was already so far that users could use it as a main mail service. The service will however be adjusted also due to the user responses and expanded, says Microsoft manager Jones.(ANW)

Windows 10 also free of charge by little trick

Free upgrade to Windows 10 still available

Actually, the offer was to end on 29 July. But apparently hired the date only the GWX advertising program let his work. The upgrade is available on request still away for free, and quite officially by Microsoft.

In the first year after release, Microsoft offered to all owners of the home and pro editions of Windows 7 and 8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10 free. To persuade as many users to accept the offer, Microsoft installed on all upgrade legitimate Windows installations, the GWX program ("Get Windows X"), But which rather annoyed with constant references to some users. On July 29, the deadline now. Since then, the GWX program has stopped, but the offer can be further assume anyway.

Windows 10 upgrade: Two free alternatives

There is currently two functioning ways, in order to still come to the free upgrade. The first is a clean installation: This requires an installation medium, in which the November update is already included on the 2015th Appropriate ISO images can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. Installation media so prepared to accept installation key of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1, as long as they match the edition. 7/8 Windows 10 Pro accepts / 81-key Pro (fessional) and Ultimate, Windows 10 Home accepted key starters, Bing and home.

The second way is an upgrade installation, So converting an existing Windows installation in Windows 10. This helps a small program that provides Microsoft itself for download. Thought it is officially only for people who are on "auxiliary techniques" depend to facilitate the operation, or about the speech or the magnifier. However, the program works on any suitable Windows.

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Windows 10: First steps after the upgrade (10 pictures)

In the first step, you log in with the account that you used in the previous operating system. (Legend: Green - click here; Red - here adjust)
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Windows 10: Not just clean, but pure (8 pictures)

In the taskbar, four new icons slide before the installed programs. All can be removed from the context menu: The Windows Store, the Windows Explorer and Edge browser disappear "solve Taskbar",


IGN takes Humble Bundle

IGN takes Humble Bundle

(Image: Screenshot: Humblebundle.com)

The software provider is one of the future for Imagine Games Network. The corporate culture CEO Jeff Rosen wants to maintain. Players see the acquisition critical.

The media company Imagine Games Network, shortly IGN, the software provider Humble Bundle taken. The distributor offers collections of several software titles and became known for indie games. The range also includes applications and eBooks. The price put the buyer in the pay-what-you-want-principle established itself.

Corporate culture is to remain

Part of the proceeds go to charity. According to Humble Bundle founder and CEO Jeffrey Rosen 106 million US dollars in donations came together in seven years since the company was founded. Rosen announced that maintain their own offices, their own team and the com pany culture while IGN will support the further development of Humble Bundle.

Players and customers from Humble Bundle were disappointed: followed on the Twitter announcement from Humble Bundle some negative reactions.

Financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed. IGN operates several websites about video games and belonged for several years to Rupert Murdochs Fox Interactive Media. 2013 took over the media company Ziff Davis IGN. (Hze)

CyanogenMod successor: First Custom ROM from LineageOS published

First Custom ROM from LineageOS published

(Photo: Rob Bulmahn CC-BY 2.0 (edited))

Since the company has set Cyanogen Inc. all services, the team goes on behind the non-commercial CyanogenMod under the name Lineage. Now the first ROMs were published.

At download, then the At download, then the "CyanogenMod Updater" called, but otherwise has remained from the old name not much left.

Since Monday, the first custom ROMs can be found on the project site of the CyanogenMod successor LineageOS for download. The alternative Android operating system was lifted at Christmas from the team of volunteers around CyanogenMod launched. Launched as a commercial offshoot of CyanogenMod Cyanogen Inc. company had previously announced cease all services of the year.

In future, the open source LineageOS should be available to more than 80 different smartphones and tablets. We start with now for Google's Nexus devices 5X and 6P, the Moto G4 of Motorola, the Robin of Nextbit and redmi 1S the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi.

For the change to LineageOS the developers recommend to reset the phone. With an experimental version as well as an update from last CyanogenMod versions (CM 13 and CM 14.1) should be possible without loss of data. Stable versions are published weekly. Unlike CyanogenMod ROMs root access should not be an integral part of the system. Who wants to work with admin rights, must flash an offered for download zip file manually. Apparently wants you to problems with apps for payment - such as Android Pay - Avoid: You refuse on rooted devices the start.

At first glance LineageOS Nightly easily works on a Nextbit Robin. Only the updater will constantly a nightly download on the same date, but then reports a defective file.