Return of the ‘Competition Pro “with Amiga emulation package

remake ofLooks exactly like the old one, has even like this a metal core: the new "Competition Pro" Speed-Link(Picture: Jöllenbeck GmbH)

Based in Weertzen peripheral marketers Jöllenbeck sells under its brand Speed-Link for some time a remake of the legendary "Competition Pro"Joysticks. New is a package offer with a Amiga emulation: The included software called "185 Amiga Classics Games" and consists of a collection of games for the Amiga and a suitable emulator for Windows XP / Vista. The games include football simulation "kicking off"The economy Games "the patrician" and "Hanse - the expedition"Which Strategical "Defender of the Crown", As well as other known oldies like "It Came from the Desert", In this bundle, the stick will cost 17.99 euros. For seven euros more Jöllenbeck sets yet the scene Roman "extra life" Constantin Gillies it, which is located at the "generation C64" applies. usefully the stick offered to not close as his ancestors via a 9-pin D-sub female to C64, Atari or Amiga, but rather a nowadays popular USB connector on current computer.

The games tool to be as stable and robust as the manufacturer of the classic from the home computer time, can be used by hardware on all computers that have USB ports. On Windows XP and Vista is required to operate any additional drivers, but the operating system detects the Speed-Link stick as standard joystick.

the original "Competition Pro" was first produced in the mid-1980-ies with metal blade contacts later with micro switches that cause a characteristic clicking sound. also the Speed-Link version continues this microswitch version. in addition to four fire buttons it has also the continuous firing switch later "Competition Pro"-series on.

Besides the described model, which is suitable for current computer systems, there are of Speed-Link also a version for classic computers. C64, Atari or Amiga players who at that time with "Summer Games" and have similar joystick killers totgeritten their old stick, but still like to occasionally turn on the old machine, so have the opportunity to slot in a new befitting Digital stick to the old D-sub connectors.(PSZ)

Sniffer spam in the anonymous message service bitmessage

Participants in the peer-to-peer messaging service bitmessage have received spam messages that appear to be used to determine their IP addresses. Bitmessage to ensure confidential communication even in the event that all connections are monitored. It encrypts not only the contents of the messages, but also veiled, who ever is communicating with whom. This works roughly by all messages will be disseminated to all participants in principle. Since the messages are encrypted asymmetrically, only the recipient of a message can decrypt it with his private key. Who listens to the network sees only a large current encrypted messages, but can not see to whom they addressed and where they came from.

In this network, on Wednesday, August 21, many participants have a message with the subject "Bitmessage Security Risk" and received the following content:

Bitmessage has several potential security issues
Including a broken proof of work function and
potential private key leaks. Full details:

Whoever - as the author of these lines - has curiously clicked on the link, has thus the operator of the server - presumably the sender of the message - tell its IP address. The links are individualized: Each receiver has in its link to another number, as you can see discussions in Bitcoin forum on Reddit.

In a systematic spying on bitmessage also points out that the domain was re-registered until a few hours before sending the spam messages. As the operator of a company domain Whois Guard, Inc. is registered in Panama.

Who is behind the campaign is unclear. The confidentiality of bitmessage communication is certainly not necessarily jeopardized by a bitmessage address an IP address is known. For example, I make no secret of the fact that you can reach me on the bitmessage address BM-GtdUttQF5qRPq9qupzaKgnZJY21UzfAW. Although I will post this fact here, you can not figure out based on current knowledge of who writes to me or to whom I write Bitmessages, let alone decipher the content of the messages. The only caveat is that the bitmessage client is a beta version and a safety audit by independent experts is still pending.

Who but hidden behind a bitmessage address as a pseudonym and clicked the link, a new address must be well defined.(Bo)

Toshiba withdraws from global TV business

Toshiba withdraws from global TV business

Even with large 4K TVs Toshiba wins no more flower pot abroad.

(Picture: The H / uk)

The Japanese electronics giants are in crisis: cheap competition and growth erlahmendes make them create. Now attracts Toshiba consequences - and back from the global TV market.

The Japanese electronics giant Toshiba takes place in view of the difficult market situation from international business with televisions back. As part of a restructuring of the TV video division manufacturing and distribution in the US are first set, the company said on Thursday. The production of Toshiba televisions for the US will take over March, the Taiwanese manufacturer Compal Electronics is under license.

Retreat on rates

In other countries, Toshiba plans to retreat. Currently being negotiated with potential licensees, it said. In April, they are likely to result. "We will not run a TV business more abroad even"Executive Vice President Keizo Maeda told media representatives. In Japan, however, Toshiba wants to keep the equipment production.

The background is the strong competition and the rapid price erosion in the TV segment. Toshiba had already tried it with high-priced models and cost reductions and job cuts. But in the face of fierce competition and the slowdown in market growth, the company has now decided to restructure the sector and to take leave from international business.

Traditional manufacturer in crisis

Thus the traditional manufacturer Toshiba is not alone. After Sharp had licensed its European TV business in September last year to the Slovak producer UMC, moved in October another Japanese giant for: Panasonic has licensed the US business of TV subsidiary Sanyo to Funai, now Sanyo TV for retail chain Walmart produced. Previously, Panasonic had passed by plasma screens.

Sony also has problems in the TV business. After enduring losses of the Group spun off the TV division into a subsidiary, but does not speak yet of sales plans. After years of losses and renovations, it now looks as if Sony could turn things around again. However, the Group has other worries - such as in the mobile space. (Vbr)

Number 26: Frequent cash withdrawals grounds for dismissal

Euro bills, money, cash

Cash laughs - not at Number 26th

to have received last week complained many users, terminations of their current account at Number 26th Now the banking startup says many had lifted too often cash.

Especially to frequent cash withdrawals by users were the catalyst of the last week became known wave of layoffs in the banking account startup Number 26. So have the company of a number of customers with "terminated unusual user behavior ", the withdrawal rate would be significantly higher than average, it said in a statement. Also, the company also introduced financial intelligence and "improper use "as reasons.

In concrete terms, the message 15 indicates and sometimes more than 30 cash withdrawals per month as "unusual", At the same time, these customers had used their accounts hardly otherwise. Number 26 offers a free checking account with online banking and a likewise free MasterCard, can charge to withdraw money from the machine to the customer. The actual costs for the cash withdrawal date assumes the startup itself.

Lift the usual and unusual

For such a withdrawal fell an average of 1.50 euros until 2 euros. These fees but the company wear "That customers use in accepting the account in ordinary proportions", Apparently this calculation for Number 26 did not work: The layoffs had become necessary because otherwise "the majority of our customers would have to bear the cost of a small group", The startup justifies.

All concerned the startup offers, to send an email to the email address [email protected] to still more information to its termination. individual cases could also be re-examined as well. At the same time announced Number 26, a "wanting to develop Fair Use Policy ", contains the clear terms of use.

Exact figures on how many notices were issued, did not name Number 26th Last week there was talk of a few hundred. Generally has an account provider in Germany to terminate customer without giving any reasons. Although Number 26 provides on smartphone-optimized banking services, but does not have a banking license - which runs through a partnership with the Bank of the service provider Wirecard. Self-reported by the company currently has 160,000 customers. (Axk)

German Weather Service now warns precise severe weather

German Weather Service now warns precise severe weather

(Picture: DWD)

Instead of 400 counties 10,000 communities and neighborhoods can now be warned individually. With his cards and an app of the German Weather Service will sound the alarm during storms more accurately.

Recently, the German Weather Service is warning of severe weather and at the level of small communities or neighborhoods. So far, only warnings on district level could be issued. "Technically possible forecasts for small areas have long. that it is now made is new, "says Uwe Ulbrich, a meteorologist at the Free University of Berlin, the dpa.

About the technology behind the weather forecast:

  • Super computer instead Bauernregel: With tons of processing power for better weather

Despite better weather radar and probability calculations of more powerful computer, however, can not shake the perils of nature and for the scientists. "Intensity and impact of a storm in a particular area can often narrow until an hour ago," said Ulbrich.

Better models, more data, faster computers

German Weather Service now warns precise severe weather

the reduction of the warning grid through the use of more powerful computers, improved predictive models and new observational data is made possible. To support the warning service DWD has a system called "car warning" developed. The system automatically performs data from satellites, ground stations, weather radars and weather reports from other institutions together. The alert service can then decide based on the data of car warning to the region which need to be warned.

Especially the civil protection should benefit from the improvement of forecasting. So the fire can be informed precisely where it is eventually used. Authorities can block roads in advance or residents their cars - if possible - better protection. The railway, road maintenance and network operators, the service will better inform future.

Data via App directly to the citizen

The German Weather Service looks at the "last mile" between the alarm and the population still communication gaps. The citizens have a responsibility to abide by a weather warning to date, says DWD President Adrian.

To improve the dissemination of weather data from the German Weather Service offers the higher-resolution weather data already on its site, and in August in his free warning weather app on. (With material from AP) / (Mls)

Xperia Touch: Sony’s Android-projector makes the table to the input surface

Xperia Touch: Sony's Android-projector makes table for input surface

(Picture: The H / Nico Jurran)

Sony has virtually integrates a complete Android mobile device into its projector Xperia Touch - which eliminates external setter in many cases. Quite cheap fun is not.

Perhaps the developers have thought at Sony that anyone can bring a projector on the market, the optional 23-inch (58.4 cm) raises a big picture with a resolution of 1366 × 768 pixels on the wall or on the table and in the latter mode integrated Infratorsensoren up to ten finger position detected.

At least the Japanese electronics integrated in the currently beguckenden at MWC "Xperia touch" almost a complete mobile device in the projector - including the operating system Android 7, 32 GB of internal memory, support the common wireless protocols, a slot for Micro SD cards with a capacity of up to 32 GB, an NFC chip and the ability Apps from the Google Play Store to install. Only a SIM card slot is missing.


What the Xperia can use Touch, Sony is showing off several examples in Barcelona. At one point operating on the projector, for example, a piano app, so you can play on the virtual buttons projected on the table, piano. This worked well in a short test. In another demo shows how the wall projection can be exploited to play using Remote Play feature on a Playstation 4 - if the console usually hangs on a TV that is being used for other purposes.

Barcelona is now and also shows how the built-in 13 megapixel camera could be used to implement gesture controls with your fingers in the air. If this feature really comes in the production model, but is not yet decided, according to Sony.

As expected, can be realized even a simple video playback, the internal battery should be enough continuous for an hour playback. For playback devices even a mini-HDMi input is available in addition to a USB-C port. Those who wish can bring up the image according to Sony up to a size of 80 inches (about 203 cm). However, one must be completely darken the room; the illuminance of the laser projector will be 100 lumens. That's pretty thin already with the usual applications in dimly lit rooms.

Sony Xperia touch for Euro 1500

Who does not want to use the built-in 2-way stereo speakers of the Xperia Touch can connect networked speakers to the device via Bluetooth or WLAN. The two built-in microphones to be optimized for use for video telephony applications.

Sony Touch is expected in April to the Japanese market and will this country be available in the summer. The list price will be around 1,500 euros. (Nij) for sale

Due to the business task of Excite @ Home also well visited internet portal is for sale - but could find a prospective be difficult. Excite @ Home had emerged from the takeover of the Internet portal Excite through the broadband internet provider @Home early 1999th

Excite @ Home had already in his bankruptcy declaration two weeks ago "a reduction of and other parts of Excite Media Network" announced. This will see the US media as a sign that the company make any great hopes for a high selling price. The analysts are of the opinion for the competitors of Excite it was cheaper to let Excite die a slow death than make an offer. "Over time, all users will switch to one of the three major carriers"Says one Merryl Lynch analyst. The homepage is in the list of most visited websites in the seventh in August 2001 ranked AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo occupy positions one to three. is still operating, but has been reduced. News, stock tickers and movie info, users can retrieve continue, other services provided Excite one already. It is particularly striking that the page shows no more banners. The sale of new advertising spaces provided the site with the note regarding server problems. Already last month Excite @ Home announced that it would lay off 500 employees.(KAV)

For the first time analyzed spectrum of antimatter: CERN


On ALPHA, the spectrum of anti-hydrogen was first analyzed.

(Photo: Maximilien Brice, CERN)

Particle physicists the spectral line of Antihydrogen have recorded and compared with that of hydrogen in an experiment in Geneva for the first time. As postulated in the Standard Model of particle physics, both agree.

At CERN in Geneva, scientists have for the first time analyzes the optical spectrum of an antimatter atom. Within the experimental limitations they had in the spectral line of antihydrogen no difference to the found of hydrogen - just as it had predicted the Standard Model of particle physics.

In the future, the measurement accuracy of the experiment ALPHA at CERN Antiproton Decelerator is to be increased, because then you have now a "exceptional new tool"To determine whether antimatter behave differently than matter. Even the standard model could thus be checked for stability.

difficult experiments

Antimatter is made up of positrons, antiprotons and anti-neutrons and does not occur in nature, as destroying this anti-particles and their counterparts on contact. Mass, durability and the anti-spin particles correspond to those of the respectively associated particles, but electrical charge, magnetic moment, and all "charge like" Quantum numbers are reversed.

Only in elaborate experiments antimatter can be produced, are caught and examined. That was easy for antiprotons and positrons, because they are loaded, said Jeffrey Hangst, spokesman of ALPHA. But when you combine these antiparticles arises antihydrogen, which is electrically neutral so much more difficult to control and. ALPHA is why use the fact that antihydrogen is something magnetic in order to catch him and to study.

Image 1 of 6

ALPHA experiment at CERN (6 pictures)

The ALPHA team
(Photo: Maximilien Brice, CERN)


In the Antiproton Decelerator a plasma of 90,000 antiprotons were mixed with positrons to ultimately create around 25,000 antihydrogen atoms for the experiment. Thereof were captured per experiment about 14, and are irradiated with a laser a precisely set frequency.

We have measured the spectral line and can confirm the predictions of the standard model. This was the result of 20 years of work on the antimatter experiments at CERN, which aims, among other things an explanation for the imbalance between matter and antimatter in the universe.(Mho)

Towns call: switch off nuclear power Grohnde

AKW Grohnde

AKW Grohnde

(Photo: Axel Hindemith, Public Domain)

Three towns near the nuclear plant Grohnde calling off the over 30-year-old reactor because of its susceptibility to interference. Meanwhile, there has been an incident in Gundremmingen.

The local councils of Detmold, Vlotho and Barntrup demand from the North Rhine-Westphalian state government to shut down the nuclear power plant Grohnde prematurely. The nuclear power plant in the district of Hameln-Pyrmont be with currently 247 reportable events since the start of operation of the prone to defects in Germany, the Neue Westfälische quoted from a resolution of the Detmold City Council.

Worrying defects

Especially in the past two years there have been many worrying and large defects, according to the report. A failed generator, leaking pipe joints, a damaged Nachkühlpumpe and foreign matter in the primary circuit would have the risk of "Nuclear disaster incalculable proportions" clearly increased.

The business end of PreussenElektra NPP Grohnde is for about 30 years to the mains. The operating license expires, according to the Atomic Energy Act end 2,021th

Incident in Gundremmingen

Block B Gundremmingen is also for over 30 years in operation. Because of an incident on a valve that has been turned on Monday. According to the operator at the end of the statutory safety and relief valves had been tested. One of the eleven valves that are located within the closed containment, have some half opened correctly in the nuclear field, but could not be closed again. The leaked radioactive steam is left in the closed containment, said a spokesman.

Block B was shut down properly by hand. At present, the incident was being investigated. The supervisory authority had been informed. After clarifying the cause and repair any necessary block B is expected to be put back into operation in the coming days, the report said.

1 out of 7

Eight nuclear power plant are still in operation in Germany (7 pictures)

Since March 1984 Block B and C of the nuclear power plant in the Bavarian Gundremmingen in operation. Block A between 1967 and 1977 in operation. Block B to 2017 off the grid, block C is to follow the 2,021th

According to preliminary estimates the incident in accordance with the German reporting criteria as a reportable event is in the category "normal" classified. Staff, the facility and its surroundings were not at risk.

1 out of 8

Gundremmingen (8 pictures)

A block of the NPP Gundremmingen in foreground.
(Picture: AP)

(With material of the AP) /(ANW)

Robot manufacturer Kuka announces new orders at record levels

Robot manufacturer Kuka announces new orders at record levels

A KMR iiwa in use.

(Picture: Kuka)

Kuka has first presented as part of the Chinese Midea Group, a balance sheet. The Chinese can look forward to full order books at its Augsburg daughter, even if the acquisition initially weighed on earnings.

The robot manufacturer Kuka taken over by the Chinese Midea Group sits on full order books. 2016 he recorded an order intake in the record level of 3.4 billion euros, 20.6 percent more than last year. This was announced by the Augsburg-based company. "Especially the automotive segment has a strong growth of 30.3 percent to"Reported Kuka. At year-end, the order backlog amounted to 2.05 billion euros, about a quarter more than at the same period last year.

Revenue was 2016 with 2.95 billion euros, just below the previous year's figure of 2.97 billion euros. Originally wanted Augsburg 2016 skip the 3 billion mark this goal, however, had already relativized the year.

Special effects diminish EBIT

Earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) declined from 194.3 million 127.2 million euros. However, this also lies in non-operational effects from the Midea acquisition and previous purchase of the Swiss logistics specialist Swisslog by Kuka, the company reported. Excluding these items, earnings would have amounted to 166 million euros.

The Chinese appliance maker Midea had made a takeover bid last year to Kuka shareholders, investing nearly 4 billion euros. Meanwhile, the investor holds about 95 percent of the shares of the Augsburg traditional company. The cost of the acquisition, the Kuka results have pushed about 28 million euros.

The Augsburg-established company had the end of 2016 about 13,200 employees worldwide, about 900 more than last year.(AP) /(ANW)

Windows Embedded Compact published in 2013

The Windows CE successor is intended for embedded systems such as RFID readers.(Image: Microsoft)

Microsoft has released on Friday of yesterday Windows Embedded Compact, 2013. The former marketed as Windows CE operating system releases Windows Compact from 7th The mini-Windows support ARM and x86 architectures and is designed for devices with low memory and low processing power - for example, measuring probes, RFID readers or industrial robots.

Windows Embedded Compact 2013 is designed to provide real-time capability to bring an improved system kernel and Wifi support. Using the snapshot boot function it is to start faster than previous versions. In addition, Microsoft claims to have improved the performance of the file system.

Also added is support for Visual Studio 2012. Using the Platform Builder and Application Builder to developers simply be able to write applications for different embedded platforms. Registered developers can download the Windows Embedded Web site now 2013 Windows Compact.(Spo)

Daniel Domscheit-Berg: Openleaks still alive

The whistleblower platform Openleaks is not set despite conflicting reports. That said founder Daniel Domscheit-Berg in an interview with Technology Review. "We have been busy in recent months unfortunately with other, complementary projects. As was a little bit on the track, currently among others, the availability of the website"Said the former WikiLeaks spokesman, who had left the platform of Julian Assange after a fight in September of 2010.

Work on Openleaks project will be continued, but it had now decided to go through with the project, "great without the public engage"Said Domscheit-Berg. "The whole drama that has discharged from time to time in recent years, was not only unproductive, it also discouraged strong." The Openleaks founder, his wife Anke applying for a federal mandate for the Pirate Party, had been temporarily excluded from the Chaos Computer Club after a scandal at the CCC camp 2011th

Now you put something to what the team think behind Openleaks said Domscheit-Berg. "We have decided not to play along the games with public opinion on our work. The winning move is not to play." They concentrated on its independence and "work on the matter",

Openleaks will still help the media to develop their own secure whistleblower platforms. "We are still active in supporting with our know-how where we can." The world needs "many such platforms"That link to "robust as possible legs" stood. "This will not succeed if there relies on a one-size-fits-all solution, but can only work if we all work together."

More about in Technology Review online:

  • "I am surprised nothing"

All-in-one PC with a swivel touchscreen

The all-in-one PC IdeaCentre A720 Lenovo is a 27"Touch display equipped to be able to swivel at an angle from -5 to 90 degrees. Thus, the computer via the touch-sensitive monitor surface can also be ergonomically operated in a horizontal position. The touch screen evaluates up to 10 finger input simultaneously and comes without the frame. The latter is important in terms of Windows 8, as there are touch gestures there that start on the display.

Picture 1 of 3

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 (3 pictures)

Lenovo IdeaCentre A720

The 27-inch display of the all-in-one PCs can be both classic PC monitor ... (Image: Lenovo)

Under the hood of a Ideacentre A720 unspecified Core-i-Intel processor and a GeForce graphics chip from Nvidia work. For operating system and data, Lenovo has built a solid-state disk with 64 GB and a hard drive with 1 TB capacity in the computer. The IdeaCentre A720 will come in the first quarter of 1200 euro in trading according to the manufacturer.(CHH)

First Test: New iPad Pro models much faster

iPad Pro

The new iPad Pro 10.5"- and 12.9"Display has made a significant leap in performance, as a first test of Mac & i showed. In multi-core benchmarks, the tablets are compared to 9.7"IPad Pro and iPhone 7 almost twice as fast.

Apple has increased the power of the iPad Pro Series noticeably, as has been pointed out in a first test of the new 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch model. In multi-core benchmarks, the new Pro-iPads with Apple's A10X chip compared to the 2016er iPad are Pro (A9X) almost twice as fast.

Also, the fleet A10 chip of the iPhone 7 will be the according readings clearly disconnected from the new iPad Pro. Performance increases are also recorded in the graph and the data transfer rate of built-in flash memory.

The test also showed that the screen as promised by Apple again lit brighter than before - the maximum brightness is only achieved to save power when the ambient light sensor detects very bright light. The higher refresh rate ensures improvements when scrolling and working with the Apple Pencil.

The report read at Mac & i (with discussion forum):


Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe: Chic notebook with 14-inch screen

Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe: Chic notebook with 14-inch screen

Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA

(Picture: Asus)

Asus expands the ZenBook family with a 14-inch model. The business notebook ASUSPRO B9440 has an unusual design.

With its high-end ultrabooks the ZenBook-3 family Asus deviates from the otherwise ubiquitous 13.3-inch format. The IFA since the available ZenBook 3 UX390UA has a 12.5-inch screen; Now the bigger brother ZenBook 3 Deluxe UX490UA follows with a 14-inch display. The newcomer weighs just 1.1 kilograms and is 13 millimeters thin.

In UX490UA stuck to the seventh Core-i-generation dual-core processors, up to 16 GB of RAM and PCIe SSDs with up to 1 TB capacity. Two of the three type C sockets speak thunderbolt 3; the AC adapter can be plugged into all three. Asus wants this country to call at least 1,600 euros when the UX490UA hits the stores in early April.


Asus ASUSPRO B9440 Asus ASUSPRO B9440(Image: Asus)

With the business notebook ASUSPRO B9440 Asus had another slight 14-inch model in the CES baggage: It weighs just a kilo. Another unusual feature is the design: The type C connectors are located here on the sides of the lid. In addition, the cover during unfolding lifts the fuselage at the rear end around a centimeter in height. Whether it will create the B9440 to Germany was not to bring in local expertise.(Mue)