CreateJS bundles libraries for HTML5 and Flash developers

In cooperation with Adobe has the team to Grant Skinner (, who has worked at the time for Microsoft already on the HTML 5 technology demo Pirates Love Daisies, a new JavaScript library for HTML5 and Flash / AIR developer presented. CreateJS combines a number of existing libraries for playback of graphics, audio and Flash elements. In addition, the collection contains its own toolkit that can be exported to the HTML5 platform content from Flash Pro.

At the core CreateJS bundles the four JavaScript libraries EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS and PreloadJS still under development for a pre-loading of various components. Furthermore, the Adobe AIR application Zoë is included in the package with which .swf animations can export sheet for EaselJS as Sprite.

Quite new is the CreateJS toolkit that has developed in collaboration with Adobe. It offers far more features than Zoë and to allow Flash Pro developers to export content such as icons, vectors, animations, bitmaps, sound and text. The data delivered from the toolkit as a library of objects that could appeal directly above CreateJS and HTML5 then.

The new CreateJS library should be available over the coming weeks A documentation, demos and different tutorials that gskinner team also wants to publish. For licensing, the group did not have information - but as most of the libraries already included are open source under the MIT license, a comparable license form for CreateJS can be expected. Slightly longer co-developed by Adobe Toolkit will be long in coming, moreover, because Adobe still could not provide information about its availability.(Rl)

Modular, better documented and PHP 7 – Zend Framework 3 has been released

Modular, better documented and PHP 7? Zend Framework 3 has been released

After several years of development, there is finally a new larger release of the popular PHP frameworks and beyond a Micro Framework.

The plan was actually that the Zend Framework would come up with new major releases every year and a half to two years. Of these, the developers of the PHP frameworks that had the announced with the release of version 2 in September 2012 had, however, adopt soon. And later, planned for autumn 2015 release date could not hold them. But now the wait is over, because the version 3 of the Zend Framework is now officially available.

modularized Framework

Most of the changes are of a structural nature. It is here, for example, the allocation of some components in its own versioned projects. This is done with the aim of reusing these components elsewhere easier and so to accelerate the development process. It is important also that the end of last year released PHP 7.x is supported by the new version.

In developing the new language version, but also with the previous PHP 5.x up to four times better performance observed. Minimal PHP 5.6 is now provided for Zend Framework. 3 The outdated release strand under the version number 1.x is no longer being developed, there is at best only security fixes - and only until the end of September 2016th

Documentation and Micro Framework

To switching from developed with Zend Framework 2 MVC applications (Model View Controller) to facilitate the new release provides users with a plenty of documented migration path available is to make a few changes needed. In addition, overall a great attention was paid to the documentation. So just such is stored in each repository of a component. New features in future be accepted only insofar as they were also documented.

New paths finally tread the developers with the introduction of a separate middleware Micro Framework. Expressive is considered as the future of PHP development on the part of the framework developers as opposed to large MVC full-stack offer.(Ane)

Java application servers: Red Hat are wildfly 10 free

wildfly 10

The now available version 10 of the Enterprise Java server provides the basis for Red Hat's commercial JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 is also the third major release since the name change of the open source project.

Red Hat version 10 of the Java application server wildfly published. It implements all the specifications of Java EE 7 Full profiles and Java EE Web Profile 7, currently the latest versions of enterprise Java standards. Support for Java 7 was terminated, which is to ensure a better integration with the current Java. 8 The server can be used with the current development snapshots of the expected next year Java 9 beyond.

The main innovations

Instead of the Message Broker HornetQ wildfly now includes its development ActiveMQ Artemis, although enriched by a number of new functions, protocol-level compatible to behave with HornetQ. The new release integrates the Undertow JS project. This server-side scripts can not write, can make the access to CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) and JPA Entity Beans (Java Persistence API). Under the name Undertow trades still young with the HTTP / 2 standard compliant web server.

For developers also should be interesting that now the version 5 of the persistence framework is supported Hibernate and PowerShell scripts to the bin directory of wildfly distribution have been added. In future releases, they are to replace .bat scripts. With wildfly 10, it is finally possible, any application as "Singleton Deployment" to set up. This allows applications to be always should be installed on a particular server node in the cluster. The failure of a node, the application will automatically restart on another node.

JBoss to wildfly

With 10 wildfly the third major release of the Java application server has already appeared, running under this name since the open source server. it had come to a name change because the standing behind him company wanted a stronger differentiation from commercial based wildfly offer. The first release - wildfly 8 - was released in February 2014, the second under the version number 9 followed in July 2015. Even that version was compatible with the Java EE 7 (Java Enterprise Edition). Wildfly provides the basis for the next release of Red Hat's commercial JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (JBoss EAP 7)(Ane)

Programming standard for embedded systems MISRA C 2012 published

The Motor Industry Software Reliability Association (MISRA) has recently released the embedded programming standard MISRA C 2012th The standard defines coding standards for C and C ++ - developers to avoid run-time errors that can result from unsafe constructs or structural weaknesses of languages. The more than 200 pages thick specification that has thus almost doubled, is compatible with the new version to C99 and was apparently significantly revised in several places.

There is therefore now in addition to the rules and guidelines that are to be regarded as guidelines are to be used for other resources to verify the correspondence with the requirements. Rules can be verified only about testing the code, however. can refer to the standard as a PDF file via the web shop of the consortium for 15 British pounds, the print version costs 45 pounds.

MISRA is an association of automotive manufacturers, suppliers and service providers. The first adopted by the organization in 1998 of rules MISRA C with its well 100 rules for the safe C programming became a sort of de facto standard for embedded C programming. The second version, MISRA in 2004, wrote, among other things, to use a tool for checking the rules. In 2008, the consortium with MISRA C ++ had expanded the guidelines for object-oriented version of the language. (Ane)


Table of Contents
  1. Quality Assurance balanced
  2. test automation
  3. TDD and ATDD
  4. Conclusion
  5. read on one side

With static code analysis tools like FindBugs often, FXCop or CheckStyle be used to check the code against application-independent fault. Uncovered exceptions obvious null pointer references and unused code fragments can thus find specific. In general, however, should not be limited to static code analysis, but complement the metrics by pair programming. This knowledge sharing is also long supported the team and Collective Code Ownership allows. If any programmer in the team is able to change any other code, creating a whole new way of working, because no longer Peters code no longer go at once, but it is the code of all team members.

As with all metrics, however, to keep in mind that it is not about to measure the individual performance of team members or to use, for example, coverage metrics as a target for the software development team. Cem Kaner and Walter P. Bond lead "Software Engineering Metrics - What do they measure and how do we know?" [3] that such behavior to tampering and outsmarting the metrics results. For example, unit testing can create a targeted manner so that the percentage coverage is achieved. They are then usually strongly bound to the application logic, so it is difficult in retrospect to change the code without breaking the test. Instead, the authors propose to invest in the training of developers and work with them directly to the code.

Enough is not enough

Once a network of automated tests is positioned along with the continuous integration, it is only a small step to test-driven (TDD) development. The development cycle starts with a small, failing test: Runs a test not just as much production code should be written so that it can be successfully complete. Subsequently, are redundancy in the code to reduce by refactoring (Fig. 3). Most teams do not realize is that this is also in test automation to software development where the test code is clean, as it is otherwise quickly face the problem of bad maintainable tests.

With test-driven development in the long term maintainable, tested code to be created (Fig. 3).With test-driven development in the long term maintainable, tested code to be created (Fig. 3).

This approach initially appears dogmatic, but to learn test-driven development, he has deliberately chosen this way. When security occurs after some time in certain areas can also try to implement in larger increments. However, it should be clear that too large a step entails the risk to get bogged down, and the test will not come quickly back up and running. If this occurs, the problem should be broken down into smaller units and be resolved that way.

Specification with examples

A new trend in the development of methods currently goes toward Acceptancetest-driven development (ATDD) and Behavior-driven development (BDD). At its core, BDD is the association of TDD, ATDD, domain-driven design, Outside-In Development and use of a ubiquitous language as specification workshops created by instruments. In practice ATDD unfortunately, is often confused with BDD.

ATDD is designed to help the right functions to develop (Fig. 4).ATDD is designed to help the right functions to develop (Fig. 4).

In ATDD (see [4].) It is a measure to implement requirements correctly as possible in the code (Fig. 4). The work starts here early, even while the actual requirements are defined. Representatives from the development and the test team will come together with the customer and identify acceptance criteria for future functions (Fig. 5). Here, testers and programmers ([5] see.) A common understanding of the customer's needs, with a sufficiently large room for different design decisions remains open. So programmers and testers can find a solution to the problem of the customer, with which it can be satisfied in the long term.

The entire team of customers, programmers and testers should be a common understanding of the functions resulting have (Fig. 5).The entire team of customers, programmers and testers should be a common understanding of the functions resulting have (Fig. 5).

Based on the above acceptance criteria, the development team initially working on descriptive examples they before moving the function, however, continue to refine. Examples push it succinctly and accurately what is to be achieved through the functions. They move on a level with the business requirements and should have nothing to do with implementation details such as the position of GUI elements.

In parallel with the implementation of the functions of the team then works to automate the examples. Some developers groups are even able to integrate the business logic of the business cases based on their domain code. The literature speaks of Outside-In Development: The development is driven from outside to inside. In this case only as much domain code and application logic is designed and written as is absolutely necessary. Practically, there are a few teams that have reached such a level of maturity. The advantages of this approach, however, are not to be dismissed out of hand: Can be before the development show that the proposed application will execute what they want, then the flexibility to changes in the requirements the long term.

Total TDD and ATDD form a symbiosis with which a high degree can be achieved on test automation. Thus, is possible by ATDD a request cover close to 100 percent, while with TDD 100 percent code coverage is possible. Combined TDD thus ensures that the code was correct, while ATDD ensures that it is the correct code.

Polaroid Pop: Digital Instant Camera with classic picture format

CES: Polaroid Instant Camera Pop

With the Pop Polaroid has announced a new digital instant camera, the images spends 10.8 centimeters in the classic Polaroid format of 8.9 x. The images are printed in the camera to zinc photo paper in the new format.

The 80th anniversary of the Polaroid brand has unveiled at CES a new digital instant camera. With the "pop" can be instant prints in classic format of Polaroid Integral films (8.9 x 10.8 centimeters) output and the classic Polaroid frame. When footage but it is not the well-known from the SX70 material that is produced today in current version of Impossible in the Netherlands, but a paper of zinc.

20-megapixel CMOS sensor

In addition to the instant function Polaroid Pop offers numerous features current digital cameras. So the pop gets a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor and a built-in image stabilizer and a nearly four-inch LCD touch screen to take pictures and navigating. A dual LED flash to ensure sufficient illumination even in low light. Video recording is possible in 1080p Full HD. All photos and videos are stored on a microSD card with up to 128 gigabytes.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the Polaroid Pop can be connected to smartphones or tablets and used as a mobile instant printer. For this, the respective iOS or Android devices are initially coupled to the camera. Following images on the free Polaroid Print app can then be sent to the Polaroid Pop for printing. In addition, the app offers a variety of filters and options for image editing. So should be able to make their photos creative and individual users.

The design of the Polaroid Pop was designed in collaboration with the American design studio Ammunition. Ammunition had previously already designed for mobile instant printer Polaroid Zip and lifestyle action video cameras Polaroid Cube and Cube Polaroid + the external shape.

Polaroid Pop: Price and Availability

The Polaroid Pop is announced for the fourth quarter of 2017th A suggested retail price is not yet known at this time.(Christoph Jehle) /(KEH)

GE plans to cut 1,700 jobs in Germany – Locations on the brink of

GE plans to cut 1,700 jobs in Germany - Locations on the brink of

According to GE's business with turbines running no longer round.

One in seven employees of General Electric in Germany must fear for his place. Several locations are being scrutinized or are at the front of the corner. IG Metall announces resistance.

After the billion takeover of the energy division of the French group Alstom General Electric plant (GE) in Germany a considerable job cuts. The former Alstom's sites in Mannheim, Stuttgart, Bexbach in the Saarland and Wiesbaden are to be reduced or completely closed, such as a GE spokesman said in Frankfurt on Wednesday. About 1700 jobs are affected - more than one in seven office in Germany. The Group employs around 11,000 people nationwide at more than 50 locations. Employees and the IG Metall union protested against the plans and announced resistance.

GE wants to adapt its operations to the current market environment of European energy production, the company said in support. In particular, the power generation with gas and steam was decreased significantly in recent years.

Mannheim hit hard

is most affected by the restructuring, according to a GE spokesman for the Mannheim site: There, the turbine manufacturing is to be closed. The site itself remains but get there was to it in the future the areas of service management and give he said. How many jobs are expected to disappear, he could not say. In Mannheim, especially steam turbines are produced, but business was slow because last only the energy turnaround. Last fall, short-time working was introduced at the plant.

According to the IG Metall more than 1,000 of the approximately 1,800 employees fear for their jobs in Mannheim alone. In addition to around 500 workers in manufacturing austerity concern also over 500 employees in service and administration, said union secretary Benedikt Hummel. On Wednesday in the Mannheim city more than 1,000 people demonstrated against the planned job cuts.

Resistance by all means

They would consult with all available means against the plans of the group to defend - even rate politically and legally, Hummel announced. The employees' side have developed a concept of how the Mannheim plant could be better utilized. But the group refused to talk about it.

Before the closure is, according to General Electric's production site Bexbach. There, turbine blades are manufactured. According to IG Metall are 170 places at risk. In addition, the Wiesbaden site is closed, according to the GE spokesman. The staff WOULD CHOOSE to Main to Frankfurt.

In Stuttgart, where boilers are produced for steam turbines, the production should be reduced, the GE spokesman announced. According to the union IG Metall 255 of the 380 jobs are to be cut there. "The worst fears were even exceeded", Works council chairman in Stuttgart, Bruno Markel said. IG Metall called on the group to take back the plans and return to talks with employee representatives. "We will resist the dismantling plans", Announced the managing director of IG Metall Stuttgart, Martin Röll on.

Worldwide 6,500 layoffs

The French electronics group Alstom had sold its energy business to US industrial group last year. The German Alstom group works council had already warned during the purchase, before a downsizing. Europe claims to GE plans to cut 6,500 positions. in Europe, the Group has about 35,000 employees.(AP) /(Axk)

HTC Vive tried with Noitom-Hi5 glove: Without access controller in the VR

HTC Vive tried with Noitom-Hi5 glove: Without access controller in the VR

The Noitom-Hi5 glove works with the new Vive Tracker.

(Picture: The H / jkj)

"Vive Tracker" is HTC's newest accessory for the VR headset Vive. The tracking unit can be pasted on items to bring these to the VR. We have one of the interesting tracker accessories tested: the data glove Noitom Hi5.

HTC wants to make it even easier for manufacturers (and hobbyists) now to bring objects into the virtual reality. So far, developers have resorted in order to stick the conventional HTC-Vive-hand controller taped to objects (for example, to stuffed animals). With the "Vive Tracker" there is now an official accessory for such purposes. The tracker is significantly smaller than the hand controller, as it requires no grip.

Picture 1 of 4

Accessories for Vive Tracker (4 photos)

The Vive Tracker is a small puck, the hobbyists and accessories manufacturers can be mounted on any object to bring these to the VR.
(Picture: The H / jkj)

At CES, HTC shows a number of components based on the new tracker, for example, a baseball bat and a gun. we could already try the most interesting tracker product: The Hi5 data glove of the Chinese motion capture developer Noitom ("Motion" backward).

Amazingly, the glove increases immensely the thick of feeling over conventional hand controllers: It felt in a short test run more realistic to touching things in VR, if you do not already something else - the controller - holds in his hand. The Noitom Hi5 Glove has built an IMU for each finger (Inertial Measurement Unit, so gyroscope, magnetometer and accelerometer). This not only detect whether the fingers are stretched or bent, but also whether they are, for example, moved laterally.

Noitom-Hi5 glove comes in spring 2017

In practice, it works remarkably well: in a developed Noitom in Unity demo we could easily pick up objects, throw up and catch it again. The movement of the virtual fingers coincided largely with the reality - just sometimes the artificial hand felt "not correct" at.

The Hi5 glove will come in the spring on the market. Details such as price and battery life (in each glove put one AA battery) called not Noitom. Also for the Vive Tracker, no price is known.


Microsoft will pay $ 10,000 for “forced update” on Windows 10

Windows 10

(Picture: AP, Microsoft)

When it comes to Microsoft, then you should as possible to change to the operating system Windows 10 so many Windows users. For this, the company has also repeatedly screwed to its update practice - to the annoyance of many users.

Microsoft makes up the first time a Licensees for a so-called forced upgrade to the new operating system Windows 10. As reported Seattle Times, the software giant had initially gone to appeal against a judgment, but then agreed with the affected users individual Teri Goldstein from California on a payment of 10,000 US dollars.

The woman from Sausalito has been able to thus establish that the upgrade to the new operating system was faulty on your computer and this for days - have made useless - even for the leadership of their travel company. They demanded compensation for lost income and the cost of a new computer, according to the newspaper.

Microsoft: "No admission of guilt "

"I've never heard of Windows 10"She said. "Nobody asked me if I would like an update." The dispute has already been settled according to the report last month. Microsoft stressed that the payment was not an admission of guilt. The company wanted to avoid only costs for another lawsuit, said a spokeswoman for the newspaper.

Even readers of heise online had complained about an automatic update to Windows 10th Consumer advocates disturbed by the fact that Microsoft should bear one up to six gigabytes of large installation package on the hard drive - without the knowledge or consent of the user. The update instructions are designed so that users have to look closely to decline the update.

By the end of July, Microsoft offers the system for users of Windows 7 and later still charge for an upgrade, then the software will cost about 120 dollars. (With material of the AP) / (Cfu)

Consumer advocates warn from online ticket exchange Viagogo

Consumer advocates warn from online ticket exchange Viagogo

(Image: Secure)

According to consumer advocates, the online ticket exchange Viagogo does not make clear that it is only an intermediary. In addition, prices have shown unclear and the guarantees misleading.

The online ticket exchange Viagogo is by consumer protection of "Market monitor Digital World" been cited for misleading appearance and unclear guarantees. The platform actually provides only between private buyers and sellers of tickets, kick loud criticism of consumer protection but as an official ticket sales portal. So it was not evident during the entire purchase process for customers that Viagogo is only an agent and not the seller.

"In this way, the company deceives the user on the key features of its service"Says Susanne Baumer of the Consumer Bavaria. Moreover, the risk would remain that tickets are not delivered or sold overpriced, depend on the buyer. Also there is the risk that you get personalized tickets sold are unusable. The actual seller remain generally unknown.

Unclear ticket prices

In addition, criticize the consumer advocates that the prices are not shown clearly enough. At the ticket prices also booking and settlement costs and value added tax would be added. Misleading are also guarantees you viagogo which really only zusicherten what customers are entitled by law anyway. Total customer complaints about Viagogo from eight provinces were broken in at the market Guardian Portal of Consumer Organizations.

Viagogo was founded in London in 2006, is self-reported by the world's largest ticket exchange and operates localized websites in 60 countries. The platform has already been criticized by some to carry exorbitant prices on the secondary ticketing market. A statement by Viagogo the warning stands for hours pending.(Axk) first sold e-books

The Humble Bundle team enters new territory again: In the now quite famous sales campaign eight DRM-free eBooks will now sold at a self to be determined price. After successful Humble Bundle actions with games for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, the concept had already been successfully extended to Android games and music. Now the Humble Bundle maker for the first time offer digital reading material and can draw on prominent authors like Neil Gaiman, Cory Doctorow and John Scalzi. As usual, the buyer can decide how the revenue between the authors, the Humble Bundle team, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the action "Child's Play Charity " is to be divided.

The Humble eBook bundle includes the English-language science fiction and fantasy books "Pirate Cinema" by Cory Doctorow, "Pump Six and Other Stories" Paolo Bacigalupi, "Zoo City" by Lauren Beukes, "invasion" Mercedes Lackey and "Stranger Things Happen" and "Magic for Beginners" Kelly Link. Who pays more than the average - currently are the 12.03 US dollars - also gets the graphic novel "Signal to Noise" by Neil Gaiman and McKean and Save "Old Man's War" by John Scalzi.

In the trailer for the Humble eBook Bundle of Canadian author Cory Doctorow expresses his hope that many join this action and show that e-books can succeed even without restrictive DRM measures. The commercially successful science fiction author Doctorow going for years to lead by example and sold his books among others DRM-free through its website. Some he is not free, under a Creative Commons license available for download.

The eight books are available for download, so that they can be read on smartphones, tables and e-book readers easily into PDF, ePub and Mobi. providers without DRM measures as in the past in the Humble Bundle games. With the recently completed Humble Indie Bundle 6 over two million dollars were generated.(Lmd)

United Domains: Breakdown takes 1.6 million domains from the network

Privacy, Network, Security

(Picture: AP, Uli Deck)

When domain registrar United Domains currently no more. currently a technical breakdown ensures that thousands of sites are unreachable.

A network outage currently paralyzes the Domain Service Starnberg registrar United Domains. As a result, this means: Currently, the 1.6 million there hosted domains offline - the sites behind it or mail service so do not be reached via the relevant domains.

When contacted by heise online, the company confirmed the mishap that began at 15:30. Yet the cause is unclear. Affected is one of the data centers. When the domains could be reached again, you did not want to predict. On Twitter the press office keeps customers up to date - because the own website as well as the mail service are affected by the failure. United Domains is one such as 1&1, GMX and the United Internet Group.

[Update, 07.22.15, 17:40]

United Domains has declared to have the cause found and fixed the glitch. In the near future should be available again all services of the company.

[Update, 07.23.15, 23:40]

United Domains has informed that "An initial analysis of our technicians" had shown "that the extent of our yesterday's disturbance was smaller than reported from you: Of our 1.6 million active domains 230,000 domains were unavailable during the disturbance."

Meanwhile, the QSC AG, its data center in Feucht near Nuremberg, was responsible for the failure, also referred to their clients position: "The error that led to yesterday's failure was caused by a defective module of one of the redundant core router. The defect of this assembly resulted in an abnormal, unforeseeable behavior and had thereby seriously affecting the Forwarding and routing function, which has been replicated to the redundant core routers. The entire shared network in Nuremberg was thus affected by the failure." (Lifted)

Sims Online with integrated advertising

The game developer Electronic Arts (EA) has with Intel and McDonald's a multi-million US dollar contract for advertising product placement in the online version of its popular simulation "The Sims" completed. According to US media reports, the characters in the game with Intel hardware should work or play, and they are able to organize their fast food at McDonald's stores. Until the launch of the game EA further endorsement deals of this kind will announce. The online version of the simulated Soap should hit the market earlier this year actually already - but the long anticipated game will be released this year.(Wst)

“Growing mountains of e-waste”

At the opening of up to 1.12. held international conference in Nairobi on the implementation of the Basel Convention on the control of cross-border transportation and disposal of hazardous waste warned Achim Steiner, director of the UN Environment Program (UNEP), especially against the growing amounts of electronic waste. Annually incur between 30 and 50 million tons of electronic waste. Meanwhile, 165 countries are parties to the Basel Convention. has not ratified the Basel Convention and other conventions banning the export of hazardous wastes, among others, Russia and the United States.

The increase in electronic waste is largely due to computers, cell phones, printers and televisions, to be "growing mountains of e-waste" accumulate and numerous poisons to the environment and people such as mercury, arsenic lead, cadmium or polybrominated biphenyls. In the EU of electronic waste is growing by 3 to 5 percent. In developing countries, the electronic scrap increased the fastest. By 2010, it is expected to triple here. Increasing demand by falling prices and rapid innovation cycles can increase the garbage, which often ends up in developing countries to unauthorized dumps or in rivers, so the toxins enter the water or by burning in the air. For this, the waste exports come mainly from the north to the south.

Steiner referred to a report of the Basel Action Network (BAN), after a month at least 100,000 computers at the port of Lagos (Nigeria) arrive. lie in Lagos itself anywhere electronic devices around or burn on unauthorized dumps. Components of the devices are developed by people, monitors and hard drives are used among others as material for fences. In Lagos found electronic scrap, for example, comes as BAN has found from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Illinois Department of Human Services, Kansas Department of Aging, State of Massachusetts, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, City of Houston, schools, hospitals, banks and companies, such as IBM and Intel.

75 percent of the exported to Africa electronic devices and accessories are for Steiner, "E-waste", That is, it is a taking place over long distances disposal from developed countries and companies on African landfills. Since checks in Asian countries are sharper, the waste streams relocate to Africa. A UNEP study have also recently shown that the Asian coastal waters are becoming increasingly contaminated by ingredients that come from electronic waste.

One of the urgent tasks to stop the international waste transports, was an agreement about what waste and what are the used goods. The concerns electronic equipment as well as aircraft and ships. For mobile phones, the rapid spread in Africa and Asia, a mobile Phone Partnership Initiative has been established to find better ways to prevent scrap to take back old equipment and to promote recycling.

In general, the cross-border transport should be reduced and controlled, so that recognize the waste stream can be reconstructed under the Basel Convention. After an investigation by the European Network for the Implementation and Enforcement of Environmental Law (IMPEL) from last year, the international waste transport increases. What consequences this may have, where this is uncontrolled, it became clear in August when toxic waste diseased people in the transported from Europe to Abidjan and died.(Fr)