Mesosphere: Cluster Management for Linux Containers

Mesosphere: Cluster Management for Linux Containers

The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System will simplify the development and management of server applications dramatically. To run the applications, packaged in containers, distributed in the cluster.

The trend toward containers as a new packet format for Linux servers is growing momentum: Mesospheres something full-bodied as Data Center Operating System (DCOS) designated software for operating the clusters combined the cluster management software Apache Mesos to the distributed init system marathon Services that are packaged in Linux or Docker containers. Add to that developed by Airbnb cron replacement Chronos for clusters and the Distributed File System Hadoop HDFS file system and management tools Mesosphere.

Cluster services such as real-time analysis framework Apache Spark, the NoSQL database Apache Cassandra, the messaging system Apache Kafka, the Big Data environment, Apache Hadoop and the container management tool Google Kubernetes are easily convertible Mesosphere DCOS can be used. From repositories that can be both publicly and internally, to other services in Linux or Docker containers should be installed at your fingertips.

A private SDK will allow developers to distributed applications to develop as if they are running on a server. Mesosphere DCOS to thereby all aspects of the cluster operation of the distribution of resources to take care of handling hardware failures.

Mesosphere DCOS runs on current versions of Linux, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu and CoreOS, in various public clouds (Amazon AWS, Google Compute Engine, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, VMware v Cloud Air) and on private VMWare and OpenStack clouds. Mesosphere cluster can contain thousands of machines. The company has just completed a series B financing more than 36 million US dollars.

Linux Containers, based on Mesosphere and similar approaches such as Core OS and Red Hat Atomic, grab an application with the required runtime environment in an image. Such containers provide a better application isolation than the traditional multi-process model of classical operating systems, however, require much less effort than traditional virtual machines on hypervisors start a complete virtualized operating system. has ushered the container trend Docker, software for building, for the distribution and management of containers.(ODI)

Thunderbird 52 with small changes

Thunderbird 52

Thunderbird jumps from version 48 directly to version 52. The developers of Mozilla have fixed some bugs and the mail client donated some minor changes.

Thunderbird jumps from version 45.8.0 directly to version 52 and so moves with Firefox same. Otherwise, there are rather inconspicuous innovations: Thunderbird embeds photos into the editing window now as Data URIs, which aims to improve the compatibility with as MS Office or Libre Office. The dialog box "Graphic Features" shows as "Graphic address" Base64 encoded raw data truncated at. Images that are linked from the Internet, Thunderbird invites no longer automatically downloaded and does not depend on it to the message. The user can do this manually using the "Graphic Features" catch up.

Thunderbird Who receives twitter direct messages

The chat function of e-mail clients supported with version 52 also direct messages from Twitter and its "I like it"-Function. Accounts is to support the Yahoo Messenger. In addition, Thunderbird supports SASL SCRAM authentication in XMPP. Users of the calendar can outsource their appointments in its own tab and edit it there - this one has in the settings in the "calendar" tick the "Appointments and tasks in a tab rather than a dialog box to edit" put.

Added is also an import function for the Japanese mail program Becky !. In addition, users can copy their news filter. All other changes, modifications and repairs to the list "Thunderbird Notes" on.


iPhone Hack: FBI paid allegedly dollars 900,000

(Picture: AP, Justin Lane / Illustration)

One senator called for the first time publicly the price that the US federal police have apparently paid for the data access to the iPhone of the assassin of San Bernardino. The FBI kept the amount so far under wraps.

The unlocking of the iPhone 5c, which belonged to the bomber shot of San Bernardino, has apparently claimed the FBI dollars 900,000. This amount called the US Senator Dianne Feinstein, as the Associated Press news agency reported. Feinstein is chairman of the committee for the intelligence services, including falls, the US federal police.

Allegedly "good reasons" iPhone Data Access

The sum was mentioned in passing by the Senator when interviewing FBI boss James Comey: The FBI had to spend $ 900,000 to unlock the iPhone so Feinstein - and there have "given good reasons to want to get to the data of the device", Further details were not disclosed.

Apple Vs. FBI: dispute over iPhone unlocking

Unlocking an iPhone

Apple intended to help the FBI to unlock the iPhone a terrorist - but refuses because thus the safety of all users would be called into question. The dispute with the US authorities making waves.

  • The Crypto Wars 3.0 reach the US
  • US government: We have cracked the iPhone without Apple
  • Comment: Apple's red-line Marketing
  • Apple should help unlock iPhone
  • Tim Cook opposes
  • Apple: US investigators blame themselves
  • News about Apple Vs. FBI

The FBI insisted so far on the price must be kept secret. FBI Director Comey hinted last year only indicates that the authority has spent about $ 1 million for data access. Several US media companies want explained recite the publication of the details for some time and also demand the release for information on who exactly is performed to unlock the iPhone.

Apple's refusal to Entsperrbeihilfe

The US federal police had originally tried to force Apple court order to assist in unlocking the iPhone: The Group was instructed to overturn several security mechanisms around the code lock of iOS with a specially developed software to the FBI a brute-force to allow -attack the PIN.

Apple was working on the matter, although the prosecutors together and handed also iCloud backups of the iPhone - but at the same time absolutely refused to comply with the request of the Court and to develop a software to help iPhone unlocking. Such a tool would be too dangerous, the company argued, because it could fall into the wrong hands. Apple also feared that the matter would be a precedent: Law enforcement officers would then urge the iPhone maker to further surveillance option.

After unnamed third allowed access to the data of the iPhone, the FBI finally took back the arrangement. Multiple speculated that Israeli company Cellebrite could have helped the Federal Police - a confirmation there is not sure yet. published earlier this year, a hacker certain tools from the store Cellebrite, which are also thought to unlock smartphones. If software exists to crack smartphones, then passes them into the hands of third parties, the hacker says.(LBE)

Apple updates all of its operating systems

iPhone and iPad with iOS 9th

(Image: Apple)

iOS 9.3.3, OS X El Captian 10.11.6, watchOS 2.2.2 and 9.2.2 TVOS available for download - and fix errors before the next major update.

After an extended beta Apple has placed all four of its operating systems for Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV 4 and Apple Watch to a new level on Monday night. The update to iOS 9.3.3, OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan, TVOS 9.2.2 and 2.2.2 watchOS is pure bugfix updates. It may be, to the last updates before iOS 10 macOS Sierra (10.12), TVOS 10 and watchOS 3, all of which are in the fall, probably in September, expected.

Vulnerabilities fixed, improved stability

IOS 9.3.3 Apple was initially only indicates that the update "fixes" as "security improvements" contains. The list of supplied security patches contains more than two dozen sub-points, in areas such as WebKit (Safari browser, mail and other tools), calendar (manipulated Invitations Force reboot), FaceTime (relay attack actually finished calls), kernel, sandboxing, Siri (unwanted disclosure of contacts), and more. On an iPhone 6s the update was not quite 57 MB in size

OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 fixes with just under 700 MB, according to Apple stability, compatibility and security issues. These include difficulties with saving settings in accounts in which the child protection function is active, problems related to SMB network devices and bug fixes in the field NetBoot and Active Directory. In addition, over 30 security issues that are fixed, stuck in various system components. For OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X Yosemite 10.10 additional Security Update 2016-004 has been dealt and stuffs many of these gaps. Also for Mavericks and Yosemite there is a Safari update 9.1.2 with a security-relevant content - it's part of OS X 10.11.6.

Update for iTunes on Windows

For OS X and Windows, Apple offers an update to iTunes 12.4.2. This should be remedied 12.04 a playback issue in iTunes that could occur with short titles. For Windows's also provides security fixes.

watchOS 2.2.2 also comes with bug fixes and fixes a dozen vulnerabilities. The same applies to TVOS 9.2.2. Curiously, Apple leads here currently the gaps as for iOS 9.2.1 concluded - the latter was published in May.(BSC)

Bastelanleitung: iPhone for VR headset make

Google published a template for an Android-based virtual reality goggles in June. That can be adapted with little effort even to Apple smartphones.

Whom the Oculus Rift something is too expensive, its virtual reality glasses can also cobble together recently for yourself: Google has presented a kit in June, which shows that it in addition to a current smartphone just a little cardboard, inexpensive lenses and a few rubber holders are necessary.

While Google is not sold Hack mentioned his Cardboard and has distributed it only to subscribers of its I / O conference. but a pattern including tips to order the other components is available on the Web. In addition, some unofficial versions can be had at online stores.

It makes sense to put the iPhone into an envelope to increase the contact surface.Enlarge
Image: 9to5Mac

But what do owners of iOS devices that want to also take part in VR fun? The Cardboard can also use as 9to5Mac now shows a guide.

Although the iPhone 5 / 5s is smaller than that provided by Google for Cardboard Android smartphones, but with a sheath it is stabilized. Compatible software, there is also already. Among them is "Dive City Coaster". "The Height" or the game "Moorente", All these applications are actually meant for the plastic shell VR Durovis Dive.(BSC)

“IPhone 8” replaced Lightning connector allegedly by USB C

2012 Lightning port on the iPhone 5 replaced the huge dock connector.

(Picture: AP, Franziska Koark)

Apple's next flagship iPhone exchanges the nearly five-year-old proprietary Lightning port according to a report against a USB connection to type C. The $ 1,000 iPhone relies on a curved OLED display, it said.

The "iPhone 8" employs a flexible OLED display as well as the first time a USB-C port instead of the Lightning port, as the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with Apple's plans reported on Tuesday. The compact USB connection to type C, which is now to be found on several Android smartphones, serving both the charging and the "other peripheral" connector. Further details are not known, the business daily.

In addition to the flagship model with curved OLED display, the price could start at around $ 1,000 Apple wants, the report also introduce two new iPhone models, which continue to focus on LCDs: They are so far as "iPhone 7s" and acted "iPhone 7s Plus". Whether USB-C only in the "iPhone 8" is to be used, or in all three new iPhone models, remains unclear.

USB C for iPhone and iPad peripheral connection was easier

2015 Apple has begun to equip Macs with USB C: The 12 "-MacBook and the new MacBook Pro rely solely on this interface. The use of USB-C in iPhone and iPad would simplify connecting peripheral clear: Currently, users must, for example, use two adapters in order to connect an iOS device via an Ethernet cable.

Apple iPhone 7
The iPhone 7 while the headphone jack is missing - but Apple continues to rely on Lightning, also for connecting wired headphones.Enlarge

Surrender to the Lightning port, only five years after the introduction of the iPhone 5 would, however unusual - especially since Apple has not introduced until new peripheral with Lightning connector in recent years, including most recently the cargo box of AirPods and 2015, the Apple Edit, the can be charged directly on the iPad.

According to information from the business newspaper the "iPhone 8" also dispenses with the classic home button: A new touch toolbar does this job, it was said previously in a report. Whether Apple's fingerprint sensor Touch ID integrated into the OLED display - the Group holds relevant patents - currently or relies on other biometric data such as face recognition, is still open.

"iPhone 8" is probably in September

The launch of "iPhone 8", "iPhone 7s" and "iPhone 7s Plus" is as usual expected in September. Observers expect that the "iPhone 8" is equipped with a virtually borderless display that a floor area of ​​approximately 5.15 "should have - but the size of 4.7" maintains IPhones. Through a motherboard "stacked" could be in a position Apple to equip the compact device with a much larger battery. It has long been the integration of a wireless charging technology in conversation.

More on the subject:


Bad reviews for Apple show “Planet of the Apps”

"Planet of the Apps"-Logo.

(Image: Apple)

The first own series of the Group, which runs at Apple Music, will not go down well with US media. Celebrities are asked to evaluate in a classic reality TV style developers.

Apple's first TV series, the (10 euros / month) is offered as part of Apple Music, comes from critics so far to no good. US media such as The Outline or Variety or Business Insider they deem "embarrassing", on "unintentionally funny train accident" or at best for "bland and lukewarm",

On the escalator to the celebrities

The series transfers the pattern of the US mission "Shark tank"Whose principle in Germany on Vox under the name "Cave Lion" are on app developers. Various developers need as part of a "Elevator pitch"Where they shut down an escalator, present their iOS programs. Then decide celebrities like, Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, whether they are interested in one of the ideas. They may be used respectively for the app developer then to their product "improve", In addition, it comes to investment funds and Apple brings the apps in a separate section in the App Store, which will raise their download numbers.

Whether on participation "Planet of the Apps" helps developers is not entirely clear. For example, an app developer from New York rejected the takeover by a celebrity, and his money is concerned rather on Indiegogo.

followed by further shipments

Apple had considered long to produce their own content. Next "Planet of the Apps" will also soon have the music program "Carpool Karaoke" at. In addition, obviously is a fiction show about the life of rapper Dr. Dre planned.

Probably but the level is still rising: The iPhone maker has recently committed two known Sony manager for its television and movie content. Jamie Ehrlicht and Zack Van Amburg have included previously for "Breaking Bad". "Justified". "The Crown" or "Damages" partly responsible. Apple will also, among others, the new show of "Top Gear"wagered -Macher that ultimately it's most successful (as Amazon "The Grand Tour") Landed.


Subsidy for the Apple Watch at the Techniker Krankenkasse

(Picture: AP, Yonhap)

Up to 250 euros the health insurance pays for when buying an Apple Watch, but it builds conditions. Collected fitness data are not currently demanded by the user.

After the AOK Northeast and the Techniker Krankenkasse wearables and Fitness Tracker now officially included in its bonus program - including the Apple Watch. While the AOK latter contributing only 50 euros will contribute up to 250 euros, the Techniker Krankenkasse.

Sought fitness data

However it up to seven measures are attached, to be made by the insured, including a check-up and two health courses. For a lower number of services, the grant falls lower. The data collected from the Apple Watch will not provide the insured, the insurance company emphasizes.

But first insurance giant Generali as already planning the introduction of insurance models, which also provides data on exercise and lifestyle are detected. The South African insurer Discovery has recently announced a collaboration with Apple

Subsidization by insurers

Apple CEO Tim Cook had stressed at the launch of Apple Watch, he hoped for aid from insurer to make the clock for users more affordable. The Apple Watch is available at prices starting at just under 400 euros.(LBE)

iPhone: Apple restricts express exchange an obviously

(Picture: AP, Christoph Schmidt)

Without a paid supplementary iPhone users can not take advantage of the express exchange service now. In a warranty case, they must by longer without their smartphone.

Apple offers express replacement of an iPhone no longer appears for all customers. To obtain a replacement even before the defective iPhone is sent for example in case of warranty to Apple, the paid insurance AppleCare + is now absolutely necessary. Their charge is almost 150 euros for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.

Without this insurance users need their iPhone now so first one chicken - and thus dispense with for a long time on the smartphone. Usually, the services on the device "within one week of delivery" made the iPhone, says Apple.

Express Exchange limited

The passage to express replacement service for non-AppleCare purchasers, the Group has withdrawn from its service page. Even the telephone support refused without AppleCare insurance meantime the Express Exchange, as readers report. The change is apparently already since the end of January.

The exchange service left so far - without AppleCare + - take for just under 30 euros to complete, in part, the company renounced addition to the fee, such as a defect shortly after buying an iPhone. By Express Exchange, the user is within a short time a replacement iPhone by courier delivered and then must return the faulty unit. Whether the option at a later date will be offered again, remains unclear - a demand for the service change at Apple went unanswered.

Loaner from store

Apple's stores and some authorized dealers offer sometimes on a loan if the iPhone is not changed but in the course of the one-year warranty period on site sent to a repair center. The loaner one could "keep up to three weeks"Explains Apple. occurs the return of the lend-iPhone when one picks up the repaired device.(LBE)

Wireless router UPC tension secret network to

The Austrian broadband provider UPC has delivered wireless router to its customers that undocumented span a second, hidden WLAN, report security researchers from SBA Research. Accordingly, the model provided by UPC Thomson TWG850-4U always used the same SSID and the same WPA key for this WLAN. Networks with hidden SSID do not appear in the normal Wi-Fi Genre access devices, one must know the SSID next to the WPA key to connect to the network.

The hidden power is not isolated from the main-Fi, so an attacker can access both the Internet and to other computers on the network, according to the researchers. The uninvited guest can even access the configuration interface of the router and there read out the set by UPC customers WPA key, and change critical configuration parameters.

During a brief tour in Vienna, the security researcher claims to have "hundreds of networks in just a few streets" locate that they could take over. UPC provides the model TWG850-4U out to all customers who opt for the combined offer of TV and the Internet. According to an earlier statement by the broadband provider used by around 250,000 customers this package.

UPC has reacted promptly and has responded on Thursday, three days after the problem became public with an emergency patch that is now gradually distributed automatically to the affected devices. The discoverer of the gap confirmed to H Security that the hidden WLAN is no longer clamped by the firmware update.

A similar phenomenon observed in November last year already the Dutch UPC subsidiary customers. After a firmware update, another Thomson router has spanned an invisible network here. However, one did not have access to the configuration interface and other computers on the network through this invisible network. UPC justified this behavior with time "new opportunities"Which are planned for the future.

update: A UPC spokesman confirmed the problem to heise Security, and announced that some 100,000 copies of the said wireless router in circulation.(Rei)

SSL Gau: To test programs and online services

The publication of the momentous heartbleed gap has many services caught cold - including Adobe, LastPass, and even VeriSign. Users can online check whether the services used by them are already protected.

Heartbleed bug: The GAU for web encryption

Heartbleed bug: The GAU for web encryption

An extremely serious programming errors compromised encryption keys and data of the backed up with OpenSSL connections on the Internet. The gap also allows access to sensitive data such as plaintext passwords. Given the proliferation of open source library, this has disastrous consequences.

  • So the heartbleed exploit works
  • SSL Gau: To test programs and online services
  • Passwords at risk - what now?
  • Heartbleed sufferers ostrich effect
  • Password access: heartbleed gap with catastrophic consequences
  • Information and background to heartbleed bug

The momentous heartbleed bug in the widespread cryptographic library OpenSSL allows connection partners can attack each other. In susceptible Web servers is about the ability to read private crypto keys from memory. With which the attacker can then decrypt the SSL traffic of all users.

Caught cold

Some operators of services such as CloudFlare obviously have previously informed the discoverer of the bug; However, the criteria by which this selection is done not known. Samples of heise Security show that many prominent sites were obviously not prepared for the release of vulnerability details. In the morning, for example,,,, and the site of the online password manager LastPass were still vulnerable.

The companies have now all responded. The operators of the online task management Wunderlist have precaution off the cloud sync because the rented Amazon servers are also affected. Still vulnerable is obviously just the site of the OpenSSL Project.

On Tuesday afternoon, the site of the OpenSSL project was even more vulnerable.
On Tuesday afternoon, the site of the OpenSSL project was even more vulnerable.Enlargecheck services

With two testing services you can find out if the services used by you are vulnerable yet, namely and Moreover, there are by the same author, the Go-Script heartbleed, with which you can perform these tests locally. can the Perl script even mail server test with starttls. Update April 9, 9:45: Meanwhile, there are also test modules for Metasploit, Nmap, Nessus OpenVAS and and an appropriate xkcd.

For most Linux distributions the hedged OpenSSL versions are now offered through the package manager. but some programs such as the Apache SPDY module install their own libraries. To check this, one currently active in the system libraries on Linux can lsof with the command | grep display libssl. Here, then something appears as such:

apache2 ... /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/
vmware ... /usr/lib/vmware/lib/

Meanwhile, Sophos had to admit that the UTM appliances (formerly Astaro) are susceptible to the gap. A security patch is still in progress. But there are also some good news: OpenSSH is not affected at first sight. Although it uses the basic crypto functions of OpenSSL, but does not use the vulnerable TLS functions.(Rei)

Fixed age-old bug in the Linux kernel: Dirty Cow


A race condition in the kernel means that local users to overwrite files that they really should read it. Kernel developers describe the bug as "disgusting" and recommend to patch as soon as possible.

The Linux kernel developers have a serious vulnerability in the kernel closed. The vulnerability (CVE-2016-5195) could have been abused by local users to overwrite files to which they have only read rights. On Linux systems, among other things, their own user rights can thus be extended to root privileges.

The vulnerability exists in its current form since at least kernel 2.6.22 - so for over nine years. In his code commit the fix mentioned kernel Torvalds chief that it is a "ancient bug" IN QUESTION, who eleven years ago once "bad" had been fixed by himself. This change can have again need to be undone; Now the vulnerability was however finally plugged. In the bow there is a race condition that was more esoteric nature at first well was now, according to Torvalds but easier to deploy because the kernel itself have evolved.

New kernel versions in which the vulnerability was hedged, are already completed or in the pipeline. The hedged kernel 4.4.26, 4.7.9 and 4.8.3 are already available, version 3.10.104 would soon follow. The major Linux distributions also already working to close the gap in the well-kept from them kernel packages.

Update - 20/10/2016, 20:38

The vulnerability now has a name: Dirty Cow. Behind this, at least in part, an implicit criticism of vulnerabilities that are worn in with name and logo. However, operators also collect money for FreeBSD and have set up an online store that sells merchandise.

but the website also carries useful information to the gap together. However, the question of whether one is vulnerable, is not exactly reliable answers based on the browser user agent, as the used version of the Linux kernel is not checked properly. (FAB)

#heiseshow: Is that it now with virtual reality?

#heiseshow, from 12 pm live: Autonomous Systems - Towards Skynet?

Last year, a total of three high-quality VR goggles came on the market, but the breakthrough failed to materialize. In many places, the glasses are dusty in the closet. What's wrong, we'll discuss in a new #heiseshow.

Actually, should 2017 be the year of VR glasses: With the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the Playstation VR three high-quality products on the market and content there is now also a lot. But although probably few were expected so eagerly in recent years, virtual reality remains hanging in the niche. This is confirmed by recent surveys, also manufacturers adjust their estimates to: So last Nokia said goodbye to his high-priced VR camera Ozo and ran hundreds of sites because "the VR market is developing more slowly than expected",

After Jan-Keno Janssen was three years ago sure that virtual reality would be a success, we ask for, as he sees it now. And as the industry itself estimates the situation? Why are the VR goggles despite affordable devices are still not a mass phenomenon? Do we have to just wait a little longer on the title of making persuasion about the passionate player also to add itself a VR glasses? Be it might not be the games, helping the VR goggles to break through? Is it perhaps not the glasses, but to virtual reality will prevail in other ways?

All these and other questions also our viewers discuss Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) and Martin Holland (@fingolas) with c't editor Jan-Keno Janssen (@elektroelvis) in a new #heiseshow.

#heiseshow? Technology News & Power Politics

#heiseshow: Technology News & network policy

Thursdays. 12 o'clock. Live.The H talks to guests about the latest technical developments and network policy. can before #heiseshow via tweets with the hashtag, during and mitdiskutiert after the broadcast. The #heiseshow there ...

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Questions to the presenters and guests can be asked during the show on Youtube chat, in heise forum on Facebook or on Twitter (hashtag #heiseshow).

Questions and comments that are not sent to us during the live broadcast, we record. We try to include them in the current program. Also suggested topics for the next issue between programs are always welcome.

live every week

The #heiseshow is streamed every Thursday at 12 am live on heise online. The moderating team consisting of Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee), Volker Briegleb (@briegleb), Martin Holland (@fingolas) and Jürgen Kuri (@jkuri) conducts alternating in pairs applied to around 30 minutes talk show in which current developments are discussed with colleagues and switched-guests.

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Privacy Shield: EU data protection distance themselves from the Commission

Privacy Shield

The EU Commission has the transatlantic "Privacy Shield" in a first test report as "functioning" designated. The EU data protection officers complain that the assessment was drawn up without them.

Was full of praise EU Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová last week when she first annual audit report to the "Privacy Shield" presented. The agreement, which allows a broad transfer of company data between the EU and the US, worked well, said the Czech. The Brussels government agency made the statement in which it also expounded some unfinished points, but obviously without the crucial supervisory authorities of the Member States: Representatives of the Data Protection Commissioner of the EU countries distance themselves now open on the results of the Commission.

In the review of eight delegates from the European data protection authorities were involved, which are assembled in the Article 29 group. This included from Germany, among others, an employee of the Federal Data Protection Commissioner Andrea Voßhoff. The CDU politician now emphasized to heise online that on the report from Brussels, representatives of data protection authorities "were involved only in relation to the factual basis", The conclusions were drawn but without them and would give so "exclusively with the Commission again",

Privacy advocates draw their own conclusion

currently the data protection included developed its own report, the proposals for conclusions from the perspective of Article 29 Guppe would contain it says in the Bonn authorities. On the submission will end November advise in the next plenary session of the committee and decided. European and especially German data protection commissioner had previously always dissatisfied shown with the succession plan for the tilted by the European Court Safe Harbor agreement. Advance they threatened last year with a lawsuit and finally blessed the privacy shield initially only with reservations from. Now they want to soon announce whether they consider the existing safeguards are sufficient.(Stefan Krempl) /(Mho)

EnBW is the billion project pumped storage power plant on Atdorf

EnBW is the billion project pumped storage power plant on Atdorf

The reservoir Schluchsee.


The project is already longer fated more: 2014, RWE withdrew from the planning for the pumped storage power plant Atdorf. By environmentalists is always strong resistance. Now the utility EnBW pulling the ripcord.

The huge pumped storage power plant in the southern Atdorf faces the corner. The billion project would not be pursued, the power company EnBW announced in Karlsruhe on Wednesday. After evaluating a three-week public hearing he had come to the conclusion that additional cost and time intensive planning work would be needed and a deadline for implementation is uncertain. In addition, the energy-economic and political conditions were unfavorable.

1.6 billion euro construction costs

was to be built the power plant from the Schluchseewerk AG, a subsidiary of EnBW and RWE. The energy giant from North Rhine-Westphalia had said goodbye to the project already, 2014. The 1.6 billion-euro project was controversial from the start. Municipalities, environmental organizations and citizens' groups refused. The started in 2008, according to plans, among other things, a 75 meter high dam and two artificial lakes were to be built.

Two new storage tanks and more than 25 kilometers underground structures should be built for the pumped storage plant Atdorf. Two new storage tanks and more than 25 kilometers underground structures should be built for the pumped storage plant Atdorf.(Picture:

EnBW has to write to the end of the project several million euros. "For the EnBW group, the start-up costs amounted in total to an average double-digit millions"Said a spokeswoman for the Heilbronner Stimme. Concrete figures did not call. The Swiss subsidiary EnBW Energy Holding AG, which holds a quarter of the EnBW shares in the project, had According to the newspaper already informed that the termination of the project they burden with eleven million euros.

pleased environmentalists

The environmental organization BUND has warmly welcomed the corner. "That EnBW AG has strayed from building the pumped storage plant Atdorf amid strict nature, is good news for people, the environment and natural spot", Announced the country managing director Sylvia Pilarsky-Grosch. By investing a lot of very rare plants and animals have lost their habitat forever. Especially the interventions in the water balance of the area would have been harmful for Bund view.

Energy and Environment Minister Franz Untersteller the decision is not entirely unexpected. but she was unfortunate in the matter, the Green Party said in Stuttgart. He would have liked that EnBW and its subsidiary would have found a way to end the planning successful.

The German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW) pointed out that electricity will be charged from pumped storage plants twice to network tariffs and therefore is not very economical. "We finally need a performance-based compensation of flexible storage services", Informed the chairman of the BDEW General Executive Management, Stefan Kapferer, in Berlin.

EnBW oriented around

EnBW will now set new priorities for its own account for storage technologies. Among other things, the company partners for the construction of a lithium-ion accumulator in Heilbronn with Bosch. However, the expansion of existing pumped storage power plants in other places, such as in Forbach in the Black Forest, will further advanced.

Pumped storage power plants can contribute to the security of electricity supply. If more power is available when needed, such as when wind blows and the sun shines, convey strong pump water from a lower reservoir to a higher elevation basin. When electricity in the grid missing - because, for example at night lull prevails and, neither wind nor solar energy available - the water is directed from above through pipes or shafts down. Then turbines drive generators. Atdorf should have a capacity of 1,400 megawatts and can produce as much electricity in the short term as a large nuclear power plant.(AP) /(ANW)