Space Telescope: NASA extended Hubble mission by 2021

Space Telescope: NASA extended Hubble mission by 2021

Hubble in orbit

(Image: NASA)

The space telescope will at least another five years to explore the solar system, the Milky Way and the universe. NASA will continue to fund research activities to the 2021st Hubble will therefore work together with his successor.

NASA has extended the scientific mission of the Hubble Space Telescope for another 5 years. As the US space agency announced last week, the researches of the telescope should therefore take at least until mid 2,021th Accordingly, the extension of the contract includes all activities and services that are needed on the ground to be able to continue working with Hubble as usual. The service mission last for the telescope itself took place in 2009 - as part of a flight on the Space Shuttle. In the foreseeable future, such a flight is not possible due to lack of an aircraft.

"Better than ever"

Hubble any case going better than ever before, assures the space agency. It was launched on 24 April 1990, but then failed to deliver once many years the expected images. The only began with another shuttle flight in 1993, began to provide the pictures after the Hubble, which since then shape our image of the space key. This will still be a while so, at least until the James Webb Space Telescope launches in 2018 the successor. Both will then probably deliver for years in parallel images until the era of Hubble's ends.

You should also read the message on the 25th anniversary Hubble heise online:

  • 25 years Hubble Space Telescope: A universe in colorful
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25 years Hubble Space Telescope (105 images)

A colorful detail from the Carina Nebula
(Image: ESA / Hubble)


Hyundai Electronics is soon Hynix

The world's second-largest memory chip company Hyundai Electronics is structured around massive. In order to solve the financial problems caused by the "Asian Crisis" have from the year 1998, the ninth largest chip manufacturer in the world has outsourced parts of the company and wants only to its core business of semiconductors under the name "Hynix Semiconductor" continue. The new name is a "higher and further advanced stage in the semiconductor technology" symbolize and at the same time "the company's attention to the influence of technology on society" express.

The divisions CRT monitors, satellites, electronic services and PC manufacturing have already been outsourced to independent companies. Telecommunications and LCD displays are to follow. Hynix itself is to be independent of the parent company Hyundai after the approval of the shareholders.

A negative message overshadowed the company's efforts to improve its financial situation: The market observers the US firm Moody's Investors Service downgraded the credit rating of Hyundai Electronics by two notches down. The reason: the US subsidiary Hyundai Semiconductor USA in Oregon failed to service a claim in the amount of 57 million US dollars. Meanwhile, the Korean Hyundai pays the bulk of this amount - as the Wall Street Journal reports, a consortium of three Asian banks Hyundai has approved fresh export credits in the amount of 150 million US dollars.

These loans, which are explicitly endorsed by the South Korean government, are a thorn in the other chip manufacturers. The largest US DRAM producer Micron calls on the US government action against them according to the rules of the World Trade Organization unfair subsidies.

Yesterday's price rise in memory prices rate industry experts as a panic reaction to the problems at Hyundai. It is feared that the financial problems at Hyundai could pull to profound changes in the power structure of the DRAM industry by itself.(Ciw)

discovered three maybe habitable exoplanets: Kepler

The US space agency NASA has found three planets within the Kepler mission, which should be relatively similar to our Earth, and which are therefore potentially life could be possible.

The current stars of the exoplanets in size compared with the earth, from left to right: Kepler-22b -69c, -62e, -62f, earth.(Image: NASA Ames / JPL Caltech)

Objects identified as Exoplaneten have been found in two different planetary systems and are all within the so-called habitable zone - of that area where the surface temperature of a planet located by its distance to the central star between 0 and 100 degrees Celsius, so that water permanently in liquid form could occur.

The members of the planetary system Kepler-62 in size and distance compared with the four inner planets of the solar system.(Image: NASA Ames / JPL Caltech)

One of the two solar systems with the newly discovered planet is Kepler-62. It has five planets and is about 1,200 light-years away. The planets orbit a star that has about two-thirds the size of our sun and about a fifth of its luminosity. The two outer planet Kepler-62e and -62f are in the habitable zone. Kepler-62e is about 60 percent larger than Earth and orbits its star once every 122 days - a "year" takes on this planet that is, four terrestrial months. Kepler-62f is larger than the Earth around 40 percent and takes 267 days to orbit. With him, the scientists expect a rocky surface structure. The three remaining inner planets of the system revolve around their central star very fast (5 to 18 days) and therefore must be very close to him - and therefore too hot for that life in any known form could be possible.

Schematic representation of the planetary system Kepler-69, including comparison with the solar system.(Image: NASA Ames / JPL Caltech)

Kepler-69 is the second newly discovered planetary system and about 2,700 light-years away from our solar system. Unlike Kepler-62 has only two planets. Again, the inner planet is too hot to support life. But the outer planet Kepler-69c orbits its star in the habitable zone and takes 242 days for one orbit. He is about 70 percent larger than Earth; its composition or surface structure, scientists can currently say anything yet. The central star is 93 percent the size of our sun and emits about a fifth weaker.

Whether the newly discovered planet is effectively possible, can at least tell no one until now. John Grunsfeld, Director in the Department of science missions at NASA is still excited and stressed that the current discovery of the planets of Kepler-62 and Kepler-69 a bit further bring the people searching for habitable planets. It is only a matter of time before mankind know whether there is ample habitable, Earth-like planets in the Milky Way - or whether the Earth is an individual case with all its properties yet. The results of the Kepler mission already turn out for some time as quite promising in the search for exoplanets, most recently about two months ago.

The detection of planets via such distances not by observing the planet itself, but through the transit method. In this case, the brightness of the central star is observed. Draws a planet in front of the star over, whose brightness is reduced minimally - from the decrease in brightness, the scientists calculate then size and rotational speed of the planet.(JSS)

Discount law and addition regulation abolished

As previously announced, the Federal Cabinet today approved the cancellation of discount law and addition regulation. The abolition of these provisions serve the modernization of competition law framework for German suppliers, puts it by the federal government.

The law on discounts and free gifts are often referred to as fossils of the German legal landscape. Both provisions were enacted to protect consumers early 30s. At that time, the customer had little opportunity to compare prices. To protect consumers from unscrupulous fantasy prices, so the discount law was passed. It prevented the dealers from to set the price for a product high extreme to allow the customer then juicy discounts, which gave the impression that it is a bargain. Therefore, the discount law provides that no provider can offer more than three percent discount.

The addition Regulation served its time to protect consumers. Distributors, consumers should not lead through additional services astray, then, the grounds. The addition Regulation prohibits the offering or giving of gratuitous additions in commercial transactions.

In the times of new media and e-commerce but consumers have other ways to compare prices. Therefore, fears that the customer is misled by the dealer, have become obsolete. So far, only three per cent discount was allowed, after the abolition of the law is to assume that the company will be awarded higher discounts in the future.

The initiative to change the legislation that follows various business associations. They had to make it clear at a hearing in June that the restrictive regulations of pricing do not match the terms of trade on the Internet. The effects of the discount law were already felt some online providers. For example, courts had in Cologne and Hamburg prohibited business practices of and Primus-Online. The so-called Co-Shopping on the Internet violated in the opinion of the judges against the German discount law.

the SMEs alone now fear that this could further widen the gap between the big retailers and the middle class without discount law because large companies can give more discounts. Legitimate interests of consumers and competitors would also safeguarded without the discount law, it says to the Cabinet. After all, there is still the law against unfair competition, the law against restrictions on competition (antitrust) and price regulation.(MBB)

AZBox: New conversion action angry customers

New trouble for the HDTV compatible satellite receiver AZBox from the house Opensat by the c't had in the premium version in the output 16.9 in the test: After a recall because of hardware problems last July now provides a conversion action the German sales Impex satellite resentment. Impex-Sat offers, for an additional cost of 129 Euros receiver, model "AZBox HD Premium" against the type models "AZBox HD Premium Plus" exchange. The controversy ignited by the fact that the Plus version with two DVB-S2 tuners (also called twin or double tuner) will be delivered to the reception of satellite TV in standard and high definition resolution.

buyers of "old" AZBox HD Premium bring in this case that a second receiving module would actually cost just 59 euros for their eye also stattetes with two tuner slot machine is, however, blocked the upgrade via a second DVB-S2 tuner. In fact, the AZBox HD Premium is unable to work as a twin receiver and to address two tuners of the same type in parallel. Rather, it is a so-called "Combo Receiver", Which means that, for example, a DVB-S2 and DVB-T tuner can be installed to receive nationwide satellite TV programs as well as to local television stations.

Only the Plus model is a true twin receiver, for example, allows two DVB-S2 receiver modules to watch one program while you record another (on a different transponder). Who has the time to buy the basic model, therefore, would have to 498 euros (369 euros purchase price plus 129 Euro upgrade fee) invest to get the title to the Plus version - while Impex satellite, the AZBox HD Premium Plus currently around 420 euros as offering new device.

In AZBox Forum this breeds resentment among existing customers - not least because this premium was at that time clearly sold (without plus) as twin tuner-capable receiver claims to AZBox HD. An alleged publication of the manufacturer Opensat, after which they had tried in vain to integrate the twin function in the base model, and the settlement of the matter leave Impex satellite, as not just provides relaxation. The Dutch AZBox importer Smart Innovations stated in relation to the Dutch site TotaalTV that there had been confusion about the twin tuner capabilities of the AZBox HD Premium. Smart Innovations speaks of some 100 affected customers in the Netherlands. In the German Forum sufferers now calling for an update to the Plus model for the price of the second tuner for their box, or around 60 euros.(Nij)

Huawei Ascend P7: Light 5-inch Android

Huawei plans to ship its new Android flagship Ascend P7 from June. It has full-HD resolution and is particularly easy and flat. Compromising the user has to do, among other things to the WLAN.

Huawei Ascend P7 Ascend P7: In Germany it will probably be available in black and white, in other countries, in pink.(Picture: Huawei)

Huawei's new flagship Ascend P7 is a lightweight Android smartphone with 5-inch display and great equipment that will weigh only 124 grams. The housing with metal frame and glass back is only 6.5 mm thick. Huawei wants to bring the P7 in June for 419 euros in black and white on the market.

The display in LCD technology is 1920 × 1080 points to 445 dpi. The touch is performed in-cell, which makes the device slightly thinner than a separate touch layer. The main camera takes photos with 13 megapixels on the front camera with comparatively high 8 megapixels. Information about video resolution missing, 4K-capable, the P7 should not be so.

ordinary equipment
Huawei Ascend P7 housing 6.5 mm thickness, the P7 under provides the most thick by 8 to 9 millimeters competition significantly, even the iPhone 5s measures 7.6 millimeters.(Picture: Huawei)

The processor is suspected as a HiSilicon Kirin 910T with four cores and 1.8 GHz, the graphics core is a Mali 450MP - the SoC is therefore likely to be prepared for most tasks, even if it is slower than the SoCs of competitors such as Nexus 5 or Galaxy S5. There are also 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of flash. A microSD slot is present, however, according to Huawei recognizes only cards with a maximum of 32 GB.

The mobile part speaks LTE cat.4 (150 Mbit / s) in five bands, including the important in Germany 800, 1800 and 2600 MHz. The WLAN module is limited to 11 n in the 2.4 GHz band, it lacks 5 GHz and the current 11ac. Are incorporated Bluetooth 4.0 LE and NFC. The battery holds rather average 2500mAh. Huawei installed Android 4.4.2 with the adjusted surface Emotion UI 2.3.

With its price, the Ascend undercuts P7 competitors like the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and Sony Xperia Z2 clear, but probably a less brilliant display, a slower processor, the worse-Fi and a well at least the S5 and Z2 inferior camera. Advantages are the low weight and the slim case - can still make any statement at runtime.

A difficult time may have against the also equipped with LTE and full HD display Google Nexus 5, which, however, lacks the SD slot and the camera will probably be inferior to the P7. With 16 GB it costs 350 euros, with 32 GB 400 euros.(Jow)

Alcatel Idol 4 Pro: A Windows Phone for Europe

Alcatel Idol 4

Alcatel brings its Windows smartphone now available in Germany on the market. The little hybrid laptop Alcatel Plus 12 will be available soon.

Finally a Windows Phone: After the US Alcatel brings Idol 4 Pro with Windows 10 Mobile in the summer in Europe to market.

Alcatel brings its Windows Smartphone Idol 4 Pro also on the European market. From June the Windows Phone well equipped is also available in Germany, the manufacturer announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on Sunday. For 599 euros, the customer receives a smartphone with the upper-class processor Snapdragon 820, 4 GB of RAM and a 5.5-inch display with full HD resolution. Windows runs 10 Mobile with Continuum on the device.

little choice

The idol 4 Pro with Windows is so far only available in the US network operator T-Mobile. In the US, Windows phone has been well received, says Alcatel, which is why now also get European customers a chance. The market for Windows phones has become clearer, since Microsoft has withdrawn from the mass production and does not sell more Lumias. As alternatives, so far only the HP Elite X3 and the Acer Liquid Jade Primo on offer.

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Alcatel Idol 4 Pro (6 images)

The Alcatel Idol 4 Pro with WIndows Mobile 10 comes to Europe.
(Picture: heise online)

During the trading for the HP Elite X3 still calls a good 700 euros, the Acer introduced for 599 euros is now available for less than 300 euros, which is equipped like the Alcatel. In the Acatel not quite current but still Oberliga-capable Snapdragon 820 works with four cores. There are also 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of memory for apps and files, which can be expanded using a microSD card to 512 GB. The idol 4 Pro radios in the important for Europe LTE bands with up to 300 Mbit / s down and 50 Mbit / s up.

While the US model and the Android version of the Idol 4 were still available with a usable as VR goggles packaging, is now no more talk. Parent company TCL seems to focus on its strong brands Blackberry and Alcatel. When it comes to virtual reality of the manufacturers stepping on the brake, and the VR headset shown at IFA and CES as a prototype "vision" first lies on ice.

2-in-1 with Windows

In addition, in Barcelona, ​​Alcatel is a new Windows tablet with keyboard. The Alcatel Plus 12 is of a Intel Celeron N3350 with two cores (1,1 up to 2,4 GHz) is driven, the stand 4 GB of RAM. There are also a total of 64 GB for data distributed to each a EMMC and MicroSD card with 32 GB. The card slots support up to 128 GB. The tablet has a full-HD display (1920 x 1080 pixels) with 11.6 inches diagonally.

While in the tablet part a WLAN module (802.11b / g / n, 2.4 GHz) sits, Alcatel has moved the mobile part including the SIM card into the keyboard. The keyboard can UMTS and LTE, as well as set up a wireless access point for up to 15 units. In the tablet part of a battery infected with 6900 mAh, the Tastatatur has a battery with 2,580 mAh. The tablet has a USB-C, USB-A and micro-HDMI port. With metal housing the whole thing weighs almost a kilo. The Alcatel Plus 12 is the manufacturer available in July and will cost 500 euros.

Alcatel Idol 4 Pro Windows Mobile 10
operating systemWindows Mobile 10
Processor / coresSnapdragon 820 Quad Core
2 × 1.6 × 1.25 GHz 2 GHz
graphicAdreno 530
random access memory4 GB
Flash memory64 GB
Removable Storage / max.MicroSD 512 GB
display5.5 "Amoled 1920 × 1080 Full HD
Resolution (ppi)400 ppi
screen protectorDragontail Glass
LTE / UMTS850/900/1800/1900 Mhz
LTE Cat 6 Volume 1, 3, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38
WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS802.11 a / b / g / n / ac 2.4 & 5 GHz
USB portType-C
battery capacity3000 mAh
main camera21 MP
front camera8 MP
Dimensions (H × W × D)154 × 75 × 7 mm
mass152 g
Price (MSRP)599 €


Suspended sentences for operators of rechtsextremischen Thiazi Forum

Suspended sentences for operators of the right-wing Thiazi forum

(Picture: AP)

In the case against the operator of the right-wing Thiazi Forum, the first three sentences have been announced. The case against the main defendants should take at least until September.

Three operators of the former right-wing Internet platform Thiazi forum have been convicted on Friday of the Rostock district court to suspended sentences. The woman and the two men were guilty convinced the judge of criminal association and jointly committed sedition in several hundred cases. The woman was sentenced to two years probation, the two men to one year and eight months and one year and three months on probation. The trial of another man, the main accused, is scheduled to last until at least September 2015, according to the District Court.

According to the court the defendant was from Hesse, the ringleader of the forum. For they have has administrator rights and data that had no other access, it said in the verdict. Thus they would at any time have been able to put out the forum completely. "In its role as a programmer, they would not have been replaced"The judge said.

Right-wing extremist lyrics

The two accused men from Saxony-Anhalt and Baden-Wuerttemberg could delete posts on the forum at any time, it said. They had indeed had a subordinate position compared to the defendants - but can ensure active, that content will not be published.

Screenshot of Screenshot of

The judge explained that the musical contributions that were published on Thiazi would contain right-wing extremist texts and example glorifies the Holocaust. The contributions were targeted primarily on extreme right-wing teenagers and would as "Media Harmful to Young" classified. By 2012, more than 1,000 music files are available for download for users worldwide according to the information in Thiazi forum.

After presentation of the prosecutor's office, there were a total of nearly 1.5 million posts in Thiazi forum. The 2012 Forum set at the time was the largest German right-wing Internet platform. Up to 30,000 people were registered.(AP) /(ANW)

Network management for small LANs

The version 3.2 of the free IT management software Spiceworks fixes numerous bugs in the previous version and introduces support for LDAP servers that do not belong to an Active Directory on Windows. The developers improved the UTF-8 support for SNMP device names, Wake-on-LAN and have an impact on the application while searching for network devices or in the treatment of email many parameters. Details can be found in the release notes on the manufacturer's website.

Spiceworks inventoried and monitored network devices such as Windows, Linux or Mac OS X PCs, routers, printers, manage software licenses and collects in a ticket system error messages. The collected data displays it in reports or alerts an alarm system, such as when servers go down, hard drives fill up or printer toner is running low. Additionally, the program organized in a help desk tasks and projects.

Spiceworks runs on Windows XP SP2 and requires a web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer). According to the manufacturer, the program is particularly suitable for networks with less than 250 devices. The nearly 12-MB installation file is available on the Spiceworks site to download.(Rec)

iPod software refreshed

The promised at Macworld software update for the iPod is now available for free download. It refreshes all Apple MP3 players, including the first-generation 5-gigabyte drive. The approximately 7-MB disk image can be opened only by Mac OS X; the installer contains is multilingual and also updated German equipment. A 6-Mbyte download for Mac OS 9 is here. Some features require Apple's music application iTunes. 3

The update to the iPod version 1.2 brings some improvements that benefit each owner. A normalizing function called "soundcheck" compensates for large differences between quiet and loud pieces; Moreover, the sound of the player after the update to be better. In addition to artists, albums and titles the song list can now be sorted BROWSE after musical styles and composers.

By pressing a button, the player presents the date and time (not forgetting these settings when off) and displays appointments in a day or month view. Upcoming appointments makes an alarm alert. Since an address database was installed in the last firmware update, the iPod is good now almost to the PDA replacement. Only enter or change can not appointments and addresses; this task is left to the Mac OS X iCal, Apple has announced for September, and PIM applications such as reserved for the Palm Desktop. The convenient syncing between Mac and iPod serves iSync, Mac users can download from the Apple server also from next month.

For Germany less important: After the update the juggler can also play audio books from Audible; the US manufacturer claims to offers over 18,000 audio books in MP3 format, copy-protected by digital rights management, to the purchase.(S)

IFA 2015: Sony Xperia Z5 with small and big brother

Sony Xperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

With three new Xperia smartphones Sony has come to the IFA in Berlin.

(Picture: The H / VBR)

Sony launches at IFA, as expected, the successor to its previous flagship smartphone before and skipping over a number. For this, the Xperia Z5 comes in three different styles - and with new camera technology.

Sony surprised at the IFA 2015 in Berlin with three new items in the Xperia family: The Japanese put the number as expected with the Xperia Z5 and the smaller brother Xperia Z5 Compact after the Xperia Z3 + Z4 aka continued. New top model is the Xperia Z5 premium that stands out above all by its 5.5-inch display with 4K resolution of the siblings. But the do have something to offer.

Smart fingerprint sensor

The basic equipment is the three - the usual waterproof and dust repellent - equipment largely the same, differing only in details. The heart of the Z5 family form a Snapdragon 810 whose eight cores clocked at 2 GHz and 1.5, and an Adreno 430 GPU. The two larger models there are 3 GB of memory available, to make do with 2 GB only the Xperia Z5 Compact needs. 32 GB of memory on board for system and files Xperias cope up to 128 GB with microSD cards.

With the Z5 the now common in the upper class fingerprint sensor also holds in the Xperia family feeder. Sony is in this case with a good idea straight to the top of the field: The Japanese have greatly reduced the fingerprint sensor with usual in the upper class 550 ppi and integrated into the power button on the right side. This means that the Xperia Z5 can wake up in a movement and unlock. Also, the authorization of payments, the sensor can be used.

Nimble auto focus

Sony thinks highly of the camera module of the new Xperias that has been thoroughly revised. This applies to both the hardware and the software. The module consists of a lens body having six lenses, and a new CMOS sensor with more auto-focus sensors which are distributed over the entire chip area. This allows a phase autofocus, which is much faster than the conventional sharp contrast autofocus.

1 out of 13

Sony Xperia Z5 and Z5 Xperia Compact (13 images)

The Xperia Z5 with 5.2-inch display is bigger, but thinner than the compact model with 4.6 inches.
(Picture: The H / VBR)

Phase autofocus systems as they come so far mainly in system cameras with mirror used, determined on the basis of incident light rays, as the lenses must be moved so that the subject is in focus. In certain ambient light conditions and is used in the new Xperias a combination of both methods are used. Usually, however, the phase autofocus should be enough, assures the manufacturer. Thus, the 23-megapixel camera of the new Xperia Z5 in up to 0.03 seconds sharp, which is very fast.

4K video

Video records the camera of the Xperia Z5 in 4K resolution at 30 frames per second (fps) at full HD smartphone also creates 60 fps. The video recording benefits from the improved image stabilization of the camera module. Sony relies on a hybrid solution of digital and optical stabilization; Movements on one axis of the module Xperia-Z5 family compensates for mechanical.

All three devices will be available in September. While the Xperia Z5 and the Xperia Z5 Compact will go on sale shortly after the IFA, it takes the Xperia Z5 premium probably by the end of the month. However, the new Sony's come at a price: The Xperia Z5 Premium will cost proud 800 euros, while the Xperia will be to have Z5 for 700 euros. The Z5 Compact is eligible for 550 euros in the trade.

Sony Xperia Z5 smartphones, IFA 2015
modelXperia Z5Xperia Z5 CompactXperia Z5 Premium
operating systemAndroid 5.1
SoCQualcomm Snapdragon 810 OctaCore 2GHz / 1.5GHz 64bit (MSM8994)
GPUAdreno 430
R.A.M.3 GB2 GB3 GB
internal memory32 GB
MicroSDUp to 128 GB
LTE Band1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 17, 20, 28, 40
UMTS / HSPA +850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz
GSM GPRS / EDGE850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
display5.2 "(12.7 cm) IPS4.6 "(11.7 cm) IPS5.5 "(13.9 cm) IPS
resolutionFull HDHD4K / Ultra HD
format16: 9
pixel1920 × 1080
1280 × 7203840 × 2160
Pixels per inch425 ppi320 ppi800 ppi
connectionsMicro USB, 3.5mm audio jack
linksBluetooth 4.1, NFC, WLAN, ANT +, A-GPS,
camera23 megapixels with 1 / 2.3 "Sony Exmor sensor RS
25mm wide-angle F2.0
4K video recording
LED flash / video light
front camera5 megapixels with Sony Exmor sensor R
battery pack2900 mAh2700 mAh3700 mAh
Dimensions146 × 72 × 7.5 mm127 × 65 × 9 mm155 × 76 × 7.8 mm
mass157 g139 g180 g
housing framemetalplasticmetal
Front / BackGlass
To dyeBlack-and-whiteBlack-and-whiteBlack, chrome
Gold, GreenYellow, Coralgold
deliveryUSB cable, USB charger, headset
Rec. Price699 euros549 euros799 euros
Available fromSeptember 2015
All information: manufacturer


Smart meters: criticism of government’s initiative for smart meters is louder

electric meter

(Picture: AP, Jens Büttner / archive)

The electricity sector is partly dissatisfied with the government's draft "Digitization of the energy transition", It's all about the cost of the smart meter installation and expected business with the consumption data.

After the opposition in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat now also report increased energy sector representatives who reject the crucial points of the bill the federal government, thanks to the "smart meters" are scheduled to move into the home. before a "forced happiness" the consumer has warned in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about the designated RWE CEO Rolf Martin Schmitz.

No improvement for households

In households that consume about 6,000 kilowatt hours per year and a Smart would set meters, are no efficiency gains expected, with which the costs could outweigh says Schmitz. The utility also see "no major economic benefits in the measure",

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  • Modern power meters are - up to 100 € installation costs
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Similar estimates the thing Martin Weyand, CEO of the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW). "The measures provided for customer business price caps do not cover the cost of installation and operation of smart metering systems", The lobbyist stated recently. but the conversion of customer installations should not be borne by the meter operator. Either the price caps would have to be adjusted or the scope of services will be reduced.

Criticism of centralization

BDEW, electricity producers and public utilities also rub on the recommendation of the government, that the four major transmission system operator Amprion, 50Hertz, Tennet and Transnet BW future collect the coveted and evaluating consumption data may want. The current division of responsibilities with the distribution system operators "runs efficiently and creates a high degree of system security"Says Weyand. The roles should not be redistributed, many processes would have to be duplicated especially with the bill now. The increasing complexity and cost.

RWE and Eon also insist that the central role of distribution system operators must be preserved in an increasingly decentralized energy system. Unlike the energy turnaround is not to master. The data concentration at the higher-level distributors and does not provide, according to Schmitz for more security of supply but prefer hackers to target. The Association of Municipal Enterprises (VKU) warned that the currently debated in Parliament Advances for small operators could mean the end.(Stefan Krempl) /(Mho)

Sony Support struggles with bankruptcies

By the almost simultaneous collapse of two service partners, there are problems with repairs and warranty processing of Sony devices. Also, the on-site service, among other things Vaio laptops and televisions is therefore temporarily impossible. The two competent companies ELAS GmbH of Oberhausen and the OlJo Repair GmbH have signed last week insolvency as Sony confirmed on request.

Of the current problems affected customers Sony wants to help in the short term, among other things, should preferably be handled provided replacement devices available and delayed repairs. Already paid services that can not be executed by the insolvency are hedged by Sony. A financial loss should not occur Sony service of the companies concerned.

The difficulties also affect the service numbers, which are yet to be impaired in the coming days. Only at the end of the month Sony can again provide the original service to its own statements.(ASP)

Happy New Year – and all the best!

There's no question 2013 was the year of surveillance scandal. In Snowden summer and its continued late forms a revelation followed another as NSA, GCHQ and Co. virtually abschnüffeln all communication channels. Whether dark elf or Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany - no one is safe from the monitoring. And so far, to have been released from the fund only part of the documents.

The news in 2013 was full of crackers. What may come in 2014?

Was there anything else? Sure: 2013, the missing Start button brought us back then but was no longer the same, and a gadget on the nose, this is the future for some and for some an invitation to Glass-hatred. In addition, the related right came into force, the virtual money Bitcoin put a roller coaster ride back to the other, there was the most successful failed crowdfunding, golden iPhones, firearms from the 3D printer and much more. Do not forget: The zombie apocalypse has begun in February in the US.

And that brings us 2014? As far as we turn rub, our crystal ball remains cloudy as the sky above the North German Plain, in which our editorial team at home. So there we have to surprise us. At best, dear readers, just enjoy the end of the year. Whether you celebrate hard and dance the Roflcopter or putting on New Year's punch with the family - the heise publishing house with all its editorial staff wishes you a Happy New Year, Happy New Year and good luck in the implementation of good intentions.

Stay curious. Stay critical. And stay weighed us. All the best!(Axk)

Mixradio, formerly Nokia Music, in the end

Screenshot with pink heart

(Image: Screenshot)

What once with Nokia "Comes with Music" began and later Microsoft belonged, is now at the end. also has the wide availability for most phone systems Mixradio can not save.

The end of 2007 announced Nokia to want to become the largest Internet companies in the world. should help "Comes with Music", A linked with certain phones DRM subscription. Worked does not. A number of musical incarnations (Nokia Music Store, OVI Music Store, Nokia Music, Nokia Mixradio) helped not a breakthrough. Currently the offer is "Mixradio" and locks to again.

logo Once Upon a time...(Image: Nokia)

This has the current owner, the Japanese messaging company LINE, announced on Tuesday: "The Mixradio music streaming service is set in the coming weeks. We work together with the technical team and our partners to ensure a smooth closing." Mixradio streams predefined playlists without having to charge fees. A limited number of songs can be skipped.

Mixradio sniffing

Mixradio wants to tap third-party data Mixradio insists on access to personal data by third parties.(Image: Screenshot)

Nokia Mixradio had landed in the course of the sale of large parts Nokia at Microsoft. But Microsoft has already had the music services Zune or Xbox Music (now Groove). In December 2014, sold Mixradio to LINE. The Japanese brought out for iOS and Android in the wake Mixradio apps.

But these apps are remarkably curious. In addition to direct registration is a log also have existing accounts with Google+, Facebook or Windows. When trying to log in with an existing Google + account, Mixradio is, however, to have access to all contacts, including the non-public, as well as reading all e-mail addresses from the Gmail account. Nothing else is. Thus, it is by no means the only app, but such curiosity scares but some users from.

All platforms were not enough

Previously it had Mixradio apps for Windows Phone, if Windows 8 and Windows RT. And a browser running the service as well. This wide availability Mixradio but has not saved.

"After thoughtful inventory of performance, the financial challenge of the music streaming market and the priorities of LINE, LINE has determined that future growth would be difficult to ensure, and decided not to continue the Mixradio music streaming service"It said in the brief statement. Only in Japan and Thailand LINE will continue to offer a music service (with subscription). It meshes with the core product messaging and is called LINE Music.(Ds)