Threema wants web client enable early 2017

Threema wants web client enable early 2017

The beta version of the web client of threema.

The makers of the Swiss crypto Messengers threema currently testing its web client. The version for Android users heise online was able to try out short.

After competitors such as signal and WhatsApp Messenger also threema soon have a web client. Early 2017 it will "threema Web" first unlock for users of the Android app, the Swiss start-up to heise online announced. Users of iOS and Windows Mobile are to come later to the course.

Currently, the Web client is tested in a closed beta program. heise online was able to try it: To connect smartphone and PC, the user scans the threema app a displayed in the desktop browser QR code. This is just as quick and intuitive as WhatsApp. In the test a few seconds stood the connection after scanning.

With the web client you can not only comfortable chatting with the keyboard, but also files by dragging & Drop ship. A set Emojis is also available. According threema the web client runs "in any modern desktop browser on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, etc ...",

When trying out Chrome and Firefox almost all messages are delivered immediately or after a few seconds. Full holperfrei the beta version is not running as expected. Sometimes uploading images or failed messages were somewhat longer go.

End-to-end encryption between the Web client and App

As with the WhatsApp smartphone apps the users exchange remains from the news. They are the end points of the central end-to-end encryption of the communication between threema users. The Web client is only "Rear drangehängt"So, gets its news quasi second-hand from the smartphone app of the user.

Threema relies on WebRTC, a protocol developed specifically for real-time chats. On its own channel encryption threema sets as described in a white paper an end-to-end encryption of the well-reputed crypto library NaCl and based on it SaltyRTC.

Since Web client and app often not in the same network, the connection is made via external Signaling Server - also end-to-end encrypted. The actual data transport is to take place if at all possible via a direct connection between the Web client and app.

WebRTC uses this hole-punching techniques from STUN and TURN to drill holes in firewalls. Doomed to failure, a relay server is used, which, however, can read due to the E2E encryption data. the PC and smart phone on the same network, the data packets according to this threema not leave.

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Beta version of the Web client of threema (4 photos)

In the next version of threema app for Android, the Web client appears in the menu.

Source code of the Web client is released

The necessary basis of secrecy is the exchange of keys between web app and smartphone app. This is done by scanning the QR code that displays the web app.

Threema gave a lot of effort to extend the promise already given by the smartphone app in terms of privacy and confidentiality on the Web client. You have it designed a consistent approach to end-to-end encryption. How well this is implemented and whether it is successful in practice, it will turn out after the start. The source code of threema Web threema want to completely release.(Jürgen Schmidt, Christian Wölbert) /(CWO)

Android: Google Security Patch September stuffs renewed Stagefright gap

Android: Google Security Patch September stuffs renewed Stagefright gap

(Picture: AP, Britta Pedersen / archive)

Google fixes the security bulletin from September several errors in Android, including an extension found by its own team of Zero Stagefright bugs. The patch is delivered to the manufacturer, some have provided updates.

Once in Google's monthly security patches for Android for some time no longer of last year's villain Stagefright was the speech, he appeared in the September Update again: The security researchers from Google's own Project Zero have found a new way to exploit a vulnerability on the Android Media Server, this time in the library libutils (CVE-2016-3861 and -3862). The fix to provide them with the same, Google distributes it to its own Nexus devices and the manufacturers of other Android devices.

This time is the update of three stages: Since July Google distributes it in two stages, the first stage is to be implemented quickly by the manufacturers and requires the second a little more time, perhaps because it contains bug fixes in drivers or manufacturers frequently changing code sections , The third stage now contains fixes for two bugs, the producers of Google have reported back after they have received the first two security updates.

Gambling Update

If and when the security updates reach the other manufacturers, is unclear. Some like Blackberry they play very fast, even Samsung has already shipped at least the first of the three stages, for example, for two year old grade 4 and thus the new Stagefright gap closed.

One way to install these updates directly without cooperation of the manufacturer or sometimes even providers currently does not exist, even Android 7 does not solve the problem. Although Google is trying to outsource more and more services in their own apps or libraries that receive quick updates via Play Store, but deep-seated bugs still require firmware updates of the manufacturer.(Jow)

“Science”: gravitational wave discovery is a breakthrough of the year

The gravitational waves originated in the collision of two black holes.

(Picture: Ligo)

100 years ago, Albert Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves before, but thought they were undetectable. 2016 they have now been observed for the first time directly - for the trade magazine "Science" was the breakthrough of the year.

The discovery of gravitational waves in the judgment of the US scientific journal Science, the scientific breakthrough of the year. The direct detection of the already predicted by Albert Einstein waves opens up a completely new form of astronomy and have changed the research landscape, the magazine reported in its latest edition of this Friday. The US Observatory Ligo had announced the discovery of gravitational waves of two merging black holes in February.

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Gravitational waves detected (8 pictures)

Representation of the sun and the earth in space-time
(Picture: Ligo)

Einstein remained skeptical

Already a century ago, Einstein had predicted that accelerated masses send gravitational waves through space-time. He, however, did not believe that these waves could be detected ever - the expected distortion of space-time is just too small. However, the most massive objects known in the universe could be Einstein's time stars. Only decades after his prediction of black holes and neutron stars were discovered, both achieve a significantly higher density than ordinary stars and therefore can beat higher waves.

After the discovery of these compact celestial objects astrophysicists have for decades sought to absorb gravitational waves directly. Only with the renovated and much improved in its sensitivity Ligo Observatory were eventually discovered. Ligo watched as two black holes in 1.3 billion light-years away from Earth faster and faster around each other and circled merged. The observation opens a new perspective on phenomena that are not visible to some extent with other instruments. So Ligo had not only proved the existence of gravitational waves, but it also the blacks of binary systems of two holes.

highest precision

The observatory consists of two L-shaped detectors which are thousands of kilometers apart. Inside the two detectors in each case a laser beam travels in a vacuum, by means of which can be measured with extreme accuracy of each detector, the length of the two arms, up to a ten thousandth of the diameter of a hydrogen nucleus (proton). Passes a gravitational wave detector, compresses and stretches it and the two arms differ in a characteristic manner.

At the premiere stauchten and stretched the gravitational wave detector arms by about a thousandth of proton diameter. Meanwhile Ligo (laser interferometer gravitational wave observatory) has announced the observation of a second such event. The gravitational wave researchers now look forward with great expectations to the planned start of operation of the VIRGO detector in Italy next year. A third detector, the sky positions of future gravitational wave signals can triangulate the first time and thus narrow in some detail what is not exactly possible with the two Ligo detectors alone.

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eLISA mission to search for gravitational waves (6 pictures)

So eLISA should look like.
(Image: Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute / AEI) / Milde Marketing / Exozet Effects GmbH)1 out of 13

A visit to the gravitational wave detector GEO600 (13 pictures)

"Attention! Sensitive measuring devices in operation": It hardly believe how sensitive the equipment in this container at the end of Osttunnels actually are.

(AP) /(Mho)

“Google Play edition” smartphones and tablets are dying out

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play edition began two years ago to everything, now ds last device from the Play Store has disappeared.

(Image: Google)

Google sold out of the Nexus series smartphones no longer with unchanged Android. Two years after the presentation of the play-edition program is quietly asleep. After Germany, the devices it had not even done.

After only six Android devices in just under two years, the "Google Play edition" (GPe) apparently at the end. Still there is a confirmation from Google out, but now not a smartphone or tablet is longer available from the program in the Play Store. Like the Nexus devices Google smartphones will be shipped free of software additions, the manufacturer and supplied as the first with Android updates in the Play Edition with a standard Android. But now even the last GPe smartphone from the offer has fallen with the HTC One M8.

The end of the play versions became apparent for some time, the Samsung Galaxy S5 until no longer managed, despite announcing in the Play Store. Like the 2014 actually expected and never reacted Silver program also fit the GPe smartphones no longer apparent in the strategy of Google.

Change of strategy at Google

For supporters of an unchanged possible Google Android so again heavier times ahead, the Play editions were but a simple way popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the HTC One without the unpopular own surfaces of the manufacturer to get. However, in recent years, Google has some off-Play edition done for uniform surfaces and faster updates. So there is the Google Launcher since August 2014 as the Play Store as Google Keyboard or the camera app. At least visually to get quite close to the pure Google teachings.

End of an unusual sight: The HTC One M8 in the Play Edition. End of an unusual sight: The HTC One M8 in the Play Edition.(Image: Google)

The Android flagships, the manufacturer also get the update to Android 5.0 earlier than previously used. In play-edition-program, but mostly just these top models whose advantage of faster updates so fizzles just found. The reasons for a smartphone in the Play edition to access have become less in recent months. Only the open boot loader of special versions remains a significant loss.

Away from the developer community and hardcore fans also the GPe devices gained little support. Available smartphones were only in the US, where the market of subsidized contract devices is dominated. Therefore, the top devices appeared very expensive compared to the regular editions and bought accordingly rare. Apart from the Motorola Moto G there was only expensive, high-end equipment in a Play edition.(ASP)

Community version of OX App Suite is ready

Open-Xchange has the community version of its OX App Suite, the successor to the free Exchange alternative Open-Xchange Server 6 published. The software is available for download; on you can try the new designed web front end for applying a test account. Windows users can also access Outlook on the OX App Suite.

Thanks to HTML5 can store data locally, the web front-end, to operate thanks to responsive design, on desktops, tablets and smartphones, which should provide more speed. Besides e-mail, calendar and address book, the OX App Suite now also collects arbitrary files. The new "halo" combines all information about a person.(ODI)

New Yahoo Mail app replaces password

Yahoo Mail app

(Photo: Yahoo)

Yahoo has revised its Mail app for iOS and Android. The app now features an improved search function that manages multiple mail accounts - and replaces the password at login.

With its new Mail app Yahoo wants "promote the popular means of communication" and attractive design for smartphone users. The revised app to score with fast loading times, chic design and improved comfort.

The app not only the electronic mail from Yahoo can pick up, but also from Outlook, Hotmail, and AOL. All functions are also available for integrated mailboxes third provider. The app for Yahoo Mail is available for iOS and Android.

The Mail app manages multiple accounts, and third party such as Outlook and AOL. The Mail app manages multiple accounts, and third party such as Outlook and AOL.(Photo: Yahoo)

App replaced Password

With the Yahoo account key users now have the ability to log in without a password on the Yahoo site. To send Yahoo Mail app on a push message to the smartphone of the user. The message provides information on the log-in attempt and provides additional information such as the browser used and the approximate location of the computer. The user can then approve or reject the log-in. For Yahoo's vice president Dylan Casey, the app is a step in a "password-free future",

Search faster

A "smart scan" the receiver beats when composing a mail context sensitive steps: Tapped to the first letter of a last name, for example, appears first work colleagues with whom you have already sent many messages. When searching for emails, the app scours additional attachments and photos. In the address book, the app complements the contacts with additional information such as the phone number or the last tweets.(DBE)

Sony: New Walkman and new Extra Bass Series with speakers and headphones

Sony: More bass, more flashes and a Walkman

Neutral sound is something for purists, others want it wummst neat. Sony launches accordingly an extra-Bass series.

Sony: More bass, more flashes and a Walkman The MDR-XB950B1 promises particularly strong bass sound.

Sony introduces its Extra Bass family at CES in Las Vegas. It consists of four wireless speakers and two Bluetooth headsets. The MDR-XB950N1 (250 euros) to perfectly suitable for each solo party. It can be easily folded up and stored in the bag supplied. MDR-XB950B1 (200 euros) you have to give up active noise canceling. Thanks to NFC and Bluetooth both headphones can be utilized without the clutter.

Sony: More bass, more flashes and a Walkman Almost all Bluetooth speaker the extra bass family can conjure a small light show. Extra Light LEDs provide the stroboscopic effect.

For the right party are four extra bass loudspeaker transmits the election. The three larger models SRS-XB40, -XB30 and -XB20 are equipped with additional LEDs and provide lighting effects to the music again. The top model will cost 230 euros. On one charge they should hold around 24 hours and can be a battery level warning in time by voice output. The top model is the SRS-XB40. Up to ten loudspeaker transmits are can be coupled via the speaker ad function to a sound system. The entry-level model SRS-XB10 (60 euros) lacks these features, but not the extra bass.

Sony: More bass, more flashes and a Walkman The NW-A35 can also play high-resolution music and DSD files.

Sony Walkman NW-A35 incl. 16GB flash memory

Also, a Walkman, Sony has in the luggage: the NW-A35 is a small HiRes player with 16 GB of flash memory and microSD slot for memory expansion. The season is Sony with 45 hours. The small player supports Bluetooth with Sony-house LDAC codec for almost loss-free radio transmission to appropriate headphones. One uses the player via a 3.1-inch touch screen. The NW-A35 will be available for 200 euros in different colors from February. As the NW A35HN it's there for 280 euros with wired in-ear earphones that support active noise canceling. (Sha)

Consumer directed a spam complaint hotline

Computer users can forward unsolicited e-mail from their mailbox in the future to a new appeal body of the consumer centers. After considering legal action against the senders and the client will then be made to the Federation of Consumer Organizations (vzbv) announces today. The goal is a deterrent. "In addition to injunctions, we will attempt to remove spammers profits"Said Patrick Braunmühl, Head of Department of Economic Affairs vzbv.

In order for the consumer advocates to trace the e-mails, the header lines with sender, recipient and date must be sent with the forwarding to the Complaints Board ([email protected]). These details are necessary for an eventual prosecution. The number of spam emails has increased in recent years worrying. Their share of all received in Germany mails lying in up to 80 percent. This is not a trivial matter, said of Braunmühl. "It takes time, money and nerves and damages the economy and consumers alike."

therefore be necessary, stricter laws, such as the tracking of all unsolicited commercial e-mails as a misdemeanor. The Agency should be responsible as the central authority for sanctions. The new Complaints Office is part funded by the Federal Ministry of Consumer Protection an anti-spam project. It is addressed only to private individuals. Companies may be directed to the Center for Protection against unfair competition, it said.

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Sex in Virtual Reality: “20% and 80% Sex Therapy”

VR cam sex performer Ela Darling:

Porn entrepreneur Ela Darling (here talking to Kimo Quaintance) reported at the VR Conference Digility about intimacy at 360-degree cam sex.

(Picture: The H / jkj)

The VR-entrepreneur and porn actress Ela Darling sees one of the few remaining ways to make money from pornography in Virtual Reality Cam Sex. On the VR Conference Digility she talked about intimacy and US moral understanding.

Proppevoll the hall was at Ela Darling's appearance at the Cologne VR and AR Conference Digility - no wonder: About pornography is rarely spoken at tech conferences; and even more rarely by people who really familiar with it. Darling earlier while working as a librarian, but turns six years porn; since 2014 primarily in the form of 180- and 360-degree videos; the company co-founded VRTube.XXX them.

For Darling Virtual Reality is one of the few remaining opportunities still make money with pornography - after all, are conventional video now mass-free on the net to have. In the hands of the porn producers play the predominant in the US morality: "normal" (Tech) companies may have something to do under any circumstances with porn loud Darling; at least not if they do not want to upset investors, board members and customers. Therefore the lucrative business porn companies would like to leave of their own, so darling.

It's live

Currently are particularly popular live cam sex shows in 360-degree, Ela Darling reported in Cologne. She herself had equipped her private bedroom with a 360-degree camera to stream directly from there for the provider CAM4VR shows. What is it fascinates the opposite "normal" Pornography greater intimacy. You have the possibility to make a real connection; and that is also what the customers are most interested.

Darling has also observed that customers behave much friendlier than anywhere else on the net at VR cam sex - and if anyone ever exceed the limits, he rebuked directly from other customers, says Darling. People would behave more like real life and not like the Internet.


The intense intimacy is also a major challenge for sex workers. One must consider carefully how much you want to give. Darling: "You have to cultivate an authentic personality without revealing too much of yourself."

Overall, it would give the customers any event, primarily to confirm rather than to fulfill sexual fantasies, so Darling: "to work as a cam performer is 20% and 80% Sex Therapy conversation."

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New Beta: steamos supports dual boot and non-UEFI systems

The new beta version of steamos runs on traditional BIOS systems and supports dual boot. Nevertheless, they should not be installed regardless, Valve does not recommend itself.

The new beta version of steamos runs on traditional BIOS systems and supports dual boot.(Picture: Valve)

The newly provided for download version (direct link, 977 MB) of Valves steamos also works on computers without UEFI firmware and can be installed next to a Windows operating system in dual boot mode. Users can customize the partition size using the expert view of the installation routine on request - if this is not NTFS hard drive. but Valve indicates that you've barely tested the new beta: "So do not install it on any machine you are not prepared to lose."

Just recently, Valve had released an update that officially supported the steamos graphics units from Intel and AMD.

Steamos based on Debian 7 Wheezy and will power Machines are still expected this year Steam - that is based on PC hardware "game consoles"Accessing the Steam games library on the big-picture full screen view. At this year's CES trade show Valve has called the first 13 manufacturers who want to bring their Steam Machines together with special controllers in 2014 on the market.(Mfi)

Space Treaty: For 50 years, international law applies in space

Space Treaty: For 50 years, international law applies in space

(Image: NASA)

On January 27, 1967, the Outer Space Treaty was signed in Washington, London and Moscow. He extended the validity of international law over the earth into space and on celestial bodies.

"This is an inspiring moment in the history of mankind. We take the first decisive step to rid the universe forever by the tools of war." These noble words were spoken 50 years ago, President Lyndon B. Johnson in the ballroom of the White House - just a few minutes before the explosion of Apollo 1. The occasion was the signing of the Outer Space Treaty by US Secretary of State Dean Rusk, the US UN representative Arthur Goldberg and the ambassadors of Britain and the Soviet Union.

US President Lyndon B. Johnson, US Secretary of State Dean Rusk, US UN representative Arthur Goldberg, British Ambassador Patrick Dean, Soviet Ambassador Anatoli Dobrynin (v.l.n.r.) Soviet Ambassador Anatoli Dobrynin, British Ambassador Patrick Dean, US UN representative Arthur Goldberg, US Secretary of State Dean Rusk, US President Lyndon B. Johnson (v.l.n.r.)

Similar ceremonies were held in Moscow and London on the same day. Thereby signed not only delegates from the three countries mentioned above but also diplomats from other countries, including the Federal Republic and the GDR. To date, 105 nations have signed the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, the official name and ratified.

UN success

Into force of the Treaty entered on October 10, 1967. He is regarded as the basis of space law that extends the earthly sea and air rights in the cosmos. He sprang mainly the work of the United Nations was founded in 1959 Space Committee. A precursor was the space law principles Declaration 1962 (XVIII), which had announced on 13 December 1963, the UN General Assembly. Possible of the Outer Space Treaty, the nuclear tests in the sea, in the air and in space has also been through the Test Ban Treaty in August 1963 banned.

Image 1 of 105

25 years Hubble Space Telescope (105 images)

A colorful detail from the Carina Nebula
(Image: ESA / Hubble)

Right at the beginning evokes the Preamble "the great prospects that opened the advance of man into space humanity"; then the 17 articles of the Treaty to follow. Article I makes the exploration and use of space to the cause of all mankind. Article II of the space will be internationalized: it is not subject to national appropriation, neither stress the jurisdiction nor by use, occupation or other means.

No armor at All

Article III expands the earthly international law, the UN Charter included, to the cosmos. The fourth article obliges the signatories to the Treaty to bring any weapons of mass destruction in orbit or elsewhere to deploy in space. The heavenly bodies may be used only for peaceful purposes - it is also the initially quoted remark by President Johnson moved. Activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, Article VI must be approved by the competent signatory and supervised.

The other articles relate prosaic topics such as liability, jurisdiction over spacecraft and mutual visits of lunar and planetary stations. Astronaut apply under Article V as messengers of humanity in space. And in UFOs and cosmic monster is thought: Each State Party communicated to the other or the UN "phenomena"Which could pose a threat to the life or health of astronauts.

Follow-up agreement to no avail

To the Outer Space Treaty of 27 January 1967 further agreements for space rescue, -registration and adhesion joined in the following years. On 5 December 1979, the UN adopted the Moon Treaty, which also applies to planets and asteroids. Article 11 prohibits the appropriation of natural resources by government or non-governmental bodies or by individuals. Permitted only international regulations are. To date, however, no space power joined the treaty. France and India have indeed signed it, but not ratified.

The texts of space law have nothing to do with the dubious sale of lunar land and planet properties. 2015 but the US Congress passed a law which aims at stimulating private conquest of space. Section 51303 of the SPACE Act gives every US citizen to the right of extraterrestrial resources, if his actions do not violate the international obligations of the United States. Whether that is contrary to the Outer Space Treaty, clears at ease only when actually once a company is exploring on an asteroid. At the moment, the US company Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, expressed such plans. However, they were able to find in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, where funding in the millions for interplanetary missions store.

(Ralf Bülow) /(Mho)

Google’s been fresh contact Chromebook Pixel available only in the US

Google's been fresh contact Chromebook Pixel available only in the US

The new Chromebook Pixel comes with Core i5 / i7 processor, fast Wi-Fi, 4K support and as usual high-resolution display. The new socket USB 3.1 Type C achieved as in the MacBook but only the speed of USB 3.0.

While most Chromebooks cavort in the lower price range, Google equipped its Chromebook Pixel with high-end components and calls to a correspondingly high price - as was the case presented in 2013 predecessor: $ 1,000 is expected to cost the cheapest version. For this, the buyer gets a not particularly light with 1.5 kg 13-inch notebook with according to Google up to 12 hours running time, running on the Chrome OS, Google's operating system, which consists mainly of a browser and therefore in most actions relies on an Internet connection.

The 2015er model has two sockets according to the new standard USB 3.1 Type-C, of ​​the power supply, display port (maximum 4K / 60 Hz) and USB 3.1 combined. Faster than USB 3.0, the data do not flow, because the ports operate only according to Google "Gen 1 / Enhanced Super Speed" 5 Gbit / s. The possible with 3.1 double speed of 10 Gbit / s ("Gen 2 / Enhanced Super Speed ​​Plus") Does not control the processor. Also presented earlier this week MacBook incidentally only works for Gen 1 with 5 GHz / s, as Apple now announces. A real restriction is not achievable around 400 MB / s at present.

Touch display with 239 dpi

In addition, Google donated the Chromebook Pixel two USB 3.0 jacks and a memory card reader. Installed are 11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0, but unlike its predecessor, there is no version with mobile.

The display is a touch screen and shows how the predecessor 2560 × 1700 points (239 dpi) in the unusual aspect ratio 3: 2nd It should be particularly bright 400 cd / sqm.

With an Intel Core i5 (2.2 GHz), lush 8 GB of memory and Chrome OS typically scarce 32 GB of flash memory will cost $ 1,000 pixels. A version with Core i7, 16 GB of RAM and 64 GB of flash costs 1,300 US dollars. Google gives to 1TB of cloud storage for three years. In Germany, Google does not offer the pixels as well as the old version.

In the US, Chromebooks are enjoying great popularity in schools, since the properties such as low maintenance, fast start-up, robustness bring an advantage against viruses and simple multi-user capability. In Germany there are reservations, because of data protection, as virtually all data in cloud services - though not necessarily to Google - must be stored.(Jow)

Spotify apologizes and wants to revise Conditions


(Picture: AP, Ole Spata)

Spotify introduces new Conditions of a reaping outrage of users and rowed back a bit: The advanced access to user data are not generally and are intended only to improve the service. Conditions were clearer in the works.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek has apologized to users of the streaming service to unclear wording in the new terms and conditions. "We would need to communicate better, which will mean the conditions and how the information, the use of which have agreed to it, used - and how they are not used, "it says in its blog post. Ek also announced an update to the Terms and Conditions. According to a blog post by Spotify Germany this was to be expected in the coming weeks and will include several clarifications compared to the old version.

Access photos, contacts, location &Co.?

Spotify was launched this week in several countries new uses and Privacy, also in Germany. In it, the company wants to approve, among others, access to photos, contacts, location and sensor data on the mobile devices of users. Ek made here once again clear that no one had to share these data with the service. Once the streaming application would take access to it, the user would be asked explicitly for permission. In addition, the data were used only for specific purposes, which are to improve the service.

Ek stressed Spotify will never, for example, shoveling photos of users secretly on their own server. The authorization serve rather to the fact that users create about personal cover for their playlists or could change their profile picture. Access to contacts is intended for a planned friend finder function; On Location data serve as the coordination of recommendations on the home region of the users.

Twitter trouble with Notch

Previously Ek had defended on Twitter the new provisions against the Minecraft's creator Marcus "Notch" Persson. This was communicated in response to the Conditions to terminate its membership in the streaming service - a reaction that probably have considered a number of other users.

And not only for access permissions Spotify failed to clear communication. Thus, for instance in the terms and conditions for passage of the transfer of collected user data to third parties: "We can forward information to our advertisers in order to send you promotional materials about Spotify or you can present customized content, including relevant advertising for products and services that may interest you. "Only on demand of heise online a spokesman for the company that this relates to the free users, but not to paying subscribers, which no advertising is shown.

With all the excitement surrounding the use of personal information: Who is streaming free music through a commercial service like Spotify, you should always assume that their own data in one form or another be turned into cash. (Axk)

Virtual Reality Mobile Phone Holder Durovis Dive in Test

Flap, mobile phone pure - that is the virtual reality glasses: As simple function VR smartphone holder that are currently gaining in popularity. But while most projects are still in the financing stage, is the Durovis Dive now the first commercial VR-frame on the market. Behind Durovis infected Stefan Welker from Bonn, who founded with his selbstausdruckbaren OpenDive the mobile VR wave. Welker and his team offer on their website not only OpenDive print file for 3D printer, but also an SDK to make smartphone apps virtual reality compatible - both free of charge.

Those who have no 3D printers and does not feel like Frickeln, gets for 50 euros (plus shipping) with the Durovis Dive a robust, well casing. Unlike the OpenDive variant you have to not push the smartphone carefully, but can now open a door and simply insert the device - which is not only lighter, but you risk less scratches. The back cover protects a foam pad, the display is on soft silicone. The Dive is to work with all smart phones the size class 4 to 5 inches. We tested the frame with a Nexus 5th

As with the OpenDive poor sight can adjust back and forth to push the lenses their visual acuity - independently for each eye. In the test, this worked up about -6 diopters. By lateral displacement of the lenses also the viewing distance can be adjusted. While the lens holders often brought in OpenDive in an inclined position, resulting in a distorted picture, you can only move in two directions when they Durovis Dive thanks to guide rails.

1 out of 8

Durovis Dive and compatible apps (8 pictures)

Is that Durovis-Dive-frame equipped with a smart phone, you just can strap on like a ski goggles.

The thick of feeling is impressive. The included lenses, however, are much smaller than for example in the Oculus Rift glasses. In the Dive the user always perceives a part of the frame in the peripheral field of view. But Welker and his team are already working on improved lenses; the supplied can be replaced easily - perhaps a little too easy, the tampering they fell us often accidentally from the holder.

At least under Android, there are already a lot of compatible apps (see pictures route). Durovis also planning an app launcher for virtual reality software. In the iOS AppStore so far we have not found a matching apps - but that's probably only a matter of time: With the development environment Unity programmed apps can be customized via free Durovis SDK fast for Virtual Reality.(Jkj)

By Pascal and Polaris: Graphics Cards prices the previous nosedive

By Pascal and Polaris: Graphics Cards prices the previous nosedive

Graphics cards series GeForce GTX 960, 970, 980 and 980 Ti and Radeon counterparts 380, 380X, 390, 390X have become much cheaper in recent days. The cards are apparently sold only as a residual item.

Since the appearance of the new Nvidia graphics cards GeForce GTX 1070 and GTX 1080, the prices of tickets on the previous generation in free fall. The price fall concerns the series GeForce GTX 960, GTX 970, GTX 980 and GTX 980 Ti. These models rely on efficient Maxwell graphics chips, their successors are made with 16-nanometer structures Pascal GPUs.

GeForce GTX 970 from 250 €

c't The GeForce GTX 980 already exist for 390 euros, the GeForce GTX 970 for 250 euros.(Picture: c't)

The cheapest GeForce GTX 960 is already available for 169 EUR (starting price: 235 EUR). since June 14 alone it lost 15 percent of its value. A GeForce GTX 970 is already obtained for just 250 euros (starting price: 335 euros) a few days ago it was still 280 euros. The cheapest GeForce GTX 980 will cost 390 euros (starting price: 570 EUR). According to rumors, Nvidia does not provide Maxwell graphics chips this performance class more from the manufacturer, the copies now sold would thus only remainders.

The hitherto presented by Nvidia Pascal graphics cards are much more expensive. The GeForce GTX 1080 is about twice as fast as the GeForce GTX 970, but costs nearly three times as much. The GeForce GTX 1070 is available from 460 euros. It is expected that Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 advertise as a cheaper graphics card - probably in July.

Also Radeon graphics card series Radeon R9 380 (from 150 euros), 380X (from 180 euros), 390 (250 euros) and 390X (from 300 euros) have become much cheaper and run out.

Radeon RX 480 makes from 29 June to price pressure

The H On June 29, AMD's Radeon RX 480, which costs less than 250 euros and Nvidia could put pressure on prices appears.(Picture: The H)

On June 29, also is to come out 480, the AMD graphics card Radeon RX, which is driven by a graphics chip of the new Polaris generation. The GPU manufactured with 14-nm structures designed to provide enough power to represent liquid Games up to Resolution 2560 × 1440 and still burn less than 150 watts. With 4 GB of memory, the Radeon RX will cost 480,200 US dollars, on the German market probably around 230 euros. Even an 8-gigabyte version will be that is gonna be at least 30 euros more expensive.

First benchmarks certify the Radeon RX 480 (8 GB) a performance of 5435 points in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme, in the ultra-throughput still 2,889 points. So that they would be slightly slower than a GeForce GTX 980, but much cheaper - which in turn exerts price pressure on Nvidia.(Mfi)