Java EE 8 is officially released

Java EE 8 is officially released

In the shadow of the vertebra to Java 9, Oracle has updated the Enterprise version. Technically, it falls short of the original expectations. Exciting is currently also the future of the platform as an open source project.

With far fewer vertebrae than Java 9 Oracle has finally released Java EE 8, after the company had also moved the release of Enterprise version several times. Already in December 2016 it was clear what features would be part of the platform. Thus it was also clear that many modules do not make it into the eighth version of enterprise Java.

New and updated APIs

The key new features the Java Servlet 4.0 API, the first time provides HTTP / 2 support, and a dedicated Security API belongs. JSON-B (JSON Binding) gets its own API, and the Java API for JSON-P is in version 1.1 component of the platform. Numerous other APIs have received important additions to some extent, including Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI) with the jump to version 2.0.

Other updated packages are JavaServer Faces (JSF) 2.3, Bean Validation 2.0, Java API for RESTful Web Services (JAX-RS) 2.1, Java Persistence 2.2, Java API for WebSocket 1.1 and Java Mail 1.6. Although Java EE 8 appears parallel to Java 9, it first addresses some extensions that were not included in version 8 of the Standard Edition, in the previous Java EE platform. Worth mentioning here the STREAMS and the date-and-time API.

Future plans for the Eclipse Foundation

Java 2017

Detailed information on Java EE 8, Java 9 and current developments in the Java environment is available in the iX Developer Special Edition, which is available inter alia in the H shop.

Expected to Java EE 8 be the last version of the platform under the current license model and name. Oracle had announced plans in August to transfer Java EE open source community. In mid-September, the company specified the plans and announced, among other things, that the platform is to land under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation. It is important that the Foundation not only control over the specifications, but also about the reference implementations (RI), the Technology Compatibility Kits (TCK) and take over the project documentation of the guided Oracle Java EE and GlassFish technology should.

Details about the new features in Java EE 8 can be taken from the project site. There the API documentation, a tutorial and the SDK linked to download.

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Google AI investigated and processed the most beautiful landscapes of Street View

Google AI investigated and processed the most beautiful landscapes of Street View

Google's AI traveled by Street View around the world and cut from the finest panoramas excerpts from. The dramatic reworking the AI ​​has come up with themselves.

(Image: Google)

An AI from Google's research labs has the makings of photographers. At least professional photographers images that has cut the AI ​​from Street View and edit as beautiful as the works of colleagues.

Google researchers have trained an AI traveling around the world looking for opportunities for beautiful photos and retouched photos in the style of professional photographers. Without a body, she traveled only virtually via Street View and looked around 40,000 panoramas. From which they chose the clipping with the greatest potential for professional landscape shot. The trimmed photo edited the AI ​​with a "Drama mask"Who had created a generative-Adversarial Network depending on the image content.

Google (Image:Google )

The results presented Google professional photographer who kept the AI ​​in a blind test at least for a semi-professional colleagues. A post on Google's Research Blog explains details. A demo page collects the most beautiful shots, including link to Street View.(JME)

Crowd- and click Working: discrimination, overtime and low pay

Study: Discrimination, overtime and low pay in the

Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute have three years investigating new forms of online job working as Crowd- and click Working. The final report by many digital day laborers feel exploited.

Opportunities and risks online distributed commissioned as part of the so-called Gig Economy illuminates a recently published study by the Oxford Internet Institute. Crowd- and click Working on platforms like Amazon "Mechanical Turk", LiveOps or InnoCentive is an increasing acquisition factor, especially for online workers in emerging countries are therefore become. This could draw upstart self benefits as "potentially higher income and an enlarged working autonomy", According to the final report of a three-year research project. But the downside, risks against such "social isolation, a lack of work-life balance, discrimination and predatory intermediaries",

A glimpse, no more

The scientists interviewed for the study 456 Crowd Worker mainly from Southeast Asia and the southern African countries online and conducted 152 additional interviews. They also have anonymous data from "one of the largest platforms for commission" evaluates to gain insights into the brave new world of work, the hour in which tasks or daily forgive and performance is monitored, among others, with special algorithms.

The results were "not necessarily representative" for the included states, but significant, the researchers write. There are demarcation problems between different collaborators in the Gig Economy, also you have to reach only workers with public profiles.

68 percent of respondents said that working Click making an important contribution to their household income. Some indicate that they first set due to the paid wages cash reserves on its side or a private health insurance could afford. 53 percent said that their jobs would have included complex tasks. Often was heard that it was important to them to be able to choose the work more or less freely.

Far too many willing to work

but the number of those willing to work exceeds that of the actually relevant platforms mediated Crowd Worker far. The researchers made worldwide in April than 1.7 million search profiles. In contrast, they found on these only about 200,000 evidence that the underlying or related persons had been booked at least for an hour had earned at least one dollar. The oversupply of job seekers was huge, the uncertainty high. 43 percent of participants had so also indicated that they felt easily replaced.

A myth, it is, according to the analysis that qualified people in Nairobi have the same access to potential customers on the platforms as their competitors in New York. Virtually complained many of the respondents said that they were discriminated against because of their ethnicity. Part mediation condition loud about that only workers from the United States would be allowed. Potential Clickworkers from emerging markets also earned disproportionately little just at the start of their online career. A statistical evidence of discrimination but can not be derived from the questionnaires.

Little opportunity for solidarity

74 percent of respondents complained according to researchers forms of social isolation because they never or rarely communicated either with other like-minded people face to face. This Reduce the ability to unite and fight together for interests such as higher wages. 94 percent were not in a union. 55 percent said that they did their jobs screen at a frenetic pace, 22 percent complained of pain there. Only 15 percent said that they would not set tight deadlines. The working hours often would be around 70 or 80 hours a week for an average of $ 3.50 per hour.

Ten percent of respondents did not know by his own admission, who was actually her client. Overall, the working conditions were opaque. 32 percent had no idea if their income would be taxed. 34 percent hinted that they paid no taxes. In addition, apparently new, little considerate middlemen assert themselves in the processes. Maya about a 26-year-old student from Malaysia, reported a client who managed to get a job for $ 75 and this you have passed on for 7.50 US dollars.

As the largest sales countries in the Gig Economy make the scientists India, the USA, the Philippines and Ukraine made before countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia or China. In Europe, Poland and the UK are the most numerous. The researchers raise many questions with the aim of improving the click work. These include considering introducing certification of the platforms in the form of a "fair Work"-Programms and to provide a common voice online the crowd workers. In the room, the authors also whether governments should regulate the fledgling sector stronger.(Stefan Krempl) /(Mho)

Smartphone market: Continued strong growth

Smartphone market: Continued strong growth

(Picture: AP, Julian Stratenschulte)

After the sales of new smartphones slumped somewhat in the second quarter, there has been a mild growth in the third quarter. Furthermore, the same five companies sell around 60 percent of all smartphones.

The quarterly report on market shares in the smartphone sales are no surprises for the third quarter: Continuing Samsung leads with 22.3 percent of the field with around 84 million devices on. Apple is in second place is still at 12.5%, followed by Huawei with 10.5, OPPO with 8.2 and Xiaomi with 7.4 percent. The total sales volume has increased year on year by 2.7 and compared to the second quarter by 7.4 percent. Xiaomi has been able to double its sales even, including through increased activities in India.

Smartphone sales by manufacturers, IDC
Manufacturer3rd Quarter 20173rd Quarter 2016paragraph +/-
equipment salesmarket shareequipment salesmarket share
Samsung83.3 million22.3%76.1 million20.9%+9.5%
Apple46.7 million12.5%45.5 million12.5%+2.6%
Huawei39.1 million10.5%33.7 million9.3%+16.1%
OPPO30.7 million8.2%25.8 million7.1%+19.0%
Xiaomi27.6 million7.4%13.6 million3.7%+102.6%
IDC Worldwide Quartely Mobile Phone Tracker, November 2017

The figures compiled by the IDC market researchers do not contain any OEM sales. In the coming quarter, they expect further gains: Apple has broadened with the simultaneous announcement of three new devices and price adjustments for the old guard his offer and so well placed in relation to other providers. The many high-end devices again at the start, about Huawei Mate-10 models. (Ps)

Notebook CPU: first benchmarks of the Core i5-8250U

Notebook CPU: first benchmarks of the Core i5-8250U

Intel Core i-8000U "Kaby Lake Refresh": 4 cores, 15 watts

(Picture: Intel)

A few days after the introduction of the eighth generation Core i are first so equipped notebooks on the market. c't one of them put to the test.

Two weeks ago, Intel has officially unveiled its eighth generation of Core i processors; yet it comprises only four core for thin notebooks. At IFA, now a number of companies have announced so equipped devices in the coming weeks, but they are not the first: The Acer Aspire 5 A515 is already the end of August in the trade. c't has bought a trim level with Core i5-8250U (A515-51G-549N) and measured in the laboratory.

The most important finding: The processor can fully extend its four cores actually, even though this is what a 15-watt thermal budget at his disposal. In concrete terms: In Cinebench R15, the Core i5-8250U 550 points, the Core i5-7300HQ creates 520 points. The latter is a quad from the previous generation, which may verbraten three times with 45 Watt.

It is fair to note that Intel Core i5-7300HQ thwarting specifically: He lacks Hyper-Threading, so he can only process four threads simultaneously. The Core i5-8250U, however, has Hyper-Threading, creating simultaneously eight threads. Compared to a 45-watt quad-core with Hyper-Threading (Core i7-7700HQ: 740 points), the newcomer stands worse.

But we must not forget that the quad-core Core i the eighth-generation enable thin, light and relatively cheap laptops with Core i-quad cores for the first time. So far, the dual-core Core i7-7600U was the fastest option in those notebooks and its performance is much lower: 360 points.

UHD graphics

The integrated processor graphics unit is named UHD 620, but is identical to the previous HD 620. Intel's marketing department has chosen the new name to highlight the existing video functions: the GPU finally supports 4K content and H.265 used for it codec so that the video playback is done with low CPU load.

The 3D performance of the UHD 620 was in 3DMark slightly below the values, the previous HD-620 notebooks with dual core processor were delivering: We measured 912 points in 3DMark Fire Strike. A comparison system with Core i5-7200U managed 919 points, one with a Core i7-7600U 1042 points. The slight residue can be explained that in addition to the Core i5-8250U GPU yes four instead of two CPU cores in the 15-watt budget need to find space - that is, the GPU has tends to be less room for high clock frequencies. In practice, this has no effect, because for detailed 3D worlds far more powerful additional graphics chips are inevitable.

A complete test of the Acer Aspire 5 A515 brings the coming c't 20/17, which is digital or at the kiosk available from 16 September.(Mue)

Selection of low-radiation phones increases

Making calls with smartphone

(Picture: AP, Sebastian Kahnert / Illustration)

Fewer and fewer smartphones exceed a SAR of 0.6 watts. Meanwhile, 40 percent of all mobile phones are considered to be low radiation.

Consumers find in the market, more and more low-radiation mobile phone models. This emerges from a list of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, which captures several thousand low-radiation mobile phones. To electronics fair IFA (September 1 to 6), the index was supplemented by 170 new model once again how the agency communicates. The older models in the database included in the calculation, the proportion of low-radiation devices lies currently at 40 percent. Looking at the 170 new units isolated, the rate is as high as 55 percent.

Phones that do not exceed a maximum SAR level of 0.6 watts per kilogram when operating on the head are considered low radiation, such as the Federal Office explained. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and is a measure of the power absorbed by body tissue radiofrequency energy in the use of mobile phones. To exclude health effects to radiofrequency fields, the SAR will reportedly be no more than 2 watts per kilogram. Overall, see the freely available online list almost 3,000 mobile phones, smartphones and tablets of more than 70 manufacturers.(AP) /(Dahe)

“Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus” briefly alluded

German Engineering: One of the Nazi super soldiers.

(Image: Bethesda)

Bethesda has brought two playable chapter of the next Wolfenstein adventure to Cologne. is Located "The New Colossus" in a Nazi-occupied North America - and B. J. is in the Resistance.

Publisher Bethesda shows at Gamescom two chapters from the announced in June Wolfenstein adventure "The New Colossus", Place in good old Europe the continuation of plays "Wolfenstein: The New Order" 1961 in a conquered by the Nazis America. The game starts unusually realistic for an action sequel: The injuries William "B. J." Blazkowicz has suffered in the last part in the fight against the Nazi regime, make him a cripple. So you have to first shoot in a wheelchair through a huge gunboat will care even for accessibility and help members of the new Resistance.

Old and new opponents

The injured B. J., the pregnant Anya, the cunning set and the militant Grace are not only back the icy Irene Engel opposite - but also their plump daughter Sigrun. The dialogues between disappointed mother and lovable daughter remember that Wolfenstein is not only because of its design successful - but also because of figure drawing and history. Well written and set to music great, the cut scenes make as much fun as the fighting.

Concubine Irene is also her daughter Sigrun of the party. Concubine Irene is also her daughter Sigrun of the party.(Image: Bethesda)

In the fighting, however, the developers have to re-adjust a little, as they say. In the test, the opponents seemed too easy to defeat, even if they tolerate a lot of balls thanks armor. The spectacular retro weapons are still few and far between, which were always part of the fun in the Wolfenstein games. As for graphics and design, however, there are no doubts: "The New Colossus" is beautifully designed and sits by his predecessor simply by the new setting from.

Without Swastikas

This is especially evident in New Mexico, where you will notice the American life under Nazi rule. A sensuous horror captured the players, when a Stormtrooper interrogates two Ku Klux Clan men over new German history. Irritating effect but again the lack of real Nazi symbolism. Extra for English speakers, they must be repaid - in games, not movies. What annoyingly reminds you that games will be considered in the land of poets and thinkers still not as a genuine cultural asset.

From 27 October, you can again liberate America from the Nazis on Playstation 4, Xbox One and of course PC.

(Stephan Greitemeier) /(Vbr)

DVB-T2 HD: Change in other cities on November 8

DVB-T2 HD: Change in other cities on November 8

Of these radio tower in Goma radio and DVB-T2 signals are broadcast. There is antenna for a radio link to Rwanda.

(Photo: Jens Bröcher)

On November 8, among other things, Dresden, Kassel, Koblenz and Freiburg will be converted to the new radio transmission standard DVB-T2 HD. The classical DVB-T television is turned off.

In Dresden, Kassel, Koblenz and Freiburg classical DVB-T television is switched off in favor of DVB-T2 HD on 8 November. The transmitter sites Cuxhaven (city), Göttingen (Espol), Heringsdorf, High Meissner, Löbau, Pfaffenberg, Rhoen, Stralsund (Garz), Wolfsburg and Würzburg be converted to DVB-T2. Residents can inform stating their postal code, whether they are affected by the change in this form.

For the reception of DVB-T2 new receivers are necessary - classical DVB-T receiver can not handle the new standard. Private stations broadcast only in HD resolution and are subject to a charge, the annual fee is for a three-month free phase at 69 euros. In many other metropolitan areas DVB-T2 is launched in March.

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“The signal from Tölva” alluded: Beautiful Planet scrap

Angespielt: The signal from Tölva

The survival shooter exploration of indie developer Big Robot presented such a compelling and beautifully bizarre world that it is almost impossible to believe the game came from a team of four.

"The signal from Tölva" is a survival first-person shooter of the indie developer Big Robot, previously known for "Sir, You're Being Hunted", Tölva plays out much more relaxed than the nerve-wracking first title of the studio. The shooter looks like a mixture of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and planetary exploration from No Man's Sky - a bit Outpost Conquest à la Far Cry with swings. Relatively quickly, however clear that "The signal from Tölva" his own thing makes.

The story is told in short: A data broker wants to know what is going on with the mysterious radio signal is emanating from the planet Tölva. So the player latches ado his consciousness from orbit into a scrap collection drone on the planet and begins to search. These drones are semi-autonomous robots that scour the planet seems to usable scrap. More the player must not know to become equal to the Explore the open-world landscape.

Robots die beautiful

The most important thing a shooter is the feeling of the weapon while firing, this feeling is true Tölva to the point. It pops, sprazzelt and slams every time going beautifully when the player fires a zusammenimprovisierten the creaking. And the enemy robots, the bases to conquer it, explode most beautifully in colorful sparks. If the player himself disassembled by a burst of fire the opposite side into parts, which is not bad - it just is linking his consciousness into another drone in their own bases.

Comparable simple technique conjures a beautiful landscape on the screen. Comparable simple technique conjures a beautiful landscape on the screen.

But the fight is not always necessary. Many conflicts, the player can go through roving crawl out of the way or he rushes the various groupings of the scrap-collecting robots against each other. With a cyber hacker ray gun even opposing robots can make docile and they clamp as a supporter or bodyguards.

Scrap can be so beautiful

The main highlight, the one in the first hours of play of "The signal from Tölva" stands out is the planet itself. The graph uses relatively fewer polygons, but does it with great attention to detail and lots up for in charm. The light effects of the ongoing day-night rhythm are beautiful. It just makes mood to wander through this world to discover new areas and to ponder its mysteries.

1 out of 38

The signal from Tölva (38 photos)

Weapons have infinite ammo, but should not be forgotten reload anyway.

The World of Tölva is weird - that is before all the traditional robots, the ubiquitous scrap parts no apparent benefit and the almost mystical architecture. Buildings are often greater than the inside out and represent surreal, labyrinthine puzzle. The look is based on concept drawings of Grand Theft Auto-style guru Ian McQue whose robot and spaceship designs appear as utilitarian as magical.

interim conclusion

The combination of satisfactory battles, beautiful world and mysterious places invites you to definitely explore further. Only players who are placing more emphasis on action and gripping story, Tölva is not recommended. For this, the scrap planet is much too chilling.

"The signal from Tölva" is now available for Windows on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. The game costs 20 euros. We have alluded to a pre-release version for a few hours.(FAB)

Apple TV 4K: refresh rate and high dynamic range output in the future depending on the content

Apple TV automatically adjusts 4K refresh rate and HDR output with coming TVOS 2.11 to to content

(Image: Screenshot)

The TVOS 11.2 currently being in the beta phase are added to the Apple TV 4K in a position to adjust the video output to the currently playing content.

With the upcoming operating system TVOS 11.2 (currently in beta) Apple equipped the Apple TV 4K a mode that adjusts the video output via HDMI to the currently playing content. This results from a video of the so-called "AVDisplayManager"That Apple has posted on its developer page.

Currently, the Apple TV 4K (HDR High Dynamic Range,) is fixed to a frame rate and the output with ordinary or increased contrast set. In practice, this means that actually for choosing the HDR output with ordinary dynamic range (standard Dynamic Range SDR) present contents of the box in HDR means be converted among others. In practice, the result of some quite negative reviews made.

switch land

The Dolby Vision Edition is currently undergoing again at right itself 4K TVs from LG from last year problems: The Apple TV 4K selected there by itself the HDR10 output because this TV model Dolby Vision only a maximum of 30 Hertz can spend. That's enough for the services offered on iTunes 4K movies completely out (they run at 24 Hz), but Apple prefers to use the HDR10 mode at 60 Hertz, so that the interface of the box is displayed smoothly as possible. Although the output can be manually set to 4K with Dolby Vision at 30 Hz change, but the Apple TV 4K then running all the time in this mode.

When Apple TV 4K with TVOS 11.2, the new mode is not expected to be set automatically, but must be activated manually by the user. The reason for this may be that it can come for the respective necessary HDMI handshake when switching between different frame rates interruptions - which could be misunderstood by some users as a bug.(Nij)

Stiftung Warentest: libraries are in e-book price-performance winner


(Picture: Tolino)

Cheaper to get almost to the e-book: The comparative test by Stiftung Warentest, the digital program of public libraries scores. But in comparison to Internet bookstores and reading flat rates there are some limitations.

The public libraries, not everyone in the search for new e-books on the screen. But the city libraries are the price-performance winner in a comparison of the Stiftung Warentest. As low as the bundled offer of some 3,000 libraries to get somewhere else not to electronic reading material. There are thousands of e-books to borrow for annual fees of 10 to 45 euros.

Moment borrow?

What at first sounds strange and after printed book, also in e-book from the library of the case. Users can borrow usually for 14 to 21 days and lose after this loan period to access the book - until the next loan. Overdraft fees have forgetful users will no longer pay for. Due to licensing issues that actually unlimited duplicable goods e-book is, however, to have in the digital library in limited number. Were merely use rights for three books bought only three library customers can borrow the same time. At coveted titles that can lead to delays. And there's a catch: Owners of Amazon's Kindle get at the library no reading material.

And even if accessible nationwide, you can register as a rule only for the local library. This goes for it in some cities online, in others you have to apply for a membership card on site.

Cheaper than printed books

Compared to the offer of libraries e-book flat rates come off worse, according to the testers. Accordingly, they have significantly less attractive books and are much more expensive. Some high-demand titles is often initially unavailable. The advice: subscription services worth more suitable for heavy readers who like to browse. Advantage of reading flat rate: no waiting time and no loan period.

And who does not find the book you want in the large catalog of libraries or subscription services, is looking for the best in the range of Internet bookseller. Here, however, you pay relatively the highest price. Which is usually but still about 20 percent below that of a printed book. (AP) /(Mho)

Nintendo SNES mini appears on 29 September

Nintendo SNES mini appears on 29 September

Nintendo released a new mini-console: After constantly sold-out mini-NES is now the Super Nintendo it. On September 29, the mini SNES appear in Europe.

Nintendo brings on September 29, a mini version of the classic game console Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) on the market. The device will cost about 80 euros, but there is the mini SNES and 21 classic games.

The predecessor, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini, was due to high demand mostly sold out and was temporarily traded at astronomical prices. Nintendo had the production of mini NES control despite the high demand early in the year - probably because the producers needed production capacity for the production of mini SNES.

With 21 games

The games of the mini SNES is impressive: 21 titles, including classics like Contra III, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda: A Link to the Past and Street Fighter II Turbo, are likely to make you happy so many retro gaming fan. A special treat is Star Fox 2. The game was developed in the days of the SNES, but never officially published. The previous Star Fox said in Europe Starwing.

was the technical basis of the mini NES an ARM processor and a Linux system. Hackers managed relatively quickly to modify system files and load as its own game titles on the apparatus.

1 out of 20

Classic games on Nintendo mini SNES (20 photos)

Contra III


Traditional brand Hertie before comeback as online shop

The department store brand Hertie returns - as an online department store. The Osnabrücker entrepreneur Nils and Jan Klöker bought the naming rights to the venerable company, which filed for bankruptcy in 2008. In 2009, the last department stores were closed under the name Hertie.

As the journal textile industry reported the brothers want so go into competition with the incumbents Amazon and Otto. Under the address (only on Restart information) should start with a full range between late 2012 and mid-2013 an online store. The offer is directed to the whole family. The entrepreneurs lead the HDK AG in Osnabrück, which previously operated a total of 40 collaborations various online stores such or

Jan Klöker (left) and Nils Klöker.(Picture: HDK AG)

What price the trademark rights changed hands, was not disclosed. For the name written as part of the bankruptcy estate since the bankruptcy sale, there should have been more interested. The naming rights are often particularly popular with the sale of long-established companies. The new owner of Hertie assume that the brand is in Germany to 80 percent name recognition. In the recent past, disappeared from the retail chains such as Schlecker and Plus continue to exist without branches in various forms on the Internet.

Currently, even the insolvent mail order company Neckermann endeavors to ensure that the business continues, the search for investors running. Already last year, the mail order company Otto had continued with the acquisition of the source brand a known name for a new online trading platform. Source was just like Hertie part of 2009 have become insolvent Arcandor Group.

The company name Hertie has a long history: 1882 Hermann Tietz opened the first department store in Gera. In the following decades, the company, as you can read in the German Historical Museum expanded. After coming to power of the Nazis, the company was "arisiert" and taken over by a new owner. The name of the department stores was on "Hertie" shortened. After 1945 Hertie acquired an additional department stores.

The rise was followed by the mid-1980s, a decline in sales. 1994 Hertie was acquired by Karstadt AG. After the merger with the source AG 1999 almost all Hertie stores were renamed Karstadt, but wore from 2007 73 "Karstadt Kompakt"-Warenhäuser the name "Hertie", The bankruptcy of the British main owner these houses were closed in August of 2009. (With material of the AP) /(PHS)

AOL accepts online games magazine GameDaily

The US Internet provider AOL took over the game online magazine GameDaily from Gigex Inc.. The offer, which is visited by its own account on a monthly basis up to 4.5 million players, will be the flagship brand within the Games section of AOL, said in a release. The staff at GameDaily should deny her magazine in the future along with the AOL editors. The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

AOL Games CEO Ralph Rivera called video games sites as a valuable platform for advertisers who want to reach young male Internet users. With the help of the acquisition of Internet service provider hopes entirely under its previously announced realignment, this audience "continue to good use",(ANW)

Gigabit DSL: The technology is ready for practice, but experts doubt demand and profitability

Gigabit DSL: technology available, but experts doubt demand and profitability

With an even wider frequency band than the VDSL technology gigabit level achieved on the copper pair. So they trumped cable connections. But some experts still see no applications for such high data rates.

The technique by means of which read be achieved Gigabit speeds over ordinary copper wire pairs for short distances, gradually makes its way to the practical use. For traditional network operators who only have telephone lines to subscribers, it appears very tempting because it seems cheap compared to the fiber-optic expansion and the use of copper pairs can still extend several decades.

However, experts disagree about how the technology really efficient over fiber-optic connections strikes and whether is already really needed - yet there are no applications that require several hundred Mbit / s, is a popular objection. This argument can nevertheless easily refute: A single such bandwidth-hungry application, there is not (example: fast, online backup are useful, but slow online backups tuns too), but many small and medium-sized companies and even ambitious budgets come with VDSL and even with normal Internet use only bad because the connections to many users prove VDSL vectoring same time. Or because the users emphasize immediate transfer of very large files, either by the company into the home office or from home to the cloud.

A common solution to this dilemma are cable connections that reach at least in the receive direction currently up to 200 Mbit / s and have already achieved twice in experiments. In the medium term aim for cable operators to 1 Gbit / s. In countries with strong competition (the Netherlands, Austria, Great Britain, ...) Cable operators recorded currently three times as many new broadband subscribers as the long-established telcos to new DSL subscribers. should therefore appear mainly to network operators as a rescue, shrink the number of participants in favor of cable operators and at the same time shy away from investing in fiber-optic expansion.

Gigabit level developers come the way in that they add up transmit and receive directions courageously. On routes to around 200 meters come with selected good copper lines as 1000 Mbit / s together. The transmitting and receiving direction can freely configure network operators within wide ranges. What you can expect from, such as new rates or higher uplink speeds, we have in the post "Gigabit Internet to the telephone line: What promises" illuminated.

Saving electricity to customers' costs

But some installations could be more expensive than fiber-to-the-home, so fiber optic connections to the home, says Rupert Wood by Analysis Mason. Glass fibers must be performed for in 200 to 250 meters to households. In some cases, it may then be cheaper, not to lay equal to the customer. Because of the installation costs come at also investments for the FTTdp-cabinets (Fiber To The Distribution Point), so the converters which convert the electrical signal from the customer to the optical signal and pass it to the core network of the operator.

Although they are designed over the developed DSL DSLAMs from the perspective of network operators smarter because they receive power through the phone line from the customers and thus lower operating costs at Telekom & Co cause, but remains the thick chunk for equipment purchase, installation, setup and maintenance. Therefore, experts estimate that the cost of connectors in the middle between VDSL and fiber optic connections (FTTH) lie. Ronan Kelly by the network supplier Adtran says that VDSL suggests 300 to 500 US dollars per person to book, FTTH with 1,200 to 1,600 US dollars.

Seven in one fell swoop

However, some network operators rely on Here, not even the chip maker with their blocks ready, so equipment costs are still open. Broadcom, HiSilicon, Ikanos, Lantiq, Metanoia, Realtek and Sckipio - - So far, the protagonists have only completed the first interoperability tests. With the start of mass production observers expected until the second half of 2015. Sckipio thinks nevertheless, can promise connection costs at the level of VDSL.

Nor the mass production has not started, but the chip maker Sckipio believes that connection costs for will be at the level of VDSL connections. Nor the mass production has not started, but the chip maker Sckipio believes that connection costs for will be at the level of VDSL connections. Network operators attracts the company also with shorter installation times compared to the glass fiber.(Picture: Sckipio)

After all, network operators can already check in their own field test whether and how well the sale of the hardware manufacturers are for their own purposes. For example, the Dutch KPN, British Telecom and the German telecom field test started in Europe, Telekom Austria.

British Telecom wants in the UK over the next ten years "a large part" connect households with connections to the Internet. Two field tests in Huntington, Cambridgeshire and Gosforth, Newcastle should bring clarity about the feasibility of the technology this summer. About 4,000 homes and businesses will then also give information about what can actually deliver for speeds If the test runs are positive, the large-scale use is to begin in 2016 or 2017th

Gigabit level to 66 meters

Initial experience in a laboratory environment collected BT in September 2014. Over a 19-meter course delivered prototypes downstream about 800 Mbit / s and upstream over 200 Mbit / s. To 66 meters by 700 and 200 Mbit / s were recorded. In Switzerland, Swisscom has its first field test involving customers started in late April. In the village of beavers Buchegg the community, which has around 250 inhabitants, customers surf via with up to 500 MBit / s.

If and when is in Germany, is open. Interested operators must weigh not only costs against benefits, sodern probably wait for a regulation of the Federal Network Agency. also caused due to the high frequency operation strong crosstalk interference and may only be used in vectoring mode, therefore, the lower the interference by coordinated signal transmission. Because the coordination on the current design can only be done centrally by a single network operator, this also has the authority over an entire bundle of cables. Thus under such conditions but competition is maintained among network operators, the Agency has established appropriate rules already for VDSL vectoring. For they might look similar.(Dz)