Privacy Shield: EU data protection distance themselves from the Commission

Privacy Shield

The EU Commission has the transatlantic "Privacy Shield" in a first test report as "functioning" designated. The EU data protection officers complain that the assessment was drawn up without them.

Was full of praise EU Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová last week when she first annual audit report to the "Privacy Shield" presented. The agreement, which allows a broad transfer of company data between the EU and the US, worked well, said the Czech. The Brussels government agency made the statement in which it also expounded some unfinished points, but obviously without the crucial supervisory authorities of the Member States: Representatives of the Data Protection Commissioner of the EU countries distance themselves now open on the results of the Commission.

In the review of eight delegates from the European data protection authorities were involved, which are assembled in the Article 29 group. This included from Germany, among others, an employee of the Federal Data Protection Commissioner Andrea Voßhoff. The CDU politician now emphasized to heise online that on the report from Brussels, representatives of data protection authorities "were involved only in relation to the factual basis", The conclusions were drawn but without them and would give so "exclusively with the Commission again",

Privacy advocates draw their own conclusion

currently the data protection included developed its own report, the proposals for conclusions from the perspective of Article 29 Guppe would contain it says in the Bonn authorities. On the submission will end November advise in the next plenary session of the committee and decided. European and especially German data protection commissioner had previously always dissatisfied shown with the succession plan for the tilted by the European Court Safe Harbor agreement. Advance they threatened last year with a lawsuit and finally blessed the privacy shield initially only with reservations from. Now they want to soon announce whether they consider the existing safeguards are sufficient.(Stefan Krempl) /(Mho)

The joke is: election 2017 – a final comment

The German Volker, inscription at the Reichstag, the seat of the German Parliament

Inscription at the Reichstag building, the seat of the German Parliament

(Picture: Manfred Grund, Public Domain (Creative Commons CC0))

There have been Scandals in this campaign. When you hold the choice for important - but not everyone does. Anyway: Participate in between elections in the public policy debate. She is very good, Clemens emphasized equality.

For the parliamentary elections, there were two large exciters. One was that the reactionary AFD probably get seats in the Bundestag. The other was just the PARTY, here locally henceforth the more tolerable for typography "the party" called the confidence that you can distinguish the reader in the context between the party and a party. Both exciters are just that, when choosing something that is very important to very, very, not only statistically for the people in terms of a high turnout, but also individually as a democratic ritual for the individual citizen.

A commentary by Clemens Gleich

A commentary by Clemens Gleich

Clemens Gleich sat long ago as c't editor in an office of the Heise publishing house before brought him striking experiences to henceforth earn his money in the saddles of motorcycles. But once Nerd, Nerd forever: As a freelance writer, he still writes about computer issues. And all the trappings of social and political implications.

    How important a choice seems to depend mainly because how high on the legislation assesses the power of politics in the context of all with inside-speaking players. Because that politics alone can not do everything, shows almost every law passed. But this assessment must absolutely lack of reliable data at the heart of every individual are completed. If it comes out that the election is virtually not care for you: a legitimate point of view. If, however, comes out that the choice of the most important events of democratic life is, you will understand the Aufreger quite well. Let us, therefore, to simplify the discussion of common second case out: The choice is fully important.

    Merkel or nothing

    If the choice is believed to be very important, we arrive immediately at the end of each consensus. For the important choice must also be carried out properly, which means that everyone should choose the one that I think is good or at least bearable. select AFD is not, not in protest, never, not at all. But the party will not because every vote for the party, too AGAINST could agree AFD. The problem is that every vote to a party with government participation is at least potentially a vote for "Merkel further", The rating good or bad I want are out there here. It will be only understandable that many Germans but once something else would after all these years as the "unified solution" with hand diamond.

    Music, Election Tinder, Navi: these are the apps for the parliamentary elections

    Election programs in 2017

    Summary of programs and positions of the parties on the topics of digitization and network policy.

    • Positions of the CDU / CSU
    • Positions of the SPD
    • Positions of the Left
    • Positions of the Greens
    • Positions of the FDP
    • Positions of the AFD

    Mr. Lindner who flooded us as thorny business clothing model of FDP posters down with motivation calendar sayings will make only something with Merkel government. The SPD has himself so far maneuvered into the irrelevance that for them the same applies. Black-Green is on the present course a long overdue constellation at the federal level. Only at the extremes of the voters can be certain that he tenders a vote against further governance of cxu under Merkel. AFD. Left.

    And then we are there where it pinches: fit If neither Merkel nor the extremes, you want so choose the party might be just. The now man type evaluates "Choice is full importance" surprisingly common as a despicable act. The taz was select party as "the last", as "bourgeois, elitist and amoral" and ultimately choose worse than AFD because the AFD at least wanted to make policy instead of only arrogant fun of it. Since we are already close to the Godwin-end of the discussion skills.

    The joke

    The debates at the party show very well how important the nuclear policy work of the parties is seen and how unimportant everything else. The party makes fun of politics by then puts the finger where it sometimes actually still hurts. your drawer "satire" therefore creaks. would fit better, perhaps "political cabaret"Because the party is the system displeasure voices and faces. And ultimately, if we are honest, it probably makes more politically relevant work than any other party comparable choice percentages.

    That we already noticed it, she's like a presence in the public, although it may have no relevance in the election. When the AFD gold sold for the improvement of party funds, the party sold bills. This was a flat laughs at the surface, but underneath it was about the party financing law, which was then changed to prevent unauthorized use. The party argues Martin Sonneborn, So actually committed and serious political. And this argument, he wrote recently with a Facebook image text, which shows that under the "funny funny" quite slumber serious concern. The same we see in Kancler candidate Serdar Somuncu whose anger at the criticism of this and his political project mandatory seriously before "She is very good." stands.

    For the parliamentary elections in 2017

    Debates on Netzpoltik in #heiseshowXXL:

    • "Hatred is not an opinion": About network policy and the future of the network, with Renate Künast (Green Party), Joerg Heidrich, Jürgen Kuri
    • The Internet: From space to harbingers of totalitarianism ?, with Jimmy Schulz (FDP), Malte Spitz (GFF, The Greens), Joerg Heidrich, Jürgen Kuri

    So the party voters found in his adopted a valve to engage in political activities, although he currently holds the political stage for stay away value. When people talk about the party, it's about politics. That's very good. The political discourse is underestimated, especially in our times of storage, ditches and bubbles. Would you rather the election candidates, party voters were withdrawing into the amorphous mass of poorly understood non-voter? I do not believe that. To choose. But none of the things that I find stupid. It's also not a democratic attitude. And the same criticism applies to the attitude towards AFD voters.

    The bad man with the little beard is back

    If we search a topic that signs each AFD voters, we certainly did not find in her strange choice program that only a fraction of the electorate reads (as with any party) at all. No, they entered her short battle cry: "Away with Merkel!" Many changes recently felt itself to a not to be underestimated amount of conservative voters like a landslide that happened under their feeble feet. Because they wish they were told by the cxu reassuringly conservative policies, some driven into the ground sneaky post made of wood, steel or concrete - known soothing materials. However, in some sweeping changes to the passivity, the policy of the Merkel era so characterizes showed. Who does nothing, does nothing wrong, you think. But right up only briefly. The end of the long-term line of reasoning is now called: AFD in the Bundestag, the United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum followed by a long pent-up wave of anger and hatred like Trump or.

    And that shocked the liberal Germans. A black and white facebook image reminds him of the thirties when the Nazis gradually dismantled the Weimar Republic. It would be nice if the interest was focussed on more factors than just the collection of Hitler's party in parliament. When the NSDAP after the previous irrelevance first came Relevance in Parliament, the German Reich went before against the iceberg of the Great Depression. The reactionary German military superiors had prepared after the First World War secretly pumping, the only reason was the Third Reich "suddenly" Air force and armored figures had to wait long for the UK, because the British had not done so. National Socialist and Communist Terror covered the streets. hardly anyone will even oversimplified deny that the first WK ultimately resulted in the WW2. That belongs to it, if you want to investigate what could mean an event.

    The real danger

    then the danger lay, not today lies in the fact that is it an old Gauland now sits in Berlin. This could even go out very well by AFD politician same ultra-right positions for which would have voted without batting an eyelid before a cxu / SPD, make henceforth impossible. Or if, as in the UK, after such a shock swings a backlash.

    No, the real danger lies in an unstable world situation. Of these, we also now know God enough. but since it is not enough to vote once per period for liberal parties as AFD. If the peanuts mold show you also scratch not only the mold away and face the rest of the face, but you will have the problem of rotting food tackle fundamental. And part of the public political discourse that conveys even and especially the party. Talk more with each throw over the grave mounds instead of just insult grenades. Participate in between elections in the public policy debate. She is very good.

    See for election in 2017 on Telepolis:

    (Clemens Gleich) /(Jk)

    G20 riots: Left and police complain “online witch-hunt” because private Internet search

    G20 riots: complain left and police

    (Picture: DPolG Königsbrunn on Facebook)

    The Hamburg Police has set up after the riots around the G20 summit a reference portal can be uploaded through the imagery of crime. but in one case it is a "Internet search" too far.

    The outrage over photos and videos of black-clad masked men who in Hamburg after "Welcome-to-Hell"-Demonstration flaring against the G20 cars on Friday, looting supermarkets and throw objects at police officers, resulting in ongoing since "Internet search" imprudent to reactions and breakdown. The Hamburg Police has activated this website after the riots together with the Federal Criminal Police (BKA) can be uploaded on their own, as yet unpublished photos and videos of crimes around the riots anonymous or identified by name.

    More than a thousand submissions

    Investigators rejoiced briefly that more than 1,000 image files were received within a few hours. The material was currently being spotted with high pressure and cataloged, also evaluated YouTube and similar online sources in parallel. The left scene protested then against the portal: "Through its call for denunciation and betrayal, police provoked a private 'online hunt', from which it distanced itself then hypocritically",

    Reason for the response was mainly that the launched of users in-house "Internet search" at that time already shot many running wild and caused quite a stir. A trigger was primarily a message on "" with the title: "Rioters throwing firecrackers policeman in the face - he loses his eyesight?", as "facts Finder" the evening news have identified. Under a large-format photo with a man with unverpixeltem face in front of a crowd of law enforcement officers in use of equipment could be read thus: "A slob throws a policeman a firecracker right in the face, can escape it. After Image information the officer could lose his eyesight",

    The message is spreading rapidly in social networks, where the photo of the demonstrators made worse as a supposed key player and offenders. Especially on rightist Facebook groups appeals are geliked by referring frequently: "This is the 'demonstrators', which took almost a firecracker a policeman's eyesight. Find him! Please share." But the German Police Union (DPolG) Königsbrunn published the photo from Hamburg in the social network.

    Acoustic trauma instead of eye injury

    The Hamburg police made on Twitter on Saturday clear on many occasions that the affected colleague against earlier information "no permanent eye injury"for it, but had suffered acoustic trauma. "Important!" it said there also: The man shown was not a suspect. "Please quit Internet search for him!" On Facebook and Twitter the train had already left but that false reports further took their course. The action was not initiated by the investigators, the social media team of investigators from the Hanseatic city put on because of that. It still grab one to "to protect an innocent from a 'online hunt'",

    "" originated products since been revised several times, the talk is now of a cannon throw back and "brute force against officials", It have "all-clear" given the offender was on the now pixelated photo also "not to see", The DPolG local association and other stakeholders on social media saw also forced to clarifications. but they want "recognized offenders" further published, according to one of the groups involved. That have "nothing to do with vigilante justice, but with justice", The corrections of misstatements found so far significantly less attention than the original "manhunt posts",(Stefan Krempl) /(ANW)

    Music, Election Tinder, Navi: these are the apps for the parliamentary elections

    Music, Election Tinder, Navi: these are the apps for the parliamentary elections

    By some of the parties that will compete in the general election in September, most voters are likely to have never heard of. Orientation in the jungle of options offer choice apps. The H presents the election programs on Wednesday.

    With a total of 42 parties competing for the parliamentary elections on 24 September, it is not easy to keep track. Remedy choice apps with those undecided can check which party best suits them. It is not always there but political content. RTL has already unlocked his election-Navi, the Wahl-O-Mat as classics go online as of Wednesday noon. From then detail compare heise online again the programs of the most promising parties with a focus on the positions to the Internet, IT, data protection, education and research, etc..

    The Wahl-O-Mat is available in Germany since 2002. That's longer than Angela Merkel Chancellor is. The origins go back even further. Even on paper publish the Dutch "Prodemos: House for democracy and rule of law" first time in 1989 a small poll workers. Since 1998, the progressive Dutch set the Wahl-O-Mat also online. With the license acquisition in 2002, the Germans followed suit. In the Wahl-O-Mat for the parliamentary elections in 2017, all 42 parties are represented, which are eligible for election, according to Federal Election. Users can prioritize its agreement to different theories - and the app calculates with which parties the agreement is the largest. Up to eight parties can be included in the evaluation.

    Policy Tinder

    The so-called dial-Swiper is strongly reminiscent of the dating app "Tinder" - even if in the end no candlelight dinner with Chancellor's Office chief Peter Altmaier or Federal Labor Minister Andrea Nahles pops out. As the well-known Flirt app also makes the election-Swiper complex systems. Current topics are broken down to yes-no questions: "If Edward Snowden political asylum granted?" - a wiper means to the left "No"Is called a thumb movement to the right "Yes", After 30 answers, users can synchronize their compliance with various parties. The result is presented as a ranking and consistency displayed as a percentage.

    Those taste in music puts more emphasis than in the observance of election promises, can with the music-O-Mat streaming service "Deezer" at least test on which election party it would please him best end of September. drive the answers to questions about guaranteed earwigs, the best song for celebration or sports, are compared with playlists that have been submitted by the parties. Those who when asked about the favorite song for about "Penny Lane" decision by the Beatles, hooked best be understood with Martin Schulz. Who it with the song "We love the storms" keeps Ronny likely, musical with German Chancellor Angela Merkel received (CDU) do not conflict.

    modified classics

    With the election Navi RTL and n-tv presenting its own choice tool. It is very similar except for a few differences the Wahl-O-Mat. Once users have weighted their consent to 30 different theses, follow extra questions that give the creators themselves information about the preferences of app users. "Whatever your choice decision: How to find the Greens?", It says, for example. Or: "What do you think, what is the approval in your constituency for the CDU / CSU?" - the constituency knows the Navi because the zip code must be entered before the start of the app.

    A somewhat different approach In 42 questions from 12 subject areas, users are indeed consulted again for their opinion on policy initiatives or legislative proposals. However, there are issues on which the parties have already voted in the Bundestag. Whether it comes to the issue of euthanasia to Bundeswehr missions abroad, the alignment of pensions in East and West or the nationwide minimum wage: The answers of users are matched with the real voting behavior of the parties in the past, not with intent. The disadvantage parties that were not represented in the past in parliaments, fall out.

    Money, Money, Money

    The tax-O-Mat saving is a priority. Users can provide information about their annual income, marital status and number of children. And the app calculates, with which party the tax burden would be the lowest. Other issues are not considered.

    [Update 8/29/2017 - 12:50] For a comparison of digital topics also an alliance of several organizations that created the digital-O-Mat. Here interested parties can answer twelve questions and then compare their positions with those of the main antretenden parties. but the AFD does not happen here, because they have not responded to the requests of the organizers.(AP) /(Mho)

    Analysis Pirate Party: Farewell to the outsider

    Analysis Pirate Party: Farewell to the outsider

    (Picture: korbinian_polk, CC BY 2.0)

    As a supposed democracy update started, the patch Pirate Party has now been abolished across the board. Time to regroup.

    Berlin, Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein and now North Rhine-Westphalia. The Pirate Party is as expected flown from the fourth state parliament and has no chance to make policy for a large number of voters. Just one percent of voters said the outsider party nor her voice. The experiment must therefore be regarded as a failure.

    Policy by the presence

    An analysis of Torsten Kleinz

    An analysis of Torsten Kleinz

    Torsten Kleinz focuses as a freelance journalist on Internet culture and power politics.

      "Pirate effect" - this credo carried the opposition politicians long before them. This meant: Even if the members of the Pirate Party had no chance to reach decisions in their favor that their alternative policy approach should infect politicians from other political groups, and government employees. And indeed: The state government under Hannelore Kraft launched after the rise of the Pirates a citizen participation project after another. Issues such as a public Wi-Fi suddenly had more weight.

      But the policy operation rubbed off on the pirates. Thus, the deputies of the pirates often like poisoned against government policies, even if they did not own suggestions for better policies. Internally, too, there was fighting - three deputies resigned from the faction of the "20 pirates" from.

      What do the pirates?

      The Pirate Party always wanted to deny the classic party scheme. Is it for workers or rather for high earners? Government intervention or for freedom? Left or right? The pirates looked more himself as free from ideology she tried recently to sell a pragmatist: #smartgerecht was their program, their hashtag slogan.

      After five years, Parliament was only hard to grasp what the pirates in North Rhine-Westphalia were at all. Had planned by Ursula von der Leyen power locks then made the pirates to federal political size, they do not even touched on the subject in North Rhine-Westphalia - although the Büssow'schen power locks here after 16 years are still active.

      Patchwork Party Program

      Instead, the pirates pounced on a colorful hodgepodge of topics: Early Childhood Education, lignite, a salary-cap for Savings boards. In its various proposals lacked stamina often: So the pirates had brought security in the hospital IT on the agenda of the Parliament last year. He considers the initiative, it did not qualify for the plenary, the federal government had overtaken the pirates with their own law to IT security.

      Even in the flagship project of the party, the "ticket-free" - ie tax-financed - public transport, the party RECOURSE at half distance stand. Between 15 and 30 euros per month, citizens should pay for it forcibly to get a flat rate for public transport. That such an offer also required an expensive expansion of public transport networks and especially low-income earners would weigh heavily, the pirates simply stated the problem of other parties. The state government should stop shoot enough funds - or the federal government.

      Denial of politics

      That the other parties not leaping with enthusiasm to the often only half thought out proposals, the party saw not as a defeat. Proud national party presented on its campaign website the many requests that she had not received - and which even the opposition parties CDU and FDP agreed to only in exceptional cases. Only at the very end of the stand-alone application for one, with the Pirates actually got a majority in the parliament: an invitation to the state government, the storage of data of football fans to check.

      That it comes in politics to win as many opponents for a project and to make compromises - because the pirates had little interest. They adorned themselves in order to vote goes against their own applications, sometimes with, sometimes to vote against the government. but that they gave up even any political capital. Support for their own projects can be obtained only if one is willing to reliably support the projects of others.

      Co-determination as an end in itself

      The outsider status seemed consistent, as the pirates still felt they had the better policy system found: A grassroots democracy without political intrigues, which is dominated by expertise rather than populism but. But in production, the system was different. The political orientation of the party depended to a large extent where even the national convention had been held since. The length of the approach road was more important in the final analysis as an online democracy. The dispute over Liquid Democracy broke the federal party.

      Doctrine for the established politicians: Too much transparency and participation is not worth it. Neither the pirates were able to inspire a mass of users for the system, still convinced the result of a few enthusiasts. The open application book of the NRW state parliament in which every citizen could submit proposals for legislative initiatives, shows 128 applications. Only two of them came in the parliament to vote - and were promptly rejected.

      Back to the established paths

      The net-political scene has long since turned away from the Pirate Party, even at the re: publica they got a PR stunt, in which they wanted the Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere hand over a negative prize, the audience no applause. Many activists seek safety rather in established parties in whose bodies they want to contribute their ideas. Or they set up their own organizations that want to convince people across party boundaries.

      Last chance are the members of the Pirate Party in local parliaments, whose work can actually have relevance for many citizens impact. but in addition they have to compromise and talk and act not only as an outsider. Whoever wants to shape policy must also be ready to make policy. (Torsten Kleinz) /(Mho)

      Messenger: Telegram defended encryption against intelligence

      Messaging service Telegram

      (Picture: AP, Armin Weigel / archive)

      The Russian domestic intelligence requires Telegram insight into the conversations between some phone numbers. Despite of a fine, the Telegram-CEO will continue to work for the constitutional rights of users.

      A court in Moscow has occupied the operator of the Messengers Telegram with a fine because who does not want to cooperate with the Russian FSB. Telegram to pay 800,000 rubles (12,000 euros) because it did not want to give the necessary information to decrypt messages to the FSB, reports the Russian news agency TASS. Telegram CEO Pawel Durow wanted to go against the court's decision to appeal.

      Telegram to elapse Ultimatum

      According to the agency report is in the process of communication between six phone numbers. The FSB had approached Telegram July and requested information in order to decrypt the messages between users. After Telegram who allowed the deadline set, the secret service took legal action. Telegram wants to sit against the demand of the FSB to defend.

      "The desire of the FSB for access to private correspondence is an attempt to increase its influence at the expense of constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens", Durov wrote on Monday on his side at VKontakte. Telegram can not give out without hurting the period specified in the Constitution telecommunications secret the information requested.

      Targeted by the authorities

      The skirmish with the FSB marked another round in the debate of the messenger service with Russian authorities. In summer Telegram had registered under pressure from the authorities as an information service and agreed to take action against spam, and dissemination of propaganda or illegal content.

      Messenger services such Telegram have been criticized because they are also used by criminals, terrorists and propagandists. So Telegram has fallen in several countries targeted by the authorities - for example in Iran. In Germany, the intelligence agencies want to overturn the encryption with the so-called source TKÜ: With a state Trojan that communication directly on the device mitschneidet before it is encrypted.(Vbr)

      Network DG: Commission welcomes German action against hate speech

      Justice Minister Heiko Maas

      Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas wants to take action against hate speech.

      (Picture: AP, Paul Zinken)

      Brussels currently has no plans to block the Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) proposed network enforcement law. The Commission welcomes the German action against hate, even if there is heavy criticism.

      The European Commission has welcomed the decisive action of the Federal Government against hate and incitement on the Internet. Hatred and radical propaganda have both online and offline a place in our society, said a Commission spokesman in Brussels on Friday. Therefore, the Commission does not against the planned network Enforcement Act by Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) would proceed: "The Commission does not intend to block the German bill"The spokesman assured.

      heavy fines

      Maas wants to bring his highly controversial law as possible before the summer break. Social networks should be forced thus to remove hateful and hateful posts quickly. Facebook and get deletion periods aufgebrummt. Clearly criminal content should be repaid within 24 hours, in more complicated cases remain seven days. For violations fines could face up to 50 million euros.

      Not only Facebook defends itself against the law. Also, trade associations, lawyers, Internet activists, journalists and non-governmental organizations warn Maas from threats to freedom of expression and the privatization of law enforcement. One of the fears that content is hastily removed due to the tight deadlines and heavy fines.

      Criticism from the UN

      Most recently, the Special Representative of the UN for the freedom of expression, David Kaye, sharply criticized the bill. The proposed measures were shooting far out over the target, says the lawyer and leaves hardly any good to say about the design. Although protection against terrorism, child pornography and violence call was a legitimate state interest, but the Maas'schen plans are hardly compatible with international human rights declarations.

      The Federal Council has dealt in the past week with the bill of Maas and suggested some changes. Although the Bundesrat warns on the negative effects "freedom-democracy and promoting fundamental rights"However, the law does not question in principle, but "optimize in terms of proportionality",

      (With material of the AP) /(Vbr)

      22 years imprisonment: pedophile used Facebook to abuse from a distance


      (Picture: AP, Jochen Lübke / archive)

      A man from the United Kingdom was convicted of multiple rape, although he was not physically present at the deeds: About Facebook, he won the confidence of young people, called nude photos - and then urged them to abuse relative.

      A 32-year-old Englishman has been sentenced to 16 years in prison for rape in several cases. There are also, according to The Guardian further six years as part of a "extended license" - the British counterpart to preventive detention. Accordingly, the offender has used up to 40 fake Facebook profiles to make friends with teenagers. After he had brought her to send him nude pictures of himself that he had used this as leverage to force her to fly by close relatives in children and teens. In some cases he used by the young people Tatvideos created to urge them to multiple repetition of the assaults.

      According to BBC, the accused had been a total of 21 cases of abuse from a distance during the process. However, the prosecutor of the Court of Newcastle go because of evidence from a far higher number. Therefore could be up to 100 minors in the UK, the US, Canada and Australia have become the victims of pedophiles. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation have therefore added to the case investigation.

      Drug use and sense of power as a justification

      The defender of the 32-year-old reportedly argued in court with cannabis use his client as well as its willingness to plead guilty at the first opportunity. He had also stressed that the accused did not commit the acts by its own account for sexual reasons. Rather, they would have given him a sense of power and control over other people.


      EU-US data transfer: Privacy Shield under European shelling

      Privacy Shield under European shelling

      Privacy advocates fear that the Privacy Shield with Trump could be terminated by the United States. A committee of the EU Parliament is now calling on the European Commission to review the level of protection of the Agreement.

      The European Parliament is due to vote in the light of increasing criticism of the Privacy Shield in the coming week on the agreement. The LIBE Committee has already taken a position with a negative resolution. In the future, the data exchange with the United States could prove difficult with it.

      As the successor of the Agreement Safe Harbor Privacy Shield simplifies data exchange for European companies with such US service providers who are committed to the privacy principles and organizational requirements of the Privacy Shields.

      Dr. Marc Störing is on data protection law specialized partner of the law firm Osborne Clarke.

      On 12 July 2016, the EU-US-Privacy Shield was officially entered into force and there from the beginning the subject of criticism. In fact, it is planned for one-year anniversary of the Privacy Shields for this summer to test the instrument comprehensively.

      Trump makes for uncertainty

      But as it now appears, which can formulate in Brussels resisting Privacy Shield is not willing to wait at all, only so long. For uncertainty Executive Order had to "Improve public safety" January 25, attended by US President Donald Trump. A passage places the intention obvious non-US citizens from the US data protection law, or at least of certain "Privacy policy" ruled out "to the extent consistent with applicable law",

      Although the Trump'sche decree applies only to the Privacy Act of the US, but still, worry privacy advocates that Privacy Shield could also this includes - or that the instrument will soon be unilaterally terminated by the United States.

      EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourová had threatened to tilt the Privacy Shield when significant changes in the US understanding and handling of data of Europeans were observed. In fact, the LIBE Committee had adopted a rather narrow majority of 29 to 25 votes with one abstention, a resolution critical now on 23 March 2017 which asks the EU Commission for a review of the data protection level of the Privacy Shield.

      critical aspects

      And, the Committee on some points which, which are regarded as particularly critical opinion of the LIBE members: in particular, the lack of commitment for US companies to certify themselves, the fact of the frequent US mediator in the dispute and the difficulties involved for EU citizens in law enforcement, the alleged mass surveillance by the US government and, finally, the allegedly insufficient independence of the US Ombudsman.

      Now a vote in the European Parliament is planned. Should follow it the line of the LIBE committee, which would indeed have no immediate effect on Privacy Shield. The European Parliament would therefore - unlike the European Court at the time when it comes to safe harbor - to end not in a position to Privacy Shield in some form, to terminate or declare ineffective. But a critical vote in the Parliament would at least be an important call on the Justice Commissioner Vera Jourová to advocate either for short-term improvements to the table on the US end, or - which would be more realistic - Privacy Shield at the latest during the forthcoming by the EU Commission's annual suspend or terminate verification.

      Companies that put so far on the Privacy Shield self-certification of their service in transatlantic data exchange, then stood again face the problem of finding the short term alternative solutions such as in the form of so-called standard contractual clauses.(Marc Störing) /(ANW)

      Strike against child pornography platform in the darknet: 900 arrests

      Europol headquarters

      (Picture: AP, Lex van Lieshout / archive)

      International investigators have busted a vast child pornography network on the darknet. Nearly 370 of the 900 detainees come from Europe.

      International investigators have managed a big blow to a global child porn ring in the darknet. Around 900 people have been arrested worldwide, about 370 of them in Europe, Europol said in The Hague on Friday. 296 sexually abused children have been identified and rescued. The police operation previously undisclosed took more than two years.

      It is the largest case in a number of recent successes have become known determination against child porn scene. Just two weeks ago Europol and Interpol had jointly notified the arrest of 38 people, including German. They had exchanged via WhatsApp child pornography images. In the months before events in Norway and Spain had become known.

      Adversity allowed access

      Earlier this week, the three leading players in the Internet platform "playpen" been sentenced in the US to prison terms of up to 30 years, including the 58-year-old creator of the site from Florida. Playpen, according to Europol, one of the largest child porn platforms with more than 150,000 users. In charge of the action was the American FBI.

      Playpen was in an unknown for many users part of the Internet, the darknet. About the site allowed users to gain access to large stocks of child porn. It was the most successful action that had ever been done by the FBI against criminals in the darknet.

      The child porn site was launched, 2014. "A little later we noticed it, but we could not do anything"Said FBI Special Agent Alfin. Only in December the founder made a mistake and opened the investigators as access to the IP address that was registered in the United States. "The note we received from colleagues from abroad", Alfin said.

      Then, the secret investigations rolled worldwide under the name "operation Pacifier" ("operation pacifier") About the user to track. Europol coordinated while the investigation in Europe.(AP) /(Thl)

      European Commission President Juncker: EU reconstruction and EU-wide introduction of the euro

      European Commission President Juncker: EU reconstruction and EU-wide introduction of the euro

      Ten days before the election comes a bang from Brussels: European Commission President Juncker wants to rebuild Europe, although not as far-reaching as the French president Macron. It will be interesting how arriving in Germany.

      European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker wants to adopt the euro throughout the European Union, including in poorer Eastern European countries. Moreover, should all EU countries to join the Schengen zone without border controls as EU diplomats said before Juncker's keynote speech at the European Parliament on Wednesday. In addition, the EU will continue to grow: By 2025, they could have around 30 members.

      Shortly before the election Juncker thus makes proposals which could cause considerable controversy. Thus, the desired expansion of the euro zone means that EU countries are critical, such as Hungary or Poland adopt the single currency. Also, it is to apply in poor EU countries such as Romania and Bulgaria.

      The Euro

      In 19 of the 28 states of the European Union is currently being paid to the euro. Since 1999, Belgium, Germany, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal and Spain have the common currency. Later, Greece, Slovenia, Malta and Cyprus, Slovakia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania came gradually to it.

      As its official currency, the euro is not introduced into the EU states Bulgaria, Denmark, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Sweden, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Britain, which is currently negotiating its withdrawal from the EU, was never part of the euro area.

      EU reconstruction

      However, Juncker spoke out against more far-reaching reform strategies as she wants the French president Emmanuel Macron. In contrast Juncker, German Chancellor Angela Merkel comes to meet, which is skeptical of a far-reaching restructuring of the Community.

      Juncker's State of the Union in the Strasbourg European parliament had been eagerly awaited. After decision of the British for leaving the EU had initiated a reform debate and presented five scenarios for the future EU in March. But Juncker wants, according to the EU diplomats no new structures and also no change in the European treaties - unlike Macron, which requires a Euro-Finance with its own billion-budget.

      As a compromise formula Juncker wants that a Vice President of the Commission a full-time head of the Euro group - a kind "Mr. EUR" no new apparatus. The EU budget, a separate title for the euro zone should be provided. This Juncker wants to finance, among other aids for EU countries such as Romania and Bulgaria, to make them fit for the euro. Currently 19 of the 28 EU countries have the common currency. Some others do not create the economic hurdles or will not adopt the euro.

      board room

      In future there should be according to the will of Juncker only one EU presidency. His own office should be merged with the President of the Council, he suggested in his keynote speech at the European Parliament. So that the EU will more efficiently and more easily understood by the public, he argued.

      That will not go against the current President Donald Tusk. Even he himself had no ambitions to the new office, said Juncker, who wants to stop in 2019 as president of the European Commission.

      He pleaded in addition for a European "Economy and Finance"But without creating a new office. The position should take over the responsibility for monetary and economic affairs Commissioner who would be head of the euro group simultaneously. This would then coordinate all EU funding instruments, Juncker said.


      The EU Commission intends to complete by 2019 free trade agreement with Australia and New Zealand, as Juncker announced. The agreements should be negotiated with the greatest possible transparency about to national and regional parliaments to be fully informed from day one.

      In addition, the Brussels authority proposes to take investors from third countries in future more closely. This is to takeovers from countries such as China can be checked strictly. EU Commission President, each year in September before his agenda for the coming months.

      Turkish EU membership

      Juncker sees Turkey not joining the European Union, wants to keep but the hand of the Turkish people extended. The EU will in the coming years include more members, the basis for this is the rule of law. "This rules out Turkey's membership in the foreseeable future." Turkey removed in recent times by leaps and bounds by the EU.

      "Journalists are in editorial offices, not to jail"Juncker said. "Let our journalists"Juncker said the address of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He should stop berating European leaders as fascists and Nazis. Who insult made a conscious way verbaue in the EU, possibly on purpose, in order to give the other side later blamed for the possible failure of negotiations. "But we will keep our hand outstretched for the great Turkish people."(AP) /(Jk)

      BGH: Google Image Search does not infringe copyright

      Federal Court

      (Picture: AP, Uli Deck)

      As long as Google has no knowledge that publish websites photos are there illegally, the Group is not liable for ensuring that he displays them as images search results.

      The Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) keeps the image search of Google will continue for non-infringement of copyright. On Thursday, the First Civil Senate has decided that "a display of copyrighted images that have been found by search engines on the Internet, in principle, does not violate any copyrights" (Case no. I ZR 11/16, "Thumbnails III"). Thus the German Supreme Court confirms its previous case law on this subject.

      The specific case dates back to 2009, that refers to the old version of Google Image Search, which has only small thumbnails images displayed ("thumbnails"). had sued the operator of the US adult website He has photos with costs and password protected for download. Some of these nude photos appeared illegally somewhere else freely accessible on - Google indexed those copies and showed it in the hit list. However, defendant in the proceedings was not Google, but with the AOL running under search engine, which then fell back in cooperation on search results of Google Image Search.

      Liability only from knowledge

      In the two previous instances the plaintiff had lost. Now the Supreme Court has rejected his revision. AOL or Google did not infringe the copyright in this case because there is no knowledge of the legal situation existed. The Supreme Court based its decision on the recent European Court of Justice (ECJ).

      This was decided in 2016 that placing a link on a freely accessible website where copyrighted works without permission of the copyright owner set, only constitutes a public performance, if the linking party knew the unlawful publication of works on the Internet site or could reasonably know.

      This liability only from knowledge of the illegality of the BGH now expands on search engines, because: "This rule is based on the consideration that the Internet of expression and freedom of information is of particular importance and contribute links to the good functioning of the Internet and to exchange views and information in this network." The same applies to "Internet search services",

      legally controversial

      From the seller a search function can not be expected to check whether the found by the search engine in an automated process images have been set legally on the Internet before he reflects on his website as thumbnails. Thus, the Supreme Court concluded in a study published on Thursday press release. Until the Senate subsequently files a written justification, pass usually a few weeks.

      Whether this judgment is also applicable to the current version of the Google image search remains to be seen. She is legally controversial, because it just does not use more thumbnails in the preview, but only slightly reduced images. Therefore, the photographer-professional association FreeLens has filed suit against Google in March this year at the Regional Court of Hamburg. The accusation: Because Google now displays large images directly into image search, would violate the copyright of the photographer.(Lifted)

      Maas: Internal deletion criteria on Facebook “completely arbitrary”

      Heiko Maas

      (Picture: AP, Hannibal)

      Justice Minister Heiko Maas is contradictory Facebook's handling of hate messages, even on Twitter, he has nothing good. Remedy manage its network enforcement law.

      Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) has called for more transparency in light of the recently became known internal instructions Facebooks for dealing with hate and violence content. "My reservations have unfortunately been confirmed: The criteria partially act completely arbitrary and contradictory"He told the Mirror. His own design of network enforcement law against hate crime oriented against it "clearly on criminal",

      The British Guardian had published internal instructions to Facebook employees earlier this week. "And that this information became public only through a leak, is abundantly clear that we must finally commit to greater transparency, social networks", Maas said. From the leaked by the Guardian records indicate that Facebook, for example, only "credible" wants to erase death threats and child abuse or cruel treatment under certain conditions. "That Facebook previously keeps secret its growth targets and no wonder, it also enables any external to become on-site at the decision-makers an image."

      Twitter clears only one percent

      Here, however, the minister not only took Facebook a bead, but also criticized the short message service Twitter: "Here seems ever to be no functioning complaint management." A monitoring have indeed brought to light that Twitter "deleted only one percent reported by users, illegal Tweets" have. This could in future be very expensive if the bill Minister of Justice enters into force in its current form: It penalties to be provided to 50 million euros if the providers of their obligation to erase criminal messages fail to comply.

      In an interview with the news magazine of the Minister of Justice defended his controversial bill against hate crime in the net. Many critics fear that the law enforcement privatized and self-censorship is fired. The law, which is still to be decided during this term, will not replace the criminal penalties, said Maas. "It aims to strengthen the responsibility of the network operators for their services."(With material of the AP) /(Axk)

      Bundestag decides undercooked Open Data Act

      traffic jam

      (Photo: Ted Kerwin CC BY 2.0

      Parliament has passed a bill that will be made publicly available machine-readable and be free of charge with the digital data authorities. A right does not exist but that exceptions are large.

      Electronically stored raw data from federal agencies should be machine-readable, free of charge and accessible transparent to the public. A draft for an Open Data Act has decided after a long run without further debate on the night of Friday, the Bundestag. The grand coalition voted for the project, Left and Greens abstained.

      "Outside the authority lying conditions"

      are recorded according to the initiative also metadata such as information about the origin, structure and content of management information. These will be available in total over the existing portal GovData. A right to obtain digital data of the authorities, but not created with the draft on the reform of the E-Government Act. Unlike the Freedom of Information Act by the Federal Thus the citizen is necessary can not erstreiten court access to coveted bits and bytes.

      The Open Data specification applies to data in an Office "electronically stored and structured present in collections, particularly in tables or lists", may be included only facts "concern the out-of-authority relations", Data for research purposes are left out so as not to interfere with potential further open access initiatives.

      Publication options limited

      The reasons that authorities may have prevented release their stocks, black and red is associated with an amendment from the Committee on Internal Affairs to the original draft of the federal government directly with the widely knitted except the holdings Freedom of Information Act. These relate about the protection of business secrets, copyrights or privacy.

      A right of access shall not stand, also; about "for reasons of IT security, statistical confidentiality", National and public security or "dismay vulnerable concerns" the intelligence and police services of the Confederation. CDU / CSU and SPD have also clarified that publication possibilities are denied in some specific laws also due to other requirements or may be limited.

      Traffic, weather or geodata

      The Federal Government should alleging decision to set up a central office to advise the authorities of the Federal Administration to ask how they can deploy their informational resources as open data. The instance serves the will of the Deputies to as a contact for relevant institutions of the country. The transition period for data at "disproportionately high costs" delayed opening, they have the evaluation time from three to two years, reduced to four years after entry into force of the law.

      The "one-off compliance costs" for the law, the government has put at around 16.7 million euros, plus annual cost will come from 787,000 euros. but overall they expected "positive economic effects"That might just not be quantified at present. The citizens benefited when apps or Internet services would create about with traffic, weather or geographic data, which provide in daily life or in the bureaucratic jungle of relief. The administration should also gain in image and acceptance "by the improved comprehensibility of their actions",(Stefan Krempl) /(Cfu)

      Özdemir calls for more commitment from Facebook against hatred and incitement

      Özdemir calls for more commitment from Facebook against hatred and incitement

      Cem Özdemir, chairman of Alliance 90 / The Greens and a member of the German Bundestag

      (Picture: Cem Özdemir)

      As a politician of Turkish origin Cem Özdemir is a frequent interlocutor when it comes to Erdogan and Turkey. But often it has to do with hostility. Özdemir calls on Facebook andTwitter more use of it.

      Green federal chief Cem Özdemir has been thinking for public threats and insults about the role of his political existence. For example, he and his family were attacked massively by the Armenian resolution, Özdemir said the dpa in Stuttgart. "But I'm happy to politicians and have a lot of plans. And we must not leave the field for the fanatics of different sides."

      Insults and threats

      In June 2016, the Bundestag decided on Özdemir's instigation, a resolution that the atrocities as of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago "genocide" classifies. The issue caused a tension between Germany and Turkey. To date, the Green Party gets especially on Facebook insults and threats. "The agitation on the net often goes deep below the belt. My life has been changed by my point of view but not", Özdemir said.

      Facebook Users can comment on posts Cem Özdemir's Facebook page(Picture: Facebook)

      In drastic cases Özdemir filed charges. "Parallel to the display goes out a request to Facebook to terminate the person's profile." Facebook does not really felt well looked after, "more than if I request a politician", It was a mess. "All citizens must have the ability to enforce their rights when they are threatened. It can not be that easy perpetrators go unpunished. Facebook or Twitter're not lawless areas." The public prosecutors could not always respond as quickly as we might wish.

      poorly equipped

      "Unfortunately, this is also due to their frequent lack of staffing", The Green Party said. The Armenian resolution considered Özdemir as his most probably the greatest political success as an opposition politician. "It has been enforced against the chancellor and against the then Foreign Minister - with the help of the President, President of the Bundestag and a few "ally" in the Bundestag, who have worked tenaciously to the project until we had one day convinced a majority."(AP) /(Cfu)