Crowd- and click Working: discrimination, overtime and low pay

Study: Discrimination, overtime and low pay in the

Researchers at the Oxford Internet Institute have three years investigating new forms of online job working as Crowd- and click Working. The final report by many digital day laborers feel exploited.

Opportunities and risks online distributed commissioned as part of the so-called Gig Economy illuminates a recently published study by the Oxford Internet Institute. Crowd- and click Working on platforms like Amazon "Mechanical Turk", LiveOps or InnoCentive is an increasing acquisition factor, especially for online workers in emerging countries are therefore become. This could draw upstart self benefits as "potentially higher income and an enlarged working autonomy", According to the final report of a three-year research project. But the downside, risks against such "social isolation, a lack of work-life balance, discrimination and predatory intermediaries",

A glimpse, no more

The scientists interviewed for the study 456 Crowd Worker mainly from Southeast Asia and the southern African countries online and conducted 152 additional interviews. They also have anonymous data from "one of the largest platforms for commission" evaluates to gain insights into the brave new world of work, the hour in which tasks or daily forgive and performance is monitored, among others, with special algorithms.

The results were "not necessarily representative" for the included states, but significant, the researchers write. There are demarcation problems between different collaborators in the Gig Economy, also you have to reach only workers with public profiles.

68 percent of respondents said that working Click making an important contribution to their household income. Some indicate that they first set due to the paid wages cash reserves on its side or a private health insurance could afford. 53 percent said that their jobs would have included complex tasks. Often was heard that it was important to them to be able to choose the work more or less freely.

Far too many willing to work

but the number of those willing to work exceeds that of the actually relevant platforms mediated Crowd Worker far. The researchers made worldwide in April than 1.7 million search profiles. In contrast, they found on these only about 200,000 evidence that the underlying or related persons had been booked at least for an hour had earned at least one dollar. The oversupply of job seekers was huge, the uncertainty high. 43 percent of participants had so also indicated that they felt easily replaced.

A myth, it is, according to the analysis that qualified people in Nairobi have the same access to potential customers on the platforms as their competitors in New York. Virtually complained many of the respondents said that they were discriminated against because of their ethnicity. Part mediation condition loud about that only workers from the United States would be allowed. Potential Clickworkers from emerging markets also earned disproportionately little just at the start of their online career. A statistical evidence of discrimination but can not be derived from the questionnaires.

Little opportunity for solidarity

74 percent of respondents complained according to researchers forms of social isolation because they never or rarely communicated either with other like-minded people face to face. This Reduce the ability to unite and fight together for interests such as higher wages. 94 percent were not in a union. 55 percent said that they did their jobs screen at a frenetic pace, 22 percent complained of pain there. Only 15 percent said that they would not set tight deadlines. The working hours often would be around 70 or 80 hours a week for an average of $ 3.50 per hour.

Ten percent of respondents did not know by his own admission, who was actually her client. Overall, the working conditions were opaque. 32 percent had no idea if their income would be taxed. 34 percent hinted that they paid no taxes. In addition, apparently new, little considerate middlemen assert themselves in the processes. Maya about a 26-year-old student from Malaysia, reported a client who managed to get a job for $ 75 and this you have passed on for 7.50 US dollars.

As the largest sales countries in the Gig Economy make the scientists India, the USA, the Philippines and Ukraine made before countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia or China. In Europe, Poland and the UK are the most numerous. The researchers raise many questions with the aim of improving the click work. These include considering introducing certification of the platforms in the form of a "fair Work"-Programms and to provide a common voice online the crowd workers. In the room, the authors also whether governments should regulate the fledgling sector stronger.(Stefan Krempl) /(Mho)

Google AI investigated and processed the most beautiful landscapes of Street View

Google AI investigated and processed the most beautiful landscapes of Street View

Google's AI traveled by Street View around the world and cut from the finest panoramas excerpts from. The dramatic reworking the AI ​​has come up with themselves.

(Image: Google)

An AI from Google's research labs has the makings of photographers. At least professional photographers images that has cut the AI ​​from Street View and edit as beautiful as the works of colleagues.

Google researchers have trained an AI traveling around the world looking for opportunities for beautiful photos and retouched photos in the style of professional photographers. Without a body, she traveled only virtually via Street View and looked around 40,000 panoramas. From which they chose the clipping with the greatest potential for professional landscape shot. The trimmed photo edited the AI ​​with a "Drama mask"Who had created a generative-Adversarial Network depending on the image content.

Google (Image:Google )

The results presented Google professional photographer who kept the AI ​​in a blind test at least for a semi-professional colleagues. A post on Google's Research Blog explains details. A demo page collects the most beautiful shots, including link to Street View.(JME)

NASA released new satellite image of the Earth at night

NASA released new satellite image of the Earth at night

The Earth at night (in full resolution: 266 MB)

(Image: NASA Earth Observatory)

Satellite images of the Earth at night showing the spread of the human race - by the lights of the settlement centers. But disasters are illustrated like this. Now there is a new global recording and soon to be built every day.

NASA scientists have published a new global satellite image of the Earth at night, five years after the date such latest mosaic. More clearly than many other recordings, these images show the influence of the people on our planet, but can also illustrate natural disasters or about wars.

Later this year the researchers also want to have a process in operation, which allows publication of such night scenes within hours. Which could then even illustrate seasonal differences, but should also be used in disaster relief.

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The Earth at Night (2016 vs. 2012) (15 pictures)

War zones in Syria are visible on the recordings. (2012)
(Image: NASA Earth Observatory)

It is still unclear what the continuous updates all be used, but for that very reason they should be made public. Then use scenarios could be developed at the moment no one think. could be Revealed about illegal fishing activities, on the other hand, could be more effective action against light pollution.

The basis for the instrument VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) on board the satellite NPP (Suomi National Polar-orbiting Partnership). The direct publication of night images is being prepared at the Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA. (Mho)

ESA’s Rosetta: Surprisingly very last new photo found

ESA's Rosetta found Surprisingly very last photo before landing

Rosetta's really very last picture (in the red frame) and the now second to last (yellow) (for Zoom 8 MByte)

(Image: ESA / Rosetta / MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS / UPD / LAM / IAA / SSO / INTA / UPM / DASP / IDA)

Scientists have not yet found in the submitted last Rosetta data surprisingly another photo. It shows the landing site from just 20 meters away, and still a bit more detailed than the formerly last photo.

A year after the ESA probe Rosetta landed on her comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko and contact with Earth is broken, researchers have released a new very last photo that had been found surprising. The recording was taken up from 17.9 to 21 meters from the surface. only 12,228 bytes of the image had been received on Earth last year. Because each image but actually 23048 bytes was great, the fragment of the automatic software was no longer recognized as an image.

Algorithm has overlooked image

Only the engineers of the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research in Göttingen have discovered it in the data. Now it shows the surface again in some more detail than the date last photo. This was - taken not even from about 50 meters, but about 25 feet away - unlike previously thought.

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Rosetta's Landing: The last new pictures of the comet (13 pictures)

Rosetta's 2017 discovered last resort Photo
(Image: ESA / Rosetta / MPS for OSIRIS Team MPS / UPD / LAM / IAA / SSO / INTA / UPM / DASP / IDA)ESA's Rosetta mission

ESA's Rosetta mission

Rosetta was ten years to the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko go. The ESA probe and the Philae lander will explore the celestial body from orbit and on the surface.

  • Philae drilled at Comet
  • Comet lander in a difficult position
  • "Hello, Comet"
  • How harpooned a comet
  • Rosetta mission: visit to the ESA

As the researchers explain now, the images of the probe were not transferred pixel by pixel, but in layers because of the compression algorithm used. Each level contains this new details. Since 53 percent of the image data has been transferred, the compression ratio was indeed worse than originally intended, but more than adequate. Thus, while some of the finer details have been lost, but still come together a better picture than the previous one. That stems from the fact that the camera was modified again before landing. A color filter was removed, whereby images from a distance of 15 meters have become really sharp. When approaching this point the images were so got better and so did this very last.

Still surprises

Rosetta had been sent in 2004 and more than ten years on the road until she had her comet reached in summer, 2014. On landed the brought with her mini-laboratory Philae and sent a few days a lot of data. but because it stood in the shadows, its energy reserves finally ran out and only came forward once again. Meanwhile, Rosetta circled around the comet and provided the researchers a lot of data to the celestial bodies and the beginnings of our solar system. Because the comet 67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko but distant with Rosetta again from the sun, the probe finally ran out of energy and so the ESA decided to land the craft smoothly on the surface. Until shortly before the landing, the probe then sent data and images that can still provide surprises, as now revealed.


Racer: Airbus and DLR are working on high-speed helicopter with double deck income areas

Airbus is working on high-speed helicopter


Airbus has presented at the air show in Le Bourget a helicopter, which should be not only fast but also cost-effective.

Airbus wants to produce a helicopter which is to be fast more than 400 km / h. The concept for the Racer-called aircraft the company has now presented at the air show in Le Bourget. The name is an acronym from Rapid And Cost-Effective Rotorcraft. That is, the helicopter should not only fast, but also cost-effective. For that to a "Eco mode" ensure, in which an engine is to be partially electrically driven, as well as a weight-optimized design. The demonstrator will be built in 2019 and lift off the first time the 2020th

Normally helicopter flying speeds of up to a maximum of 350 km / h. The US company Sikorsky X2 reached 416 km / h in 2010, with its prototype. The project was discontinued a year later.

"Effectiveness in aerodynamics and consumption"

In addition to the usual helicopters main rotor of the racer has two double deck income areas to provide additional propulsion during cruise. mounted at the ends of the wings propeller to provide the forward thrust for high speeds. "This flexible concept offers the use of a wide range of mission scenarios where vertical take off and landing, a high cruising speed and effectiveness in aerodynamics and consumption are in demand", The German Center for Aerospace announces (DLR), which has worked on the concept. This was particularly true for emergency medicine to expect the air rescue and the Geschäftsflug- and airline operation.

Image 1 of 9

Airbus' helicopter concept Racer (9 pictures)

At the air show in Le Bourget, Airbus showed a model of the racer.

DLR has analyzed the acoustic properties of the helicopter demonstrator for various flight conditions by its own account. "The identified flight conditions with low noise level will help Airbus Helicopters and operators to develop flight profiles with minimum noise effects on residents"Explains Thorsten Schwarz from the DLR Institute of Aerodynamics and Flow Technology in Braunschweig. The research was conducted jointly with the French aerospace research center ONERA in a partner project with the European project Clean Sky 2 - Airframe operated. The ONERA for the design of the propeller and the vertical stabilizer was responsible, while the acoustic analysis was carried out jointly by DLR and ONERA.(ANW)

RoboCup World Championship: The inscrutable contest of rescue robots

RoboCup World Championship: The inscrutable contest of rescue robots

(Picture: The H / Hans-Arthur Marsiske)

The robots in the Rescue Robot League will be confronted with new tasks. This year is about the scenario "Curb" Added to the list of tasks until shortly before the tournament.

The Rescue Robot League is one of the RoboCup to the competitions, which are the most difficult to understand for spectators. The general idea is clear: robots to assist the rescue work in a simulated disaster environment. But as the power is measured in detail, then still somewhat difficult to understand. At the RoboCup World Cup in Nagoya now has given us Johannes Pellenz, one of the organizers of the league, says competition precisely during a tour of the arena.

"The rules are a disaster"

The RoboCup Rescue Robot League developed in close cooperation with the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). A goal is the performance of robots using to make measurable by standard test methods. Therefore, the Rescue Arena offers no naturalistic reconstruction of a disaster but is divided into several areas where different abilities of robots can be tested in a reproducible manner and quantified.

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RoboCup World Cup 2017: Rescue Robot League (14 photos)

Johannes Pellenz explains the daily schedule of the Rescue Robot League, which shows when each team is provided for which test. This looks quite complicated from ...
(Picture: The H / Hans-Arthur Marsiske)

In the tournament in Nagoya are the 21 individual tests, in which it is about to mobility, the creation of local maps or manipulation. Besides offering a RoboCup WM Whatever the opportunity to gather ideas for new tests and try out. So constantly new tasks are added, sometimes on short notice. is the set of rules this league "a disaster"Says Pellenz - which somehow fits, finally, there is in a real disaster no fixed rules.

This year is about the scenario "Curb" Added to the list of tasks until shortly before the tournament. Here, the robot must overcome an approximately ten centimeters high beams, even if they can drive it only obliquely. In reality corresponds to the high curbs. Other tasks have been established longer, about drawing up detailed area maps on rough terrain: Here, the challenge is to balance the constant fluctuations of the robot to make the sensor data comparable.

You should also read the article series "Championship of the machines" at c't:

  • The leagues of the RoboCup at a glance
  • 1. The simulation leagues
  • 2. RoboCup Rescue
  • 3. RoboCup Junior
  • 4. Humanoid League
  • 5. Industral Logistic League
  • 6. RoboCup @ home
  • 7. RoboCup @ work
  • 8. Standard Platform League

Not only stairs, and wooden beams

Of course, experience with real disasters influence the design of the competition. Thus the disaster has shown the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, it is not enough when a robot can tackle stairs - which is difficult enough in itself. But often stairs are blocked after a disaster by obstacles that need to be either overcome or put away. According Arena also found in the Rescue now a staircase whose steps are blocked by wooden beams - well defined in size and angle, so that the requirements can be accurately reproduced.

There are always several tests simultaneously in the arena. The achievements of the teams from outside are only partially assessed. After all, it's not just about how well the robot moves, but above all the data that it transmits to the operator or treated yourself. All this is recorded with a complicated point system and evaluated, which itself is in constant evolution. The winner in this league may not be seen as clearly as in the leagues for viewers therefore. The potential benefits of the competition is all the more apparent.(Hans-Arthur Marsiske) /(ANW)

“The biggest risk to our civilization”: Elon Musk warns again against AI

For years, Elon Musk warns of the dangers of artificial intelligence. Well, he used a large stage in front of governors of the United States to repeat his drastic assessment: AI is a fundamental threat to our civilization, legislation is required.

With sharp words, the US entrepreneur Elon Musk has again warned of the dangers of unregulated research on artificial intelligence. Before the National Governors Association (NGA), in which the governors of US states are organized, he said, KI ask his opinion, currently the largest threat to our civilization. People have not yet understood that he is convinced. Although it may warn him constantly of the dangers, but as long as no "Robots run through the streets and kill people", His listeners still did not know how to react. We should now make us worry and legislators should regulate the work of researchers. The economy could not because AI could mean a competitive advantage that could to miss any.

The Tesla and SpaceX founder Musk has been warning for some time about the dangers of AI and remained at the meeting in Rhode Iceland now also to ask for his dramatic formulation. Robots could do everything better than humans, "and I mean everything"Musk said. He was not a friend of regulation and also plead not for over-regulation, but with KI one must be active before, because afterwards it may be too late. He himself had access to sophisticated AI systems and could only assure that every care should prepare. Unlike, say, car accidents, harmful medicine or bad food Artificial Intelligence hazardous to human civilization as a whole.

Proactive regulation needed

To ask the governors Hickenlooper (Colorado) and Ducey (Arizona) remained Musk with his strong words. He recommended the leaders of the US States to familiarize themselves with the subject. Nor politics knows too little about the field. In addition, a regulatory authority should be set up, which takes care of the issue and formulate guidelines - such as the as the FAA makes for US aviation. The policy should also have no fear of criticism from the business community. Of course, companies would - except of course his - lamenting the face of threats regulation and threaten about the emigration. But that will not happen, because guidelines would help all stressed Musk. Boeing produces spite of regulation indeed continue in the US.(Mho)

cracked Enigma encryption with bombe after five hours Cipher Event

cracked Enigma encryption with bombe after five hours Cipher Event

(Picture: Detlef Borchers / heise online)

"Paderborn greets the Enigma code breakers at Bletchley Park": This gemorste historical radios and encrypted by a radio message Enigma was cracked using a replica of the bombe in five hours.

The CipherEvent at Paderborn Heinz Nixdorf Museum Forum (HNF) demonstrated how British Intelligence during World War II with the help of Turing bombs was able to decrypt encrypted messages of the German military. Seven cryptographer and a replica of the bombe took five hours to find the day setting an Enigma and decrypt a radio message with the known plaintext attack. In the first message, it should be a greeting with probably used words in English "cribs" called.

No software simulation but a restored 75 years old 3-roll Enigma was used in Paderborn to generate four encrypted messages. These were offset by radio amateurs of historical radios repeated on 7036 kHz, as in World War II. At Air Force, Army and Navy was daily practice. On the "other side" the signals were intercepted and cryptographer took up the challenge, to determine the three out of five reels and find the rolling positions and 10 positions connector, called the "days Post" an Enigma formed. They were supported by the replica of a bombe, as they were during wartime dozens in use and by a German dictionary.

"Paderborn greets the Enigma code breaker"

At 9:30, the radio traffic was opened in good quality, as involved in the event German radio amateurs confirmed. Three hours needed the cryptographer for the plug connection, another two hours for the adjustment of the rolling rings for the day key, then the additional message key thanks to the Cribs was quickly found. At 13:56 it happened: "Paderborn greets the Enigma code breakers at Bletchley Park"Bletchley Park announced, quite modern via Twitter.

In II. World War, had very different resources. Usually, the daily setting of the various Enigma was (Army, Navy and Air Force had their own code books for the day setting) before the latest after one and a half hours. the nature of Marinefunker, each at 6 am was very helpful, for example in the morning to send the weather report, the Crib as the word "Weather" contained. The Africa Corps a radio operator was busy, the days "Nothing going on" radioed, each encrypted with the new day setting. According to historians, the ability of the British and Americans to be able to decode the radio messages, shortened the war. Proof of this is for the submarine warfare in the North Atlantic.(Detlef Borchers) /(Axk)

Project “The astronaut” candidates begin training in Moscow


(Image: "the astronaut")

The initiative "the astronaut" wants to prepare the space traveler from Germany and send into space. Now, the two remaining candidates for a training unit in Moscow. It starts with a parabolic flight.

After a nationwide astronauts casting the two winners will start their first training unit in Moscow on 15 August. Start Euro Fighter pilot Nicola Baumann (32) and meteorologist Insa Thiele-Eich (34) with a parabolic flight in preparation for weightlessness, the organizers announced on Friday. The two women from North Rhine-Westphalia had in a selection of private initiative "the astronaut" prevailed over 400 other applicants from Germany. On their learning program is now also Russian.

Insa Thiele-Eich (l.) And Nicola Baumann(Image: "the astronaut")

The first German astronaut

The aim of the initiative is to allow one of the two women in 2020 a ten-day mission to the International Space Station (ISS). About Crowdfunding on the Internet more than 65,000 euros were collected for two years of training. So that the training is not yet funded but. The first unit had paid a sponsor, a spokeswoman said. she declined to comment on the exact cost. yet donors were sought for the other units.

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Peggy Whitson in space (11 photos)

Peggy Whitson looks during her first space flight to the ISS.
(Image: NASA)

The two women have a different training in stages. Insa Thiele calibration needs a pilots training, for example, Nicola Baumann is trained in science. The learning sessions will take place step by step, at home and abroad. Thiele calibration doctorate at the time about the impact of climate change on Bangladesh. The daughter of an astronaut lives with her husband and two daughters in Koenigswinter near Bonn. Nicola Baumann works for the Bundeswehr in Nörvenich near Cologne and is responsible as Baroness for air traffic control in Germany and other NATO countries. The studied aerospace engineer is married to a US Air Force pilot.

sought nor money

Major Donors are still needed for a flight to the ISS: the use would cost up to 50 million euros. So far, only German men in space, selected and trained by the European Space Agency (ESA) were. For the ESA Alexander Gerst flying next year for the second time to the ISS. As the first German he leads the space station as commander.

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ISS images of Samantha Cristoforetti (16 photos)

Star Trek always goes, but especially of course in a space station ..
(Image: ESA / NASA)

(AP) /(Mho)

Nobel Prize in Economics goes to US scientists Richard Thaler

Nobel Prize in Economics goes to US scientists Richard Thaler

(Picture: AP / Carsten Rehder)

For his research on behavioral economics of US scientists Richard Thaler receives this year's Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

US researcher Richard H. Thaler receives this year's Nobel Prize for Economics. This was announced by the Nobel Committee in Stockholm with. Tahler was formerly adviser to former US president Barack Obama.

Behavioral economist researching the psychological foundations of economic decisions that are not always fall rational. For example, a person would choose another shop for a watch that costs 1000 Euro, if it were offered there 100 Euros cheaper. If the clock will cost 10,000 euros, they would not necessarily go to the store, even if the discount would be the same.

Not a classic Nobel Prize

The business award belongs - unlike the awards for medicine, physics, chemistry, literature and peace - not to the classic Nobel Prizes. In the will of Swedish industrialist Alfred Nobel, he does not appear. The Swedish Riksbank donated the prize in 1968 in memory of Nobel.

Since it was first awarded in 1969 mainly economists from the United States were awarded. A German has been honored: the Bonner game theorists Reinhard Selten in 1994th

Last year, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences had honored as the Americans Oliver Hart and the Finns Bengt Holmström for research on contract constructions of top managers. With nine million Swedish kronor (940,000 euros) prize awarded is common with the traditional Nobel Prize on 10 December - awarded in Stockholm - the anniversary of the death of Nobel.

The Nobel Prizes 2017:

(With material of the AP) /(ANW)

Strato Launch plane leaves for the first time the hangar

Strato Launch plane leaves for the first time the hangar

(Picture: Stratolaunch Systems)

The twin-hulled aircraft, from which are to start in flight spaceflight rockets, is for the first time completely on his tires. Now tests are to follow on the ground and in the air.

Strato Launch, the double hull aircraft to carry the spacecraft rocket has left the hangar at the Mojave Air and Space Port for the first time. The manufacturer Stratolaunch Systems, behind the Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is celebrating this in a message as a major milestone. Plans for the aircraft became known in late 2011 for the first time. The first launch of a rocket from Strato Launch of is for of 2019.

The aircraft had been rolled out to first test the refueling. So that the construction would be completed, then further testing may follow on the ground and flight tests, the company writes. Prior to the three-story scaffolding had been removed on the aircraft in recent weeks among others. After that Strato Launch was standing with its approximately 228,000 kilograms for the first time completely on its 28 tires. By comparison, a Boeing 747 weighs about 397,000 kilograms.

The aircraft has a wingspan of 117 m and is 72 m long. It is designed to start with a maximum weight of 590,000 kg, which means it can carry a payload of 250,000 kg; First, a rocket of the type orbital ATK Pegasus XL is planned. Other special options will explore in order to offer customers the widest possible range Strato Launch System.

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Strato Launch: Impressions from the first rollout and out of the workshop (14 photos)

For about six years Stratolaunch Systems is working on the plane.
(Picture: Stratolaunch Systems)


Mark Zuckerberg receives honorary doctorate from Harvard University

Mark Zuckerberg

(Photo: dpa, Michael Reynolds / archive)

His graduation, he has not managed, but now there was at least an official ceremony by his university: The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has gotten into Harvard honorary doctorate awarded. The students he counseled courage.

More than ten years after his self-imposed leave of Harvard University Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has received an honorary doctorate from the prestigious university. "You have achieved something I never managed", The billionaire businessman joked before graduates on Thursday. "If I can do it now by this speech, it will be the first time that I actually bring something to Harvard to an end."

The 33-year-old had left the university in 2004 without completion to advance its rapidly growing online network. At Harvard, he was regarded as an outsider with few social contacts, got there at a party but his present wife Priscilla Chan know. "I'll thrown in three days, so we need to go quickly to a date"Zuckerberg told her own words, as temporarily threatened him because of his hacks on the Harvard network of expulsion.

"Nobody writes formulas on glass"

Zuckerberg advised the graduates in his speech, did not shy away from big ideas. "If I should have known how to connect people to each other everything necessary about it, I would never have built Facebook." Too often, people did not dare for fear of failure to tackle ambitious projects. Zuckerberg also allowed a swipe at the film "The Social Network" from 2010, which tells the creation story of the world's largest online network: "Nobody writes math formulas on glass, okay?"(AP) /(Mho)

After weeks of blockade started Ariane rocket into space again

After weeks of blockade started Ariane rocket into space again

The start in the early hours of Friday

(Picture: Arianespace)

With more than a month late, a European Ariane rocket launched into space at night two satellites. The launch had been postponed because of violent protests in French Guiana, which had paralyzed the spaceport.

After weeks of delays due to protests an Ariane-5 rocket launched into space again from Europe's spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana. The porters brought in the early hours of Friday (CET) two telecommunications satellites for suppliers from Korea and Brazil into orbit as the launch operator Arianespace announced. Originally, the rocket was supposed to lift off in mid-March, but social protests in the French overseas territory in South America had the spaceport blocked for a month.

The satellite sgdc to offer broadband Internet access in Brazil, while ensuring communications for government and military of the country. Koreasat-7 is intended to provide communication services in South Korea, Southeast Asia and India.

Billion from Paris

In French Guiana people had demonstrated against economic problems and crime, and for better health care. This also roads were blocked. The French government finally reached an agreement with the movement and put more than three billion euros in prospect. According to earlier information Arianespace CEO Stéphane Israël of stoppage cost the launch operator and its partners up to 500,000 euros per day. (AP) /(Mho)

Hyperloop test: Munich win again speed record

Hyperloop test: Munich win again speed record

The fastest capsule of Competition II

(Picture: WARR)

For the second time the space company SpaceX conducted a test run for the futuristic transport concept Hyperloop weekend. Again the team from Munich presented the fast- capsule.

Students of the Technical University of Munich have brought the fastest capsule into the tube and the second competition for Elon Musks Transport Vision Hyperloop. The capsule of the team of the Scientific Working Group for rocketry and space travel, short WARR, reached 324 kilometers per hour, Elon Musk rejoiced on Twitter. That the team managed in the same, about 1,250 meters long test tube in which their vehicle was triumphant at the end of January, but was still 94 kilometers per hour. As in the tube and without human passengers an even stronger acceleration and braking is possible Musk considers it even possible to achieve it at supersonic speeds.

Success and Failure

The contest was the second of the space company SpaceX, of not working on the development of hyper-loops, but will at least support. Again, dozens of teams came from all over the world, including in addition to the one in Munich and the University of Emden / Leer. but which fared much worse, so that they could not participate in the final run. In an exciting first round, the North German students had been admitted on Saturday as one of seven teams for the test run in the vacuum tube at normal pressure, reported the dpa.

"Unfortunately there was then processed by the company SpaceX technical problems, so this final test could not be performed", The university announced later. The young people from Lower Saxony had so missed through no fault of the minimum requirement for the final run. They had for months tinkering with the 300,000-euro capsule prototype, and it also raised a lot of money from sponsors. With 85 points, the team from the University was only slightly behind the three finalists who each had 88 points as the university announced on Sunday.

Work on the realization

Elon Musk had the futuristic transport concept Hyperloop made public and released for lack of time for others to realize. His company SpaceX will accompany the competitions for Hyperloop capsules. Meanwhile, several companies are working on the transport technology and are already come to different extents. On a test track in Nevada about Hyperloop One has repeatedly accelerated a capsule and has achieved with the already more than 300 kilometers per hour. The company wants to negotiate commercially operated routes now already, while some basic questions about the safety have still not been answered.(Mho)