#TGIQF – the quiz: Company Logo Alphabet

#TGIQF - the quiz: Company Logo Alphabet

Major brands can often be recognized immediately on the logo or font, without having read the name itself. In our logo alphabet you can test how much individual firms have burned into memory. Have fun!

#TGIQF: The heise online quiz

#TGIQF: The Quiz

"Thank God It's Friday Quiz!" Every Friday there is a new quiz from the fields of IT, engineering, entertainment or Nerd knowledge:

  • Company Logo Alphabet
  • Linux History (s)
  • From Windows 1.0 to 10

Virtually everyone recognizes the Coca-Cola script, the jagged Metallica-M or the Star Wars scrolling text, even if they are used in a completely different context. Even IT brands burn themselves into the memory permanently. But still works even if individual letters are taken out of context or appear logos alone? Our company logo alphabet you can test it from A to Z. This time, while there are more questions, but do not worry, the answers are in two minutes. I wish you success!

This time the quiz runs on time: there faster you answer the questions correctly, the more points. Please do not cheat or recite in the comments so as not to spoil the fun the others.

P.S. .: ideas for new quiz topics are always welcome, just anmailen ➡️(Vza)

Pay please! 2623 emoji for worldwide imagery

Pay please! 2623 ....

35 years ago, Scott E. Fahlman invented emoticons 🙂 and 🙁 to indicate online funny and serious content. What began with three ASCII characters, developed into a global communications phenomenon with currently 2,623 emoji.

Early 1980s networked in the North American universities, the first mailboxes (bulletin boards), where people discussed diligently. In the course of this development, the problems in the immediate written communication showed because this other than in person does not transmit any interpretation aids such as facial expressions or emphasis. Therefore, a funny-intentioned remark could trigger a dispute if the receiver did not understand the real intention.

Emotional ASCII art 🙂
Please pay

Pay please!

In this section we present every week Tuesday amazing, impressive, informative and funny figures from the fields of IT, science, economics and mathematics even before.

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Scott Elliott Fahlman, at the time, scientists at Carnegie Mellon University, wanted to solve this problem by labeling the remarks as grade of scientific humor at that time (and now 😉 not opened up to every reader. On September 19, 1982, he suggested in a discussion board before:

19-Sep-82 11:44 Scott E Fahlman 🙂
From: Scott E Fahlman
I propose did the Following character sequence for joke markers:
Read it sideways. Actually, it is probably more economical to mark things did are NOT jokes, given current trends. For this, use

The first two "Emoticons" - a portmanteau word from "Emotion "and "Icon "- were born. The idea to designate a text reasonable accordingly, was well received at the American universities and developed there over time and soon more in the later global networks "Smileys "of various kinds, with a completely different structure for. As the Japanese Kaomojis as 9 (◕‿◕.) 6 or (❤ω❤) that spread since the early 2000s through the manga boom partly in the western region. By the way, also includes the looking at first glance like ASCII art "Shruggie" ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯ a Japanese Schritzeichen.

A typical smiley collection of phpBB Forum The typical Smiley Collection of phpBB Forum(Image:German-Amiga-Community.de )

At the same time developed the ability to display emotions not only as a combination of characters, but also as small graphics with the quickening Internet Aschlüssen and dissemination of web forums and instant messengers. The result was, was that especially often found in web forums a large number of various smileys (partly as a memory-guzzling GIF animation) by attempting to load the smiley-selection alone could take with contemporary standard bandwidth miserably long and ,

Emoticons to emoji

1999 Shigetaka Kurita drafted in the service of the Japanese mobile operator NTT DoCoMo 176 simple and traffic-saving pictograms for the mobile data service i-mode, which in this case were limited not only to emotions, but also incorporated everyday objects, animals and other symbols. The then just plain and only 12 × 12 pixels wide Emoji - Japanese for "Image character "- were not due to their small size and simplicity under copyright, so that other providers were able to take this system for their mobile phones, which the proliferation benefited.

Mid-2000s, the emoji were colorful and detailed. The decisive step towards standardization succeeded in 2010, was recorded as over 1000 emoji characters in the Unicode Standard 6.0. Thus, the emoji could reasonably compatible with each other on different operating systems that represent email client and messenger types.

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Evolution of emoticons (19 photos)

The development of emoticons
Socio-cultural phenomenon

Above all, the smartphone boom caused a rapid development, especially through instant messengers like WhatsApp and social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. From an idea to visualize the meaning of texts, has long been a socio-cultural phenomenon. Emojis have become an indispensable part of modern network communication.

To meet this development, which Emojis were varied and diverse: Meanwhile, women have equal rights as emoji, you can adjust the skin color of his emoji, and even the family pictures are now diverse and not limited to the hetereosexuelle way of life. The extensive diversity thus provides a mass of emoji Unicode currently contains 2,623 emoji - one of them sick. Trend: Rapidly rising.

Due to the massive use of the tears laughing Emoji in 2015 was voted word of the year of the Oxford Dictionary. It is also currently on Facebook, the most popular Emoji. According to Facebook, send the user in-house messenger per day more than five billion Emojis; on Facebook itself, there are 60 million.

silver Emojis

Of course such a global phenomenon called the marketers on the plan: Thus, besides Emoji bags, Emoji biscuits course Emoji games and recently even "Emoji - The Movie" the synapses of a colleague tormented. Apple has announced that its flagship smartphone iPhone X as state of the art now "Animojis" can put over his face and animate in real time in three dimensions, which they very vividly represented in their presentation with the popular Kackhaufen smiley face.

This 176 emoji have even made it to the Museum of Modern Art. This 176 emoji have even made it to the Museum of Modern Art.

Scott E. Fahlman and Shigetaka Kurita did not become rich through their developments. But they are happy that they were fathers of global development, which is so significant that the first 176 emoji have even made it to the Museum of Modern Art in New York. And development will continue.

(Markus Will) /(Vza)

Nintendo SNES mini appears on 29 September

Nintendo SNES mini appears on 29 September

Nintendo released a new mini-console: After constantly sold-out mini-NES is now the Super Nintendo it. On September 29, the mini SNES appear in Europe.

Nintendo brings on September 29, a mini version of the classic game console Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) on the market. The device will cost about 80 euros, but there is the mini SNES and 21 classic games.

The predecessor, the Nintendo NES Classic Mini, was due to high demand mostly sold out and was temporarily traded at astronomical prices. Nintendo had the production of mini NES control despite the high demand early in the year - probably because the producers needed production capacity for the production of mini SNES.

With 21 games

The games of the mini SNES is impressive: 21 titles, including classics like Contra III, Donkey Kong Country, Zelda: A Link to the Past and Street Fighter II Turbo, are likely to make you happy so many retro gaming fan. A special treat is Star Fox 2. The game was developed in the days of the SNES, but never officially published. The previous Star Fox said in Europe Starwing.

was the technical basis of the mini NES an ARM processor and a Linux system. Hackers managed relatively quickly to modify system files and load as its own game titles on the apparatus.

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Classic games on Nintendo mini SNES (20 photos)

Contra III


Stiftung Warentest: libraries are in e-book price-performance winner


(Picture: Tolino)

Cheaper to get almost to the e-book: The comparative test by Stiftung Warentest, the digital program of public libraries scores. But in comparison to Internet bookstores and reading flat rates there are some limitations.

The public libraries, not everyone in the search for new e-books on the screen. But the city libraries are the price-performance winner in a comparison of the Stiftung Warentest. As low as the bundled offer of some 3,000 libraries www.onleihe.net to get somewhere else not to electronic reading material. There are thousands of e-books to borrow for annual fees of 10 to 45 euros.

Moment borrow?

What at first sounds strange and after printed book, also in e-book from the library of the case. Users can borrow usually for 14 to 21 days and lose after this loan period to access the book - until the next loan. Overdraft fees have forgetful users will no longer pay for. Due to licensing issues that actually unlimited duplicable goods e-book is, however, to have in the digital library in limited number. Were merely use rights for three books bought only three library customers can borrow the same time. At coveted titles that can lead to delays. And there's a catch: Owners of Amazon's Kindle get at the library no reading material.

And even if accessible onleihe.net nationwide, you can register as a rule only for the local library. This goes for it in some cities online, in others you have to apply for a membership card on site.

Cheaper than printed books

Compared to the offer of libraries e-book flat rates come off worse, according to the testers. Accordingly, they have significantly less attractive books and are much more expensive. Some high-demand titles is often initially unavailable. The advice: subscription services worth more suitable for heavy readers who like to browse. Advantage of reading flat rate: no waiting time and no loan period.

And who does not find the book you want in the large catalog of libraries or subscription services, is looking for the best in the range of Internet bookseller. Here, however, you pay relatively the highest price. Which is usually but still about 20 percent below that of a printed book. (AP) /(Mho)

Apple TV 4K: refresh rate and high dynamic range output in the future depending on the content

Apple TV automatically adjusts 4K refresh rate and HDR output with coming TVOS 2.11 to to content

(Image: Screenshot)

The TVOS 11.2 currently being in the beta phase are added to the Apple TV 4K in a position to adjust the video output to the currently playing content.

With the upcoming operating system TVOS 11.2 (currently in beta) Apple equipped the Apple TV 4K a mode that adjusts the video output via HDMI to the currently playing content. This results from a video of the so-called "AVDisplayManager"That Apple has posted on its developer page.

Currently, the Apple TV 4K (HDR High Dynamic Range,) is fixed to a frame rate and the output with ordinary or increased contrast set. In practice, this means that actually for choosing the HDR output with ordinary dynamic range (standard Dynamic Range SDR) present contents of the box in HDR means be converted among others. In practice, the result of some quite negative reviews made.

switch land

The Dolby Vision Edition is currently undergoing again at right itself 4K TVs from LG from last year problems: The Apple TV 4K selected there by itself the HDR10 output because this TV model Dolby Vision only a maximum of 30 Hertz can spend. That's enough for the services offered on iTunes 4K movies completely out (they run at 24 Hz), but Apple prefers to use the HDR10 mode at 60 Hertz, so that the interface of the box is displayed smoothly as possible. Although the output can be manually set to 4K with Dolby Vision at 30 Hz change, but the Apple TV 4K then running all the time in this mode.

When Apple TV 4K with TVOS 11.2, the new mode is not expected to be set automatically, but must be activated manually by the user. The reason for this may be that it can come for the respective necessary HDMI handshake when switching between different frame rates interruptions - which could be misunderstood by some users as a bug.(Nij)

“The signal from Tölva” alluded: Beautiful Planet scrap

Angespielt: The signal from Tölva

The survival shooter exploration of indie developer Big Robot presented such a compelling and beautifully bizarre world that it is almost impossible to believe the game came from a team of four.

"The signal from Tölva" is a survival first-person shooter of the indie developer Big Robot, previously known for "Sir, You're Being Hunted", Tölva plays out much more relaxed than the nerve-wracking first title of the studio. The shooter looks like a mixture of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and planetary exploration from No Man's Sky - a bit Outpost Conquest à la Far Cry with swings. Relatively quickly, however clear that "The signal from Tölva" his own thing makes.

The story is told in short: A data broker wants to know what is going on with the mysterious radio signal is emanating from the planet Tölva. So the player latches ado his consciousness from orbit into a scrap collection drone on the planet and begins to search. These drones are semi-autonomous robots that scour the planet seems to usable scrap. More the player must not know to become equal to the Explore the open-world landscape.

Robots die beautiful

The most important thing a shooter is the feeling of the weapon while firing, this feeling is true Tölva to the point. It pops, sprazzelt and slams every time going beautifully when the player fires a zusammenimprovisierten the creaking. And the enemy robots, the bases to conquer it, explode most beautifully in colorful sparks. If the player himself disassembled by a burst of fire the opposite side into parts, which is not bad - it just is linking his consciousness into another drone in their own bases.

Comparable simple technique conjures a beautiful landscape on the screen. Comparable simple technique conjures a beautiful landscape on the screen.

But the fight is not always necessary. Many conflicts, the player can go through roving crawl out of the way or he rushes the various groupings of the scrap-collecting robots against each other. With a cyber hacker ray gun even opposing robots can make docile and they clamp as a supporter or bodyguards.

Scrap can be so beautiful

The main highlight, the one in the first hours of play of "The signal from Tölva" stands out is the planet itself. The graph uses relatively fewer polygons, but does it with great attention to detail and lots up for in charm. The light effects of the ongoing day-night rhythm are beautiful. It just makes mood to wander through this world to discover new areas and to ponder its mysteries.

1 out of 38

The signal from Tölva (38 photos)

Weapons have infinite ammo, but should not be forgotten reload anyway.

The World of Tölva is weird - that is before all the traditional robots, the ubiquitous scrap parts no apparent benefit and the almost mystical architecture. Buildings are often greater than the inside out and represent surreal, labyrinthine puzzle. The look is based on concept drawings of Grand Theft Auto-style guru Ian McQue whose robot and spaceship designs appear as utilitarian as magical.

interim conclusion

The combination of satisfactory battles, beautiful world and mysterious places invites you to definitely explore further. Only players who are placing more emphasis on action and gripping story, Tölva is not recommended. For this, the scrap planet is much too chilling.

"The signal from Tölva" is now available for Windows on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store. The game costs 20 euros. We have alluded to a pre-release version for a few hours.(FAB)

DVB-T2 HD: Change in other cities on November 8

DVB-T2 HD: Change in other cities on November 8

Of these radio tower in Goma radio and DVB-T2 signals are broadcast. There is antenna for a radio link to Rwanda.

(Photo: Jens Bröcher)

On November 8, among other things, Dresden, Kassel, Koblenz and Freiburg will be converted to the new radio transmission standard DVB-T2 HD. The classical DVB-T television is turned off.

In Dresden, Kassel, Koblenz and Freiburg classical DVB-T television is switched off in favor of DVB-T2 HD on 8 November. The transmitter sites Cuxhaven (city), Göttingen (Espol), Heringsdorf, High Meissner, Löbau, Pfaffenberg, Rhoen, Stralsund (Garz), Wolfsburg and Würzburg be converted to DVB-T2. Residents can inform stating their postal code, whether they are affected by the change in this form.

For the reception of DVB-T2 new receivers are necessary - classical DVB-T receiver can not handle the new standard. Private stations broadcast only in HD resolution and are subject to a charge, the annual fee is for a three-month free phase at 69 euros. In many other metropolitan areas DVB-T2 is launched in March.

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“Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus” briefly alluded

German Engineering: One of the Nazi super soldiers.

(Image: Bethesda)

Bethesda has brought two playable chapter of the next Wolfenstein adventure to Cologne. is Located "The New Colossus" in a Nazi-occupied North America - and B. J. is in the Resistance.

Publisher Bethesda shows at Gamescom two chapters from the announced in June Wolfenstein adventure "The New Colossus", Place in good old Europe the continuation of plays "Wolfenstein: The New Order" 1961 in a conquered by the Nazis America. The game starts unusually realistic for an action sequel: The injuries William "B. J." Blazkowicz has suffered in the last part in the fight against the Nazi regime, make him a cripple. So you have to first shoot in a wheelchair through a huge gunboat will care even for accessibility and help members of the new Resistance.

Old and new opponents

The injured B. J., the pregnant Anya, the cunning set and the militant Grace are not only back the icy Irene Engel opposite - but also their plump daughter Sigrun. The dialogues between disappointed mother and lovable daughter remember that Wolfenstein is not only because of its design successful - but also because of figure drawing and history. Well written and set to music great, the cut scenes make as much fun as the fighting.

Concubine Irene is also her daughter Sigrun of the party. Concubine Irene is also her daughter Sigrun of the party.(Image: Bethesda)

In the fighting, however, the developers have to re-adjust a little, as they say. In the test, the opponents seemed too easy to defeat, even if they tolerate a lot of balls thanks armor. The spectacular retro weapons are still few and far between, which were always part of the fun in the Wolfenstein games. As for graphics and design, however, there are no doubts: "The New Colossus" is beautifully designed and sits by his predecessor simply by the new setting from.

Without Swastikas

This is especially evident in New Mexico, where you will notice the American life under Nazi rule. A sensuous horror captured the players, when a Stormtrooper interrogates two Ku Klux Clan men over new German history. Irritating effect but again the lack of real Nazi symbolism. Extra for English speakers, they must be repaid - in games, not movies. What annoyingly reminds you that games will be considered in the land of poets and thinkers still not as a genuine cultural asset.

From 27 October, you can again liberate America from the Nazis on Playstation 4, Xbox One and of course PC.

(Stephan Greitemeier) /(Vbr)

Playstation 4: Firmware Update 5.0 brings family accounts and 1080p60 streaming

Upcoming Playstation-4 firmware: family accounts and 1080p60 streaming

(Picture: c't)

Sony plans to introduce the next firmware update 5.0 Family accounts and give the opportunity Playstation-4 Pro users to stream game content on Twitch in 1080p60.

The future firmware version 5.0 for the Playstation 4 console will teach an extended family accounts function. This emerges from a report by the website Euro gamers. So there should be sub-accounts for adults and children, which can be assigned to each specific legal rights. The concerns about settings in communication, when playing some media and in terms of time children are allowed to spend on the console.

In addition, adults of different accounts PlayStation 4 consoles can be linked to each other and track. The family rights should be set web-based PCs and smartphones.


In the quick menu also system notifications and the status of uploads and downloads are visible. Together with extended push notifications while VR-streaming and support for seven additional languages, namely Czech, Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian and Hungarian. In addition, the update under the hood to contain adjustments Game Bundles.

Users of the Playstation 4 Pro can on Twitch in full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 pixels) perform at a frame rate of 60 fps after loading the new firmware game live streams. When Sony releases firmware update 5.0, is currently unclear.(Mfi)

Sony wants the smart home with the intelligent speaker LF-S50G

Sony wants the smart home with his intelligent speaker LF-S50G

Sony's networked speakers with built-language assistants is to control the smart home, smart provide answers to any questions and of course play music.

The LF-S50G Sony uses the Google Assistant: The small ton can control lights, thermostats and other devices in the Smart Home and answer questions on any subject. Thanks to the built-in wizard LF-S50G responds to voice commands and searches online for answers. The LF-S50G can control all devices that have integrated Google Chromecast and supports IOT platforms such as Nest, Philips Vue or IFTTT.

Users need the box with the command "OK, Google" activate. The speaker can retrieve calendar entries, and create anllegen to-do lists or read messages. The time is displayed in a classic on the built-in display. In addition, the LF-S50G can also be controlled by gestures, starting as music playback or change the volume. How well this works, a test has to show - Gesture controls in TVs so far been rather limited success.

Also playing music

Of course, the Sony speakers are also music again and podcasts or radio from Spotify, Google Play Music & Play Co.. Users can adjust the volume by voice command and control playlists. It also gives to the question "Ok, Google, which song is playing" Title and artist of the currently playing song award. Via Bluetooth or NFC can be passed to the smart box and his music from your smartphone.

The wireless two-way speaker system in the LF-S50G with dedicated subwoofer and an omnidirectional, two-stage diffuser spreads the sound in all directions in space. Thanks to the water-repellent coating on the sides (class IPX3) and the chrome base, the box from water spray is protected.

Sony will offer available in black and white LF-S50G in December for 230 euros.

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VR-sports game “Sparc” for the Playstation VR

VR-sports game

The first VR-sports game has matured within one year of a study into a finished product. The end of August, it comes on the market.

On the last Gamescom the makers of Eve Online presented the Project Arena, the e-sports and virtual reality as the first VR-sports game combined together. Originally planned as a study, it is now as "Sparc" on the Playstation VR. In a visually apparently from "Tron" inspired Kampfbahn two avatars are facing. Players can hurl fist-sized balls of energy at the enemy that bounce off of walls and floors. The enemy uses the same weapon, so you have to fend off two balls at the same time sometimes. This can be done either captured or avoided with the help of a small plate.

The two players throwing in the VR environment with energy balls. The two players throwing in the VR environment with energy balls.

The simple gameplay works very well in practice. Although direct throws quickly go to the finish, but can be easily blocked. Attacks on the rebound are more difficult to counter, but also slower. Compared to the study, the gameplay has changed in a small but important point: In front of each player is now a small zone in which the energy balls move slower. This, the ball must first overcome before he picks up speed again in midfield. Too weak thrown balls simply remain in the air. Thus a very effective tactic of Project Arena to take a very slow ball and distract the enemy at the right moment with a quick attack, difficult to accomplish.

While you could play at the fair against a local challengers who purchasable version will use an online matchmaking system. In addition to training modes for single player there will be a VR viewer mode in which viewers are enthroned as giants over the virtual pitch in the lobby. The game will be published in late August for PSVR. Versions for Oculus and HTC Vive planned.(Stephan Greitemeier) /(Uma)

Jaguar concept: The steering wheel to take away

Sayer is a non-circular steering wheel

Because it is not round, the steering wheel concept in Germany would not be approvable.

(Photo: Jaguar Land Rover)

Jaguar has developed a steering wheel concept, which is also a personal digital assistant. Users would cancel her steering wheel at home and plug it into any fleet vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover will introduce the concept of a new steering wheel in London on Thursday. It is said Sayer and to the "first steering wheel with voice-activated artificial intelligence" be. could instead of buying a car Jaguar customers one day only the steering wheel to call their own and pay fees for car sharing. Sayer served there as a customer card, as PDA (personal digital assistant) and flat as a steering wheel.

Jaguar E-Type Named Malcolm Gilbert Sayer (1916-1970) designed, among other things, the body of the E-Type (picture).(Image:Lothar Spurzem CC BY-SA 2.0 )

Unless the doctors are still wanted for the futuristic vehicles would of course electric, networked and self-propelled. The Jaguar customer would tell his steering wheel when he would arrive where. The steering wheel would then order the autonomous car-sharing vehicle at the right time and whisper the passenger which sections he would want to draw itself.

Total should Sayer can perform hundreds of tasks. Named the clip-on wheel by Malcolm Sayer, a 1970 late designer. He has worked on the famous Jaguar E-Type models and XJS.(Ds)

SoundCloud: Musicians fear for their song archives

SoundCloud: Musicians fear for their song archives

After the redundancies at Soundcloud early July, many musicians are afraid of the streaming service could soon close its doors. The management appeased, but now circulating a backup tool on the net.

After the music streaming service SoundCloud has early July terminated 173 employees who fear going around in the user community, the server could soon close and disappear with them 135 million pieces of music.

SoundCloud co-founder Alex Ljung looked because of the many discussions in the social networks in a blog entry because even a conciliatory statement forced: "The music will not go away. Not in 50 days, not 80 days, or sometime in the foreseeable future. Your music is safe."

SoundCloud backups

Apparently, however, some users do not trust all the words Ljungs. So the developer Azorp Corp has programmed a small free backup tool called SCBackup that automatically downloads the complete song directory of an artist from SoundCloud. Each song is stored in its own subdirectory with the music file, cover and waveform image. To start the backup, you have to do is enter the username of SoundCloud artist. However, load only the publicly released songs. Private shares no backup is created.

The developer says that the backup tool is intended for musicians who want to ensure their own repertoire. Although it is the available for Windows, MacOS and Linux software can load the songs of other artists with little effort, but users should use SCBackup fair.

Windows users can use alternatively the free software cloud Downloader 3.1.(Hag)

Nintendo Switch: 64 and 128 GB memory cards from October

Nintendo Switch: 64 and 128 GB memory cards from October

(Image: Nintendo / Western Digital)

Nintendo and Western Digital sell from October licensed, pre-formatted memory cards for the Nintendo switch. The console can be expanded with normal memory cards, however.

Western Digital offers from next month for the mobile game console Nintendo switch to licensed and already pre-formatted microSDHC memory cards. It should give them with capacities of 64 and 128 GB. According to Nintendo, the 128-gigabyte version achieves up to 100 MB / s read and up to 90 MB / s write, the 64-gigabyte version writes at up to 60 MB / s. The memory cards manufactured by SanDisk carry both SanDisk and the Nintendo logo and switch to be placed on the shelf at retailers next to the consoles and games. there was neither Nintendo nor Western Digital information about the price.

expandable with normal memory cards

Nintendo The Nintendo switch can easily be expanded with a microSD card.(Photo: Nintendo)

The Nintendo switch can be expanded with other items not previously licensed memory cards. are used in accordance with Nintendo microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC cards. The manufacturer recommends doing microSD cards that support UHS-I (Ultra High Speed ​​Phase I) and offer a read speed of 60 to 95 MB / s. The memory card you put one under the stand of the console into a slot. After that you have to format it on the home menu of the console (Home / System Settings / System / formatting options). If the microSD card sometime full, you can transfer the data, according to Nintendo via a standard PC to a larger microSD card.

Switch: cash cow for Nintendo

The Nintendo switch came in March 2017 the market and has been a great success. By the end of July 2017, Nintendo has sold a total of 4.7 million consoles - the Nintendo switch has helped return to the black. The Japanese company plans in the current fiscal year (ending March 2018) a total of 10 million switch consoles to sell. The switch can be both so mobile console on the go, or use it as a living room console in front of the television. Both controllers can infect or to the display use in the hand; They also contain motion sensors.

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Games for the new Nintendo Switch (16 photos)

The mini-game collection "1-2 Switch" to the possibilities of Joy-Cons demonstrate: in the controllers, several sensors detect movement and multiplayer games to milk as cows or occurs in cowboy duel against each other. Veröffentlchung: 03 March.
(Photo: Nintendo)(Mfi)

Doom: DLCs will be free with new patch

Doom: DLCs will be free with new patch

(Image: Bethesda)

Bethesda has released a new patch for the first person shooter Doom, which contains all three originally paid DLC now free. In addition, Bethesda can test gamble for free.

All DLCs for Doom to be free: in addition to some bug fixes and general improvement Patch 6.66 hellish for Bethesda's FPS includes all three originally paid DLCs. "Unto the Evil" published in August 2016 "Hell Followed" came in October, "Blood case" in December 2016 the market.

The individual DLCs cost 15 euros each, owner of the Season Pass came with a total of 40 euros a bit cheaper it as a single buyer. The DLCs include together nine fresh cards as well as additional weapons, demons and equipment.

Free game days

From the free DLCs and players can benefit who have purchased the additional content before: The new patch should rinse many additional players on the DLC maps. Free weekends Bethesda wants to boost the growth of the player base addition. Doom can be played for free on the following weekends:

The free weekends are limited in single player mode to the first two levels of the campaign. The multiplayer modes can be played without restriction. If one decides to buy, the advances are applied. (Dahe)