available user data for sale: porn site xHamster chopped

(Picture: AP, Oliver Berg / Illustration)

Hackers are currently offering the log-in data of 380,000 xHamster members for sale. Including protected passwords that could be but be cracked relatively quickly.

In the porn site xHamster it should have come to an information leak. Here, unknown hackers have apparently user data from 380,000 of loud xHamster twelve million registered members copied and offer them for sale.

The reported motherboard and relies on information from the Leaking portal LeakBase.pw. Their databases can be searched only against payment. Motherboard classifies the leaked material one as genuine. Is currently unclear when and how the hack took place and since when the data are available.

Passwords do not really protected

The records should contain not only e-mail addresses and user names and encrypted passwords. According motherboard passwords however, have been treated with the already longer than cracked applicable hashing MD5. Whether Salt is used, is currently unknown.

Anyone who has an account with xHamster should change on websites, in which the identical password is used this preventive.(of)