Suit: Disney games are to collect information from children without permission

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(Photo: Ole Spata, dpa)

Parents have sued Disney and other game developers in the US because send various game apps for Android and iOS allegedly without the consent usage data to servers from Disney.

More than 40 game apps from Disney and developers Kochava Inc., Unity Technologies Inc. and Upsight will collect user information from children without parental consent. So that companies would violate US law Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA). This emerges from an indictment, the parents concerned have filed in San Francisco in Northern California US District Court. The document is not how many parents are involved in the process. In the indictment, only the name of a mother shows up.

Popular Game Apps

Among the Android and iOS apps, for example, title, see how "Beauty and the Beast: Perfect Match". "DuckTales: Remastered". "Star Wars: Droids Puzzle". "Temple Run: Oz" and "Where's My Water?" All matches affected lists the indictment on page. 9

For the data collection a promotional software SDK from Disney will be responsible. This use of the three game developers sued in some apps. Collected data should land on servers from Disney. The plaintiffs fear According indictment that Disney created as user profiles of children for commercial purposes.

Already 2011, Disney had to stand trial because of a COPPA violation among other companies. As a result, the company paid $ 3 million dollar fine. (of)