World Cat: cat paws – from the (small) utility and great sensuality of the Cat-Contents

Cat paws - from small utility and great sensuality of Catcontens

Nix has to do everything. A cat lives.

(Photo: Kristina Beer)

Relax now. Do not be productive. Click on Cat content. Enjoy the spectacle. Serve the fur balls and tell yourself short on the utility off. Today is World Cat.

Walter Moers has devoted to the pleasure of a cat. No, sorry, a scabies. In "the Schrecksenmeister" he led sensual pleasures and the effects and action of scratching paws on the literary level together *) We are moving as Internet users every day in a medium that can be also hardly think without cat paws -. and we consume and enjoy every day millions and cross-cultural videos, Memes and photo spreads of small and large fluffy Maunzern. (Image:knowyourmeme )

A click on an easily digestible cat video falls obviously always easier to consume than stodgy news. But what does this tell us?

The cat is a fun animal? We admire them? The cat is an ideal projection?

Cat paws - from small utility and great sensuality of the Cat-ContentsThe famous "Grumpy Cat"(Image:giphy )

Gods in small boxes, flats and browsers

At the World Cat, we can say definitely: The cat was able to convince them that there must be cat-like gods already thousands of years ago humans. And today she manages to enslave people as opener and to cheer Internet users with records of her.

The animals are good with their unconventional behavior for a number of metaphors and their facial expressions for accurate Memes. They show us in a performance-oriented society, especially the middle finger (or the middle paw), because what the sloth shows only carrier inertia, the cat shows offensive and tiefdösend: ( )

This world also works if you only hunts in between times and is otherwise cozy and surrenders to the pleasure. The cat lives openly idling, gluttony and relaxation and sprawls to bräsig in the sun. Cat content is thus a loud worded rejection of any usefulness and should be of no use further than to please. A sensual event without deeper meaning an exhilarating break for high clocked human brains, a nice Happs during the lunch break, an amusing click between two steps - just a small cozy unit for the soul. Long live the Velcro.

*) You have not read the Schrecksenmeister? Then ignore this part of the text, as would a cat.

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