Porn Filter: Share abolishes itself

Tumblr is for Porn!

On Tumblr protects a new "safe mode" sensitive eyes from bare facts.

Ironically, Tumblr has now incorporated a sex filter. The blog platform is notorious for its explicit NSFW material. Is Tumblr then soon empty and the Internet finally a clean cookies?

Porn Filter: Share abolishes itself

The Internet is full of hot IT news and stale Pr0n. In between are also repeatedly beads which are too good for / dev / null.

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Everyone knows: The Internet is for porn. A central point is Share, at least for form-fitting imagery. That's okay so that cool operators say - only should users their sex tapes please upload elsewhere. The video hosting is namely "fucking expensive", Explain the Community Guidelines. As Yahoo a few years ago bought the wild-wicked-blogging service for the purpose of image enhancement that Tumblr residents had immediately great fear: what would happen with all of pornography? But Yahoo was allowed to Sex and allowed to stay. "You can post whatever you want on your Tumblr", One should be sex blog but please as "Explicit" to mark. Thank you.

Now just Tumblr has installed a new filter "sensitive content" fades. This filtering can also make an artistic representation of naked bodies, writes Tumblr. Just everything that could bring sensitive souls in turmoil. Is Tumblr then soon empty (and boring)?

On Tumblr, there are also beautiful landscape photos, for example. On Tumblr, there are also beautiful landscape photos, for example.

Fantasy instead Porn

After all, the filter function for adults is completely voluntary and opt-in: "Maybe you're happy to see sensitive content When You're scrolling through Tumblr, maybe you're not." Is the "safe mode" focus, disappear marked as explicitly blogs and no longer appear in search results. (Earlier ignored Tumblr specific search terms, claiming to be able to find anything.) A fairly bad news, however, there for under 18-year-old user: You can "safe mode" Do not switch off. "You have to use your imagination", Tumblr writes as little encouragement.

Times can think of the Traffic someone?

Regardless of the new Sex filter logged out visitors can not see the NSFW content too. But that also means that Google not index the sexy Tumblr blogs. The network is therefore a bit cleaner - this is (perhaps) also for the image of Tumblr, which is how it closely related to pornography. This connection like the new Tumblr owners Verizon might just as mediocre. Or advertisers.

However, the filter could have a side effect, namely an ordinary traffic slump on Tumblr. This is perhaps less like Verizon. The truth is stop: The Internet is For Porn, no matter how Verizon that finds.(DBE)