Weekly Review Replay: AMD-Intel, fiberglass mischief, XBox one

Weekly Review Replay: AMD-Intel, fiberglass mischief, XBox one

What motivates Intel to cooperate with rival AMD? What is the best technology for the development of broadband? What is good for the iPhone X? The questions of the week and many answers.

Intel has announced its eighth generation a core processor for early 2018th The integrated graphics unit comes from competitor AMD. Martin Fischers classification of the message was almost as often read as the associated message. His résumé: Intel could not help but open for the former Erzkonkurrenten AMD, it's about survival.

the issue of deployment of broadband networks has been a highly controversial issue this week. We kicked off holding for a wrong choice c't editor Ernst Ahlers, the optical fiber as a technique for expanding in many cases. It still was followed by other contributions from the perspectives of Nico Lange of the country power e.V., Heise Online Author Torsten Kleinz, Dr. Stephan Albers by the industry association BREKO and finally from c't editor Urs Mansmann.

Also in the Heise Forum the topic was discussed. Forist Hans4dampf has approximately equal to a number of objections to the arguments of the contribution of Ernst Ahlers. brunoenalsace recommends policy-makers to look to the French neighbors.

The question "What is good for the iPhone X?" has the Mac&i-editorial at length answered: "The iPhone X is clearly the most attractive Apple smartphone that ever. It brings again some advantages over the previous flagship iPhone with 8 plus, but is significantly smaller and lighter."

Powerful graphics, but which nevertheless does not lead to nervigem noise of the fan: The Xbox One X Hartmut Gieselmann impressed. But he predicts a bottleneck.

1 out of 8

First games for the Xbox One X (8 photos)

Forza Motorsport 7

Forza 7: On the Xbox One X, the game is being issued in 4K with HDR, the horizon and route fences but are 4K TVs aliasing effects seen to suggest that the game is not rendered in 4K. Compared to competitors "Gran Turismo 5" on the PS4 Pro see the pictures therefore not quite as perfectionist. But one must also at Shit-weather driving in GT5, however, only when the sun shines. The installation of Forza 7 fogs up around 95 GB on the Xbox One X.
(Image: Microsoft)

What else was important

Final end for LiMux: The Administrative and Personnel Committee of the Munich Representative Assembly has decided to create a unified Windows infrastructure by 2020 and to give the existing open-source alternative to run through.

How is it possible that the algorithms for autonomous cars can drive at least as accidents like human drivers? Which examines a research project of the Federal Ministry of Economics and the auto industry.

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Joint Project Pegasus for autonomous driving (4 photos)

With vehicle decoys a few scenarios can be checked. To test the automated vehicles other automated test vehicles are used.
(Picture: The H / Torsten Kleinz)

More than 200,000 Cisco switches are accessible via the Internet and can be reconfigured or completely take over. The first systems have already been the target of attacks, but the manufacturer does not provide vulnerability.(Jo)