Former Facebook president warns of Facebook & Co.

Former Facebook president warns of Facebook & Co.

Sean Parker


No man knows what makes Facebook the brains of our children, warns Sean Parker. Social media is designed to exploit weaknesses of the human psyche, the former Facebook president who had become rich with the company says.

The inventor of the music-sharing platform Napster and former president of Facebook, Sean Parker, warns of the consequences of the use of social media. "literally it will change your approach to the company and to each other" Parker said on Wednesday at a meeting of US news site Axios in Philadelphia. "It bothers probably comically your productivity. God knows what it does to the brains of our children." On top of all social networks, the question had been how they could claim the maximum time the user while getting their highest possible attention.

To achieve this goal, facebook miss now and then a dopamine kick its members, namely when another user responds to the posts. This in turn motivates the users, in turn, produce more content and reactions. This mechanism is a loop, a loop of social confirmation. This is exactly the kind of thing that a hacker as he would think of himself, "because it exploits a weakness in the human psyche",

The founder of the social media - Mark Zuckerberg, Kevin Systrom of Instagram, but he himself - had at its been aware. "And we have done it anyway", Earlier, he told friends, social media were skeptical about, "at the end we get you too", Meanwhile, he refused himself the networks Parker, who was his Facebook shares at the billionaire said.(AP) /(ANW)