Cartel suspected: BMW’s mad at VW and Daimler

Cartel suspected: BMW's mad at VW and Daimler


The Bavarian automaker criticized competitors because they want to appear as a key witness in the investigation to a cartel suspicion.

BMW is angry about the applications of Daimler and Volkswagen, in the case of cartel suspicions against the German car industry as a key witness to educate contribute. "We were irritated"Said BMW purchasing chief Markus Duesmann the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. "In retrospect, it's a strange feeling that we were talking with competitors on cooperation, had already shown the meetings during which lawyers for the competition authorities."

Daimler declined to comment on the allegations. In the EU Commission a preliminary investigation into the allegations is ongoing. Employees of the Brussels authorities have already conducted searches at BMW. The Bavaria as well as Daimler and Volkswagen, including the daughters of Audi and Porsche are said to have exchanged for years in secret circles about their cars, costs and suppliers.

arrangements common

Such agreements are automakers quite common - for example, to arrange standards for charging electric cars. But the question is whether a limit was exceeded in this case. BMW wants to fulfill existing agreements on cooperation with competitors, but looks at first on new collaborations.

Daimler had made the leniency public on Friday. The Swabians are thus be preempted Volkswagen; Accordingly, the Lower Saxony have also submitted an application. The key witness in antitrust proceedings may hope usually the biggest discount on penalties to complete spared. It is still unclear, however, what is actually truth to the allegations.(AP) /(ANW)