USA: Hobby drones no longer need to be registered for the time being

Drone and aircraft

(Picture: AP, Julian Stratenschulte)

An appeals court has declared on file with the US Federal Aviation Administration drones register in his previous degree unlawful. To report are therefore only unmanned flying objects in commercial use.

Modelers and other amateurs no longer have to be registered in a register kept since the end of 2015 with the US Federal Aviation Administration Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the US drones. This was decided on Friday a federal appeals court in Washington. The registration requirement is, according to the judgment only for unmanned flying objects as Quadrocopter to be used commercially. The previous further provision is contrary to the judges, according to a law to reform the Federal Aviation Authority of 2012. This prohibits the FAA to set requirements for modelers.

Appealed against the determination of the hobby pilots John Taylor had early 2016. To date, approximately 820,000 people in the FAA have allowed drones register, the directory is now expected to initially grow much more slowly. but observers expect that the flight authority brings the case to the Supreme Court or Congress changes the standards of 2012, and yet soon drones must be entered in the non-commercial traffic again. Even manufacturers of flying objects are in favor because the previous methods have cleared up many new pilots about their due diligence.

In this country, owners of drones or model airplanes from October to have, according to a new regulation to install a plaque with their name and address.(Stefan Krempl) /(Vbr)