Adblocker against Facebook: The struggle continues

Adblock Plus

The software "AdBlock Plus" blocking advertising on the Internet.

(Picture: AP, Stephan Jansen)

With a new filtering engine Adblock Plus will lock out advertising on the largest social media platform. A new slugfest is expected.

The cat-and-mouse game to Facebook ads continues. The manufacturer of the browser extension Adblock Plus has introduced a new version of its ad blocking, which should now be able to overturn the circumvention measures from Facebook. After the first exchange of blows between Adblockern and Facebook a year ago Eyeo now accesses deeper into the technical tricks. The manufacturer has introduced a new type of filter that can analyze the elements of a website in more detail than before.

The update will be automatically transferred within the next two days. In the first sample, the new filters prove effective. However, they are so far only available for versions of the advertising blocker for Chrome and Opera. In addition, the new filters work much slower than the previous filter.

full control

The extension was necessary because Facebook does not allow foreign ad server but has full control over their own Plattfom. In the past, Facebook could relatively easily outmaneuver Adblocker reason: The Facebook employees changed the source code of the site until the Adblock filters could no longer distinguish between normal content and advertising. Other sites try to smuggle advertising by Adblocker in this way, but they are not as successful as Facebook.

Whenever filter writers thought to have found a new vulnerability, Facebook let them run up again. A new attempt by the browser extension Adblock early August ended in two days. Also Eyeo would accept no efficacy guarantee for the new filter - countermeasures by Facebook could be expected, Eyeo manager Ben Williams announced on the company blog.

Acceptable or not?

Eyeo emphasized here is that the company itself does not write the filter lists - this is left to the open source community. At the same Eyeo companies such as Facebook offers recording on a commercial white list to when the conditions for "Acceptable Ads" meet and leave a share of advertising revenue to manufacturers of Adblocker. Even without adjustments the currently shipped Facebook ads were to qualify, in most cases.

(Torsten Kleinz) /(Mho)