76 orders for supersonic passenger aircraft Boom

76 orders for supersonic passenger aircraft Boom

Boom develops gradually. First, should the "Baby boom" take off.

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The end of 2018 a smaller test aircraft will take off once the first time, but for the 50-seat variant there are already various pre-orders.

More than 13 years after the demise of the Concorde a possible return of supersonic flight in passenger traffic is approaching. The young US companies boom have now collected 76 orders from five airlines for its up to 55-seat supersonic said boom-founder and CEO Blake Scholl on Tuesday at the world's biggest air show in Le Bourget near Paris. At Mach 2.2, or more than twice the speed of sound, the boom-Jet will be even faster than the Concorde.

Erstkundin is the British airline Virgin Atlantic billionaire Richard Branson. More outsourcers Scholl wants to present only gradually. The first copy of the boom jets should start in 2023 in the regular service. The smaller trial XB-1, called "Baby boom", Contrasted the end of 2018 to its first flight. In the development, the company is going step by step. "Once we have the necessary approvals for the 'baby boom', we get to the big machine", Scholl said.

Halved travel time

Because the boom-Jet as already the Concorde is more than twice as fast as conventional passenger jets from Boeing and Airbus, the travel time will be approximately halved. "The Paris - New York would be to create rather than seven hours in three and a half hours", Scholl said. The airlines that bought the plane, could allow companies to differentiate from competitors. The list price is 200 million dollars (179 million euros), slightly less than the smallest wide-body jets from Airbus and Boeing. However, do not boom with the customary game with high discounts, Scholl said.

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So the 55-seat supersonic aircraft should look times. Rear predevelopment "Baby boom",
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He expects the boom-flyer with up to 55 passengers better expects Airlines as the Concorde with more than 100 seats. For the developed in the 1960's jet was almost never full. The end of 2003, the high fuel consumption and the immense volume made the Concorde operating a full end. Not the fuel efficiency, even the sound of the boom jets should fail bearable. "He will be 30 percent quieter than Concorde", Scholl said.