dismissed suit of the large customer German sea against VW: Exhaust scandal

dismissed suit of the large customer German sea against VW: Exhaust scandal

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Major customer German lake fails in the first instance with the desire to get back in connection with the exhaust gas scandal VW lease payments and maintenance costs.

The Braunschweig Regional Court has dismissed an application by the VW wholesale German lake against the automaker. Bremerhaven's food producers had deceived fraudulently seen by VW and reclaimed lease payments and maintenance costs amounting to 12.5 million euros. The court justified the decision, according to release it, it could not establish that the applicant VW in contract negotiations "legally relevant" was wrong.

The ruling is not final, it is possible vocation. The German lake had the procedure from the beginning made public because the company says, "such behavior, such as VW puts it on the day, should not be tolerated. Therefore, German lake can feel as the clear winner outside the legal stage", For the Bremerhaven company the judgment is not conclusive; it would consult with lawyers on the next steps, it said in a statement.

"not endangered purpose of use"

The German See GmbH had 2010 closed 2015 with Volkswagen Leasing GmbH 471 leases. Almost half of the leased vehicles were equipped with an engine type EA 189, which is controlled by software that optimizes the nitrogen emissions on the technical bench.

The company was in February this year in court, because VW had given to understand that to lease the vehicles would not exceed the amount in the United States more restrictive limits, but at least the emission requirements of EU 5 on the test stand and in normal road traffic. but the court says, neither in the statement of contract negotiations or from the submitted business correspondence is apparent, "that the defendant company had expressly or impliedly made similar statements", Here should be noted that the automaker was neither obliged to comply with the US regulations nor the local limits outside of the test stand.

VW there was no reason to educate the German lake about the fact that some of the vehicles containing the software complained, the court goes on, for the purpose of the agreement, namely to use the vehicles is not endangered. VW was also no evidence that the applicant the topic "sustainability" had not only been a secondary aspect.

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Chronology of the exhaust scandal (49 photos)

In mid-September 2015: The US Environmental Protection Agency accused the Volkswagen Group to have equipped diesel cars built between 2009-2015 with a software that can fool the tests on US environmental regulations. To similar findings and the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has come. Send both complaints to authorities VW. (Picture: EPA headquarters in Washington, D.C.)
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