Layoffs and Shop relaunch: Conversion at Redcoon

Layoffs and website relaunch: Conversion at Redcoon

The online shop of Media-Saturn Redcoon daughter is currently parked, officially a remodeling of the shop system. but behind the scenes it should already be layoffs.

The online store of Media-Saturn subsidiary Redcoon is currently offline. On the website, a conversion is announced, it would be "soon" available again online. How Media Saturn stated on request, is behind the move of Redcoon to the online shop of Media Markt and Saturn, the beginning of May to be completed. but are to be delivered before the normal shutdown orders placed, assured a spokesman for the company, customer service is also still accessible.

but reportedly it is not just around the back end, the conversion it is accompanied by layoffs at Redcoon. According to the Main-Echo are to be cut from 70 to 100 points at the headquarters Aschaffenburg, so far 150 people are still there working for Redcoon. The number of employees there is likely to fall further, the newspaper quoted insiders. Redcoons logistics center in Erfurt but reportedly not affected and will continue to work for Media Markt and Saturn. Media Saturn did not specify the scope of the layoffs.

From hope to loss-making

Media Saturn had the then successful online retailer Redcoon acquired 90 percent of the 2011th At the time had not yet MediaMarkt Saturn's online shops at the start. 2013 was followed by the complete takeover and now the balance of power are already different: the strategy of the "Multi Channels ", ie the integration of branches and online shop is for the two large main brands, according to Media-Saturn always profitable.

For pure Online Shop Redcoon it looks less rosy: While Media Saturn gives out no separate figures for the daughter, through annual reports in the Federal Gazette, the decline can understand but good. While in the 2013/14 financial year still 403 million euros in sales, which fell for 2014/15 to 338 million euros - at the same time, the loss of 49 million rose to 55 million euros. In the same year the entire Media Saturn Group posted a group-wide online sales of 1.8 billion - an increase of 23 percent.

Charts Ceconomy, the forthcoming holding company for all Media-Saturn electronics retailer, said, late last year of high pressure on margins and continuing losses in Redcoon. They also announce the closure of the Redcoon online shops in Austria, Spain, Portugal and the Benelux countries. In Germany and Italy wanted to weigh strategic options. (Axk)