Fake warnings charging for use of youporn.com

Fake warnings charging for use of youporn.com

Currently circulating an e-mail in which a law firm money demands for having visited the site youporn.com. This is a fake.

"You have the online offer youporn.com availed"It said in an e-mail that haunts currently by the mailboxes. It allegedly calls for the firm "Auer Witte Thiel" of the addressees, 270 euros for the use - to pay - of actually gratuitous offer. In addition, even small fine and bank charges were due. As a bank account at Commerzbank noted. This email is a fake, the Consumer Rheinland-Pfalz has determined, after consultation of the firm.

The warning is said to come from the Wondo GmbH & Co KG. "Sufferers should be intimidated by the admonition not and will not pay the amount demanded"Recommends Barbara Steinhöfel, Secretary for Telecommunications and Digital Media Consumer. Instead, should report it to the police concerned.

"Ignore or destroy"

On the website of the law firm states: "Under numbers 10316002088 and 131213371312 incorrect e-mails are being sent on our behalf. These messages do not come from our company. We ask you to ignore this email or destroy and apologize to you for this, not initiated by us inconvenience."

part of the portfolio of the Munich law firm "receivables management", She writes about himself, "to the recovery of large amounts of debt, even at the lowest ticket sizes"To be specialized. Other lawyers point out that Auer Thiele Witt makes membership fees claimed for dating and flirt portals, where it could be either subscription traps.(ANW)