IPO Hello Fresh: Slight gains on the first day

Hello Fresh missed at IPO maximum revenue

(Picture: Hello Fresh)

Up to 318 million euros takes the Rocket Internet participation Hello Fresh one in their stock market debut. The money will flow into the expansion.

The shares of the cooking pit consignor Hello Fresh started with wins in their first day of trading. her first course was on Xetra on Thursday at 10.60 euros, 3.41 percent higher than its issue price of 10.25 euros. Finally, the papers still cost 10.47 euros.

On the stock market, it brings the participation of the start-up specialists Rocket Internet in order to a value of around 1.7 billion Euro.Anfangs Hello Fresh had offered the shares in a range from 9.00 to 11.50 euros, but this then the reportedly concentrated to 10.25 to 11.50 euros. With the fixed issue price price the company occupies up to 318 million euros. With the proceeds that flow to fully Hello Fresh, further expansion is to be financed.

Yet losses are written

Hello Fresh belonged to the IPO majority for Rocket Internet; Now the share of start-up specialists fell by a good 53 percent to 47.6 percent. Rocket Internet can be separated after 90 days of further papers along with the other investors. The management of Hello Fresh have to wait with the sale of shares nine months longer.

The company had ever tried the end of 2015 to go public, but then backed off. Hello Fresh was founded in 2011 and provided with over 2000 employees in the second quarter a total of 33.7 million meals to the approximately 1.3 million active customers. Sales amounted to 230 million euros. The company still overwriting losses - but wants to achieve within the next 15 months, the break-even point for adjusted operating earnings (EBITDA) and Adjusted EBITDA in the medium term, a margin of 12 to 15 percent.(With material of the AP) /(Axk)