Shopping clubs: Amazon makes BuyVIP close

Shopping clubs: Amazon makes BuyVIP close

Here comes purely who is a member.

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End of May, the online retailer closes its shopping club BuyVIP and withdraws from the small market segment. There are still other e-commerce giants like eBay or Otto romp.

Amazon closes its European shopping club BuyVIP. End of May makes the shop in Germany, Italy and Spain batten down the hatches. BuyVIP remained unprofitable despite growing selection, a spokesman told heise online, confirming Spanish media reports last week. The employees affected by the closure will be offered other positions in the Amazon Group. A year ago, Amazon had prepared closed its US shopping club MYHABIT.

E-commerce niche

Shopping clubs are a niche in e-commerce: The members of the more or less exclusive club can buy too often heavily discounted prices at regular promotions goods from closeouts, returns, overstocks or past seasons. One of the first was founded in 2001, French company Vente Privée. The concept found numerous imitators. 2006 BuyVIP was founded in Spain and little later came to Germany.

After the meantime also Gruner & Years had involved BuyVIP, took over in 2010 the Amazon shopping club for around 70 million euros. Amazon had recently linked the shopping club with Amazon Prime. Prime customers could see sales campaigns ahead of the other club members. Nevertheless, sales and synergies remained well below expectations. Pay the company does not name. but the German shopping clubs have a rather small share of the e-commerce pie.

French giant

Sales of all German clubs in 2015 estimates the consulting firm Ernest and Young on together 780 million euros. Sales figures for 2015, there are, for example, eBay subsidiary Brands4Friends (116 million euros), Otto subsidiary Limango (129 million) and the Zalando Lounge (166m). The faces, according to trade association a total volume in German e-commerce of 39.8 billion euros. 2015 has helped with 10.6 billion alone Amazon's core business.

The market is consolidating. The French industry giant Vente Privee has taken a number of European clubs, and increased its sales in order to EUR 2.5 billion (2015) increase. The French number two, showroom Privée, buys sales and reach it. Amazon goes the other way and focuses on the core business. Rumor also eBay should consider how to proceed with Brands4Friends. The company declined to comment on the on request.(Vbr)