Dispute between Vergleichsportal Check24 and insurance brokers intensifies

Vergleichsportal Check24

(Picture: check 24)

Since April 2017 a final judgment requires the broker portal Check24 to more transparency to customers. The Federal Association of Insurance (BVK) heralds a new round in a legal dispute and Check24 resisting.

The dispute between the comparison portal Check24 and insurance agents threatens to escalate: The Federation of Insurance (BVK) has called the Munich Regional Court this week. Association President Michael Heinz and his colleagues complain that the Internet companies not to have sufficiently implemented the judgment delivered in April ruling of the Higher Regional Court of Munich. Check24 now wants to turn the tables and in turn resort to legal means if BVK members violate legal regulations.

The judges had sentenced Check24 in April to inform its customers better before online purchasing insurance. Since then check24 must the customer before the contract expressly announce that the company acts as a broker. BVK President Heinz raises Check24 before but to inform the clientele is still too late. The district court will now check whether Check24 has failed to fulfill the judgment. If the judges affirm that threatens the Internet company a penalty.

BVK insists on consumer protection

"We are concerned with consumer protection and equal treatment," Heinz said. "It must apply the same rules for all. We see in Check24 companies truth and corporate clarity is still injured. "The Court of Appeal had clearly arranged Check24 must remind the visitors of the site proactively to the brokerage. "This requirement has not been met Check24 our opinion."

Every broker rich first business card and as the customer on his mediation towards. "These rules must also apply to online sales." The BVK has about 12,500 independent insurance agents are organized, is a competitor for the Check24.

The lawyers appointed by the BVK throw the portal before, deliberately to sail under false colors, "We believe that it is part of the business model of Check24, just not from the beginning sufficient to refer clearly to the brokerage, but act as a supposedly neutral comparison portal," said Bremer lawyer Axel Nordemann.

Check24 defended the business model comparison portal

The sound is rougher. Because Check24 rejects the charges not only back, but now raises his hand allegations against insurance agent. "The BVK acting hypocritical and insincere," says the Check24 opinion. "He's obviously not about consumer protection, but polemical criticism of the business model comparison portal."

Check24 it wants to get back to the broker association in the same coin in his turn: Not all members adhered to the mandatory disclosure. "Some BVK brokers refrain despite clear legal obligations fully in providing these so-called first information." Some BVK members had been warned of the Internet portal - including the Association President Heinz. "Counter violations Check24 will continue to act in the sense of equal treatment."

Note of our own: The Heisenberg group is mainly involved in the price comparison portal miser. Whose results are included in the H price comparison.(AP) /(Map)