eBay is a little insight

eBay is a little insight

The online marketplace eBay has released some current statistics, what users are looking for and when and what goods are in demand.

The online marketplace eBay can look a little behind the scenes of the public and has published statistical data on the use of the platform in the past year for the first time. Although the detailed visual recycled Report gives many details, but gives no real overview of the trading on the online portal. After all, some hard numbers can be taken: According to eBay there are currently 1.1 billion items set, 17 million buyers from Germany are active on eBay. 81 percent of goods sold are new, 69 percent are shipped free shipping.

An exciting hard number that called eBay, the proportion of mobile users. Lying on purchases at 40 percent - almost two-thirds of users buy on eBay thus continues the classic desktop. The online holiday shopping season last year reached its climax on the third Sunday of Advent, so about two weeks before Christmas.

eBay published with the report many details about the number of searches for game consoles: 14,300 searches were on the release date for the SNES mini, squares followed the Nintendo Switch with 14,100 and the XBox with 11,400. At the height of the Fidget Spinner hype in May searched eBay customers on average every 3 seconds after the small gyroscopes.

External influences and changing seasons have significant effects on search queries: A winter in the second week of January, let the number of searches for carriage, snow shovel and salt climb a multiple upwards. In early May, then suddenly asked sunglasses, fans and parasols. And when the marriage for all was decided in the Bundestag, the demand shot at rainbow flags up.(Uma)