arrested in Kosovo alleged operators of

Streamingprotal is a successor to the 2011 Portal disconnected side

(Picture: AP, Matthias Hiekel / archive)

One of the two men who are behind the illegal streaming portal, has asked the authorities in Pristina. After his older brother will gefahndet.

Three years after his flight from Germany, police have arrested one of the two alleged backers of illegal streaming platform in Kosovo. The 24-year-old had already been arrested in early June in the capital Pristina, said a spokesman for the Prosecutor General's Office Dresden on Tuesday. How Handelsblatt reported, the younger of the two brothers suspected of having voluntarily to the authorities. The second suspect is still submerged.

Extradition arrangements with the Kosovo authorities ran Attorney Oliver Möller told the dpa. "If it is then transferred to Germany, the investigations will be continued here." The 24 and 27 year old males family is from the former Yugoslavia. The older brother was born in the region of present-day Kosovo, the younger in Sweden. Both have German citizenship.

Copyright infringement and racketeering

The brothers are accused of having promoted, inter alia, the portal and Filehoster Freakshare and Bitshare. was considered the unofficial sequel to the 2011 closed portal In this context, the prosecution alleges that the two armed robbery, assault, arson, copyright and tax evasion.

The two accused are after a raid in October 2014, on the flight. Investigators had searched six apartments and business premises, including the residence of the parents in Lübeck, the brothers there but not found. They were advertised an international arrest warrant for investigation. As part of the police operation another suspect was arrested, who has since been sentenced to a prison term of three years and four months. (Vbr)