Telekom customers get excessive credit card bills reimbursed

Telekom customers get excessive credit card bills reimbursed

(Picture: KittyKaht, CC BY-SA 2.0)

A fixed-line phone for about 30 euros per minute? Such calculations could get in public devices until recently some telecom customers - the credit card rates were partly not clear.

Telekom customers have now get their money back, partly drastically inflated bills for the use of credit card phones. This gave the Federal Network Agency announced in Bonn. She had examined cases in which at telephone pillars of Deutsche Telekom a multiple of the fees was incurred in mediating talks on the Swiss company BBG, which usually occur otherwise if paying by credit card.

BBG to comment

"The customers who were tariffed wrong in the period of the malfunctions have to get paid the full load according to the company"Said a spokesman for the agency network in view of the German Telekom. BBG regulators had requested an opinion - for evidence of irregularities in public credit card telephones at train stations or airports.

Cause of excessive settlements - some were the trendy rates at up to 33 euros per minute - to have been on an exchange platform update. BBG had described its pricing to be sufficiently transparent. Even with conscious choice of Telekom rather than the Swiss but was sometimes billed via BBG - to significantly higher costs for customers.

Contract ended

According to the Network Agency the contract ended with the Telekom on October 1. The German Telekom confirmed the end of their business relationship with BBG. About 50 customers had been previously compensated by the Swiss, a spokesman said. Previously, the Bonn-based company had announced up to clarify the external part not clearly identifiable BBG service "to help protect customers" to lock provisional.

Consumer advocates warned of unexpectedly high costs by not clearly marked provider for users who have to rely on hard power supplies despite the high penetration of mobile phones even once. In the US, there have been class actions against BBG, but the last process in 2012 has been set.(AP) /(ANW)