The photo signature of the week (3/6): The right Storytelling

The photo signature of the week (2/6): The right Storytelling

Look out for social interaction. This makes your photos alive.

(Photo: Lars Poeck)

In our series author Lars Poeck'll find every week basic knowledge of photography and provides a proper creative photo task. This time it's about telling stories with pictures.

It's great when your photo tells a story or includes a good picture concept. Applies that you get more feeling in your picture with skillful use of certain "external influences" for all examples. Although you do not always influence.

Creative Photo duties

This text is an excerpt from Lars Poecks book "Creative Photo duties",

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What I mean by that? In rainy weather you should not stay at home, go to crowded places but and watch how people around rush out and escape from the weather. During intense sunshine you will discover harsh shadows in the city center, which can your subject appear more visually stunning. In fog in the morning you will find a mystical and beautiful setting for which you just have to look for lead actor.

Variables for more exciting photos

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Photo signature of the week (3/6) (10 pictures)

Develop an eye for the external influences and build them sent to your photos with one.

ISO 50 | 44 mm | f / 2.4 | 1/140 sec
(Photo: Lars Poeck)

The Project of the Week

Think about appropriate motifs for a pair of images and an image sequence. What idea can tell as a pair of images generated curiosity and relate to each other's photo? Which situation is suitable for the image sequence? As you put it in scene?

Lars Poeck Image pair: A swimmer in the Paralympics during training. It can be found elements likethe track mark, the water and ultimately the float which the relationshipmanufactures.ISO 100 | 250 mm | f / 4 | 1/1000 s (float)ISO 100 | 180 mm | f / 4 | 1/2500 s (trainer / stopwatch)(Photo: Lars Poeck)Lars Poeck Advance: Easy, but a lot of movement and a good idea for the image sequence.The slower shutter speed of 1/30 sec also are dynamic.ISO 1600 | 57 mm | f / 9 | 1/30 s (each)(Photo: Lars Poeck)

The image pair consists of two related to each other photos. This can be a similar perspective in different seasons. Or two photos that tell a story or have a different relationship. It is important to be disclosive context. Image sequences often show the same sections at different times. For example, the falling water glass the busy station and people from A to B or scurrying.

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