c’t Digital Photography: How 4K videos change the Photography

As 4K videos alter Photography: movies instead of snapping

c't Digital Photography: Images of 4K videos

Full HD video was yesterday, some system cameras and DSLRs can now 4K video. The high-resolution videos are very interesting for photographers, because every single frame is a whopping 8 megapixels in size. Please read our 4K video special.

Movies to take pictures that could be a new trend in digital cameras. A 4K video delivers 24 to 30 frames per second. Advantage: When shooting a video, you have to unlike the shooting not to wait for the right moment. This increases the hit rate compared to conventionally photos taken just with moving subjects.

c't Digitale Fotografie, Fotos aus 4K-Videostream In each frame of a 4K video puts an 8 megapixel large image.

Full coverage spread 4K video is not yet, but some digital cameras like the Canon EOS 1D C and Samsung NX1 already offer corresponding functions. Panasonic has with the DMC-GH4, DMC-LX100 and DMC-FZ1000 three current models in the portfolio. As the only manufacturer Sony has with A7s a 4K-capable camera with full-frame sensor, which uses the complete sensor even with 4K video. Of course, this is not, other models like the Panasonic DMC-GH4 use only a part of the sensor, thus is an additional crop to be considered.

The image quality of video frames is very different from conventional photos taken. For recorded in the camera videos strong compression methods such as H.264 and H.265 are used. Even with an expensive external recorder can not record videos currently in the full color depth of the sensor. But depending on the application from enough. We compared the test lab image quality video with conventional photos taken. The test and a detailed special on 4K video, see c't Digital Photography 01/2015.

Overview of Other Topics

Flashes in Tes

Aufsteckblitze in Test The easiest way to move a lack of light during photography is a compact flash for plugging.

We tested different lightning in the laboratory and will be subject, among other things, the performance specifications of the manufacturer. The system flashes from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic and Metz had to compete with cheaper models from Sigma and the Chinese manufacturer Yongnuo. Although China flash costs significantly less than the established brands that expensive competition could in some areas still have in their place

Sharpening and contrast enhancement

Only the subsequent sharpening photos are the proverbial finishing touch. Traditionally used sharpness filters operate destructively, so you can destroy an image file by carelessness with it. A tutorial shows how to sharpen correctly and above all non-destructive.

discover the forest photographically emotionally
c't Digitale Fotografie 1/2015 Starting Monday at the kiosk c't Digital Photography 1/2015

In real life, the forest is present everywhere, because a third of Germany is covered by forest. Good forest photos are still scarce, photographically is the theme not easy to pack. In a detailed article, we show the genesis of successful forest photos.

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