Micron is Wechelspeichergeschäft Lexar brand on

Micron is the Wechelspeichergeschäft Lexar brand on

(Image: Lexar / Micron)

USB flash drives, SD cards, readers & Co: Micron Technology Inc. are on the current under the brand Lexar business Wechelspeichern. The decision applies to both the retail and OEM customers.

Micron Technology, based in Boise, Idaho, USA has announced the company's own blog, giving up the current under the brand Lexar business with USB flash drives, SSDs, memory cards and readers for both the retail sector as well as for OEM customers. Micron, Lexar had taken over the years of 2006.

The parent company intends loud blog entry in future on "higher" focus market segments and sales channels. Currently being examined, the possibilities to sell the current under the name Lexar business in whole or in part.

For an unspecified transitional period Micon will provide for existing customers more support. Customers are advised to contact their respective occupational Lexar representatives, to request the exact conditions and the future procedure in case of needed support.(Christoph Jehle) /(Msi)