Laser sintering 3D printer from Poland for 7000 US dollars

With laser sintering 3D printer itself forms can be created that can not be produced using conventional methods.

(Picture: Sinterit)

Polyamide objects from laser sintering printers are the culmination of 3D printing: Fine, strong, yet elastic. So far, however, the equipment cost for a small fortune. That seems to be changing now.

This is Lisa, the 3D printer Sinterit - even if the housing of the device looks more like a medium-high PC tower.
This is Lisa, the 3D printer Sinterit - even if the housing of the device looks more like a medium-high PC tower.EnlargeThe 3D printers another industry domain falters: After advent of cheap FDM plastic printers five years ago and the first low-stereolithography machine from 2012 a laser sintering 3D printer is currently available for purchase for $ 7,000 plus taxes. Originating from Polish manufacturers Sinterit will later cost $ 8000 and will be on display at the trade fair Euromold, taking place from 22 to 25 September at the Exhibition Center Dusseldorf. Sinterit can be found in Hall 16 at stand D126.

The Sinterit 3D printer goes by the name Lisa is 65 cm × 55 cm × 40 cm tall and 30 kg. Lisa to up to a size of 13 cm × 17 cm × 13 cm finished objects, with layer thicknesses between 0.06 mm and 0.15 mm. The laser has a power of 5 watts. As the material currently offers Sinterit black polyamide powder (PA 12) that more materials are to follow. A short video shows a sample of Lisa's production:

Plastic parts that are made of polyamide powders by the process of selective laser sintering (SLS) are also very strong and resilient - in a test a few years ago we could filigree chains with only strong one millimeter members of sintered polyamide burdened with more than three kilograms of weight before they tore. The production of powder as a raw material has another advantage: all the powder that is not part of the workpiece remains lying during the production process. It supports overhanging parts, is brushed off or blown off the end and can be reused for the next model. Since the finished objects must not be entstützt, shapes are possible so that otherwise can not manufacture itself, such loose balls loose balls in loose balls.

The price: four digits instead of six digits

So far there have been laser sintering machines only in the capital goods category for manufacturing - the devices about the German manufacturer EOS example materialize their objects not only plastic but also from metal powder, such as steel or titanium. That this will change gradually, is also likely to be that important patents have expired on this process in January of last year. The boom in cheap enamel layer 3D printer (FDM) since the late noughties was also fueled by the then expired patent protection.

therefore Sinterit not the only manufacturers who are pushing a favorable SLS 3D printer on the market. Thus, the Swiss company Sintratec started with a successful crowdfunding campaign in the production of their own machine, but the unit is currently sold out. Also, another prime candidate, the Snow White of the Italian manufacturer Sharebot is not to buy - is currently running the beta test.