Annedroids: Maker science fiction for children at KiKa

(Picture: KiKA / Sinking Ship Entertainment)

A large scrap yard, its own workshop and plenty of time for crafting - the eleven-year old Anne lives the dream of creative minds. With two friends and three self-made androids she explores the world. The science fiction series takes place tomorrow at KiKa.

For a series that is aimed at kindergarten children, has "Annedroids" big plans. The very first episode taught how scientific work works: inventor Anne is a hypothesis, testing it and experienced a failure. Your unmotivated friends she explains to figure out how something does not work, is the most fun.

Anne and Shania look into the inner workings of PAL.
Anne and Shania look into the inner workings of PAL.Enlarge
Image: KiKA / Sinking Ship EntertainmentMoreover Annedroids is a classic children's series, the friendships situated in the center, while the adults remain from the junkyard as possible in front of goal. The title Anne would actually only with their self-made androids perform experiments and build robots. but their neighbors Nick and Shania are much too fascinated by their work in order to leave them alone.

Inspiration takes Accuracy

If you look closely, found inaccuracies, because batteries provide more no power when they are just glued together. On the other hand, it is a science fiction series that is meant to inspire especially. find a channel for a children's series with a technically minded actress, had been not easy, said the series creator J.J. Johnson. Only with the support of Amazon and international cooperation, including KiKa, the series was possible. About the series, there are on Facebook and the Canadian TV website regularly instructions for your own tests.

1 out of 8

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Play the leading roles: Android PAL, Shania (Adrianna Di Liello), Anne (Addison Holley), Nick (Jadiel Dowlin) and Eyes.
(Picture: KiKA / Sinking Ship Entertainment)

To integrate the androids realistic in the series, the makers LiDAR (Light image detection and ranging) use a 3D scanner. LiDAR is an optical measuring method and works much like radar. From the junkyard such a three-dimensional model was created in which the androids are calculated using CGI.