Tried and found good: mini 3D printer for 160 Euro

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Wherever you get to see in real life the tiny 3D printer fabricator Mini, it triggers the Have-Want-reflex. The make-author Dirk Herrendoerfer tested the little machine-intensive and is done.

Dirk Herrendoerfer
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Picture: Dirk Herrendoerfer
For about a year, the mail order company sold under the brand name of its subsidiary Turnigy the fabricator Mini 3D Printer. For just 160 euros plus shipping and taxes you get a completely assembled unit, solid and made of noble aussehendem acrylic glass.

The "Mini" in the name refers not only to the price but also on the dimensions of the device: On the desk there is only 15 cm x 15 cm base at a height of 22 centimeters. Measured by the maximum workpiece size falls almost lush from 8 cm in all three dimensions. While one usually has to do with 3D printers for less than 300 euros with kits, a few simple steps are required when fabricator Mini to make the machine ready for use.

Cute, but practical

3D printing

3D printing

additive manufacturing

The collective term 3D printing stands for a whole range of production techniques that work on different principles and are each suitable only for very specific materials. Their common denominator: All procedures build three-dimensional objects by applying materials in thin layers and solidify.

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The make-author Dirk Herrendoerfer has tried the cute 3D printer intensive and comes in its detailed review of the 3D printer fabricator Mini on make-magazine concludes: The machine provides good results and does not have to hide because of their small installation space - so that is accompanied not just a low price, but he also needs little space on the table, easy to transport and therefore is a good flagship printer, when it comes to a demonstration of the technology, whether at school or at events. Moreover, the compact printer in operation is very quiet.

Tech-savvy users can have fun with him, beginners quickly learn the key concepts and steps involved in installing the necessary tools. still enough unused functions in hardware are available for the ambitious hobbyist to improve the outcome and the range of functions and expand. Not least, many a fabricator Mini owner has done impressive with his little machine - such as Igor Brkić his Turing machine built with the help of tiny 3D printer, where he composed some larger workpieces of several parts.(PEK)