Creative Festival: Maker Faire Hannover this weekend

(Picture: Jan Wessel)

A manned steel insect, tin toys oversized, ship models from 15,000 matches and a live launch into the stratosphere: The fifth Maker Faire Hannover surprised to 27 August of 25 and inspired Selbermacher and DIY fans.

If this weekend the fifth Maker Faire Hannover Congress Centrum (HCC) opens its doors to entice visitors into the colorful world of doing it yourself and wonder, there are once again numerous original projects to marvel creative ideas and exciting innovations : to range of topics include 3D printing, robotics, electronics tinkering with mini-computers, wearables, Internet of Things, but also classical handwork and crafts.

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Mantis Hexapod

Just under two tonnes live weight, six legs and a cab as a construction machine: the walking robot "Mantis" by Matt Denton meadows the festival area will roam in Hanover.
(Image: Joe McGorty)

In this country ...

One of the eye-catcher is sure to be the walking robot Mantis this year. The Hexapod, designed by the Briton Matt Denton, looks like a gigantic and menacing insect from a science fiction movie and is really dangerous (diesel drive!). Due to its sophisticated design and its (relatively) low weight of 1.9 tons, it moves very smoothly on his six articulated legs.

Itself to the stick may model enthusiasts at the Conrad adrenalin days in the open area of ​​the Maker Faire Hannover: In addition to breathtaking flight demonstrations and spectacular RC car races, models are offered, which you can try for yourself.

... to water ...

Maker Faire

Maker Faire

Maker Faire are technology and creative festival for the whole family that take place worldwide. There all get their money who like to tinker, build, invent, experiment, fiddle, hand plants and recycle. A Maker Faire inspires creative and playful use of materials and technology and invites like-minded people to talk. Above all, the visitors may also touch themselves with and try things out: in numerous hands-on activities such as experiments, workshops and art projects.

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fascinate on the more quiet way almost two meters long and up to 20 kilos ship models by Lothar Bunscheit, because they are made entirely of matchsticks. Thousands of which he builds scale models of vehicles such as fire-fighting boats, lifeboats, the research vessel Meteor or the cruise liner Aida Blu. For the latter, the retirees from Rhauderfehn leimte over 15,000 of the burned sticks to its model in scale 1: 200 together, which brings it to a length of 1.27 meters. The finished ship he knew with a waterproof coating of marine varnish, built a radio control system with special features that one - because just about all products of its model shipyard are buoyant, they will put on the basin on the Maker Faire site to the test.

... and even higher

The Maker Faire encounters this year even into the stratosphere before, by Makey, our red robot mascot: Following a presentation by Marcel Dierig of Strato Flights (Saturday at 12:20) begin preparations for a real stratospheric flight. From 13:30 hours you can be behind the HCC halls witnessed the preparations and the start of a high balloon - if everything goes smoothly - up to 40,000 feet high rises about 20 minutes later with a fearless plush Makey on board. Depending on the weather, you can still experience the flight 15 to 20 minutes per video transmission until the connection breaks off. The Strato Flights team pursued the flight until Makey lands back on Earth.

Workshops and lectures

In addition to the 800 makers at 170 booths, showcasing their projects and creations, you can be active in more than 30 different workshops and hands-on offerings themselves and learn new techniques. The offerings range of actions for soldering learn about jewelry forging, spinning wool, hand lettering, screen printing up to 3D design. Note: Registration is required in advance for some of the workshops from the program, places are limited!

There are also over the two days some 40 presentations in three rooms where Maker reporting on their practice and get beginner and advanced new insights and practical tips. A highlight here is expected to be the rendezvous of many YouTube scene stars like Laura struggle Giaco Whatever, Get Hands Dirty, The RedSmith on Making on Saturday and Sunday at 13 o'clock.

Make spot

Of course, the make-editors in Hanover is all the time in full speed on site. Visit us at our booth 61 in Eilenriedewald hall, where we perform a number of projects from many make-spending virtually - including the MaXYposi - and love to hear your suggestions and criticisms of our work. We have not only the freshly printed make-edition 4/17 with it, but also sell all old editions of make and c't Hacks, if you want to complete your collection.

Also on offer: Our newly recorded into the program kits and boards for stitching projects such as the soldering station, Shootduino & Co. who own, using (learn) wants a red Platinchen can assemble in the form of our mascot Makey ten controllable LEDs to our stand for three euros. Makey there is also a cardboard model to cut out and stick together - free pick up at our booth.

Friday - Student Day

The Maker Faire Hannover starts on Friday, 25 August, with a Student Day 9-14 PM. On Friday, the festival is not generally open, but only for school groups and teachers. For the admission is free, but only by prior arrangement possible that can be done in advance over the net, but also directly on Friday on site.

On Saturday and Sunday, the Maker Faire Hannover is then open to all and from 10 am to 18 o'clock. A day ticket (for all over 16 years) costs 15 euros (concessions 10 euros), children under 6 years are free. The family ticket for a day entitles one to two adults and one to three children - but only four people - for entry and costs 32 euros. Who wants to come on both days, pay for one person 22,50 € (reduced 15 €) and for a family ticket 48 euros. All tickets can be pre-buy online.

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A good overview of the festival area was the driver of the Steam Roadster No. 2 ...
(Picture: Florian Schäffer)(PEK)