CreateJS bundles libraries for HTML5 and Flash developers

In cooperation with Adobe has the team to Grant Skinner (, who has worked at the time for Microsoft already on the HTML 5 technology demo Pirates Love Daisies, a new JavaScript library for HTML5 and Flash / AIR developer presented. CreateJS combines a number of existing libraries for playback of graphics, audio and Flash elements. In addition, the collection contains its own toolkit that can be exported to the HTML5 platform content from Flash Pro.

At the core CreateJS bundles the four JavaScript libraries EaselJS, TweenJS, SoundJS and PreloadJS still under development for a pre-loading of various components. Furthermore, the Adobe AIR application Zoë is included in the package with which .swf animations can export sheet for EaselJS as Sprite.

Quite new is the CreateJS toolkit that has developed in collaboration with Adobe. It offers far more features than Zoë and to allow Flash Pro developers to export content such as icons, vectors, animations, bitmaps, sound and text. The data delivered from the toolkit as a library of objects that could appeal directly above CreateJS and HTML5 then.

The new CreateJS library should be available over the coming weeks A documentation, demos and different tutorials that gskinner team also wants to publish. For licensing, the group did not have information - but as most of the libraries already included are open source under the MIT license, a comparable license form for CreateJS can be expected. Slightly longer co-developed by Adobe Toolkit will be long in coming, moreover, because Adobe still could not provide information about its availability.(Rl)