Modular, better documented and PHP 7 – Zend Framework 3 has been released

Modular, better documented and PHP 7? Zend Framework 3 has been released

After several years of development, there is finally a new larger release of the popular PHP frameworks and beyond a Micro Framework.

The plan was actually that the Zend Framework would come up with new major releases every year and a half to two years. Of these, the developers of the PHP frameworks that had the announced with the release of version 2 in September 2012 had, however, adopt soon. And later, planned for autumn 2015 release date could not hold them. But now the wait is over, because the version 3 of the Zend Framework is now officially available.

modularized Framework

Most of the changes are of a structural nature. It is here, for example, the allocation of some components in its own versioned projects. This is done with the aim of reusing these components elsewhere easier and so to accelerate the development process. It is important also that the end of last year released PHP 7.x is supported by the new version.

In developing the new language version, but also with the previous PHP 5.x up to four times better performance observed. Minimal PHP 5.6 is now provided for Zend Framework. 3 The outdated release strand under the version number 1.x is no longer being developed, there is at best only security fixes - and only until the end of September 2016th

Documentation and Micro Framework

To switching from developed with Zend Framework 2 MVC applications (Model View Controller) to facilitate the new release provides users with a plenty of documented migration path available is to make a few changes needed. In addition, overall a great attention was paid to the documentation. So just such is stored in each repository of a component. New features in future be accepted only insofar as they were also documented.

New paths finally tread the developers with the introduction of a separate middleware Micro Framework. Expressive is considered as the future of PHP development on the part of the framework developers as opposed to large MVC full-stack offer.(Ane)