Java application servers: Red Hat are wildfly 10 free

wildfly 10

The now available version 10 of the Enterprise Java server provides the basis for Red Hat's commercial JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 is also the third major release since the name change of the open source project.

Red Hat version 10 of the Java application server wildfly published. It implements all the specifications of Java EE 7 Full profiles and Java EE Web Profile 7, currently the latest versions of enterprise Java standards. Support for Java 7 was terminated, which is to ensure a better integration with the current Java. 8 The server can be used with the current development snapshots of the expected next year Java 9 beyond.

The main innovations

Instead of the Message Broker HornetQ wildfly now includes its development ActiveMQ Artemis, although enriched by a number of new functions, protocol-level compatible to behave with HornetQ. The new release integrates the Undertow JS project. This server-side scripts can not write, can make the access to CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) and JPA Entity Beans (Java Persistence API). Under the name Undertow trades still young with the HTTP / 2 standard compliant web server.

For developers also should be interesting that now the version 5 of the persistence framework is supported Hibernate and PowerShell scripts to the bin directory of wildfly distribution have been added. In future releases, they are to replace .bat scripts. With wildfly 10, it is finally possible, any application as "Singleton Deployment" to set up. This allows applications to be always should be installed on a particular server node in the cluster. The failure of a node, the application will automatically restart on another node.

JBoss to wildfly

With 10 wildfly the third major release of the Java application server has already appeared, running under this name since the open source server. it had come to a name change because the standing behind him company wanted a stronger differentiation from commercial based wildfly offer. The first release - wildfly 8 - was released in February 2014, the second under the version number 9 followed in July 2015. Even that version was compatible with the Java EE 7 (Java Enterprise Edition). Wildfly provides the basis for the next release of Red Hat's commercial JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 7 (JBoss EAP 7)(Ane)