HANA Vora: New SAP tool connects Hadoop world with HANA


(Image: SAP)

HANA Vora merges Big Data technologies such as Hadoop and Spark with SAP's in-memory database and SAP BW, Business Objects and ERP.

Under the name HANA Vora - derived from "voracious" (. English gluttonous) - SAP has introduced a new tool that should receive a bridge between the Big Data frameworks Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark and SAP's HANA in-memory database with the company to analyze their data.

In concrete terms, this is a query engine that Apache Spark, an open source, releasing on in-memory processing framework for computing on clusters exploited and expanded to about Big Data and IoT sources (Internet of Things) to save performed data analysis in Hadoop. In addition, can be used in-memory processing platform for distributed data SAP HANA with Vora.

Contextual information to business processes

The technique enables OLAP similar analyzes in which Data Scientists and developers can consider the business semantics of data from the Hadoop environment. should primarily benefit organizations that need to analyze pulled out of their business processes large volumes of data from it.

The German software giant sees the tool, for example, in industries such as financial services, telecommunications, healthcare and manufacturing, where interactive big data analysis in the context of business processes are a welcome tool for decision making. The tool should be available in September, as a free cloud-based developer version on Amazon Web Services, but which may not be used in productive, but also on a subscription basis as an Enterprise Edition with full SAP support.

Shooting star Spark

Apache Spark is an open source, Putting on in-memory processing framework for computing on clusters, which has its roots in a project of AMPLab UC Berkeley. There it was launched in 2009 and published a year later under a BSD license. 2013 Spark came under the Apache Software Foundation, where it rose in February 2014 for top-level project. Meanwhile, many see in Spark the legitimate successor of Big Data Hadoop framework. (Ane)