IBM announces quantum computer with 20 qubits as a web service to

IBM announces quantum computer with 20 qubits as a web service to

(Image: IBM)

Launched last year with five qubits Quantum Experience Platform is to make significant progress in computing power by the end of the year.

Since May 2016, scientists can experiment for free with a quantum computer the Web service from IBM. By the end of 2017, the company wants the computing power of "IBM Q" increase of 5 to 20 qubits. The IBM announces in a press release.

"More than 60,000 users have performed more than 1.7 million quantum experiments and created over 35 research publications from third parties. Worldwide, users of over 1,500 universities, 300 high schools and 300 private institutions have registered"Writes IBM.

The Web service Quantum Experience Platform (screenshot) The Web service Quantum Experience Platform (screenshot)

Quantum computers, an important IT technology of the future, previously considered "mostly theoretical concept", Through IBM's Web services they are available for those interested for the first time. An introduction to quantum computing and 360-degree videos from his Quantum Research Laboratory, IBM also provided.

The company is also using QISKit out an open source SDK for programming of quantum computers. Meanwhile, researchers in Yorktown Heights, New York to work already on a prototype with 50 qubits.

In addition, Google and Microsoft are concerned with quantum computers. When they are mature, let them with their help solve problems for which there is insufficient processing power of conventional computers.(S)