Smartphone market: Continued strong growth

Smartphone market: Continued strong growth

(Picture: AP, Julian Stratenschulte)

After the sales of new smartphones slumped somewhat in the second quarter, there has been a mild growth in the third quarter. Furthermore, the same five companies sell around 60 percent of all smartphones.

The quarterly report on market shares in the smartphone sales are no surprises for the third quarter: Continuing Samsung leads with 22.3 percent of the field with around 84 million devices on. Apple is in second place is still at 12.5%, followed by Huawei with 10.5, OPPO with 8.2 and Xiaomi with 7.4 percent. The total sales volume has increased year on year by 2.7 and compared to the second quarter by 7.4 percent. Xiaomi has been able to double its sales even, including through increased activities in India.

Smartphone sales by manufacturers, IDC
Manufacturer3rd Quarter 20173rd Quarter 2016paragraph +/-
equipment salesmarket shareequipment salesmarket share
Samsung83.3 million22.3%76.1 million20.9%+9.5%
Apple46.7 million12.5%45.5 million12.5%+2.6%
Huawei39.1 million10.5%33.7 million9.3%+16.1%
OPPO30.7 million8.2%25.8 million7.1%+19.0%
Xiaomi27.6 million7.4%13.6 million3.7%+102.6%
IDC Worldwide Quartely Mobile Phone Tracker, November 2017

The figures compiled by the IDC market researchers do not contain any OEM sales. In the coming quarter, they expect further gains: Apple has broadened with the simultaneous announcement of three new devices and price adjustments for the old guard his offer and so well placed in relation to other providers. The many high-end devices again at the start, about Huawei Mate-10 models. (Ps)