Notebook CPU: first benchmarks of the Core i5-8250U

Notebook CPU: first benchmarks of the Core i5-8250U

Intel Core i-8000U "Kaby Lake Refresh": 4 cores, 15 watts

(Picture: Intel)

A few days after the introduction of the eighth generation Core i are first so equipped notebooks on the market. c't one of them put to the test.

Two weeks ago, Intel has officially unveiled its eighth generation of Core i processors; yet it comprises only four core for thin notebooks. At IFA, now a number of companies have announced so equipped devices in the coming weeks, but they are not the first: The Acer Aspire 5 A515 is already the end of August in the trade. c't has bought a trim level with Core i5-8250U (A515-51G-549N) and measured in the laboratory.

The most important finding: The processor can fully extend its four cores actually, even though this is what a 15-watt thermal budget at his disposal. In concrete terms: In Cinebench R15, the Core i5-8250U 550 points, the Core i5-7300HQ creates 520 points. The latter is a quad from the previous generation, which may verbraten three times with 45 Watt.

It is fair to note that Intel Core i5-7300HQ thwarting specifically: He lacks Hyper-Threading, so he can only process four threads simultaneously. The Core i5-8250U, however, has Hyper-Threading, creating simultaneously eight threads. Compared to a 45-watt quad-core with Hyper-Threading (Core i7-7700HQ: 740 points), the newcomer stands worse.

But we must not forget that the quad-core Core i the eighth-generation enable thin, light and relatively cheap laptops with Core i-quad cores for the first time. So far, the dual-core Core i7-7600U was the fastest option in those notebooks and its performance is much lower: 360 points.

UHD graphics

The integrated processor graphics unit is named UHD 620, but is identical to the previous HD 620. Intel's marketing department has chosen the new name to highlight the existing video functions: the GPU finally supports 4K content and H.265 used for it codec so that the video playback is done with low CPU load.

The 3D performance of the UHD 620 was in 3DMark slightly below the values, the previous HD-620 notebooks with dual core processor were delivering: We measured 912 points in 3DMark Fire Strike. A comparison system with Core i5-7200U managed 919 points, one with a Core i7-7600U 1042 points. The slight residue can be explained that in addition to the Core i5-8250U GPU yes four instead of two CPU cores in the 15-watt budget need to find space - that is, the GPU has tends to be less room for high clock frequencies. In practice, this has no effect, because for detailed 3D worlds far more powerful additional graphics chips are inevitable.

A complete test of the Acer Aspire 5 A515 brings the coming c't 20/17, which is digital or at the kiosk available from 16 September.(Mue)