Selection of low-radiation phones increases

Making calls with smartphone

(Picture: AP, Sebastian Kahnert / Illustration)

Fewer and fewer smartphones exceed a SAR of 0.6 watts. Meanwhile, 40 percent of all mobile phones are considered to be low radiation.

Consumers find in the market, more and more low-radiation mobile phone models. This emerges from a list of the Federal Office for Radiation Protection, which captures several thousand low-radiation mobile phones. To electronics fair IFA (September 1 to 6), the index was supplemented by 170 new model once again how the agency communicates. The older models in the database included in the calculation, the proportion of low-radiation devices lies currently at 40 percent. Looking at the 170 new units isolated, the rate is as high as 55 percent.

Phones that do not exceed a maximum SAR level of 0.6 watts per kilogram when operating on the head are considered low radiation, such as the Federal Office explained. SAR stands for Specific Absorption Rate and is a measure of the power absorbed by body tissue radiofrequency energy in the use of mobile phones. To exclude health effects to radiofrequency fields, the SAR will reportedly be no more than 2 watts per kilogram. Overall, see the freely available online list almost 3,000 mobile phones, smartphones and tablets of more than 70 manufacturers.(AP) /(Dahe)