Librem 5: Purisms free smartphone reaches crowdfunding goal

Librem 5: Purisms free smartphone reaches crowdfunding goal

(Picture: Purism)

With 1.5 million US dollars, the manufacturer Purism has the minimum sum for the development of "world's first free smartphones" Librem names can collect the fifth 2019 will receive their device supporters.

Launched by the manufacturer Purism crowdfunding for the open-source smartphone Librem 5 has reached its target of 1.5 million US dollars. The device is as "planned open, free and secure smartphone ", running on the only open source software. The user should not be tracked, in addition to end-to-end encrypted communications be provided as standard. Unless the development and production plan works, supporters will get delivered the finished device in January of 2019.

Especially out stinging hardware feature of the planned smart phones are likely to be the switch that will allow disabling camera, microphone, WiFi, Bluetooth and mobile. The additional hardware specification of Librem 5 provides for a 5-inch display, i.MX6 / i.MX8 CPUs, three GB of RAM and a 32 GByte eMMC card according Purism. USB-C interface and an SD card slot will also be on board. But the technical design of the device is still in progress.

599 US dollars for a Librem 5

The operating system is a customized smartphones version of Debian-based Linux distribution PureOS is provided; but other Linux distributions should be able to run on it. The first version is designed to provide users with the basic functions of a smartphone - voice telephony, camera, email, messaging and web browsing. Furthermore, HTML 5 applications to run on it. Gradually, other services and applications to follow. Also Purism promises a convergence function, ie the possibility to connect the device to a monitor and other peripherals devices and how to use a desktop computer. Both the communities behind KDE and Gnome behind have pledged their support for the project.

The campaign will run 13 days, should more funds come about, promises Purism more features - at ten million dollars as support for Android apps on the device. Who wants to have a Librem 5, 599 dollars has put on the table, contributions to crowdfunding rich otherwise 20-19999 dollars. Users in Germany will incidentally get delivery from a German distributor, works with the Purism.